10+ Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 500$ ( 2020 Buying Guide )

Are you looking for Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 500$? If Yes! then you are in the right place.

There are lots of options available under this 500$ price tag, but it is very hard to find some good and quality of Sectional Sofa under the price range of 500$.

And, Today, in this article, I am going to solve this problem. 🙂

Here I am going to share some good choices of Sectional Sofa under the price range of 500$. All these Sectional Sofas are very long-lasting and offering super comfort in this price range.

These are the very awesome quality of sofas and well-rated by our customers. Also, they offer great designs and, this is a very essential household purchase that makes your rooms look at the next level.

We mentioned the complete review including the pros and cons of all the sectional sofas that fall under the price range of 500$.

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Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 500$

Table of Contents

Here is the complete detailed table for Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 500$.

Later on, We also published a detailed review of all the sectional sofas.  So, you can check them out.



Homelegance Rubin 85 Inches Bonded Leather Sofa
  • Details:Contemporary/Modern style
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Gilmer Contemporary Chenille Upholstered Sofa
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3-Seat L-Shape Tufted Faux Leather Sectional Sofa
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Poundex Bobkona Galiana Linen-Like Poly fabric SECTIONAL Sofa
  • Details: Solid wood Twist on Leg
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Montgomery Sectional Sofa with Track Arms and Chaise Cream
  • Details:100% polyester
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HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa
  • Details: Space Saving-Small space reversible sectional sofa
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Christopher Knight Home Andresen Mid Century Modern Sofa
  • Details:100% polyester
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Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs
  • Details:plywood + solid chinese wood + wooden leg foam
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Poundex F6973 Bobkona Viola Faux Leather Sectional Sofa
  • Details: Seat Cushion Filled with foam and inner Spring for durability and comfort
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Poundex Sofas, Black
  • Details:Tight Back and Seat Cushion
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Homelegances always targets to offer the freshest and most durable sofa and couches for their customers.

This time also homelegance brought Rubin 85 inches bonded leather sofa which is just not available in so many different textures of leather but also the style of the sofa is so modern that it will give a retro look to your living area with a touch of modern style.

Homelegance sofa ranges from classical to modern style at affordable prices so let’s get some information about this sofa.

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  1. Sturdy and durable: the structure of the sofa is made with a fine wooden frame which is sturdy and durable and it’ll not get ruined very fastly.
  2. Retro elements in the design: the design of the sofa is made by inspiring from the retro style of sofas so it gives a classy look and follows the different themes of the living area.
  3. Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made up of faux leather which is of extremely good quality and the most important part of this leather is that it looks so stylish and on the other hand gives lots of comforts and cozy seating.
  4. Color: this homelegance Rubin sofa is available in three different colors which are brown, black, and taupe.
  5. Product dimensions: 84.2 x 36 x 36.5 inches
  6. Product weight: 110 pounds
  7. Weight capacity: 300 pounds

There are so many reasons for buying homelegance Rubin sofa because the retro style of the sofa gives a versatile look to your modern living area and also this sofa is available in different colors of faux leather fabric so it gives you so many choices and matches with different themes of your living area.

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Some sofa is made just for matching perfectly with any theme or style of the living area whether it is American, classic, or electric mix theme these sofas are made for making the living area amazing and fantastic.

Chenille upholstered sofa is the one which gives you all of these temptations of comfy, cozy, and indescribable look to your living zone.

Here is product information of glimmer contemporary chenille upholstered sofa.

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  1. Contemporary style: the sofa is designed with keeping in mind the contemporary look which shows great classy and stylish look to the living area.
  2. Chenille upholstered: The most important part of this sofa is that it is made up of chenille which is known for its softness and this softness will give you amazing comfortable seating and also keeps you warm in winters.
  3. Use of pillows: 5 toss pillows of white and dark grey color not only gives a fresh and polished look to the sofa but also it provides more comfort and support while seating.
  4. Deep cushioned comfort: the seats of the sofa are so comfortable and soft which provides a deep-cushioned comfort to you and your family.
  5. Great for big families: the size of the sofa is so large so even big families can enjoy the seating easily with comfort and lots of fun.
  6. Direct from manufacturer and trustworthy dealing: the sofa will be delivered directly from Ashley manufacturer and Ashley are trustworthy dealers for many years so there is no tension of dealing and quality of the sofa.
  7. Product dimensions: 92 x 43 x 42 inches
  8. Product weight: 139 pounds

Sofa with amazing finishing and toss pillows with beautiful classy grey color will surely place right at your home. sloped arms delicate chenille upholstery which are extremely soft is the choice for everyone.

