Top 10 Best 5 Piece Dining Set Under 300 You Mustn’t Miss Out On

According to my mom, "A dining table turns your house into a home." We all share our joys and sorrows, miseries and hardships sitting on the dining table. So, it feels like home, sitting together and gossiping.

One needs to be wise in choosing the perfect dining table set. But, you may wonder, why? An ideal dining table must suit your home décor, meet your space requirement, fall into the budget and provide essential utilities.

For large spaces, 7 piece or 9-piece dining set will work. In small spaces, you can go for 5-piece dining sets, which come under budget.

Whatever space is material, comfort and discomfort also matter. For example, people often find themselves in a dilemma while choosing dining or kitchen table sets. In that case, you can rely on my experiences, as I'm going to reveal my choice for the best 5 piece dining set under 300.

5 Piece Dining Set Under 300

5 Piece Dining Set Under 300

10 Best 5 Piece Dining Set under 300

1. Bonnlo 5 Pieces Dining Set

If you are looking for a durable yet modern dining table set, Bonnlois what you are looking for. This under 300$ dining set won't bother you regarding space as they fit in the smallest area. The incredible dining set is an excellent one as they provide great features as well as great services.

This set consists of 4 metallic chairs coated with black PU leather and a sturdy table with glass on top. The weight capacity for chairs is about 264lbs, which is fantastic. The glass that they provide makes the table look more classy and unique.

Moreover, the pattern of the chairs is simple yet elegant. The combo of these chairs and tables blends quite nicely with any decor.

It never fails to surprise me with their durability and affordability. These are durable due to their composition with heavy steel and powder coating. Moreover, I don't have to get bothered about rusting as these are rust-resistant.

Now comes the affordability. Can you even imagine getting a dining table set under 300! So I was curious about their features as they offer cheaper rates. But certainly, an affordable rate doesn't necessarily mean lower quality.

As every product has some disadvantages, so does this one. I would have appreciated it more if they could make the legs of the chairs thicker. Unfortunately, they do not provide genuine leather also. Otherwise, it's a great deal.


  • It is highly durable and made with perfect craftsmanship
  • Application of rust-resistant metal
  • Super Sturdy
  • Trouble-free assembling


  • Not appropriate for large spaces
  • Thin legs of chairs

Our Verdict:

Durable and affordable. It's perfect for small spaces. It complements the room in which it's kept due to its charm and modern design—highly recommended for a small group of people!

2. DKLGG 5 Pieces Dining Set

DKLGG is one of the best kitchen tables set under 300. I really appreciate its affordability, durability, and structure. It just fits itself in any space as if it is made explicitly for that space only.

DKLGG kitchen set comes with 4 PVC leather made chairs and a table with a shiny tempered glass above. The dimensions of the table are 47.25" × 27.56" × 29.5".

While using it, I found the chairs much comfortable due to its soft cushions. You certainly look for less slippery tables to prevent accidents while choosing your one. It provides smooth tables which do not slip. These are easy to clean, and you get scratch-free tables.

While examining its durability, I found it quite sturdy and robust. Besides, you can assemble it in any way. These do not cover much space, which is the best part.

Regarding the price, these are highly budget-friendly. They even fix your product in case you face any difficulty. Moreover, they give the best services at the least cost. In my opinion, this set is a perfect one for small families or restaurants.

I recommend DKLGG dining sets as they are simply designed. As a result, these are easy to drag and lightweight. In a nutshell, you are saving your energy and money both at the same time.


  • Very sturdy
  • Best budget-friendly dining set
  • Scratch-free table


  • Not suitable for large families

Our Verdict:

Quite budget friendly with excellent features. I highly recommend it as it's solid and light-weighted. You can even darg it for your pool parties! Ain't it amazing?

3. DKLGG Faux Marble Dining Set

We all are fond of uniqueness, and unique things attract us differently. DKLGG Faux Marble Dining Set is another name of posh essence, you can say. Its marble work on the top was really astonishing. The marble work gives a rich and classy look to the dining area.

This kitchen set comprises 2pairs of leather chairs and a metallic rectangular table with a marvelous marble design on top. The size of the table is 41.8" × 29.9" × 30.1". So, the table is quite long.

The chairs are solid, with 360lbs of weight capacity. So you need not worry about your weight while using these chairs. Though the cushions are less durable, the chairs are pretty good.

While talking about its excellent features, I would say about small area coverage and attractive table. You will need minimal space to set this one. Moreover, the marble design gives a complete look to your dining area. High-quality marble work is done here, which is durable.

DKLGG Faux Marble kitchen sets are excellent at a reasonable price, and you cannot find such good-quality chairs and tables in this range. I consider this set the perfect one for regular use. If you have got a small family, then I recommend DKLGG Faux Marble Dining Set for you. Just give it a try and know the difference.


  • Marble designed durable table
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth and soft leather
  • The steel frame is very durable to use long time.


  • Cushions are less durable

Our Verdict:

Budget friendly kitchen set under 300. Good weight capacity and fits in small spaces. This is a must have. Indeed, it can serve you for more than 8-10 years.

