Top 10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $1000 in 2020 with Buying Guide

A bookshelf speaker is a staple at every home to enhance sound quality. It brings one of a lifetime listening experience for users and is also aesthetically eye-pleasing. You can connect it with your smartphone, TV, home theatre, or audio devices and enjoy crystal clear music.

Thus, bookshelf speakers have become a popular choice for homeowners, students, and audiophiles for better sound and buzz generation. Similarly, the audio industry is booming with tons of good speakers.

And this time, we are taking the bookshelf selection for you one step ahead with the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 review to offer you the absolutely the best the companies have for every music addicts worldwide.

Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive buying guide along with the FAQ sections to assist you in every possible way to find the best speakers under 1000.

The Ten Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 1000 Review

We have pushed the boundary to $1000 so, you get powerful sound and unforgettable musical experience with these bookshelf speakers.

Hence, these top-of-the-line speakers will enhance your overall experience.

Bookshelf Speaker Name

Best Features


Audioengine A5+ 150W Bookshelf Speakers

5" driver size
Wireless control
150W peak power

Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers

6.5" driver size
Uni-Q enhanced driver array
45 Hz to 25KHz frequency response

SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

6.5" driver size
2-way patented SVS SoundMatch™ crossover
87dB sound sensitivity 

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers

5.5" driver size
Waveguide™ one-way linear frequency response
Enhanced 95 dB sensitivity

Klipsch RP-160M Bookshelf Speaker

6.5" driver size
Tractrix hybrid horn
Brushed baffle finish 

KEF Q150B Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

5.25" driver size
CFD or Computational Fluid Dynamics port
86dB sound sensitivity

Elac Uni-FI UB5 Slim Bookshelf Speaker

1" driver size
Three-way multidimensional balanced design
Flexible wire connection 

Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Pair

5" driver size
Dedicated decoupled tweeter
85 dB sound sensitivity

Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf Speaker

1" driver size
86dB sound sensitivity
50 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response

Definitive Technology D11 Demand Series Bookshelf Speakers

6.5" driver size
Passive bass radiator
Bigger speaker with larger sound impact

1. Audioengine A5+ 150W Bookshelf Speakers

The top on our list of the best speakers under 1000 dollars is from one of the industry-leading Audioengine, and it is perfect if you want to get a full room sound experience. Also, the speaker set comes with curved edges and polished structure to offer homeowners a heck of aesthetic.

This flagship ultra-powered speaker always gives you 100% plus the integrated DAC for consistent, high-quality sounding. The DAC bypasses the low sound quality and ensures you enjoy a professional and concert-like music experience every time.

Also, you can connect the speaker with a 3.5mm audio jack, RAC, and Bluetooth that enables you to play music from any device easily. Moreover, if you are a bass buff, think about hooking the speaker with your favorite sub- and enjoy.

Moreover, both the crossover circuitry and amplifier come with top-class quality. This cooperates with the calibrated cabinet for optimal sound clarity. On top of it, the full-range drivers with a high-end capacity just leap above with such unbelievable sound quality.

Apart from the fantastic sound, clarity, and complete range, this audiophile loved speaker set boasts reliable durability. And lastly, the vertically mounted pre-amps saves you from electric shocks to add further supremacy of the unit.


  • Eye-pleasing and aesthetical design.
  • All the components are well crafted for durability and compactness.
  • The flawless performance of the unit has earned it several awards.
  • Compared to the impressive list of features, its price is reasonable.
  • Extended 30 miters of wireless range.


  • The sound projection can be improved slightly.

2. Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers

This is another brilliant speaker for those who seek clarity, robust bass, and loudest sounds with smoothness. Yes, you get all these leverages with this compact speaker, and the fantastic acoustics is a big bonus.

Apart from the breathtaking sound clarity and quality, the ebony style outlook is eye-pleasing and adds excellent aesthetics at home. Also, the compact design enables you to place the speaker in a bookshelf without a second thought.

The design comes with two-day connections, a subwoofer, and a 1-inch tweeter. However, you get the Klipsch's popular and top-class Tractrix design for the tweeter, a big plus for users.

The tweeter design further helps RP-600M with control directivity and remarkable one pillar capacity to enhance your musical experience like never before. And the music lovers will undoubtedly love Tractirx's bass-reflex too.

However, we found that the reflex is a bit clunky, which at times may appear quite disturbing. But, you can get rid of the annoyance with the addition of the horn technology.

All in all, the speaker set is all set to give you near-perfect sounds at affordable pricing.