Even if the family is big you can enjoy the seating and comfort of this sofa together it is the same sofa which you have a dream about.

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We always think about the sofa which is sturdy in structure and made in such a way that the d not get wear and tear easily in few years and also give relaxation to your back and softness to your skin.

Now, these kinds of sofas are not just dreaming of your mind but a reality in which you can buy online seating at home this 3-seat  l-shape tufted faux leather sofa is the one which gives all of these qualities to you.

Here is some product information.

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  1. Modern style with great fabric: this sofa is made with a modern-contemporary style which is shaped and very famous nowadays and the fabric of the sofa is made of faux leather which everyone knows that is out of fashion and gives a great comfort too.
  2. Matched ottoman: there’s is also an attached matching ottoman available with the couch so you can relax your feet by kicking it on the ottoman.
  3. Comfortable and tufted style: tufted cushioned style is one of the most famous and old designing which looks great on every kind of sofas and couches and also gives a great comfortable seating of faux leather for hours
  4. Durable: this sofa is built to live last long without much wear and tear and its structure is so sturdy and strong and also it is very easy to clean.
  5. Product dimensions: 84.25″(L) x 56″(W) x 33″(H);
  6. Product weight: 109 pounds
  7. Weight capacity: 600 lbs.

The black color and tufted design of the sofa always give a very elegant look to your living area and black is the color that matches any color of wall and rig so it’s never a wastage of money to buy this type of sofa.

The matching ottoman will surely become the apple of your eye because it can be easily replaceable wherever you want and give a relaxing place for your feet too.

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Poundex bobkona galiana sectional sofa is an example of those sofas which are made not just for you but also for your future generations.

The style of tufted cushions and two-piece sectional design is itself so classy and hunky.

Tight back and seat cushions give you a great look and also comfort. other product information on the beautiful sectional sofa is a must to read.

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  1. Fabric:  this sectional sofa is available in two upholstery which is poly-fiber known for its extreme softness and comfort and the second one is bonded leather also known as espresso which is so famous for its durability and also its classy looks.
  2. Structure: the structure of this sofa is made with a sturdy wooden frame and wooden arms also attached on both edges of the sofa and legs in the bottom for a futuristic feel.
  3. Attached springs: seat cushions of the sofa are filled with soft foam and innerspring which gives more comparison of comfort than other sectional sofas.
  4. Interlocking: to keep all the pieces together of the sofa the scientific method of interlocking is done.
  5. Color: this adorable piece of sofa is available in total three different colors which are ash black, grey, and laguna, and all these three colors are so classy in looks.
  6. Assembling: the assembling if the sofa is so easy there are not any kinds of tools required just some simple procedure which is available in the brochure.
  7. Product dimensions: 84*111*34 inches
  8. Product weight: 249 pounds

Poundex bobkona galiana sectional sofa is one of the most dependable choices of people because of is tufted and sectional style and its different form of colors like ash black, laguna and grey so these are the things which everyone wants so that they can make a comparison between different sofas this sofa will surely look perfect in your living area.

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Profligacy is the habit when someone spends too much money on something and this habit can vanish if you can find good buying deals anywhere by the way Montgomery sectional sofa is the one which can be the result of buying something very amazing in affordable prices.

This sectional sofa is upholstered with chevron dobby and beautiful coloring which is extremely soft to touch. The matching ottoman can be placed anywhere you want and its other information is available here.