4. Best Choice Products Wooden Modern Dining Set

Unbelievable! Having robust dining set with racks! The construction of this set is lovely. You know that a dining set generally has a table and several chairs. But you are also getting a two-seater long bench in addition! Isn't that a great deal? The best if I say.

You are getting a rectangular table, 4 wide chairs, and a long bench in this wooden set. It has a weight capacity of about 286lbs, and the length of the table is 55". Thus, the table is very long. You can keep other stuff under the bench and the table as there are metal racks. Children can even sit on the table as it's really thick and strong. I enjoyed using this set as it is long-lasting and anti-corrosive. I claim it as one of the most fantastic dining table sets.

Are you thinking about the price? As it has many compartments, the cost must be high. But believe me when I say it's the "best."You're getting this best 5 piece dining set under 300, which is unimaginable. And it's durable.

Its quality and construction are just mind-boggling. I can keep many pieces of stuff at a time, and it's really spacious.

Loved it!


  • Metal racks present
  • Thick tabletop
  • Thick tabletop
  • Two-seater long bench available
  • Durable and budget friendly


  • High-quality wood isn't used due to its low cost

Our Verdict:

Appropriate for family gatherings and quite spacious. It can serve a wide range of purposes, like regular dine work, parties, birthday celebrations, and everything you can think of. It's highly recommended!

5. VECELO Dining Table Set

VECELO dining table sets are incredible! I was on cloud nine after knowing the price and the features. This brand is something else!

This kitchen table set comprises 4 chairs of steel and a table with a screw fixed glass top. I was glad to see the steel tubes. These are made of imported stainless steel, which keeps it lasting for several years. The length of the table is 43.3", which is great.

Coming to the price, will you believe it if I say this kitchen table sets under 300? Nobody will. It's actually under 200. Moreover, they provide 4 silver-colored placemats. And what more? These have 5years warranty! What else do you need?

Many do not provide you the services which they say. For example, I got a damaged one, and they replaced it instantly. No extra cost, no hassle, nothing! They are true to their words, and there's nothing to regret.

VECELO dining/kitchen sets are durable, rugged, and whatnot. I felt convenient assembling it as no drill was needed. Instead, they provided a wrench to fix these screws. Screws keep the parts together tightly. I was really amazed by the features and the cost.


  • Constructed with stainless steel tubes
  • Imported and long-lasting
  • Comes with warranties
  • Placemats available
  • Inexpensive


  • Chairs are not much wide

Our Verdict:

Small yet cute dining set at a minimal price. Light-weighted and easy to move.Sober and straightforward design just as one needs.

6. Best Choice Products Metal and Wood Dining Table Set

Sleek and simple, Best Choice Products Metal and Wood Dining Table Set. This is a 5piece budget dining set that is worth the price.

You have 4 chairs made of wood and metal and a rectangular thick wooden table in this set. The chairs have an excellent framework of metal.

Despite having a weight capacity of about 265lbs, it couldn't bear the weight of my nephew as he was jumping a lot. So they need to work on it.

Besides, the dimensions are, Chair: 15.5" (W) ×34.5" (H) ×17" (L); Table: 29.5" (W) × 30" (H) × 47.25" (L). So, you can keep all your things correctly on the table as it's very spacious. I used to slide the chairs under the table to save more space; you can try doing that.

This set is a durable one. The tabletop is thick, but it's not made of natural wood. It's more like plastic. You cannot think of having natural wood at such a low price.

So I feel that's ok. What matters the most is durability. As I stated before, you are getting this amazing kitchen table sets under 300 only! This set is a smooth one, and you'll surely enjoy using it.


  • Spacious and thick tabletop
  • Fits in small areas


  • Thin chairs and less weight capacity

Our Verdict:

A gentle one. Compliments the space in which it is kept. Do give it a try. There is a durability issue with the table. This table is not recommended if you have kids age under 10 at home

7. FDW Dining Table Set

In need of a dining table set made of real wood? That too in a cheaper rate? FDW dining table sets are there! Cute little wooden dining table set that too in a reasonable price.

In this set, you're getting 4 wooden chairs and a wooden table. These are wholly made of pine wood.

In addition, there are cushions on the chairs to make them comfortable. The chairs and the table are appropriately constructed. The edges are smooth, and the linings are proper. The dimensions of the table are 46.5" (L) × 29.5" (W) × 28.7" (H). I found it a bit taller as its chairs are shorter.

FDW dining sets are super easy to assemble, and they give all the necessary tools in the package. I just need to join the things up, and it's done.

These dining sets are available in the range 250-300. I found it a great deal. I mean, getting a 5piece dining set under 300, sounds great right?

Though I found the table but smaller and taller than I expected, at the same time, I found it super cute. You may use it as a desk as well. If you want to have a little but durable dining set, then just go for it.


  • Made of pine wood
  • Perfect finishing
  • Sturdy


  • The table is very small

Our Verdict:

Soft and comfy cushions at the back. The chairs and tables are pretty smooth. Perfect for small families or restaurants.

8. Abington Lane Dining Table Set

Ever thought of dining table sets with stools? Abington Lane dining table sets are of this type. The table and chairs are designed as stools, and you get a traditional feeling while using these.

