31 Ideas On How To Decorate Toilet Tank Tops

The bathroom isn’t necessarily a place you would think to put a lot of decoration and you would be right to a certain extent. Your bathroom isn’t a place that you would choose to put some of your favorite artwork but you can still make it decorative. The key to choosing smaller pieces that would act as the focal points and displayed just so within the room.

For example, the back of your toilet tank is a great spot to add some decoration! Keep reading for some wonderful ideas on how to decorate toilet tank tops!

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1. Macramé Storage Container

Mkono Macrame Storage Baskets Decor Box Handmade Woven Decorative Countertop Toilet Tank Shelf Cabinet Organizer Boho Decor for Bedroom Nursery Livingroom Set of 2, Ivory

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Combine decoration with practicality by choosing a decorative item such as this macramé storage container. Its slim design makes it ideal for the back of your toilet tank while the funky knotted rope in a neutral color adds both design and decoration to your bathroom. It is perfect for storing extra toilet paper, bathroom sprays, and even reading material for those moments you are able to soak in the tub!

2. Over The Toilet Tank Shelf

Eleanor 34.1" W x 38.3" H x 6.5" D Over the Toilet Storage

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Go with a functional décor by placing a decorative wooden shelf that can be used for additional storage and a place to store baskets or other containers that holds all those stray items a bathroom seems to have. This white shelf fits directly over the toilet unit and even has handy toilet tissue rolls holders on either side!

3. Cozy Toilet Accessory Kit

Miles Kimball Burgundy 5 Piece Bath Set

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Combine comfort and decoration in one simple step by choosing something such as this cozy and fleece toilet decoration kit. This kit features a toilet mat to keep your toes warm, a bath mat for when getting out of a shower, and a toilet lid cover along with a tank cover! It’s decorative, it’s warm, and it’s super cute.

4. Caddy With Artificial Flower

Please Seat Yourself - Bathroom toilet tank storage box - toilet paper holder caddy - Counter Tray - funny sayings for bathroom

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A functional storage caddy with decoration in the form of an artificial flower to bring a touch of color combined with a cute and sassy saying? Yes please. That’s exactly what this item is! Storage for extra toilet paper or reading material, the wooden look of this storage caddy is a color that will tie in with any decorative theme and the artificial flower brings a touch of spring to the bathroom.

5. Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

Sheep Toilet Paper Holder by East World - Free Standing and Wall Mount Toilet Tissue Storage Stand - Roll Holders fit 7X Rolls, and So Adorable! Black Sheep Gifts, Bathroom Accessories, and Fixtures

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Want to leave the toilet tank in your bathroom free of clutter but would still like to have something on that blank space of wall? Combine storage with style in the form of this sheep toilet tissue holder. It is installed right onto the bathroom wall and can fit seven rolls of toilet tissue at one time! The toilet paper then makes up the wool of the sheep – cute!

6. Cork Mat

Toilet Tank Cork Mat
Image Source: instagram.com

Creative and DIY-ers, here’s the DIY decoration for you! This cork mat has been burned with different symbols and sayings then glued together for a one-of-a-kind decoration for the toilet tank in your bathroom. It is creative and it is also protective as it forms a barrier between the porcelain of your toilet and whatever you might want to store there for short periods of time.

7. Decorative Vase

Decorative Vase in the toilet
Image Source: simplydiy2.blogspot.com

A simplistic white vase with a floral arrangement has been a go-to in terms of decoration for every room in the house for generations now and the reason for it? Because it’s the easier way to bring a pop of color to the room, bring a little bit of nature and spring into the home, and it can easily be tied in with any color scheme.

8. Holiday Décor

Holiday Décor bathroom
Image Source: instagram.com

There is no written or unwritten rule that states you cannot use the back of your toilet tank as a place to set up some holiday décor! In fact, it’s kind of the perfect place for it as it doesn’t take up valuable space on your vanity. Check out this display of love for Valentine’s Day that is placed on the back of the toilet!

9. Decorative Candles

Dawhud Direct Natural Candlescape Set, 3 Decorative Candle Holders, Rocks and Tray

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Using neutral colors and decorative rocks, this toilet tank candle decoration is a surefire hit. Its gently curved base and three votive candles make this piece easy to decorate for the holidays. Use scented candles for a slight and pleasant scent in your bathroom. Or you can use flameless LED votive candles for safety and ambiance.

10. Wicker Basket

Decor elements on toilet tank near white wall. Bathroom interior

Combine decoration with practical storage by placing a stylish wicker basket on the toilet tank. These wicker baskets are available in numerous colors, ranging from light wood to dark and even painted colors. They hold a lot of items when packed correctly and they are ideal for reducing clutter around your bathroom vanity.

