Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 300$ | Best Buying Guide (2020)

Sectional sofas are the most wonderful thing in any living room.

As they add beauty to your room as well as they are very comfortable. Also, most of them come with reversible chaise add another level of beauty and comfort to your day to day life.

Finding a good Sectional sofa will cost you much higher. And it is impossible to find such great Sectional sofas under the price range of 300$

But, after testing thousands of Sectional sofas, we found the list of some best Sectional sofas under 300$ that are worth their money, and they are much affordable as compared to other sectional sofas.

Below, I am going to share some best Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under $300. So if you are searching for the same, Then, believe me, You are on the right page.

Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 300

Complete List Of Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 300$

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There are plenty of options that are available to choose under the sweet spot of 300$.

After testing thousands of sectional sofa’s, here is the list of best top 10 cheap sectional sofas under the price range of 300$.

#1 Trending #1 Trending
HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch
  • Details: Firm and comfortable
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Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch
  • Details: Space Saving & Easy assembly
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Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Reversible Chaise
  • Details: Convertible Design And Space Saving
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Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise
  • Details: Durable, Conformable And EASY ASSEMBLY & WASHABLE
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HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Leather
  • Details: Easy To Assemble, Firm and comfortable
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HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch
  • Details: Convertible sofa chaise And Space Saving
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Best-Living Furniture Modern Linen Fabric L-Shaped
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DHP Dillan Convertible Futon Couch
  • Details: Vanilla model
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DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon Sofa
  • Details:multi-position backrest
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Divano Roma Furniture Middle-Century Modern Sofa
  • Details: Soft fabrics & configurable sectional
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Whether you are owing a big luxurious bungalow or a small and simple apartment to live when it comes to furniture like couch or sofa all you want is comfort and style.

Honbay has introduced a convertible sectional sofa couch to fulfill this demand.

There is an ottoman that is easily replaceable and you can put it anywhere you want other qualities including well structured and cushions for more comfort with nice fabric.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made of extremely soft linen fabric which provides great firm and comfort. Air permeability and tactility gives 10 times more easement and relief. there are also some cushions which help to give support to your body while you lie down.
  • Space Saving: This sofa is an example of good space-saving furniture as the size of the sofa is not too large and also convertible ottoman make this sofa the space-saving couch so you can easily put it into a small apartment studio and in the reception area of your office.
  • Assembly: the couch is easy in assembling there is no requirement of any tool to assemble it.
  • Structure: The structure of the sofa is made with good quality of hardwood which is free from termite. Also, this sofa is joint with sinuous springs which are “s” shaped give the sofa a strong structure.
  • Convertible ottoman: the ottoman of the sofa is easily convertible so you can put it either left or right side.
  • Couch dimensions: 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H). also, the couch has a total 10 number of cylindrical shaped legs which give the sofa great support and it has the capacity of weight up to 660 lbs.
  • Item weight: 105 pounds

This sofa is a pure example of the style with comfort and also this sofa is present in grey color which looks so classy and makes the living area look even more fashionable. this piece of the sofa will surely give a fresh look to your living area.

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Walsunny convertible sectional sofa couch is a highly demandable couch because of its lots of qualities like the reversible chaise and its fabric and so many other things as if you are not an expert in judging the good quality of couch there are few of common qualities of the couch that you should aware of which are like its fabric and the material from which it is made.

Walsunny convertible sectional sofa is the type of sofa which you will never regret after buying because of its qualities so let’s get aware of product information.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made up of linen and its quality is really good and the material is durable also comfy as well.
  • Color: The color of the sectional sofa is coffee/brown which looks so pretty and the quality of this color is that it doesn’t get dirty too soon.
  • Structure: the structure of the sofa is made up of hardwood like other couches and the quality of good is very fine.
  • Assembling: the assembling of the sofa is not too tough anyone can assemble the couch so easily.
  • Space-saving: As we know that this sofa is convertible chaise so this quality makes it space-saving and it can easily put in small spaces.
  • Warranty policy: free exchange policy if the problem of installation or missing part will arise and refund and exchange policy if you don’t like the sofa after purchase within 1 month.
  • Product dimensions: 76.77’’(L)*49.4’’(W)*34.25’’(H).
  • Product weight: 45.2pounds
  • Weight capacity: 660 lbS


This sofa is perfect for the family where there are children who play on couches all the time and the color of the sofa doesn’t make it dirty too often. the comfortable fabric and fluffy cushions will make the living area more cozy and warm.

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Sometimes you want the type of sofa couch which tempts you to take a nap by calling and these sofas are the perfect ones because they give you a perfect space to lie down and spend your quality time with your partner and also the perfect space to play with your dog.

The most important part of these sofas is that they look so casual and contemporary style which shows your choice of simplicity.

Walsunny sofa is made just for showing this simplicity with comfort.

