Best Double Bit Axe of 2022

A double bit axe is a formidable tool for any lumberjack. The axes can cut through all kinds of materials, from the toughest branches to the thickest logs. The best double bit axe should have a long handle and a sharp blade on both sides. Choosing one that feels good in your hand will help you get through your work faster and with less strain on your body.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to find an axe that’s just right, but we’ve researched for you! In this blog post, we’ll review our five favorite axes and tell you which one is best suited for what kind of work you plan on doing around your house or cabin.

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Table of Contents

  • Best Double Bit Axe Comparison
  • 10 Best Rated Double Bit Axe: An Overview
  • 1. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe
  • 2. Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe
  • 3. Truper 300864 DB Michigan Axe, 3-1/2lb
  • 4. Estwing Double Bit (EBDBA)
  • 5. Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe
  • 6. Condor Tool & Knife, Double Bit Michigan Axe
  • 7. Mintcraft PRO 33709 34476 DBL BIT FGL Michigan Axe
  • 8. Nupla 22401 DB3.5LESG Ergo Power Michigan Double Bit Axe
  • 9. Collins Double Bit Mich Axe
  • 10. Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 Michigan Double Bit Axe
  • Things to Consider when Buying the Best Double Bit Axe
  • Single Bit vs Double Bit Axe: What’s the Differences?
  • What is a Double Bit Axe?
  • Safety Guidelines When Using a Double Bit Axe
  • 10 Advantages of Using a Double Bit Axe
  • FAQs about Double Bit Axe
    • What is a double sided axe called?
    • Are double bit axes safe?
    • Why double bit axe?
    • How to identify double bit axe?
    • How to throw a double bit axe?
    • What is the point of a double bit axe?
    • What type of steel would a typical modern double bit axe be made of?
    • What is the optimal angle for double bit axe edges?
    • How long should double bit axe handle be?

Best Double Bit Axe Comparison

Double bit axe

Handle Length

Handle Material


editor’s rating


1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe

30 inch

Hickory wood

6 Pounds

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Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe

16 inch

Hickory wood

1.68 Kilograms

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Truper 300864 DB Michigan Axe

34 inch

Hickory wood

5.25 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

Estwing Double Bit Axe (EBDBA)

17 inch


1.16 Kilograms

Check price on Amazon

Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe

36 inch


5.25 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

Condor Tool & Knife, Double Bit Michigan Axe

18 inch

Hickory wood

0.2 Kilograms

Check price on Amazon

Mintcraft PRO 33709 34476 DBL BIT FGL Michigan Axe

36 inch


5.5 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

Nupla 22401 DB3.5LESG Ergo Power Michigan Double Bit Axe

36 inch


5.75 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Collins Double Bit Mich Axe

34 inch


3.5 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 Michigan Double Bit Axe

36 inch

Hickory wood

4.80 pounds

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10 Best Rated Double Bit Axe: An Overview

1. 1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient axe for large timber cutting? Look no further than the 1844 Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe!

This hand forged axe is made with premium-grade C50 high carbon steel, ensuring that it can handle even the most challenging cutting tasks. Plus, the hand-polished finish resists rust and reduces friction, making it easier to cut through wood. And with individually handmade construction, each axe is unique and built to last. So don’t go into your next big lumber project without this powerhouse of an axe!

When you need to take down a tree, split some wood, or just hack away at some branches, you need a reliable and sturdy ax. That’s where the Helko Werk Germany Double Bit Axe comes in. Each axe handle is selected for grain orientation and density, ensuring that each axe is as durable as possible.

The double bit axe head is fixed to the handle with a premium two-wedge system, keeping the ax head securely in place no matter what task you put it to. And to top it all off, every Helko Werk Ax comes with a vegetable-tanned premium leather ax sheath for safe storage and transport.


  • Worth the price
  • Great value for the money
  • the ultimate tool for all your splitting, chopping, and cutting needs.
  • Your ax will be the envy of all your friends.
  • The handles are ergonomic and durable.
  • You’ll be able to chop wood for hours without tiring.
  • Be proud of your workmanship every time you use it.


  • The blade is forged from a high carbon steel through a traditional smithing process, so it’s tough and hard to sharpen.

2. Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe


The Council Tool Velvicut Premium Saddle Axe offers all of the features you would expect in an axe. Drop forged from tough, reliable, dependable 5160 steel. Heat treated to make it durable and easy to sharpen. Patented for its beautiful design that is both uniquely American and ruggedly handsome at the same time.

What makes this product special? It’s perfect for chopping down shrubs around your home without breaking a sweat, hewing logs, cross-cutting firewood quickly with one stroke – just like they did back in the day!

This innovative axe has a unique design that makes it perfect for any job. The phantom bevels on the blade reduce friction and make it easier to cut through wood, while the flat grinds provide extra sharpness and durability. So whether you’re carving, shaving, or splitting wood, this axe is sure to get the job done.


  • The most versatile axe you’ll ever own.
  • The blade is heat-treated, tempered, and crafted with a distinctive flat grind for maximum versatility.
  • You’ll be able to chop wood anywhere you go.
  • You can take it on your next camping trip.
  • Craftsmen forge them with a passion for their work.
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Feel more confident in your skills as a woodworker.
  • The USA made


  • It’s more expensive than some other axes on the market, but it lasts significantly longer.

3. Truper 300864 DB Michigan Axe, 3-1/2lb


This Truper 30524 Double Bit Michigan Axe is perfect for various purposes around the home, farm, or other property. The heat-treated blade and wood wedge assembly ensure durable and long-lasting use.

The Truper 30524 Double Bit Michigan Axe is an industry standard for strength and comfort. The hickory handle provides a good grip, so it won’t slip even when wet with rain or heavy sweat.

Cut through anything with ease. This axe has a durable hickory handle, so you won’t have to worry about your hands getting tired! This axe is made of high-quality parts and will last you a long time.

With this Double Bit Michigan Axe, you’re never going to worry again about your boughs falling by themselves. This durable axe can help you handle projects half the time while also minimizing exhaustion and risk of injury. It’s perfect for various things, from chopping firewood or clearing land to break up stones on the farm.

After use, clean the handle and coat the blade with a light lubricant to keep it in good condition. Order yours today and stock up on quality Truper Tools for all of your other projects!


  • Sharp blade for clean cuts
  • You’ll have a tool that can help you with any project
  • Heat-treated blade, wood, and steel wedge assembly
  • A durable hickory handle is an industry standard for strength and comfort.
  • Truper is a quality company that you can trust for all your projects.


  • Rusting accounts for a significant portion of a tool’s lifespan.

4. Estwing Double Bit (EBDBA)


Estwing Double Bit Axe is a tool of the heavy-duty trade-in industries. This double bitted axe packs a significant wallop and will get the job done! This durable EBDBA is made from high-quality material that provides maximum strength and reliability for a lifetime of hard work.

Whether chopping logs or splitting kindling by hand, this reliable double headed axe will last you through any tough situation. And because it’s handmade with American Steel right here in Rockford, IL, this double hatchet won’t let you down when things get tough.

The ESTWING EBDBA is ready to take on any task with maximum strength. The patented grip provides comfortable handling for tasks, shocks the handle 70% less, and reduces impact vibration significantly.

The Estwing Double Bit Axe is a tool for chopping, cutting, and splitting all your logs. This axe is made to last with forged steel construction and a nylon sheath to protect the blade edge once you’ve sharpened it yourself. Estwing uses only American materials to craft this heavy duty axe – because these tools represent America! So why would you put anything but your most dedicated tools in your hands?


  • Easier to use than conventional axes.
  • Reduce vibration and protect your hands with the shock-reduction grip.
  • You’ll never have to worry about the blade getting dull.
  • Feel proud knowing your tool is made in the USA by skilled workers.
  • Know that this product will last a lifetime of hard work because it’s strong and durable


  • It’s heavier than most other axes on the market

5. Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe


Are you looking for a tool that can do it all? Look no further than the Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe! This bad boy is forged from top-quality tool steel and hand sharpened to split logs and cut through branches easily.

The sturdy head is coated in red enamel to deter rust, and the clear lacquer on the cutting edges ensures that your axe stays sharp for years to come. Plus, the interior detail of the eye is tapered for a strong mechanical bond, meaning this axe will withstand even the most strenuous tasks. So get ready to tackle anything with the Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Axe!

