40 Nautical Anchor Themed Bathroom Ideas

If you are looking to redo your bathroom and you are looking for something different but modern; then why not consider a nautical theme? It’s the perfect way to brave the open seas without having to leave your home and it’s also a great way to bring a touch of nature into the bathroom as well.

Nautical themes can be maneuvered around to reflect the beach and the ocean, to reflect boats and watercrafts, or it can be a combination of both. Let’s take a look at 40 nautical anchor themed bathroom ideas you can try yourself!

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Anchor and Nautical Themed Bathroom Ideas

1. Four Piece Bathroom Set

Four Piece Bathroom Set

Available on Amazon

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom, there is more to consider than just the paint on the walls and a few décor items. You want to also update your shower curtain and bath mat but you can go a step further with this kit. It contains a new mat that is cut to fit around the base of your toilet and it also has a matching toilet lid cover. With neutral colors, this kit is the place to start.

2. Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration
Source : instagram.com

Don’t want to bring in a bunch of anchor-shaped items into your bathroom but you are still wanting to incorporate the elements of the sea? Then look for blue and green hues for your next bathroom renovation. Think shower curtain, mats, and accessories that are on the vanity then throw in a sea-themed sign with a saying such as “ahoy there”.

3. Bathroom Details

Bathroom Details
Image Source : houzz.com

If you don’t want to completely overhaul your bathroom and you would prefer a more subtle nautical look; then check out this design. It focuses on the finer details of a nautical theme such as stark white cabinets with dark contrasting lines, simple decorations such as an anchor basket for holding all those random items that find their ways into the bathroom, and seashell-shaped handles for the cabinets.

4. Shelving

Source : instagram.com

The main concern people have when it comes to their bathroom is the amount of storage that is available (or isn’t available). Bathrooms tend to get cluttered easily because of the different functions that take place in there on a daily basis which is why these seashell-shaped shelves not only look great, they get items and products off the countertop and up on the wall for a tidier overall look.

5. Wall Décor

Wall Décor
Learn more : shabbygraceblog.com

If you are not in the financial position to completely redo your bathroom, you can still give it an updated look by changing up some minor details. This example showcases how wall décor with a nautical theme and some countertop décor, along with a fresh coat of paint, can completely change the look of the bathroom without spending a large chunk of money.

6. Vintage and Modern

Vintage and Modern
Source : instagram.com

This example of a simple but stunning nautical themed bathroom uses a repurposed wooden anchor to construct a bathroom table that brings thoughts of a pirate ship to the room. This table not only offers storage, but it also gives a person a place to lay items down when going for a soak in the bathtub. Small décor items surrounded by a stark steel shelving unit and towel rack brings the look together.

7. Beach Haven

Beach Haven
Image Source : houzz.com

If you aren’t a fan of bright colors and you would prefer a starker, neutral look; then you might be interested in something along the lines of this example. It uses subtle details to bring the nautical and beach theme inside with anchor bath mats and beach flowers in a vase.

8. Pops of Color

Pops of Color
Source : instagram.com

If you are the type of person that prefers a pop of color to contrast against a neutral background, then think of bright reds and larger than life detailing. This bathroom has been designed to show off the anchor storage case, the fish-shaped shelving on the wall, and the patterned shower curtain to bring it all together. The red hue also brings to mind the setting sun over the horizon!

9. Nautical Bathroom Décor Ideas

Nautical Bathroom Décor Ideas
Learn more : improvenet.com

The finishing touches, when completed a renovation, can make the difference between a good renovation and a great one. This bathroom uses little details to tie together all the décor to a stunning finish. The shells in the sink, the framed 3D seashells on the wall, the blue towels; they all come together for a room fit for any captain.

10. Anchor Storage

Anchor Storage
Source : instagram.com

As previously mentioned, storage is an issue when it comes to bathrooms and their décor. That is why this anchor themed bathroom is awesome – it has storage baskets with tiny anchors all over it while providing a place for those hard to store items, such as a hairdryer and other utensils. Pick up the colors of the storage baskets with your hand towels for a polished look.

11. Beach House Perfect

Beach House Perfect
Image Source : houzz.com

If you love spending time at the beach during the summer and you are lucky enough to rent a beach house, then you know nautical themes are everywhere. Recreate that vibe and look in your own bathroom by using wooden anchors on the wall, blue shower curtain, and little storage baskets that are either patterned or solid in color.

12. Model Ships

Model Ships
Source : instagram.com

Another option when it comes to nautical themed bathrooms is to use model ships and lighthouses as decor. You don’t necessarily need all anchors for a nautical theme but you can use anything that reminds you of the sea. The finishing touch? A stunning mirror that has oars on either side hanging above the toilet!

13. Anchor It In Neutrals

ArtSocket 4 Piece Anchor Shower Curtain Sets

Available on Amazon

Here we have a shower curtain, bath mat, toilet rug, and seat cover set that is nautical themed but not overwhelming. There is blue, which should be a given when it comes to anything nautical, and the rest of the colors fluctuate from brown to beige in the painted wooden sides of your boat. This set looks great paired with an all-white bathroom. 