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  • Fabric: the cushions and seats are made with linen modern fabric which is so soft and cozy and which makes a comfortable and firm place to sit on.
  • Structure: the sofa is made up of hard-wood which is very good quality and also there’s a reversible chaise ottoman my which you can place ottoman anywhere you want.
  • Assembling: easy to assemble and no requirements of any tool.
  • Color: dark grey.
  • Product dimensions: 76.77’’(L)*49.4’’(W)*34.25’’(H).
  • Product weight: 94.8pounds(two packages)
  • Weight capacity: 660 lbs

The dark grey color of the sofa gives it a classy look and if you place a proper rig under the couch then surely your living area will look so beautiful.

The Ottoman is reversible so you can place it anywhere even if your apartment is not too big. this sofa is perfect for a small apartment and the choice of so many middle-class people.

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That furniture which provides an elegant look to the living space and comfortable seating to you and your family is the furniture which suits everyone’s demand.

Sectional “L” shape sofa satisfy this demand.

The good quality structure and well of fabric give it number third position in best couches. the furniture information is the most important thing before we buy any new furniture here are some quality of this sectional l shape sofa with reversible chaise.

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  • Fabric: spring and high foam material make the sofa a little more fluffy in comparison with other sofas and the fabric of the sofa is made up of modern linen fabric with is very fine in quality and provides a very cozy and comfortable seating to everyone.
  • Structure: the structure of the sofa is made up of a wooden board that is very thick and the quality of the wood is also very good. the wooden board structure makes the sofa more stable and firm and there are legs to support the sofa with thick wooden work.
  • Assembling: the sofa is easy to assemble and also this is easily washable so even if it gets dirty then it can be washed with so ease.
  • Space-saving: the style of the sofa is made in such a way that its ottoman can be put on any side it, in other words, it has a reversible chaise which makes the sofa space saving furniture for small apartments and studios type of spaces.
  • Product dimensions: 77.5″(L) x 53″(W) x 35″(H)
  • Product weight: 92.6 lbs.
  • weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Color: Grey and blue

Linen fabric and high-density foam of cushions and seats make the sofa a very soft and comfortable space and the good quality of wood and structure make the sofa strong and firm furniture so the sofa is pure package in your pocket.

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Leather is the most durable and consistent surface to be seated on and also it is so natural looking and gives a very graceful and ingenious look to the living area.

If you are fond of leather items and believe in the pleasing appearance of the couch then you must know about the honbay convertible sectional sofa couch which is made up of leather.

Leather is a type of fabric that never gets out of fashion it always looks classy. so here is some product information of honbay convertible sectional sofa couch.

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  • Fabric: fabric is firm and comfortable to sit on. This sofa is made by insuring from mid-century leather faux which gives it a little bygone or ancient look.
  • Space-saving: the reversible chaise or ottoman make the sofa space-saving furniture and it is so good for upstairs loft etc.
  • Easy assembling: there is no worry for the assembling of the sofa it is so easy to assemble and not even any tools are required.
  • Structure: the sofa is structured by using solid wood and serpentine springs which make it so strong that there are very fewer chances of its breakdown in few years there are also cylindrical-shaped legs on the bottom which give very good support.
  • Product dimensions: 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H)
  • Product weight: 105 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 710 lbs
  • Color:  black
This sofa possesses lots of good qualities such as durable and easy to clean leather comfortable and highly resistant foam sturdy hardwood frame and strong foot supporters so this sofa surely matches your living area and also your budget.
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When you are going to shift from one place to another just for few months and you don’t want to spend too much money on buying the furniture but this is sometimes becoming a necessity at that time you just want simple affordable furniture that gives you comfort.

Honaby convertible sofa is that sofa which you want for your small apartment or studio just for few months there are so many good qualities of this sofa and you should have the information about this product which is here.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made up of modern linen fabric which is extremely soft and cozy and firm and comfortable too.
  • Structure: the structure of the sofa is made of wooden board and springs which makes it hard also the ottoman is reversible so that you can put it anywhere you want even it can be kept without attaching to the sofa.
  • Color: dark grey
  • Assembling: so easy to assemble just by reading instructions and there is no use of any tools.
  • Space-saving: the ottoman can be put anywhere you want so there is a lot of space that can be saved even in the smaller area.
  • Product dimensions: 78.5’’(L)*30.3’’(W)*35’’(H).
  • Product weight:  104.3 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 660 lbs

Honbay sectional sofas always try to give consolation and solace in affordable prices so that your needs can be fulfilled this sectional sofa can be even returned or refunded after one month if there will any problem arise. Give a new style to your living area and a comfortable zone for your family and friends.

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Sometimes the problem arises after the purchase of the sofa or a couch that you are not able to clean under the floor of the sofa.

But on this sofa, this problem is solved by the manufacturer because of the 6 inches high legs which not only give support to the sofa but also help the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor in its way including this there are so many more qualities of this modern sofa.

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  • Upgraded, reversible and stable: all the seats and cushions are fully reversible made with modern linen fabric the quality of reversible back seat and cushions gives it an upgraded quality because of which it is so easy to clean the dirt on the sofa.
  • Durable: the frame of the sofa is made up of sturdy hardwood which makes it so strong and firm and the wood is also free from the problem of eaten of wooden by writes.
  • Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is modern linen provide plentifully seating and good for daily use. and it can be easily washable.
  • Assembling: easy to assemble and not use so many tools and also not a time-consuming process.
  • Color:  grey
  • Wooden supported: the legs are 6 inches high which makes it easy to clean the floor under the sofa too and also they are so strong which gives the sofa very good support.
  • After-sale services: email and phone services are open 24/7 so if there may any problem arises so it can be solved quickly.
  • Product dimensions: 75″(L) x 29.5″(W) x 32″(H)
  • Product weight:92.6 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.