The Council Michigan Pattern Double Bit Throwing Axe is a far cry from an amateur tool. With its forged head and hand-sharpened double bits, this American made axe is designed for cutting and splitting wood. This versatile tool also sports two-tang design handles that are polished to perfection.

This ingenious innovation provides comfort for the handle as it’s bonded to the barrel by ox hide wedges. The sturdy yet lightweight Council Michigan Pattern double bit felling axe will leave you with plenty of time to do anything else you might need out there in your garden or campsite!


  • The forged head is stronger than the traditional axe.
  • Double bits for cutting and splitting, sharpened in the same manner.
  • It has a longer handle for more force behind each swing.
  • You’ll feel like Thor swinging this axe around.
  • This axe will last you your entire life, so it’s worth investing in now!


  • It will be harder to pull out of the ground than a lighter-weight axe.

6. Condor Tool & Knife, Double Bit Michigan Axe


This beautiful Double Bit Michigan Axe is perfect for all your outdoor needs. It’s crafted from the finest materials and built to last, ensuring that you can always count on it when things get tough.

This axe is perfect for anyone who wants a durable and reliable tool. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or simply need an effective tool for chores around the house, this axe is up to the task.

It comes with a comfortable American Hickory handle, making it easy to use no matter what the situation. The 18 inch Hickory handle provides plenty of leverage, while the 1045 HIGH CARBON STEEL blade delivers a sharp, clean cut.

And with its Condor Classic blade finish, the Double Bit Michigan Axe looks as good as it performs. So if you’re looking for a tough, reliable axe that can handle anything life throws your way, don’t miss out on the Double Bit Michigan Axe from Condor Tool & Knife.


  • Durable and long lasting.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your blade rusting because it’s made of the highest quality steel!
  • You’ll feel a sense of pride every time you use it.
  • It’s the perfect gift for any outdoorsy friend.
  • Handle made of American Hickory wood for a comfortable grip and durability.
  • Blade material is 1045 HIGH CARBON STEEL for high quality performance.


  • Not recommended for heavy duty purposes

7. Mintcraft PRO 33709 34476 DBL BIT FGL Michigan Axe


Are you looking for a reliable and durable axe that will make quick work of your chopping needs? Look no further than the Mintcraft PRO 33709 34476 DBL BIT FGL Michigan Axe! This axe is just what you need for all your outdoor projects.

It has a thermal plastic molded handle grip that reduces vibration and gives you greater comfort and control when striking. Plus, the high polished head will make quick work of any job. And with its fiberglass handle, it’s durable and strong enough to take on anything.

Become a lumberjack and hew your way through the wilds. With a quick, sharp grip onto this lightweight easy-to-handle axe from Mintcraft, you have to have the strength of Hercules himself to stop you from hacking all those pesky trees to bits. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one now!


  • Durable and strong – will last for years to come.
  • The head is made of high quality steel, so it’s sharp enough to make quick work of any job.
  • Get your hands on the axe that makes quick work of anything!
  • A sharp blade makes quick work of any chopping need.
  • Durable and strong fiberglass handle.


  • It is rather large; some individuals may not be able to find the perfect swing.

8. Nupla 22401 DB3.5LESG Ergo Power Michigan Double Bit Axe


Looking for an axe that’s comfortable and safe to use? Look no further than Nupla’s DB3.5LESG Ergo Power Michigan Double Bit Axe!

Ideal for forestry, landscaping, and construction crews, the Nupla 22401 DB3.5LESG Michigan Double Bit Axe features an innovative design that provides comfort, safety, and less fatigue.

This fantastic tool is made of high-quality materials and features an ergonomic design, making it easy and comfortable to use. Plus, the double bit construction allows for precision cuts every time.

So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line axe that can handle anything, look no further than the Nupla Ergo Power Michigan Double Bit Axe!


  • Ergonomic design for comfort and safety.
  • Safest grip in the industry; won’t slip with gloves.
  • Reduce fatigue caused by strenuous over squeezing of the handle
  • Nupla ergo power handles will help you work smarter, not harder.


  • It can be heavy and awkward to use at extreme angles.