  • A streamlined and visually appealing look
  • Vinyl finish successfully prevents scratches
  • Beautiful sound balancing with satisfying amplification


  • Sometimes the bass reflex is a bit jerky.

3. SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker

SVS is a well-known name in the audio industry, and their SVS Ultra tops the list of their legendary product line. Also, it is one of the best loudspeakers under 1000 with extreme loudness without much distortion.

Each component and feature of the speaker has been carefully crafted to meet audiophiles' requirements, and so, you won't be disappointed. You get stunning dynamics, crystal clear sound and bass effect, and above all, seamless tonal balance.

What's more, the bookshelf speaker has 87db of audio sensitivity along with the broader response to the frequency range. So, you will love the loudness it brings at your home. All this is made possible thanks to the 6.5-inch mid-bass driver.

The driver has a fiberglass cone and an enclosure design that adds aesthetics to your home space.

Additionally, the SoundMatch patented technology of SVS enhances the 2-way crossover circuitry performance. So there will be the least inaccuracy and offers brilliant phase coherency.

SVS Ultra comes with a heat-dissipating ability with premium capacitors. The better heat dissipation means the tweeter works better without much sound distortion.

Last but not least, all the components are of a top-class quality to ensure a long-lasting audio experience for you.


  • The speaker is built with a no-frills design that never goes out of style.
  • SVS Ultra successfully tackles both 8ohm and 4ohm without any physical damage.
  • The frequency response range is 45Hz to 32Khz with 87dB sensitivity.
  • The tweeter quality is impressive.


  • The sound projection needs improvement. 
  • The pricing is expensive.

4. Audioengine HD6 Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers

These days wireless technology is almost a must-have feature for modern bookshelf speakers if they want to race for the best stereo speakers under 1000. Hence, we present you with the Audioengine HD6 speaker set, which has a 30 meter of wireless range.

Moreover, HD6 speaker is a faithful companion of audiophiles with its conventional 10 port design, including RCAs. So, you will love the maximized musical experience with the speaker since it is functional with all devices and apps.

What's more, the 10 port traditional design comes in a compact size that will comfortably sit between your bookshelf or room corner.

The compactness, along with the flawless design, is eye-catchy too. That is a must given the price range HD6 offers. Furthermore, the speaker set also has an HD aptX patented audio codec. The feature enables us to use the device with encrypted streaming audio.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that you can control it with remote control, thanks to the fantastic wireless operation.


  • You have the luxury of choosing the speaker from four elegant finishes.
  • It has keen 95dB sound sensitivity.
  • The 50 Hz to 22 kHz frequency range is immaculate.
  • It generates 150 watts of impressive audio power
  • Wireless feature with Bluetooth technology.


  • You may experience distortions at a higher frequency.
  • The mounting stand comes separately.

5. Klipsch RP-160M Bookshelf Speaker

Klipsch has combined their years of experience in the musical industry and cutting edge technology to culminate this state-of-the-art bookshelf speaker. So, it brings music so close to you that you can feel and touch it.

Its woofer uses a 6.5 inches driver that is a combination of copper spun and ceramic composite. It makes sure you get the maximum audio effect with the least distortion.

The drivers have a rugged construction that won't break up easily.

With such great woofer, you may also want to have a helpful horn capacity to enhance the sound dynamics in all room corners. Take the 90X90 Tractrix Horn for it. The fantastic horn feature ensures less distortion during the high-frequency response range.

What's more, the Tractrix horn nicely pairs with a square mouth and circular horn. These have a compressed premium rubber molding to offer you the cleanest musical experience by reducing the unnecessary noises.

And before we wrap up the review for this speaker, let us tell you that all these fantastic features are wrapped around an aesthetically pleasing baffle finished cabinet to offer brilliant appearance at home.


  • Tractrix horn with developed LTS tweeters.
  • All the components are of high-quality.
  • The grille is removable and pliable.
  • The cabinet has a pleasing baffle finish.


  • Sound balancing is a bit tricky.
  • The size is a bit more than our liking.

6. KEF Q150B Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF Q150B comes from the long line of KEF's award-winning and fan-favorite Q series. And make no mistake you won't get it cheaply.

Yes, priced expensively, the Q150 and Q150B pair offers everything you want in the best bookshelf speakers under 1000. First off, the sleek design is a contemporary device that boasts of a state-of-the-art finish.

Within the cabinet, you get Uni-Q driver enhanced sound quality that smoothens the broader treble frequencies. The re-engineered and updated crossover cooperates with the Q-driver to provide you the cleanest sound and bass effect.

