51 Beautiful Purple and Gray Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to the color scheme of a bathroom, people tend to go with sunny yellows, bright blues, or neutral beiges and whites. Some people will look at a dark color, such as black, and contrast it against a lighter color, such as cream but one color combination that is stunning when done right? Purple and gray.

Purple and gray, especially for a bathroom, can be beautiful because the purple shades bring a pop of color to the space while the gray balances it out. You can pick between multiple shades of each color so you are able to contrast or balance as you desire.

Never thought of a mauve or lilac and gray bathroom? Well, we have 41 ideas to plant into your brain!

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Purple And Gray Bathroom Ideas

1. Shimmery Shower Curtain

Lush Decor, Gray and Purple Night Sky Shower Curtain | Sequin Fabric Shimmery Color Block Design for Bathroom, x 72

Available on Amazon

Featuring both purple and gray shades that complement each other without a major contrast, the main focal point of this shower is the shimmery, sequined portion that divides the two colors. The top half of the sequins are silver to match the gray while the bottom half is a slightly darker shade of purple as a transitional color.

2. Purple Wall Paint

Purple Wall Paint master bathroom
Image Source: houzz.com

The use of dark purple paint on your bathroom walls increases the size of the room instead of making it smaller. The trick is to use a lighter color on the bottom of the wall to break up the dark color. You can also use a border in the terms of wallpaper or wooden paneling as done in this stunning example.

3. Floral Shower Curtain

Purple And Gray Floral Print Fabric Shower Curtain - Large-Scale Zinnia Flowers for Lilac / Lavender / Gray Bathroom Deco

Available on Etsy

Welcome spring into your bathroom regardless of the season with this floral shower curtain. The florals are different shades of both purple and gray with an attention to detail that won’t be missed. This shower curtain works against similar décor or solid color shades, so it’s versatile for your bathroom.

4. Modern Bathroom

Trendy gray tile bathroom photo in London with an integrated sink, flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinets and purple walls
Image Source: houzz.com

Sharp edges, glass, and floating cabinets bring a modern look to your bathroom. Pale purple on the walls, gray bath mats, and a dark gray tile in the shower brings the style to your bathroom. The floating cabinet leaves open floor space for your storage baskets and waste basket. White plumbing fixtures (the toilet, sink, etc.) is the neutral shade that ties this look together.

5. Complete Bathroom

Complete purple Bathroom
Image Source: lda-architects.com

Commit to your renovation by using all of the same color when it comes to your purple and gray shades for an elegant look. These purple cabinets not only provide lots of storage (always a good bathroom idea) but the light gray walls both inside and outside the shower stall contrasts beautifully.

6. Futuristic Bathroom Design

Purple Small Bathroom Design
Image Source: hative.com

Live in 3020 in regards to your bathroom by installing a free-standing sink, low-to-the-floor toilet and bigot, and a deep bathtub that is ideal for a long soak. The purple tiles are a welcome change from drywall while glass tables offer storage and class. Finish the look off with a rounded, frosted glass light fixture.

7. Victorian England Bathroom

Bathroom - huge traditional master beige tile, gray tile and stone slab travertine floor bathroom idea in Phoenix with raised-panel cabinets, beige cabinets, an undermount sink, beige walls, granite countertops and blue countertops
Image Source: houzz.com

Drawing on elements of classic and timeless Victorian design, this bathroom is legitimately an award-winning renovation. Swirled purple and gold countertops that extend up the wall brings elegance to this bathroom while the seated cushion featuring a floor skirt not only gives you somewhere to sit; it gives you somewhere stylish to sit.

8. Marble Art Bathroom

Marble Art Bathroom
Learn more at: anouskatamony.com

Marble art has been around for a number of years now and the reason that it keeps coming back into style is because it never truly went out of it, as evidenced by this purple and gray bathroom. With the ceiling painted a non-traditional color (in this case, purple) and the walls stark white with marble tiles in the shower; there is nothing to hate about this bathroom and everything to want!