9. Collins Double Bit Mich Axe


The Collins Double Bit Mich Axe is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. It’s ideal for felling trees and chopping wood. The double bit design also makes it easy to chop in either direction, so you can get the job done quickly. Plus, the fiberglass handle ensures that you’ll stay safe while chopping, even in wet conditions.

Packing a serious heft at 3.5 pounds, the Collins Double Bit Mich Axe is perfect for chopping firewood cleanly and efficiently. With easy-to-grip, 34-inch long fiberglass handles, this axe will keep your hands away from the blade but close enough to feel right at home with super-sharp 1046 carbon steel blades that can cut through tough wood like butter!

It is packed full of helpful features, including Michigan pattern eye finish on hooped handle positions for the additional striking area and lightweight head construction, making it great to travel with!

You can’t go wrong with a Collins Double Bit Mich Axe for your next luxury camping trip. With an elegant wood handle and oversized blades, it’s the perfect axe to chop through any obstacle between you and the great outdoors.


  • Easy to use and efficient.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Stay safe while chopping, even in wet conditions
  • It’s an excellent tool for chopping firewood.
  • The fiberglass handle ensures safety.
  • You can get the job done quickly with this axe, so you won’t have to spend hours doing it.
  • The double bit design makes it easy to chop in either direction.
  • You’ll feel like a lumberjack with this axe!


  • It’s a bit heavy-handed, and it does not have a very sharp edge for precision cutting.

10. Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 Michigan Double Bit Axe


Who said your whole arm was needed for chopping? Say hello to the Seymour Michigan double bit axe. The axe’s 24″ handle is perfect for those close-quarter jobs, and the sharp, forged steel head offers durability through any cutting task.

The Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 Michigan Double Bit Axe is the most advanced axe on the market, with cutting edge technology and high quality materials. This axe makes no compromises in its design for sheer efficiency and the ability to clear any obstacle that may stand in your way.

The Seymour 41548 AX-DB3 Michigan double bit axe is the perfect tool for any job. With its durable construction and sharp blades, this axe can handle anything you throw at it. So whether you’re chopping wood or clearing a path, the Seymour Michigan double bit axe is up for the challenge.


  • The blades are sharp, and the construction is durable.
  • Be the hero of your next camping trip with this axe!
  • Confident in any situation, no matter the challenge.
  • Reliable, dependable, and tough.
  • Easily handle any job with this durable axe.
  • This axe is up for the challenge and will never let you down.
  • Never worry about your axe breaking when you need it most.


  • This axe is meant for heavy duty jobs, so it may require some physical exertion to use.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Double Bit Axe

Double bit axes are also known as two sided axes. They are designed to be efficient at chopping both small and large logs for firewood. These tools have a different look than traditional axe heads because they feature two blades that overlap each other instead of one sharpened edge. It’s essential to consider several factors before buying the best double bit axe for your needs. What you need will depend on how you intend to use it and what kinds of wood you’ll be splitting.

Before rushing out to buy a double bit axe, it would be wise to consider some points first:

1. Consider whether you need it or not

Of course, this depends entirely on why you are buying one. Are you intending to use it in your professional line of work, for instance, when hunting or camping? Are you looking for a tool that can help you level some logs and woods back at home?

2. What size axe do I need

When it comes to the size of axes, there is no definite answer as it depends on personal preference. A bigger axe might suit some purposes better than others, so if you plan to use yours outdoors and will be chopping down trees and other larger furniture, then consider getting another heavier axe. However, if the purpose of your double bit axe is just for utility purposes such as splitting logs and cutting smaller branches near your home, then a lighter version would suffice instead.

3. Consider the balance of your axe

The weight of an axe is not just about its size. It is also related to how it is balanced. If you are looking for more power on each stroke, aim for a heavier head with a smaller handle. A lighter axe will provide you with more control but less power compared to a heavier version.

4. Choosing an Axe Head Shape

A double bit axe can have three head shapes: flat, rounded, or angled. Each type works differently depending on the size and type of log you’re cutting, so choose carefully depending on what kinds of wood you’ll be splitting.

A flat head shape works well for splitting small-to-medium logs that are less than 18 inches in diameter. The blade has a large surface area to drive through tough wood and can split it along its grain with ease. A rounded head shape doesn’t work as well for splitting logs but is suitable for limbing and cutting them into smaller sections. An angled head shape may not be best for thicker logs up to 20 inches in diameter, but it’s suitable for chopping off limbs from freshly cut trees.