The audio clarity is taken to the next level by the bookshelf since the manufacturer has redesigned the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) ports from front to back. Also, the internal architecture has been cleverly crafted that plays a part in lowering the resonance.

You will also get 86 dB of sensitivity along with a broader frequency response range of 51 Hz to 28 kHz. So, you will love the sound dynamics around you.


  • The speaker has an impressive 108 dB output.
  • You get the unit in white vinyl and matte black finish.
  • Uni-Q driver array for the better sound experience.
  • It has refined sonic clarity along with musical details.


  • The bass quality may be improved.

7. Elac Uni-FI UB5 Slim Bookshelf Speaker

Very few manufacturers have taken their product name as seriously as Elac. And the result is Uni-FI UB5 slim speaker, which is one of the thinnest speakers presently in the industry.

What's more, the speaker comes with a sleek and contemporary finish that truly is a treat to watch. But that's not about the finish and look that impressed us most about the speaker. Instead, the device boasts of a sophisticated and stunning crossover with 85 dB.

Also, you will experience the true meaning of sonic perfection with the device. Thanks will go to its combination of 4-inch rigid aluminum cone and soft domed style 1-inch tweeter. The delicacy and accuracy it brings are out of the universe.

Furthermore, the woofer has vented pole pieces with an extended magnet to reduce sound resonance and offer audiophiles crystal clear sound.

The dedicated concentric driver cooperates with the three-way speaker to give music lovers a multidimensional listening experience. And little details like this make all difference between an ordinary speaker and the best speakers under 1000 dollars.


  • Slim design and elegant look.
  • Optimized crisp sound.
  • It works remarkably well, even close to a wall.
  • Flexible wear connections with custom terminals.


  • The timing is not of top-class.
  • Weights heavy, although designed slim.

8. Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Pair

If you are ardently one of them who dislike compromising with listening quality for space constraints, the Q Acoustics 302i speaker could help you. It's the lightest and smallest bookshelf speaker on our list and comes with a brilliant arctic white finish.

The unit continues the award-winning legacy of the manufacturer and takes its Excellency to the next level with larger scaling and deeper bass.

The speaker pair has a CAP (Computer-Aided Placement), aka, P2P bracing has a high-frequency deeper. The P2P internal bracing makes the device enclosure ultra-quiet to provide you one of a kind top-class musical experience.

Traditional terminal cut-outs sometimes cause issues with speakers' connection. Q Acoustics have bypassed such problems by removing them for an integrated structure. The binding posts have a low-profile design that cooperates with the sockets perfectly.

Henceforth, you can use both banana plugs or bare wires and place the speaker pair close to walls to save space.

Moreover, the speaker set comes with a front-to-back enlarged dimension to automatically lower the sound resonance coming from the back end close to walls. The reduced vibration means you enjoy better quality sound and music.


  • Broad 64 Hz to 30 kHz frequency response.
  • Enlarged cabinet enhances the sound generation
  • P2P bracing reduces sound distortion.
  • Deeper bass with enlarged scaling.
  • Affordable pricing


  • No wireless facility. 

9. Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf Speaker

The universe of the high-end speakers is a complicated one since music lovers want premium features packed in a slim design for their worthy investment. In this case, Dynaudio Emit M10 is a lucky one since it hasn't received any adverse comments yet.

The M10 is one of the smallest units from the manufacturer and has a classy appearance to complement every house décor.

The versatility of the bookshelf speaker also deserves appreciation. You can use it either with your home theatre or as a standalone speaker set. However, it matters little with which device you may use the speaker since you will get a crisp and warm sound tone every time.

The more profound and more precise bass effect offers a soothing and dynamic musical experience that we all cherish to get from the best speakers under 1000. I speak of the price here, since you need to be ready to expense a handsome amount if you wish to have the top-of-the-line speaker at home, it's no cheap unit.

However, you get worth every penny since the construction is highly durable, and you get 5 years of manufacturing defect warranty.


  • 5-years of manufacturing defect warranty.
  • Strong bass effect with the least resonance.
  • Long-lasting service without the quality drop.
  • Excellent sound output


  • No Bluetooth connection.
  • Highly-priced.

10. Definitive Technology D11 Demand Series Bookshelf Speakers

Fans applaud Definitive Technology for the consistency and reliability it brings on every audio device they make. This has gone only better from good with their D11 Demand Series.

Thankfully, the speaker set comes with a 1" dome tweeter and 6.5" driver. The combo is all set to provide one of the best listening experiences to all with more transparent sound and crisp tonal output. Additionally, the device has a 20/20 alignment wave installment. It is an excellent alternative to cover the entire room with the same sound output.