11. Wire Basket

16"x6"x6" Wire Tank Top Basket with Handle Copper - Threshold
Image Source: target.com

Baskets don’t always have to be generic plastic or traditional wicker – they can be metal wire as well. For a funkier, more modern look; go with a storage basket that is made from wire, such as this with an attached carrying handle. The handle makes it easy to move this basket and clean the toilet tank top while the large size allows for ample storage.

12. Creative Decoration

Creative Decoration for bathroom
Image Source: instagram.com

The best thing about toilet tank decoration is that you don’t always have to rush out and spend your hard-earned money on it! You can simply use items around the home, some hot glue, and some creativity to make your own decorations that look amazing! The evidence of this is shown here with this birdcage candle and glass vase filled with pebbles, seasonal flowers, and greenery.

13. Comic Strip Toilet Tank

Comics Covered Toilet Tank
Learn more at: instructables.com

Equal parts creative and recycling; this toilet tank has been covered completely with old comic book strips that have been glued together in a paper mache style piece of art. You are able to recycle old comics that have been collecting dust while creating a unique masterpiece when you use this tutorial for your toilet tank!

14. Christmas Décor

YHBAO Christmas Santa Toilet Seat Cover, Tank Cover, Toilet Paper Box Cover and Rug Set, Christmas Decoration Bathroom Decor Set (Santa Claus)

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Tis the season when it comes to this toilet tank cover! Jolly old St. Nick gets a makeover in the form of a bath mat, a toilet mat, a toilet lid cover, and even a toilet tank cover in this accessory kit. Non-woven fabric ensures it will last for Christmas seasons to come and with fast shipping. It will be here before the holidays are. Makes a great temporary replacement for your everyday bathroom setup.

15. Wooden Tray Toilet Tank

Toilet tank lid

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Change the lid into a wooden tray with this handy item. It’s a solid wooden board that offers stability for storage when it comes to the back of the toilet. Use this sturdiness to showcase a freshly potted plant, books for reading, or a decorative plaque. If you want, you can even glue down this wooden board using carpenters glue!

16. Wooden Basket

Wooden Basket in the bathroom
Learn more at: hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com

Want to have additional storage in your bathroom without having to sacrifice décor? Then combine the two by hanging a vintage and rustic wooden bathroom on a hook over the toilet. Let the basket hang down to use the inside as a storage for linens and extra toilet tissue. Not only does this rustic decoration look wonderful, the additional storage is also wonderful!

17. Rainbow Toilet Tissue Cozy

Rainbow Toilet Paper Cover Bathroom Tissue Cozy Commode Decor Toilet Tank Topper Spare Roll Holder Rainbow Colors

Available on Etsy

Brighten up the bathroom with this handmade, knitted toilet tissue cozy that features a gorgeous rainbow pattern. It expertly covers up a spare toilet tissue roll with a beautifully stitched piece and it also adds a pop of color that will match into any current décor as it features more than one color in its design.

18. Wooden Tray

CUTE wooden toilet tank trays
Learn more at: instagram.com

This gorgeous stained wooden tray also has carrying handles for convenience and fits snugly on the back of the toilet tank. You can use these wooden trays to display decorative items such as flowers in a vase, a wooden plaque with your favorite saying, or even pebbles from a family vacation in a glass dish. The handles allow it to have more than one purpose as well.

19. Succulent On A Wooden Tray

Succulent on a Wooden Tray
Learn more at: vanessafrancis.com

The difference between this wooden tray and the others on this list is the design as this one features a traditional wicker construction. With deep-set handles and a neutral wood color, this tray is ideal for storing on the back of the toilet tank to display succulent plants in a vase with enough room to place other storage containers for smaller items.

20. Metal Frame

Decor elements and paper roll on toilet tank near green wall. Bathroom interior

Modernize your toilet tank décor by placing a metal frame over the items you wish to store there. This metal frame has a slight shelf on the bottom so you are able to store additional toilet tissue rolls, a potted plant, and even a tea light votive for a classy, elegant look.

21. Utility Storage Box

old brown utensil storage Wood country desk organizer Flower decorative mail box Coffee table harvesting basket Wooden fruit trug Bread bin

Available on Etsy

Bring a touch of nature and springtime flowers into your bathroom with this utility storage box. It’s deep enough to hide anything you don’t want out in the open but also stylish enough that it can be proudly displayed on the back of your toilet tank! Want to recreate this look yourself? Then use wallpaper over a storage container for the same results.