5. Choosing Your Axe Bit Size

The bit is one of two cutting blades on double bit axes and comes in various sizes depending on how much woodcutting you’ll be doing. An axe with a larger bit is good for limbing trees up to 18 inches in diameter after they’ve been freshly cut down (when their branches are still flexible rather than stiff). It’s also good for cutting smaller logs into firewood. A smaller bit is best for chopping larger logs up to around 20 inches in diameter.

6. How much am I willing to spend

There are different axes out there, and they also come at varying prices. Do some research first to learn about the average price for your region and what kind of features you will get with each brand.

7. What other features do I need?

Your axe can be used for more than just chopping down woods and branches around the house. So it would also help to look into additional features such as a reinforced handle, a non-slip grip, and several other beneficial additions that would make your experience with your new double bit axe even better. Look at possible product reviews online before purchasing to find out if any of these additional features are available on models that appeal to you.

Only buy an axe designed for double blades if you’ll be splitting wood regularly because single blade axes are more efficient at chopping wood and handling it better. Be sure to consider each aspect of your future use before buying the best double bit axe by understanding its head shape, handle length, and material. Using this information to make your final decision will ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the axe you choose. It is also crucial that you know how to use it properly for maximum benefits.

Single Bit vs Double Bit Axe: What’s the Differences?

While many are familiar with axes, it is not clear to everyone that there are actually two major types of axes. The first is the single bit axe, which consists of a single blade with a grip attached perpendicularly to one end. While often lighter, this type of ax lacks the power found in double bit axes.

Double bit axes have two symmetrical blades oriented parallel to each other where both blades connect to a handle via opposite ends of their long axis. This creates something more akin to an elongated hatchet, but you can still do plenty of wood chopping with them just by using them like you would any other axe.

While double bit axes vary in size much more than single-bit ones, they also range from light hatchet weight to heavy ax ones. There are also double blade axe with a slight curve to them, which is similar in form and function to the single bit Scandinavian axe design.

The most important thing with any ax is making sure that it’s sharp before you try using it. Sharpening an axe requires a different technique than paring knives or wood chisels – after all, these blades need to cut through tree limbs and not just thin slices of raw meat or vegetables! With either type of ax, soak the blade for twenty minutes in a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water before working on it with finer grinding stones up through progressively higher grits, from 60 through 400. During the grinding process and before and after use, you should always apply a thin coat of oil to the ax blade before putting it away.

When using your double bit axe, begin by raising your arms above your head and holding the grip tightly with both hands, then bring the ax down forcefully on the target. The motion is much like that of a baseball swing and will allow you to maximize power and efficiency and reduce fatigue while chopping wood.

The biggest difference between single bit axes and double bits is that while single bits can chop through trees, they often lack the finesse needed for things like carving out wooden bowls or shaping pieces for other projects such as other tools or furniture. Among the reasons double bit axes provide this versatility is their ability to be used almost like hatchets for carving and cutting and their ability to cut through tree limbs easily.

With a little practice and a bit of care, the double bit axe can be an accurate one-of-a-kind tool in your workshop.

What is a Double Bit Axe?

Have you ever been chopping wood and noticed that the axe head is starting to look a little blunt? That can be a frustrating thing, especially if you have a lot of logs to split.

Instead, why not use a double bit axe? This article will explain what a double bit axe is and how it differs from other types of axes.

First things first- what exactly IS an axe? An axe is a tool with a heavy blade attached perpendicularly to one end, which can be used as an everyday tool for splitting firewood or as a weapon. The most common axes are single bits axes, with one sharpened edge that can cut into whatever material needs to be chopped. However, there are also double bit axes, which have two sharpened edges.

The double bit axe is an upgraded version of the single bit axe. It is used in much the same way but offers more cutting power for whatever needs to be split or chopped up.

There are different types of axes, including splitting axes and felling axes. A splitting axe has a larger head than a felling axe, typically with one wedge-shaped blade that can easily cut into smaller pieces of wood. This is because it is focused on splitting wood into kindling, which requires less time and effort when compared with chopping down trees or chopping them into smaller pieces. While you can use a splitting axe to small tree limbs, this is not ideal because it will take a lot more time to chop down a tree.