9. Purple Paint, Gray Detailing

Bathroom - mid-sized transitional master gray tile and stone tile porcelain tile and gray floor bathroom idea in New York with flat-panel cabinets, purple walls, a vessel sink, granite countertops and gray cabinets
Learn more at: houzz.com

For a different look, use the gray shadows in your bathroom for the vanity, sink, and flooring, along with the tiles in the shower. Then use a lighter purple (almost lavender) shade as the color of the walls with matching curtains. What do you end up with? A stunning bathroom look.

10. Tiled Wall Bathroom

Tiled Wall Bathroom
Learn more at: janelockhart.com

Instead of using typical drywall on the walls of your bathroom then painting it the shade you want; why not go the mosaic art route and use small locking tiles in different shades of white and gray instead? Not only does it look amazing, it is also easier to clean plus the tiles don’t retain moisture like the drywall could so it lasts longer.

11. Touch Of The Jungle

Trendy kids' gray tile double-sink and wallpaper freestanding bathtub photo in San Francisco with purple cabinets, an undermount sink, gray countertops and a built-in vanity
Learn more at: houzz.com

Have fun when it comes to decorating your bathroom and bring a touch of the jungle in there as well with a purple wallpaper that features solid black animals. Go even bolder by adding a gray striped wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall. This combination is great for your little ones!

12. Lights

Lighting steals the show in this dark, purple bathroom
Learn more at: decoist.com

It’s all about the lighting when it comes to this purple and gray bathroom as the shades off the color wheel are definitely dark. Grayish white tiling on the bottom half of the walls prevents moisture buildup while looking great and including a wall of mirrors increases the visual size of the room and reflects the lighting in flattering ways.

13. Patterned Floor

Bathroom - mid-sized transitional 3/4 gray tile bathroom idea in Toronto with gray cabinets, purple walls and an undermount sink
More info at: houzz.com

Instead of going with a traditional tiled floor in one solid color, why not choose a gray tile that features a striped and blocked pattern? The solid purple walls of this bathroom tones down the flooring so it looks fancy and not tacky while dark gray cabinets provide stability to the decor.

14. It’s All In The Details

Three types of tile lend luxury to this modern farmhouse bathroom: on the floors, Carrara Venato 2" octagon polished mosaic tile, on the walls, white glass subway tile with rope trim, and finally, on the shower and recessed shelf, Carrara Bianco polished 3" hexagon marble mosaic tile.
Check out more ideas at: countryliving.com

It’s the details of this bathroom that makes it as beautiful as the floor is done in a neutral block pattern with shades of off-white against a black background. While the walls are turquoise and the towel holder wooden; it’s the use of displaying purple towels that truly stand out at first glance.

15. Luxury Bathroom

Inspiration for a transitional master gray tile and stone tile porcelain tile drop-in bathtub remodel in Chicago with an undermount sink, gray cabinets, quartz countertops, a two-piece toilet and purple walls
Check out more photos at: houzz.com

This bathroom looks luxurious and it’s because of the gray tiling that starts at the base of the shower enclosure and proceeds up the wall in and around the toilet. The walls that aren’t tiled? Are painted a deep eggplant purple while the cabinets are a dark, ashy gray. Stark white moldings finish the overall look.

16. Asian Inspired Bathroom

Spa-styled Asian bathroom with a splash of bright purple
Check out more ideas at: decoist.com

Draw inspiration from an Asian spa with bamboo ceilings, wooden paneling, and deep gray tile in the shower area. Offer a pop of color against all the darker shades by using a bright purple on any showing walls. Complete the look with greenery and plants, wooden bowls that can be used for storage, and indulgent gold sinks.

17. Textured Walls

Bathroom - transitional kids' white tile and porcelain tile ceramic tile, gray floor and single-sink bathroom idea in Dallas with flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinets, a two-piece toilet, purple walls, an undermount sink, quartz countertops, white countertops and a built-in vanity -
Check out more photos at: houzz.com

It’s the textured walls that stand out in this bathroom as they almost look to be fuzzy in a sense. This is just the paint, however, and when compared to the white tiles in the shower stall? Looks phenomenal. A contrasting tile floor brings an artistic element while the solid gray vanity offers balance.

18. Purple With More Purple

Cool Purple Bathroom Design
Find out more at: digsdigs.com

Purple is the color that is most associated with royalty and this bathroom makeover is definitely suitable for them! Using deep shades of purple and breaking up the continuous color with grey tile flooring, this bathroom is amazing. The differing shades of purple on the shower tile gives a pop of color while tying in with the theme.