22. Rainbow Planter

Rainbow Planter in the bathroom
Learn more at: instagram.com

Potted plants and greenery are always safe bets when it comes to décor in any room of the house and this includes the bathroom. The fun comes in how you showcase your plants and the color scheme you use to decorate. This rainbow planter is fun, colorful, and can brighten up a smaller space by making it warm and inviting.

23. Shelving, Shelving, And Storage

Shelving, Shelving, and Storage in the bathroom
Check out more ideas at: thefrugalhomemaker.com

One of the most common complaints when it comes to a bathroom is the lack of storage and this is especially true if you have an older home. Create your own storage options by placing shelving units up the wall above the toilet tank and then have a wooden tray in the same shade on the toilet tank itself for even more storage!

24. Toilet Tank Lid Runner

Toilet tank Runner/Toilet tank Topper/Bathroom decor/Table Runner

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Think only tables can use runners as décor and look amazing? Think again and check out this toilet tank lid runner. It’s a smaller version of the tabletop runners and they can protect the porcelain from stains, scratches, and even chips due to the stronger fabric. The best thing? They are easy to change out when redecorating and they can be tossed in the washing machine for laundering.

25. Flowers, Candles, And Toilet Tissue

Decor elements, necessities and toilet bowl near black wall, space for text. Bathroom interior

Store your necessities for the bathroom, such as toilet tissue, cotton swabs, and lotions, on the back of the toilet tank with the help of a standard wooden tray that is decorated with fresh flowers and candle holders. It’s an easy way to decrease clutter off your bathroom vanity while leaving your bathroom looking warm and cozy.

26. Leaning Shelf And Organizer

Leaning Shelf and Organizer
Check out more ideas at: firsthome.tumblr.com

Create more storage options in the bathroom with a leaning wall shelf over your toilet that doubles as a hand towel holder and decorative item. Finish the look by placing an organizing tray on the toilet tank lid for more storage and decorative options. This is an ideal look for a smaller bathroom that doesn’t have the floor space for a large vanity or cabinet.

27. Books And Candle

Books and Candle in the bathroom
Check out more ideas at: kpetersondesign.com

Simplify your décor by using older, hardcover books as decoration on your toilet tank lid complete with a scented candle. This décor option is warm and cozy while showcasing your interests. If you don’t want to use real books that could be damaged due to the damp conditions in your bathroom – look for false books that are cardboard.

28. Simplistic Décor

Simplistic Décor for bathroom
Check out more ideas at: hudsoninteriordesigns.com

Bathroom décor, especially the items on the back of a toilet tank, doesn’t have to be elaborate or detailed oriented – it can be as simple as a standing figurine of your favorite animal or character. The key to making an amazing bathroom décor is to use the same color scheme as your bathroom to tie the look together for a stunning but simple décor moment.

29. Crochet

Ripple Bathroom Set Pattern
Check out more ideas at: freevintagecrochet.com

Crocheted items have been used for decoration for generations now and the reason it is still in style today is because of its intricacy. Stitching together to form a beautiful pattern and using thread/wool in your chosen color scheme makes crochet an easy way to spice up your toilet tank lid. Think of a toilet mat to keep toes warm, a toilet lid cover for continuity, and a toilet tissue cozy to tie the look together.

30. Decals

Decals in the toilet
Image Source: instagram.com

Have some fun with your toilet tank lid and use waterproof paint to stencil a decal of your choosing right onto the porcelain. It’s the ideal canvas for the artistic soul as it’s a smooth, neutral base for any type of decal or painting. You can find numerous stencils online to showcase your vision. Or choose stick-on decals for a fast and simple way to spice up your bathroom décor.

31. Wooden Planter And Diffuser

Decor elements and paper rolls on toilet tank near color wall, space for text. Bathroom interior

Keep your bathroom smelling great with a lightly scented wooden rod diffuser that also acts as toilet tank décor! Set off the look with a funky wooden planter featuring a lush green plant (real or fake). You can then use the remainder of the space to store additional toilet tissue rolls or simply leave it bare – your choice!


Bathrooms don’t have to be boring in terms of decoration but instead, they can be a wonderful place to have fun with decoration and brighten up the area. Your bathroom is the place that your day both begins and ends, so why not decorate it to showcase your creative side? The key, as previously mentioned, is to choose a few smaller pieces meant for certain areas, such as your toilet tank top, to truly let the room shine.

Did you recently redecorate your bathroom and used something on the toilet tank top? Or do you have an idea to add to this list? Then we want to know in the comments below! Also, please feel free to share this article amongst family and friends to give them great decorating tips as well. 

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