But the awesomeness of the speaker unit doesn't stop here. It also has a double surround system featuring a balanced sound to everyone's eye. Moreover, the bass radiator is a passive mechanism that produces a deeper and stronger bass effect.

The bass effect leaps above with a low-profile extension. So, you would love it's creamy and even sound production with enjoyable effects.

Last but not least, the wooden structure has been crafted to withstand years of heavy-duty application and extremely high sound production. So, it's worth the investment.


  • The cabinet has a trendy appearance and fits every house decor.
  • Lateral tweeter and high-performing drivers support three dimensional sound output.
  • The profound bass effect enhances the listening experience.


  • No Bluetooth connection. 
  • Lacks remote control.

Buying Guideline for the Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 1000

So, you are a true music lover and jumping ups and downs to get a good-quality bookshelf speaker to enhance your musical experience. Since you have come through this part of the article, we hope you have already chosen your best picks.

So, to finalize your selection into a sure purchase, we have accumulated the bookshelf buying advice in the following points.

Sound quality:

When you invest $1000 on a speaker set you shouldn't compromise with the sound quality. Hence, the audio output should be crisp and feature a friendly, warm tone.

Also, you shouldn't face problems whenever you want to crank up the sound output to the maximum. Lastly, there also shouldn't be any noticeable sound distortion with the speaker set.

Interior structure:

Many cheap speakers have an imperfect buzz. It is annoying and also generates disturbing distortion. So, you may want to bypass such distortion. For this, you may wish to a speaker set with an internal structure finish. It will enable the speaker to maximize the sound effect for a lifetime musical experience.

Bass clarity:

The bass output plays a crucial part in the overall listening experience. Hence, you would expect better bass clarity. We suggest you seek for venting in the speaker. The vents bypass air to provide listeners an excellent bass clarity.

External look and durability:

When you purchase a speaker as expensive as $1000, you would want it to fit your home décor as well. Hence, never overlook the speaker's appearance and finish. Therefore, we have also focused on speakers that genuinely have a subtle finish in this list.

Along with the lovely look, durability is another integral segment of high-end speakers. It should be durable and last long enough to withstand years of heavy usage. The longevity is linked with the manufacturing warranty.

So, keep an eye on it.

Wireless connection:

These days, wireless connection and Bluetooth features are so integrated with speakers you can't help avoid. The wireless connection includes a remote control facility to change songs from a distance. However, the wireless features are getting even more integral since newly released speakers are starting to have smartphone app control.

Other Features:

The speaker should be compact and placed easily within a tight space.

You may also want a sturdy exterior to prevent dents and scratches, especially with kids and pets.

A prolonged warranty for manufacturing defects will be a nice add-on with the speaker set's compulsive features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are bookshelf speakers any good?

Bookshelf speakers provide a bi-directional and mid-range sound as part of a larger sound system at home and room space. So, it enhances the stereo sound experience. However, if you want to enjoy a complete and memorable musical experience, bookshelf speakers with limited capacity may not fulfill the demands.

What are bookshelf speakers mostly used for?

Bookshelf speakers are cleverly designed to maximize the listening effect in a small to medium space. So, you can use the speaker set to relax before or after a tiring day. Also, it is easily placed within the small area of the shelf or table, which is a great help if you have space issues.

Why are bookshelf speakers costlier than regular speakers?

The expensiveness of the bookshelf speakers come mainly from the high-end electrical components used inside to intensify the audio experience within a compact design. Also, the design and outlook of bookshelf speakers further add to the overall costing. What's more, durability, branding, and even, versatility play crucial factors in such higher costing of the bookshelf speakers.

Tower speakers and bookshelf speakers- which is better?

In reality, both towers and bookshelf speakers good, but they perform a very particular task. Bookshelf speakers have a smaller driver that results in a lesser impact on the bass frequency. The tower or floor-stand speakers are larger, and in general, larger speakers are better anyway.

Can I connect my TV with bookshelf speakers?

Yes, you can connect your TV with the bookshelf speakers. You will require RCA cables for it. Connect the RCA cables with the speaker input jack and then connect it with the TV output jack and enjoy the enhanced audio to your fullest.

Final Words:

Bookshelf speakers have been the heart and soul of a home and small family party ever since the hi-fi audio system was integrated at home. Since then, these speakers have never lost their ground from the fans' hearts.

In this regard, we pushed our barrier to the limit and came up with these ten best bookshelf speakers under 1000 to enhance your musical experience. These speaker set not only has a soothing sound output but also has excellent durability and finish to fit every décor.

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