19. Pops Of Color

Inspiration for a contemporary bathroom in St Louis with white cabinets, a walk-in shower, engineered stone worktops, grey tiles, stone tiles, purple walls, recessed-panel cabinets and slate flooring.
Find out more at: houzz.co.uk

This bathroom uses a pop of color in shades of purple to set off the patterned grays. Artwork in a funky print and towels are the only shades of purple but they definitely stand out. The rest of the bathroom is done in a modern and clean gray tone with swirled tiles along with a marble countertop.

20. Artistic

Artistic bathroom
Find out more at: happyinteriorsgroup.com

Artistic and creative souls will love how this bathroom uses paintings to bring style to the room while the background is a complimentary light shade of purple. The light shade of purple works as a neutral color that lets the artwork on the walls, the shower curtain, and even the towels pop out.

21. Rustic Look

Inspiration for a timeless gray tile medium tone wood floor alcove shower remodel in Seattle with medium tone wood cabinets, purple walls and open cabinets
Find out more at: houzz.com

There is something about the rustic country look that just works, isn’t there? This rustic-inspired bathroom uses wooden floors and vanity to bring warmth to the room. The medium purple shade peeking out the walls brighten up the space while the gray tiles in the shower brings class and elegance.

22. Modern Meets Vintage

Lavender Midcentury Modern Bathroom With Gray Marble Tile and Purple Tile Accent Strip
Find out more at: hgtv.com

Using elements of modern style, such as the raised white sink and decorative light fixture; this bathroom brings the style. A deep purple shade on the walls showcases the wooden detailing while the gray tile that includes a half wall between the shower and the rest of the room is just divine.

23. Gray Tiles

Grey Bathroom Ideas
Image Source: www.instagram.com

The use of granite gray tiles in this bathroom gives the user an inviting feeling and makes this bathroom slate-like, which is appealing to those who like a modern look in their homes. This room looks like a beautiful place to soak in some bubbles when set against the dark wood cabinets and the deep white tub. 

24. Checkerboard Tile

Corner of gray tile bathroom with stone floor, white bathtub, sink standing in on stone counter and three narrow windows. 3d rendering

Tiles can get boring, so this designer chose to alternate dark and light gray tiles to give this room some depth. Everything else in the room is solid in color and doesn’t offer any pattern that opposes the alternating tiles. The use of the long mirror adds a great deal of dimension, and the title theme holds your eyes. 

25. More Work With Tiles

matt gray tiles design bathroom
Image Source: www.instagram.com

In this example, the designer used the tile as the main centerpiece of art, making a great deal of sense when working with a space of this size. The white porcelain offsets the tile and pulls the marble streaks out into our vision, so we notice them right away. Although they are the same tile, not all the tiles in this bathroom are the same.

Purple Bathroom Ideas

26. Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Available on Wayfair

The focal point of this bathroom has to be the oval mirrors outlined in a white trim while the hanging lights add a modern spin. Purple paint on the walls allow the mirrors and white vanity to take the top spot for attention while the patterned floor brings the look together with ease.

27. One The Of The Best

Deep Purple Primary Bathroom
More awesome concept at: homestratosphere.com

Making the list of the best bathroom colors is purple and it is easy to see why when it’s used in crisp ways. It truly does pop against gray and white for neutrality. Deep gray vanity, a potted plant, and glass fittings are all you need to recreate this look in your own bathroom.

28. Contemporary Bathroom

Purple contemporary bathroom

The freestanding tub in this bathroom just makes a person want to curl up for a long soak, doesn’t it? Purple tiles on the wall bring the color to the room and accompanying décor in shades of purple allow the room to shine. Use planters in silver for the gray finishing touch.

29. Non-traditional Shaped Bathroom

Bathroom - contemporary bathroom idea in Los Angeles
More awesome photos at: houzz.com

If your bathroom is a room in the house that has odd angles and a sloping roof, instead of wondering how to hide it; play it up! Use your purple shades on the wall of the bathroom against an angled window while untrimmed mirrors bring a modern style. Light gray finishing touches and those odd angles look right at home.