This sectional sofa is great for small (400 sq ft) apartment or dorm, the couch are quite short which is perfect for small space.

Reversible chaise is allowing you to customize the shape of this comfy sectional to fit your room with your family – even your mood. Linen fabric with high-density foam brings you a comfortable life.

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A futon is already so popular furniture which is famous because of the convertible quality it can be converted into a piece of furniture from the sofa to a sleeper because it can be folded into two.

Whether you are a businessman or a home person everyone wants this type of furniture in which you can do your work and also sleep or take a nap as you do in your bed so DHP has covered this demand of its customer the qualities of convertible couch bed are here.

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  • Fabric: this futon is available in two types of fabric one is faux leather upholstery and the other is microfibre upholstery. and both fabric has its quality like faux leather looks extremely classy and elegant on the other hand microfibre upholstery is so comfortable and soft to sit on.
  • Color: vanilla and tan grey
  • Support: wooden tapered legs for support and nice look.
  • Multipurpose/Multipositioning: this futon can be easily converted into a sleeper from a seating couch so it fulfills two purposes of the buyer.
  • Product Dimensions: 69 x 30 x 29 inches
  • Product weight: 69.5 pounds

this futon is like perfect furniture for your living space so create a cozy and comfortable lounge area for your friends and family it doesn’t only fulfill the sole purpose of seating but also of taking a cozy nap and the tan grey and vanilla color are so classy which gives a very elegant look wherever you’ll put this couch.

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This furniture is made by inspiring the mid-century sectional with tufted back seat style and urged with trending futon couch.

So if you are trying to purchase a piece of furniture which looks a little ancient type but also gives a modern look and comfort then this is the perfect couch that you should probably buy the product information of this couch are here

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the sofa is made up of simple Lenin which is the soft and comfortable fabric the design is by merging the mid-century and modern style of the tufted back seat and also there are slim track arms are made which provide support while seating.
  • Multipurpose/Multipositioning: The futon can be converted into a sleeper from a sofa or couch.
  • Structure: the structure of the sofa is made up of robust durable wood which is very high-quality good wood and also this wood lasts long.
  • Color: faux leather, blue Lenin and light grey linen.
  • Assembling: the sofa is very easy to assemble without any complexions and use of tools.
  • Sectional futon dimensions: 83″L x 55.5″W x 31.5″H.
  • Futon bed dimensions: 50.5″L x 43.5″W x 16.5″H.
  • Chaise bed dimensions: 65.5″L x 26″W x 16.5″H.
  • Product weight: 97 pounds
  • Weight capacity:600 lb.

Fill the free space of your living space by DHP haven small sectional futon which can be converted into lounging position or sleeper position so that you can also lay down comfortably.

The sofa is upholstered in simple linen and faux leather so you can also whichever style you prefer. the sofa has slim track arms and legs on the bottom to support and the construction work of the sofa gives it a flawless appearance. the haven futon sectional sofa will surely become the apple of your eye after you purchase it.

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Some people prefer variant colors for their small living area or small studios to give a fresh look to their living space divano aroma furniture middle century sofa is the best choice for those people who want a fresh look for their living room.

This sofa is available in so many colors and the wooden work and its sectional middle century look give a very different look to this sofa. Get more information about this sofa here.

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  • Fabric: the sofa is upholstery with mode3rn linen fabric which is soft and firm and even after its continuous use it will always look fresh if proper cleaning will be given also this is quilted stitched with reversible chaise.
  • Structure: the sofa is framed with hardwood of extremely good quality which is so sturdy also there are two overstuffed pillows given for more comfortable seating and also they look good on the couch.
  • Space-saving: Small space configurable sectional, allowing to position chaise on either end – Perfect for small apartments of studios.
  • Assembling: some minor assembling required but hardware instructions are already given so there will no problem arise.
  • Color:  this sofa is available in so many fun colors like light blue, green, red velvet, yellow and many more.
  • Product dimensions: 50.5 x 74.5 x 33.5 inches
  • Product weight: 108 pounds

Divano has presented this small sectional sofa in linen fabric which has variant fun colors that will look so fresh in small areas.

The hardwood frame and legs on the bottom males the structure strong enough. this sofa will last long and give so many beautiful memories with your friends and family.

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Our Picks –

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa is currently the number one choice because it has everything that you need and also it is very conformable and soft.

But, all the above mentioned are some of the great choices for you. You can choose any of them.

Also, If you have a little high budget then you can check out Best Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 500$ Buying Guide.


So, this is the complete detailed buying guide on Cheap Sectional Sofa Under 300$.

I hope this article will help you to choose the right sectional sofa for your room. Also, If you want such more buying guides and Reviews related to the sofa, then you can keep visit here –


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