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  1. Fabric: the sofa fabric is available in 100 percent polyester upholstered with chevron dobby which is extremely soft in touch and looks very adorable and gives a very cozy and comfortable seating zone.
  2. Structure: the sofa is made up of wooden structures which of very good quality and also there’s one ottoman attached to the sofa so that you can also relax your feet and enjoy the time.
  3. Color: the sofa is available in espresso color which looks so beautiful and elegant with different themes of the living area.
  4. Assembling: a minimum assembly is required with minimus use of tools but it is very easy to do.
  5. Accent pillow: there are four accent pillows available with the sofa for more comfortable seating and support and they also give a very classy decor to the sofa.
  6. Product dimensions: 64.2 x 90.2 x 35 inches
  7. Product weight: 160 pounds
  8. Weight capacity: 750 lbs

With a beautiful transactional style, this sofa offers the touch of historical style and the sloped arms of the sofa give great support its weight capacity is good and also the structure is large so it is good for big families too.

Overall this will prove as the best sofa for your family friends and guests.

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Sometimes it is very difficult to find out the perfect sofa if the apartment or living area is quite small so while purchasing a sofa or couch for small apartments we should take proper attention so that the living area doesn’t look like clumsy areas.

Honbay sectional sofa is just made for solving this problem of the small area this sofa has reversible chaise which is perfect for upstairs loft and studios and also small apartments.

So here is some product information about the sofa.

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  1. Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is pure linen which is so soft and comfortable to sit on the cushions are so firm you’ll never worry about sinking in the more you sit the more you will feel comfortable.
  2. Space-saving: the sofa has a reversible chaise lounge which makes it space-saving furniture and the Ottoman can be put on any side of the sofa.
  3. Structure: the structure is made up of the pure wooden frame and inside the cushion is attached with springs too which make it more comfortable and there are also attached arms on both the side of the sofa for support and legs on the bottom for a futuristic feel.
  4. Assembly: the sofa is very easy to assemble with no use of specific tools.
  5. Color: beige
  6. Convertible ottoman: the ottoman is convertible and can be placed anywhere you want to.
  7. Product dimensions: 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H). Weight
  8. Product weight: 104.3 pounds
  9. Weight capacity:  660 lbs

The piece of the sofa will surely freshen up the appearance of your living area and the color beige is a classy and elegant color that shows so simplicity and also gives the example of your behavior and gives a calm feeling to your mind and your heart.

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The chaise sectional is the perfect mid-century couch that must be added to your living area.

The color and the versatility of the sectional sofa is so adorable it looks so soothing to eyes and also the fabric of the couch is extremely soft to touch everyone will want to take more naps on the couch after just siting one time on the sofa, there are lists of good qualities of this sofa.

and its information is given here.

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  1. Fabric: the fabric of the knight sectional sofa is 100 percent polyester which is so soft, firm, and comfortable the more you sit on the sofa the more you will want to take naps and relax on the sofa because of its softness and comfort.
  2. Mid-century design: the sofa is made based on mid-century design and style so the person who is fond of elegance and old fashioned styles will surely love its design.
  3. Structure: the structure of the sofa is made with a strong wooden frame and foam is attached with spring which gives more reliability on its structure the side of the sofa is placed with wooden arms and upholstered with fabric and in the bottom legs are attached for support.
  4. Attached ottoman: the sofa is attached with a chaise lounge ottoman on one side of the sofa which gives a place t kick your feet up and take rest with your family and friends.
  5. Assembling: the sectional sofa requires some assembling to be set in the living area with the requirement of tools like screw-drivers but this task is not so difficult or time-consuming.
  6. Color: the sofa is available in muted dark grey which looks so classy and also doesn’t catch dirt very easily.
  7. Product dimensions: 51 x 26 x 31 inches
  8. Product weight: 63.7 pounds

Knight’s main motto is to give 100 percent satisfaction to its customer with the best services of furniture and this sofa is one of the best pieces of the manufacturer including its design, color, and the finishing while making it.

This sofa not only make your living area more beautiful but also it will give the best nap you’ll ever have.

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This three-piece sectional sofa is amazing in many ways but the most important part of this sofa is its fabric and the type of wood used in making this sofa and these two are the basis of how will the sofa function in the future.

Wood is that part which will many it strong and the structure will become sturdy and hence futuristic and second the type of fabric matters because it gives a different and beautiful look to the sofa and also it provides comfort while sitting so let’s get information about the product here.

