10 Best Pure Coconut Oil Brands in India For Skin, Hair & Cooking

Coconut oil has become all the new rage, internet is flooded with coconut oil articles about how to consume and use coconut oil. Coconut oil has some unique properties that make it so popular. It has high saturated fatty acid content, so it does not get spoiled or rancid and is a great butter substitute for high heat cooking. Some of the fatty acids have been known to have medical uses and they are fractionated for the same. Pure Coconut Oil has vitamin E which has been known to slow down ageing and relieve dry skin conditions. Since there are so many coconut oil brands out there it is very important to make an informed decision on what to use. Quality and application of coconut oil depends on it variety. Variety of coconut oil defer mostly based on the refinement and extraction process that has been used to extract the oil. Coconut oil is often available in following varieties.

Types Of Coconut Oils:

  1. Refined Oil: The term itself is self-explanatory, basically this oil is processed more than unrefined oils. In case of chemical refinement, some refined oils can lose their natural nutty flavor or color. So, it is very important that you stay away from oils that have been chemically refined. You should look out for oils that are physically refined by use of heat, friction, spinning(centrifuge) or by gravity.
  2. Virgin and Extra virgin oil: Unlike olive oil, virgin or extra virgin category don’t say much for coconut oil. There is not a huge difference between both types and in fact you may end paying more just for that label “Extra” and not get anything extra for your money (lame word play, but there it is). Virgin oil is oil that has been extracted from coconut flesh by using physical force like screw-pressing or by heating it and then using a manual press.
  3. Cold pressed: Cold pressed oil is basically a virgin oil that has been extracted from fresh coconut flakes dried at low temperature. Those virgin oils that have been extracted by heating may undergo some changes, but cold pressed oil is the best coconut oil for hair or for consumption.
  4. Expeller-pressed: Expeller pressed coconut oil is mechanically pressed oil that has higher smoking point hence it does not go rancid, but mechanical extraction leads to heating because of pressure and friction and it may lose some constituents present in coconut oil.

How can you use Pure Coconut oil?

Coconut oil has been regarded as one stop solution for many skin concerns and other health related issues. You can use this oil in many ways, which are:

  1. Coconut oil has lauric acid which is great for dry skin and you can apply a light layer of this oil before going to sleep and wake-up to nourished and radiant sleep.
  2. Coconut oil contains vitamin E which prevents wrinkle formation and fades scars. You can use this product for fading spots on your skin and in fact regular application of this oil has been known to fade stretchmarks as well.
  3. You can do a DIY coconut oil facial at home with steamer so that your pores get cleaned from within.
  4. Coconut oil heals wounds faster, if you have mild scratches or wound scabs then apply coconut oil regularly on those and see your wounds heal faster.
  5. You can also make DIY Nourishing Scrub using Sugar and coconut oil for face and body.

It is very important to keep these points in mind because not all coconut oils are good, and many commercially available ones have fillers like mineral oil added to them which not only harm your hair or skin, but you also end up paying more for less purity. TBIO team has come up with a list of Best Pure Coconut Oil available in India, so that you get your money’s worth.


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10 Best Pure Coconut Oil Brands in India

10 Best Pure Coconut Oil Brands in India

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10 Best Pure Coconut Oil Brands for Skin & Hair

  1. Organic Veda Virgin Coconut oil: This oil is 100% cold pressed oil suitable for cooking and great for topical application. Since this is non-refined, non-bleached and non-deodorized, this oil is also good for babies. Retails at 335 INR for 500 ml.
  2. Shesha natural extra virgin coconut oil: This oil has been refined by cold press and using a centrifuge. A unique thing about this oil is that it has been extracted from coconut milk. This oil will work wonders for your hair, and especially if you use hair inverting technique.
  3. Max care Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut oil: Cold pressed oils also have anti-fingal properties hence this oil is great for skin massage and especially for nappy rashes, cap-flakes. Expecting mothers and lactating mothers should consider this product seriously. Retails at 375 INR for 500 ml.
  4. Nutiva Organic virgin coconut oil: This coconut oil offers the best nutty aroma so that you can bake some heavenly smelling cakes and cookies. As with all virgin oils, this great for you and your baby’s skin and hair.
  5. KLF Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil: This brand claims that this oil contains 0% cholesterol, so you can consume this without any fear. This brand also claims to have higher content of vitamin E than its peers, so this is big plus for hair and skin. This oil will not cause a dent to your pocket. TBIO gives big thumbs to this brand. Retails at 195 INR for 250ml, available in various sizes and quantities.
  6. Hilldews Virgin Coconut Oil: This oil is also cold-pressed and obtained from coconut milk. One of the best coconut oil out there. This oil also has long shelf life of 2 years hence no fear of oil going rancid. Retails at 375 INR for 200ml.
  7. Forest Essentials Organic Coconut Oil: Rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E apart from several essential fatty acids this pure oil nourishes the skin and hair. It is bit pricey, but performance is assured. Retails at 795 INR for 200ml.
  8. Urban Platter Virgin Coconut Oil: This oil is unrefined and extracted at very low temperature so that it has active antioxidants. This oil is great for consumption and topical application. Don’t get bummed out because of residue you may observe in this oil, that is solely because this oil has not been processed to maintain its authenticity. Retails at 450INR for 500 ml.
  9. Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Coconut oil: This is oil is as fine as its price. This oil is especially recommended for babies. Unlike other brands this oil is not sticky and is residue free, so you will not face the problem of oily scalp with this oil. Retails at 595 INR for 200ml.
  10. Blend It Raw Apothecary Extra Virgin Coconut oil: This oil is raw and unrefined and smells great. Fancy thing about this oil is that every coconut is handpicked for this brand, so you can be assured that you are getting the purest product. Retails at 250 INR for 100ml.

Pure Coconut Oil is great, there is no doubt about it, but if you have allergies then stay away from it. Also, there are many studies that say that its consumption can lead to weight-loss, but it is still not a medically proven fact. Always take doctor’s advice before introducing a new type of fat in your diet regime, since coconut oil like any other tropical oil is full of fatty acids that increase cholesterol level in body with over-consumption. Like TBIO team always says, do it right and do it smart.

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