14. Red Wall Decor

Beach Style Bathroom, Milwaukee
Image Source: www.houzz.com

The red anchors add a splash of fun color to this otherwise white room. While the addition of these tiny anchors seems understated, they stand out on their own as a fantastic centerpiece even though they’re so small. This designer also added wooden paddles to give this bathroom an antique look, and the brown pairs well with the red and white. 

15. Seagull Shower curtain

Lighthouse Nautical Theme Single Shower Curtain

Available on Wayfair

Using the standard blue set against white, this shower curtain gives the viewer a story of sorts right in front of their eyes. The seagull has traveled a long distance to find land, and it sees the illumination of the lighthouse in the darkness of the crowds. The steering wheel seems ghostlike as it haunts the lighthouse with the memories of ships that have come into the harbor. 

16. Beach Bathroom

beach style kids' green tile and glass tile bathroom
Image Source: www.houzz.com

This example isn’t necessarily nautical-themed, but it’s the perfect look for a bathroom at a beach house. The cute step stools are ideal for families with little ones who need a boost to get into the sink or see their reflection in the mirror. The sink is a classic style that offers room for everyone in the family, and the side shelves are a great use of a small space.

Anchor Themed Accessories

17. Nautical Bathroom Accessory Kit

Nautical Bathroom Accessory Kit

Available on Amazon

When it comes to your bathroom, there are definitely some accessories that are crucial to have regardless of your current décor or theme. This includes a toothbrush holder, a soap dish, and a hand cream holder (or liquid soap). This accessory kit not only gives you all those items, they are in a stellar nautical theme!

18. Personalized Anchor

Personalized Anchor

Available on Etsy

While this is definitely a bigger decor item, it can be used in your bathroom or in another room of the home. It’s a personalized anchor completed with ragged (looking) ropes and you’re initial in the center. It can be displayed in the bathroom on a shelf on the wall or leaned against the wall (just secure it first with anchor screws) or you can also display it on your porch!

19. Towel Rack

Towel Rack

Available on Amazon

Sometimes it’s the finishing touches that truly brings a room together when it comes to décor. For example, this anchor towel hook goes screwed into your bathroom wall, leaving your hand towel in a convenient place and with its vintage finish; people will think you just pulled this one out of the ocean.

20. Décor Towels

Aqua blue towel hanging on bathroom door with anchor decoration

If you want to truly bring home the theme of a nautical bathroom, then you want to look at your towels and everything! This sea-blue towel is casually displayed next to a wooden anchor sign while the towel hook itself is a life preserver. It’s the best of both worlds with a decorative towel that is also fully functional (unlike those fancy ones that you are scared to touch).

21. Nautical Mason Jars

Nautical Mason Jars
Learn more : suburble.com

These sweet mason jars have been painted with a nautical anchor to bring the theme home but the best part about them is the fairy lights you can place inside. Just imagine having a nice soak in the bathtub with these gently flickering and throwing shadows against the walls! Utter and total relaxation.

22. Woven Rope Anchor

Woven Rope Anchor
Source : instagram.com

If you are the type of person that enjoys arts and crafts plus you have a creative spirit, then why not try making your own décor? This woven rope anchor is secured onto a dark blue background for the perfect bathroom wall picture. Using ropes of differing colors, this anchor is definitely aground for a while!

23. Complete Nautical Décor Overhaul

Childs bathroom, nautical theme, life buoy, lighthouse, pine surronded bath, red and white striped curtains. Pub orig IH 05/2007 Real home
Learn more : decozilla.com

Do you own a cabin on a lake or you rent a beach house every summer? Then this is the look for you. With details and finishing touches such as a life preserver on the wall, lighthouses on the shelving, and birds flying high on the curtains – this is a true nautical themed bathroom for the masses.

24. Handmade Nautical Décor

Handmade Nautical Décor
Source : instagram.com

Using supplies found at your local dollar store or craft store; you are able to complete a nautical themed décor in the comfort of your home. These wall hangings use a striped backing mat, a woven rope frame, and wooden cutouts to create a trio of pictures that any captain of a ship would love to have.

25. Driftwood Anchor – Homemade

Driftwood Anchor – Homemade
Learn more : hometalk.com

This handmade anchor is made using driftwood from the beach and shells found on beach adventures. It is then glued and secured together to create a driftwood anchor that can be hung on the bathroom wall, laid next to the tub for décor, or even used to decorate the front porch of your beach house. It’s that versatile!

26. Ship Storage

Ship Storage
Source : instagram.com

Using a piece of wood, carve out the shape of an opened boat or ship to start off this storage project. Then use pieces of board to create your shelving inside and finish it off with a wooden anchor nearby. Not only is this one storage and keeps clutter off your countertop – it is in theme with a nautical color scheme for your bathroom.

27. Nautical Toilet Paper Holder

Nautical Toilet Paper Holder

Available on Etsy

If you’re really going all out with a nautical theme for your bathroom then check out this gorgeous iron anchor-shaped toilet paper holder. It’s painted white for that light and rustic feel, but you could easily paint it to match your own decor.