There are also single bit axes and double bit axes for felling trees, which have large blades that can slice through wood faster than other types of axes. The difference between these two is pretty self-explanatory: felling axes have one blade while splitting axes have two, so it’s obvious what their intended purpose is.

So if you’re planning on chopping wood into smaller pieces or need to cut a log in half, then a splitting axe should be your weapon of choice. Now that you know what a double bit axe is, the next step is to find one at an affordable price!

Safety Guidelines When Using a Double Bit Axe

Double bit axes are extremely powerful tools, perfect for any job where throwing an extra punch of power is required. These axes can come in various weights and handle lengths – it’s essential to be knowledgeable about what your axe is capable of before attempting to use it. To ensure safety when chopping wood with a double bit axe, keep these safety guidelines in mind:

Inspect the head

Before using your axe, inspect the blade for cracks or damage. If there’s any damage present, bring the tool back to where you bought it and have them fix it. This ensures that you won’t lose control while running the axe through its paces.

Head angle

The angle at which your axe strikes affects how quickly it will split wood. A higher head angle means that your axe will take more time to penetrate the wood, but it’ll split the log quickly and efficiently when it does. A lower head angle requires less power behind the swing but takes longer to penetrate the wood.

Handle length

When using a double bit axe, you should use an average-sized handle between 22″ and 28″ in length. Longer handles are great for bigger jobs — like splitting logs or chopping trees down — while shorter handles are better suited for smaller tasks like breaking apart firewood pieces into kindling.

Carry with safety grip

Double bit axes can be dangerous if not handled properly; to ensure that your hands stay safe, carry them with both of your hands using the grip shown in the photograph. This ensures that if control is lost, you’ll be able to let go of the axe and save yourself from a severe injury.

Stay balanced

A double bit axe likes to bounce around as it makes contact with wood. Therefore, it’s essential to stay aware of your surroundings to dodge quickly if needed or keep balance during a swing. If you have trouble staying balanced, try leaning your torso backward so that all your weight isn’t on one leg for too long.

Keep moving

Double bit axes take a lot out of anyone who uses them due to their heft and momentum behind each swing. Keeping your body active by continuing through a chopping motion after impact can prevent muscle cramps.

Use the right tool for the job

Using a double bit axe to break down walls or even into tree stumps is not advised, as these tasks require significantly less power than what your axe will be able to put out. Make sure that you pick an axe appropriate for the task at hand before taking it on directly.

Avoid using your axe above shoulder height

Launching your double bit axe up over your head leaves you vulnerable if control of the weapon is ever lost. It’s best to chop wood within an eyeshot so that you can keep track of where the blade is during use. Also, if you need to chop wood above your head, bring a third person along to operate the two headed axe while you hold it steady.

Inspect the handle

Check that there aren’t any cracks or loose spots on the handle before chopping. If there are weak spots in your axe handle, take it back to where you bought it and have them replace it for free under their warranty. Never use an axe with a broken handle. If control is ever lost during use, a broken blade tang can whip back towards you and cause serious injury.

Avoid contact with the blade

A double bit axe is sharp, and touching it or letting it make contact with your body can lead to serious injury. Be sure to use both hands while carrying the tool to keep control of the head. Also, avoid letting the head strike against other objects; hitting things like rocks or logs can damage your blade over time.

10 Advantages of Using a Double Bit Axe

An axe is one of the essential tools a woodchopper can have in their arsenal. When properly maintained and sharpened, an axe can cut wood with speed and efficiency, making your job easier. Of course, a double bit axe offers greater efficiency than traditional axes, but what are the advantages of using a double bit over a standard single bit? Check out our top ten list below!

1) Increased Accuracy

One of the most practical reasons for owning and operating a double bit axe is increased accuracy when cutting with it. Axes work similarly to saws; they move side to side when in use. On average, there is about 1/8 inch deviation when cutting with a single bit axe. However, a double bit will have about 1/16 inch deviation, making it much more accurate when cutting straight down.