It's a 5piece set with four stools and a table. All these are topped with wood, and the legs are of steel. It has a walnut finishing. The dimensions are 39.25"(L) × 23.5" (W) × 34.25" (H), and you can see that you're getting a quite large table. It's light-weighted, about 56pounds. So it can bear about 225lbs.

This set saves much space. It's classy as well as versatile. You can enhance its beauty by putting a nice table cloth on it. It just looks perfect. In my opinion, it's creative. It'll look gorgeous in a restaurant, I think.

To a person like me who keeps on arranging gatherings, it's a blessing! And it's super reasonable. Unfortunately, you're getting it only at 199! There's indeed nothing to lose but a lot to experience.

It lasts for long, honestly. My expectations were not much high as I'm not paying high. But I was stunned by its durability. I even used the stools for many other purposes. Though not having anything at the back may be risky for kids, I just found it perfect. It's a must-try.


  • Durable
  • Stools can be used for other purposes
  • Reasonable price


  • Chairs have nothing at the back

Our Verdict:

Absolutely unique design. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor both. Enhances the beauty of the place where it is kept.

9. Giantex Folding Round Dining Table Sets

Folded dining or kitchen sets are interesting. These are too easy to handle. Giantex dining table sets are the folded ones. I bought them without thinking twice and was benefited.

This set consists of a round table and 4 armless and cushionless chairs. This dining set seamlessly fits in any decor. The chairs have metal bars to strengthen them. The dimensions aare31" (D) × 30" (H). You can assume how small it is!

But I take it as it's the specialty. So I don't need to think prior about where to place it. It fits anywhere. The seats are made of wood, while the bars are made of metal.

These sets are strong as their weight capacity is about 250lbs, but I tried putting 300lbs+ weight on it, and nothing happened. This makes the space look so spacious as it can be folded. But I really think that they should have given cushions or chair pads as my back hurt while sitting on it for a long time.

What to say about the price! It's super budget friendly. Unique pattern, durable, reasonable, what else do you need!


  • Unique pattern
  • Unique pattern
  • Reasonable


  • No chair pads

Our Verdict:

Strong and durable. Perfect for small spaces. The foldability can be a great watch out for small restaurant owners. Even, It can be used as a lawn table and dining table simultaneously.

10. Best Choice Products Leather Dining Table Sets

Best Choice Products dining table sets are the elegant ones. Sophisticated table with glass top and smooth surface. Looks fashionable.

You're getting 4 curved leather chairs, and a glass-topped table. The glass is water-resistant and of good quality. The table dimensions are, 47" (L) × 27.5" (W) × 30.75"(H). The chairs are really comfy for the backrest. The glass topping gives a classy look. Overall it's nice. But be careful while assembling the table as the glass may break for any reason.

This dining table set under 300 is worth the price. It changes the look of your interior.


  • Comfy chairs
  • Water-resistant glass-topped table


  • Glass may break for any reason

Our Verdict:

Very comfortable chairs. An elegant dining set indeed. Do give it a try.

Buyer's Guide

Material: For regular use, you need to choose durable dining sets. The materials need to be of good quality, no doubt. For example, if you choose glass top tables, check if the glass is scratch-proof and its weight holding capacity.

Weight capacity: You should be aware of the weight capacity. As a result, you can keep yourself aloof from accidents. Mostly, I would like to buy chairs which have a minimum weight holding capacity of 250 pounds.

Understand your own demand: You need to keep in mind what sort of dining or kitchen table set you to want. If it's for small spaces, then round ones or folded ones may be of great help. For example, if you are suffering from back pain, I would suggest you go for a chair set with a comfortable backrest.

Look for light weighted ones: A light-weighted dining table set gives much relief. You can shift it anywhere at any time. No extra strength or workforce is required. I would always like to choose furniture that has versatile features.

Chair pads: Chairs without cushions result in backaches. You won't feel comfortable in any way. So chair pads are necessary.

Trouble free assembling: You need to get an initial idea about assembling the set. A slight mistake can cost you much. So dining set with trouble-free assembling will be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a dining table set cost?

The cost of a dining table set may be from 150 dollars to 1500 dollars, depending on its material, pattern, size, and shape. Do check out the review to discover dining table sets at the most reasonable prices.

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What's the best way to protect a wooden tabletop?

To protect a table topped with wood, you may use a table cloth to stop water rings. It would be better if you can put a glass on top of the wood.

Do round dining tables save space?

Yes, round dining tables save a lot of space. As these do not have corners, people can move freely. These fit themselves in any place.

Which dining table set is better, wood or glass?

As you know, wooden ones are safer than glass ones. So you should prefer the wooden ones. But in the case of the glass ones, you should choose tempered glass.


Which wood is best for a dining table?

Many types of wood, such as walnut, maple, mahogany, etc. which remains unchanged for years. You can also try pine or oak to get at reasonable prices.


Certainly, you got all the necessary information in this guide. So, now you can get the best 5 piece dining set under 300 without any loss. And do refer this guide to others in trouble.

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