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  1. Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made up of bonded leather which looks so stunning and astonishing and also gives a softness which you need while sitting and the comfort of the sofa is good.
  2. Structure: the structure of this sofa is made by using plywood and solid Chinese wood which don’t get decay because of water and this makes the structure very durable.
  3. Accent arm and ottoman: the sofa has an accent arm on one side and also the ottoman on the other side which gives both support and more people can sit on the sofa.
  4. Reversible chaise: the reversible chaise make this sofa a lot better than the other because of it it becomes space-saving and you can place it any of the sides without any problem of space.
  5. Color: the color of the sofa is an espresso that looks so elegant and graceful.
  6. Assembling: the assembling of the sofa is so easy which doesn’t require so much use of tools.
  7. Product dimensions: 112 x 84 x 35 inches
  8. Product weight: 241 pounds

Poundex Sectional sofa is one of the most durable sofas because of the water-resistance capacity of its plywood and solid Chinese wood.

And everyone wants this type of sofa which is durable and also the fabric of its sofa is not just comfortable but also so graceful and attractive in look which will surely attract your guests and they will appreciate your taste of design of furniture.

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The best combinations of look are bold and beautiful and when this combination merges with stylish fabric quality then it gives constructing of the most adorable couch and this pounded bobkona viola sectional sofa is famous for its killing design and style which is decorated with silver studs on sides to give a clear and nice accent.

Here are the complete details of this sofa.

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  1. Fabric: the sofa is upholstered with faux leather which looks amazing and also firm and comfortable to sit.
  2. Foam and spring: back cushions are tufted and seats are filled with foam and also there is placed spring under the foam which gives comfortable seating.
  3. Arm and ottoman: the sofa has a nailhead accent arm on one side of the sofa and an ottoman on the other side of the sofa which gives a large space to sit on the sofa and also gives a place to relax your feet.
  4. The US Patented design: the U.S. Patented reversible design allowing this sectional to be Set up Chaise on the left or right configuration.
  5. Assembling: the sofa is easy to assemble without any use of tools.
  6. Color: the color of the sofa is an espresso/coffee brown.
  7. Product dimensions: s70″ x 34″ x 35″H inches
  8. Product weight: 230 pounds

If you want to make a statement to your living and so if you are the type of person who is waiting in the wings to buy these types of sofas at affordable prices.

So go for it as soon as possible because these types of couches are not so easy to found the color the design attached ottoman and pillows silver stud everything is so perfect.

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If you are a hipster and you are so much fond of trending things whatever it is even a piece of furniture then you should probably need this poundex sofa which is famous for its trending style and trending fabric.

Which is nowadays upholstered in almost every kind of sofa.

This two-piece sectional sofa is firm and comfortable to sit on and also very classy in looks here are some product information about this sofa.

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  1. Fabric: this highly trendy sofa is available in 2 types of fabric that are bonded leather and poly fiber and both of these sofas are so firm and soft you’ll never regret the quality of the fiber.
  2. Tufted back cushions: the tight back cushions are tufted keenly and the seat cushions and back cushions both are filled with foam for more comfort.
  3. Innerspring: the seat cushions are attached with innerspring to give more comfortable seating.
  4. Interlocking: The sofa is interlocked to keep all the pieces together ad also makes it durable.
  5. Twisted leg and ottoman: there are twisted wooden legs in the bottom of the sofa arms on one side of the sofa and an attached ottoman for more seating.
  6. Color: this sofa is available in three different colors which are grey, ash black, and laguna.
  7. Assembling: the sofa is very easy to assemble with the use of general tools that are already given.
  8. Product dimensions: 76″ x 35″ x 33″H
  9. Product weight: 175 pounds

This two-piece sectional sofa is a hipster with so much style the three types of different color style and two types of fabric give a vast variety of choices to select the best one for your beautiful living area this sofa is surely going to give you lots of happy and beautiful memories to you and your family.

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Our Picks?

Depending upon your budget, If you have 500$ Budget, then all these sectional sofas are really great. They are very efficient and long-lasting.

You can pick any from the above-mentioned list. Also If you have some low budget, then you can check out a detailed buying guide on Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 300$.

Conclusion –

So, this is the completed detailed article on the best cheap sectional sofa under the 500$.

Still, there are lots of things that we need to cover in the sectional sofas. So, if you want to know more about it, then make sure that you check out sofabuyingguides.com


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