2) Balance

Another good reason to use a double bit axe is the improvement of balance. When using a traditional single-bit axe, two blades are split into two pieces each. This makes it harder to carry through wood without tiring your arms out quickly. With a double bit, because both bits pivot together on one handle, the tool’s weight ends up being distributed evenly between both hands rather than having most of the weight at the end of your arm near where you hold the axe handle.

3) Easier Chopping Starts

People often have trouble starting an axe because of two factors. One is the weight behind the force causing it to stick inside of wood, and two is the ax’s imbalance, which makes it hard to balance so you can get a good grip. The double bit has solved both of these problems by evenly distributing the weight between both hands, allowing for easier starts every time.

4) Reduced Lock Time

Lock time is how long it takes your axe to come out of its locked position after completing a cut. For example, a traditional single-bit axe has about 50ms lock time, while a double bit has about 20ms.

5) Double Bit Can Be Used on Both Sides

Using a double bit axe, you no longer need to switch the side of your axe each time you want to start chopping from the opposite side. This takes away wasted movement and allows for faster, more efficient cutting on both sides rather than using two separate axes.

6) Improved Durability

With traditional ax heads, they tend to break and chip on wood knots and hardwoods due to inexperienced woodchoppers’ incorrect angles and bad swings. The double bit has eliminated this problem by forcing users to hit straight down onto their target instead of off-angle, creating less stress on the axe head itself.

7) Allows For More Stable Handle Grip

Because there is no longer a handle sticking out of the side of your axe like with single-bits, it allows for more stable and durable handle grips by not constantly catching on branches and twigs. In addition, the double bit provides excellent stability in both axes, which will lead to more minor loose grip issues allowing you to focus on your target rather than trying to keep control of your axe.

8) Thicker Axe Face

A traditional single-bit has two blades attached at an angle, meaning that each blade comes back together until they meet near the tip, making it thinner than the rest of the blade. However, a double bit, due to its symmetrical design, starts thickening back into the handle, giving it more material to chop with, allowing it to be thicker than traditional axes.

9) Double Bit Can Be Used As A Pry Bar

If you need to pry something apart or yank a stump out of the ground, you can use one bit like a chisel by hitting straight down onto your desired target. This gives you much more power than trying to do this with the corner of your axe head due to its uneven, sharp edge making contact with objects.

10) Better For Stumps

Since there are no uneven surfaces like traditional single bits, double bit axes can easily remove stumps and chunks of wood without having to first push the blade into the ground like with normal axes; thereby accelerating the process.

FAQs about Double Bit Axe

What is a double sided axe called?

The double sided axe is a multifunctional tool that can be used as a hatchet and an extended knife. One of the most essential and practical tools on any camping trip, this axe is an indispensable companion for hunting outdoor pursuits such as fishing and hiking.

A dual sided axe has a blade on each side. This type of axe is often referred to as a North American Double Bitted Ax or European With Axe.

The blade has a convex edge with many different useful handle options on the other side. The double edged axe makes it convenient to adapt to any situation, whether you need to fillet your catch or make your way out of the woods alive. It’s no wonder why they’re called “all-in-one” axes!

Are double bit axes safe?

Double bit axes are safe if used for carving, but they may be more dangerous than regular axes when splitting wood. The problem is that the bit will wear down on one side of the blade more quickly, so it won’t have as much leverage.

Why double bit axe?

What’s the best way to cut down a tree? With an axe, of course.

It is customary for professionals to use axes with double bit heads, which allow them to cut trees faster with efficient precision. Traditionally people used one-handed axes, but now many professional tree clearance experts will use these tools for more efficient cutting.

Although they may cost more than your average axe, the efficiency gains make them worth it over time. From an environmental point of view, these tools are also friendlier as they don’t throw chips as one-handed blades do.

How to identify double bit axe?

There are many different types of axes, and the double bit axe is one of them. A good quality, well-made double edge axe axe is a serious tool that you will want to use for years and years to come. However, they can be expensive, so it’s essential to understand what you’re buying before you go out and spend your money on something you will regret!

When identifying a genuine ax, there are several things to look at: the handle, head, and logo stamp. A high-quality double bit axe typically has a wooden or fiberglass handle with a rubber grip handle – this makes it easier and safer for users as they can get an extra-secure grip on the handle. This extra grip also helps reduce the risk of blisters and calluses on the hands.