30. Violet Bathroom

3D illustration of design of a bathroom in violet color with orc

One shade of the purple family that people love when it comes to the flower but never thinks to use in terms of decorating would have to be violet. This shade is extremely versatile and can match in with any color décor. The off-white used in this example allows the violet shade to pop against the walls with alternating color tiles on the wall.

31. Textured Walls

Textured Walls bathroom
More awesome concept at: digsdigs.com

The true star of this bathroom would have to be the textured walls, wouldn’t it? It’s not a grand texture or one that is noticeable at first glance but when paired with a light gray wooden flooring, just magical. Stark white fixtures and finishing’s pull this look together for a bathroom everyone would want.

32. Purple Door

Purple modern bathroom

Who said that doors have to be white? It’s an unwritten rule that is made to be broken and the evidence is in this photo with not only purple shades on the walls and towels but also the interior of the bathroom door. Silver accessories and décor tie this look together while the potted plant offers a touch of nature.

33. Subtle Designs

Bold Grape Bathroom
More awesome concept at: behr.com

A deep eggplant purple shade gets a makeover when it’s paired with clean white and gray finishes. A white vanity and a white floating shelf offers storage options while silver décor brings the style. The use of green patterned towels ties this look together for a subtle but polished look.

34. Princess Style Purple

Princess Style Purple
More awesome concept at: flickr.com

Geared towards the princess in your life, the heart-shaped mirror on the wall is the best touch. Patterned tiles on the walls, a deep purple finish on the tub and shower enclosures, and a patterned floor? Just beautiful and a bathroom that not only princesses will love. A touch of greenery with a potted plant (in a purple planter) adds a visual pop of color.

35. Shelving

Modern bathroom interior

If there is one thing that all bathrooms could use more of, it’s shelving. Shelving in a bathroom offers display options, storage options, and they take up less space than a large vanity or cabinet. Shelving like these can be built onto the wall and when you paint them a purple shade? Perfection.

36. Carpet In The Bathroom?

Purple bathroomPurple bathroom

Believe it or not, carpet in the bathroom can be stylish and fresh when decorated in the right manner. Check out this dark carpet that is broken up by using purple on the walls, lighter purple towels, and stark white furnishings. Use stainless steel for shades of gray for a finishing touch. A small wall shelving unit provides storage!

37. Purple Vanity and Shelving

Modern bathroom interior. 3d render. Purple

This vanity is perfect for the purple lover in you. When set up in a white bathroom and the shelves are added, this look is lovely and pleasing. We love the addition of the white bowl sink on top of the vanity to tie it all together. These pieces would look equally stunning against a gray, white, black, yellow, or any other wall color that you like. 

38. Burgundy Walls

Burgundy Walls Bathroom
Image Source: www.houzz.com

In this design, a different color of purple was chosen, which I great for those of us who want a bit of purple but aren’t looking to add anything overwhelming. These walls were painted mauve, and they look warm when paired with the backsplash, countertop, and lighting. The white cabinets and sunlight lighten the room up a bit.

39. Tile Work

modern bathroom, bathtub purple

Unless you have a great deal of experience laying tile, this example is one you would need to hire out for, but it would be well worth it if this is the result. As you can see, the walls work as a gradient of purple, moving from a darker hue to lighter at the bottom. The built-in tub makes this bathroom a purple lover’s dream.

Purple Bath Décor

40. Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Shower Curtain Rustic Purple Moon Theme Cloth Fabric Halloween Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks Waterproof Washable 72 x 72 inches Black and White

Available on Amazon

Pay homage to the genius that is Tim Burton with this Nightmare Before Christmas shower curtain but also match your purple and gray bathroom at the same time. This nighttime scene will steal the show in your décor but when it looks this good? It doesn’t really matter, does it?

40. Bathroom Accessory Set

Mcnealy 5 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Available on Wayfair

Every bathroom needs a few accessories for practical purposes, such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and a toilet cleaning brush. Why not match these items into your current décor by choosing a light purple floral pattern? It’s the small finishing touches like these that brings the entire look together.

42. Artistic Ceiling Light

Ceiling Lamp bubbles with Purple, Gray and clear color bubbles for children room, hall, bathroom.