Nautical Bathroom Accessories and Décor

28. Spindle Lighthouse

Spindle Lighthouse
Learn more : countrydesignstyle.com

With the help of this online tutorial, you can transform an old broken spindle from a railing into a lighthouse that is right at home in your bathroom. You just need a glass container for the top and some flameless LED candles to bring all your travelers home and hopefully, into the tub to wash off the most recent adventure.

29. Nautical Themed Mirror Tutorial

Nautical Themed Mirror Tutorial
Learn more : hometalk.com

Do you have an old mirror lying around that doesn’t really match any of your current décors, especially in your bathroom? Then using twined rope, you can transform it into a nautical mirror that resembles the circular ship windows that are located along the bottom of the hull. Create a series of these mirrors and hang them at different locations for the perfect finishing touch.

30. Nautical Tray

Nautical Tray
Learn more : kenarry.com

DIY people – take note! This nautical themed bathroom tray not only provides ample storage and keeps clutter off your countertop, it looks amazing while doing so. It features an older map that has been cut and glued onto a wooden tray so the surface is a treasure hunt while holding all your important products (and cute bathroom décor, of course).

31. Nautical Mirrors #2

Nautical Mirrors #2
Learn more : sweetteal.com

Similar to the DIY nautical mirrors already mentioned, the difference lies in the type of rope used in the construction of these mirrors. Using a thicker weaved rope and wrapping it around the mirrors more than twice; these older circular mirrors are transformed into something to display proudly. Use older mirrors that are no longer in use or browse through flea markets to find them at a low cost.

32. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Clay Pot Lighthouse
Learn more : ehow.com

Are you almost done with your bathroom renovation but you still need something to display on the back of your toilet? Well, you’ve found it in this clay pot lighthouse that is completely homemade but looks like it was purchased in an upscale boutique on the beach. You’ll need clay pots to complete this one and non-toxic, waterproof paint for the best results.

33. Hanging Lantern

Hanging Lantern
Learn more : boxerscleatsandme.blogspot.com

There is just something about hanging lanterns as décor that is gorgeous, isn’t there? Why not tie your nautical theme and this piece of beauty together by creating a nautical hanging lantern? Think sand in the base, seashells on top, and fairy lights for the setting sun. Hang on a rustic nail or anchor hook and voila! Gorgeous!

34. Boat House Cabinet

Boat House Cabinet
Source : instagram.com

Perfect for towels, facecloths, and even backup toilet paper; this cabinet is a nautical lover’s dream. It is painted to resemble a weathered boathouse with wooden planks but the details is what truly raises this cabinet above others – the handles are buoys that are found in a fishing community. This can be displayed next to your bathroom vanity or against a wall.

35. Wrapped Rope Mason Jar

Wrapped Rope Mason Jar
Learn more: itallstartedwithpaint.com

This opened mason jars are a stunningly clear blue color but the woven rope that is crisscrossed from top to bottom set it apart from other mason jars. You can string fairy lights throughout the rope for a breathtaking light show or you can use these jars to store seasonal flowers. You can even use these as your toothbrush and toothpaste holders.

36. Towels

Naanle Nautical White Stripe Anchor Navy Blue towel

Available on Amazon

One of the best ways to get a theme across in your bathroom is through the towels. As you can see in this example, not only did the designer use the beloved anchor to get their nautical theme across. They also used blue with white stripes, which is a common theme for boats or beach homes. 

37. Time For Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Holder Anchor Decor

Available on Etsy

This toilet paper holder is one of the best accessories we’ve seen for nautical-themed bathrooms. It is identical to an anchor down to the notches and grooves that move throughout the metal. The rope is an excellent addition and the actual holder is no different than any other toilet paper holder you might find, which means it’s easy to use. 

38. Ring in The Crew

Rope Paper Holder

Available on Etsy

Shower curtain rings are another small but impactful way to decorate your bathroom. These assorted nautical-themed rings offer a bit more variety when it comes to images that one might consider when thinking of boats and the beach. There is an anchor, pirate skull, rudder, and more. They’ll work well with all the shower curtains on our list. 

39. Wall Mount

Printed Wood Plaque Sign Wall

Available on Amazon

While this example isn’t necessarily a nautical theme, the wood is reminiscent of a boat to work well inside a bathroom with a vessel and rudders. The colors work well together, and the joke, well, who doesn’t love a good bathroom joke? We love wall art, and this bathroom-specific piece is unique and hilarious. 

40. Silver Rope Ring

Rope Towel Ring With Stainless Steel

Available on Etsy

Our last piece is a hand towel holder that would work wonderfully with the anchor toilet paper holder we showed you earlier. Ropes are standard on all kinds of boats, and this ring would work well on the ship as well or in the boathouse bathroom. Silver is a color that goes well with any color scheme.


There is definitely no shortage when it comes to nautical-themed décor and bathroom accessories. The best thing about redoing one area of the home at a time with a theme is that you can spend the time to truly create your vision. Just don’t be surprised when no one wants to leave the bathroom anymore after this renovation!

Do you have a nautical décor idea for a bathroom that wasn’t mentioned on this list? Do you know someone that is looking to decorate their bathroom with a different color scheme and theme? Then feel free to share this article and let us know any idea you might have in the comments below. Happy sailing!

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