The head of a double bit axe is made from a mixture of metal alloys – typically, you can see some brass or stainless steel in there as well as carbon steel. The purpose of these different metals is to make the head easy to sharpen and less likely to chip. In addition, to reduce weight, some axes use resin composite for the head and plastic coatings instead of lacquer finishes.

If you look on the side of your axe, near where it connects with the handle, you will find a stamp that tells you what type of metal has been used in its making and who manufactured it. This stamp should be stamped very clearly and show no signs of wear or damage. If you see any of these things, your axe likely is a fake and not a genuine article.

Always be careful when using an axe, especially one that has been handed down through several generations in your family!

Ensure to use safe and sensible practices at all times and never leave an unattended double bit axe lying around where children can get hold of it.

You should always take extra care while doing DIY tasks such as chopping wood – make sure there is somebody else nearby who knows about first aid and can help if something goes wrong!

Take regular breaks away from the axe (at least every hour) to rest your muscles and tend to any blisters or calluses that may have developed.

How to throw a double bit axe?

Now you’ve got your brand new double axe handle,

It’s time to learn how to throw it.

To start with, make sure the two blades of the axe are facing away from each other.

Hold the top half of the handle in both hands and hold it above your head, keeping your arms straight. It helps if you’re wearing something protective on your hands for this bit – gloves or just some old socks will do fine! Now bring one arm down quickly so that you whip the axe round towards the target before bringing it back up again for another go. This is called ‘bashing’ by many people who have been taught to throw axes – there are other methods involve less whacking of yourself but are harder to do.

Swing the axe round so that you hit yourself with the handle, bringing it back up before swinging down again for another go, also known as ‘bashing.’

If, at first, you don’t succeed, bash again.

It might take a while to perfect this technique, but with practice, you’ll soon be thwacking your way to success!

What is the point of a double bit axe?

Double bit axes are versatile tools for anyone who has to do a lot of chopping, splitting, or clearing brush.

The point of a double bit axe is versatility. Normal axes work great for chopping and splitting wood, but they’re not very good at clearing brush and other tasks that require more than one swing.

The secondary head can be used with the handle as a push-cutter, and the curved top edge is designed for sculpting away small branches with precision so you won’t have to stop running after every task to collect your spent branches again.

What type of steel would a typical modern double bit axe be made of?

Modern axes are often made from a carbon steel alloy.

Previous axes were typically made from forged steel, especially for high-end axes. In general, the weight of an axe is proportional to its mass (the higher the mass, the heavier the axe).

However, with new advances in technology like hydroforming and swaging, weight can be adjusted more precisely than before.

High-carbon steel is commonly used in modern production because it’s inexpensive; however, some people believe this compromises quality due to differences in performance between different steel grades (such as hardness for edges).

Eventually, carbon steel will corrode when exposed to moisture like metal does naturally. Still, carelessness or exposure to chemicals that can accelerate corrosion may happen sooner- mainly if it’s hot or damp outside.

What is the optimal angle for double bit axe edges?

It depends on several factors. However, the optimum angle for double bit axe edges is generally around 33-35 degrees from perpendicular to the surface being cut.

Many other variables go into figuring out the optimal angle, including your material’s specific grain type and density, how thinly you want to make shavings or chips from it, etc. In short, unless you have an electrical planer available to mill off any excess afterward it’s best not to get drawn into any debates about recommended optimal angles for axes

How long should double bit axe handle be?

I would suggest you measure the person’s reach and make sure they can comfortably swing the tool at shoulder height. A good rule of thumb is either half or one-third of your arm length.

A double bit axe handle should be long enough to allow the user to swing (and presumably aim) the axe without pushing their wrist too far back and making a hole between their elbow and body.

This will vary depending on if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Some may need another inch or two added for more space on that side and more leverage on top of an already uncomfortable grip so as not to overcompensate with their opposite hand.

Additionally, allow some extra room on both ends for the new steel extensions or grips that go over the handle. Add one inch extra for your hand for an ax, but recheck your reach after adding some.

Final Verdict

This article has been an overview of the best double bit axes on the market. We hope you have found it helpful and that your search for a great axe is over! Let us know if we can help you find any other type of tool or equipment, too.

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