Available on Etsy

Who says that it’s only the walls and décor that gets a color treatment in the bathroom? Why not use the same color shades when it comes to the ceiling light? That is what this artistic and funky ceiling light does! It’s made using bubbles of purple and gray for a look that truly lightens up the room.

43. Bathroom Accessory Set #2

EUMAT Nature Series Bathroom Organizer Set Acrylic 4 PCS Bathroom Washing Accessory Set With Purple Flower NB4-026

Check on Amazon

As previously mentioned, you definitely need a bathroom accessory set for storing soap, hand creams, toothbrushes, and other needed items. They help keep the clutter off your countertop and it’s also sanitary to have them stored away from germs. If a light floral pattern doesn’t match into your decor, then perhaps a darker purple one will.

44. Area Rug

One-of-a-Kind Avani Hand-Knotted 2010s Purple/Gray 8'2" x 10'1" Wool Area Rug

Available on Wayfair

Sink your toes into the soft cushion of this patterned area rug when you get out of the shower on those crisp winter mornings. Using varying shades of purple with a subtle pattern, this area rug is ideal as a finishing touch while also providing protection for your flooring against water damage.

45. Canvas Wall Art

Yanghl Canvas Wall Art Prints Purple Gray Daisy Flowers Bubbles Modern Decorative Artwork for Wall Decor and Home Decor Framed Ready to Hang 12"x12"

Available on Amazon

Canvas wall art isn’t just for the open areas of your home, it can be for your bathroom as well. Bring a color scheme or theme together with the use of a canvas wall print that uses gray as a neutral background to allow the purple bathtub and flowers to stand out!

46. Light Switch Plate

Switch Purple Flower in Floral Frame 1-Gang Toggle Light Switch Wall Plate

Available on Wayfair

Turn up the style and the lights at the same time with a patterned light switch plate in your color scheme. Designed to fit directly over the existing switches, this fun and brightly patterned light switch plate is subtle enough to blend in but bold enough to stand out when you are searching for the light switch in the room.

47. Toilet Mat

Lucky Beth Autumn Winter Warm Thicken Toilet Mat Toilet Seat Cover Pads Zipper

Available on Amazon

Prevent mornings that you are scared to sit down in the bathroom because you know that the toilet is going to be freezing and instead use it as an opportunity for a bit of interior decorating. This warm and fluffy toilet mat is 100% machine washable while offering pops of color at the same time it’s warming up your behind!

48. Garbage Pail

purple Garbage Container Bin in the bathroom

Available on Amazon

One of the best ways to add a splash of color to your bathroom is to put a colorful garbage pail in an otherwise colorless room so that it pops, which is excellent for guests, so they don’t miss it. Lavender is a lovely color, and it goes with so much more than one might think, but this placement is perfect against the light flooring and gray wall. 

49. Plush Purple

Dark Amethyst Marble Bath Mat

Check on Amazon

Nothing works better to get a theme across in a bathroom than the shower curtain and the bath mat. This is where you can let all your creative juices flow without making significant changes to the actual color of your bathroom. Let’s face it, purple walls are difficult to paint over, but you can change out a mat and curtain when you decide to change it all to green 

50. Accessorize

Zuvo 6 Pcs Plastic Bathroom Accessory Set purple

Available on Amazon

Sets that include soap dispensers, garbage pails, rinse cups, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper storage options are another excellent way to add the purple you want in your bathroom. The set in this example is contemporary and would work well in any bathroom, whether the walls are solid or patterned. 

51. Set Apart

Purple Boltwood 7 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set

Available on Wayfair

Here we have another set like the one we mentioned above, but this one has a floral pattern of its own. While it may seem busy, this set would work well against some gray striped wallpaper or another pattern as long as it’s light and doesn’t contrast with the design on this set too much. It would be perfect against a yellow wall as well.


The use of purple and gray in your bathroom opens your options up a lot more when it comes to décor and useful items. You are able to get both in shades that range from pale to stark, light to dark; allowing you to design the bathroom of your dreams with ease. The purple color reminds people of spring, warmth, and happiness while the gray adds the balancing touch.

Do you have opinions or ideas on a purple and gray bathroom? We are eager to learn them so comment below to share your knowledge. Please share this article to anyone you think could benefit from it and let’s make beautiful bathrooms together.

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