Best Hand Sanders of 2022

For all the DIYers out there, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we will be talking about one of the most essential tools for any project: a hand sander! Whether working on wood or metal, a good set of sandpaper and a sturdy hand sander are vital to achieving professional results. Unfortunately, there are many different types of hand sanders available on the market today, so it can be challenging to choose just one that works best for your needs. However, we have done some research and found some great options that should work well with whatever project you might have in mind!

Best Random Orbital Sanders: Reviews, Comparisons and Buying Guide

Table of Contents

  • Best Hand Sanders Comparison
  • 8 Best Rated Hand Sanders: An Overview
  • 1. Ryobi Hand Sander S-5000
  • 2. Dewalt DWMT70781L Hand Sander
  • 3. Black and Decker BDCRO20C Hand Sander
  • 4. Craftsman CMCW220B Hand Sander
  • 5. Porter Cable 7345 Hand Sander
  • 6. Milwaukee 2648-21 Hand Sander
  • 7. Skil SR232301 Hand Sander
  • 8. Makita BO6050J Hand Sander
  • Things to Consider before Buying the Best Hand Sander
  • FAQs about Hand Sander
    • What is a hand sander?
    • How much is a hand sander?
    • When was the first electric hand sander made?
    • How much does a hand sander weigh?
    • Which hand sander can I use for flooring?
    • How to fix a worn-out pad on a hand sander?
    • Which is a better orbital sander or hand sander?

Best Hand Sanders Comparison

Hand sander

power source

motor speed


editor’s rating


Ryobi S5000 Hand Sander


1.7 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Dewalt DWMT70781L Hand Sander

Air Powered

12000 RPM

2.95 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

Black and Decker BDCRO20C Hand Sander

Battery Powered

12000 OPM

‎3.3 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Craftsman CMCW220B Hand Sander

Battery Powered

12000 OPM

2.3 lbs

Check price on Amazon

Porter Cable 7345 Hand Sander

Corded Electric

2500-6800 OPM

5-1/2 lbs

Check price on Amazon

Milwaukee 2648-21 Hand Sander

Battery Powered

7000-12000 OPM

‎5.39 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Skil SR232301 Hand Sander

Corded Electric

13500 OPM

‎2.6 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Makita BO6050J Hand Sander

Corded Electric

1600-6800 OPM

‎12.4 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Best Palm Sanders: Reviews, Comparisons and Buying Guide

8 Best Rated Hand Sanders: An Overview

1. Ryobi Hand Sander S-5000


One of the topmost priorities from a hand sander is the ergonomic design. If you cannot use it for hours, the sander is not worth buying. Considering all the advantages and ease of usage, we have places the Ryobi S-5000 as our best hand sander for wood.

The machine had to be light in weight. That’s where it provides you enough room to be carried and used easily. With only 1.7 pounds, you can easily carry it with a single hand and use it accordingly. Its dimension is 5.1 x 2.9 x 4.8 inches which makes it very compact.

With 100 volts motor, the Ryobi S-5000 review showed how efficient the machine is. It consumes 100 watts current and generates fast speed to complete your sanding. The corners and edges of the surface can be sanded smooth with the machine.

You won’t find any difficulty in moving with the sander. Because of its 2 m length, you get enough room in a big hall. The pad also remains quite static in its place.

The sander is double insulated. You get to have the perfect gripping and precision you need to sand any edge or corner of a sander. Apart from that, the sander works well for any polishing operation too.

Dust collection of the sander is managed perfectly. It collects the dust in the collector and allows to extract it outside later on. You can reuse the collector in the sander after that.


  • Comes in an ergonomic design with easy handling
  • Very precise and convenient to control
  • Makes a good room with its feasible cord
  • Recommended for polishing, flattening, surface edging, etc.
  • Dust management is perfectly balanced.


  • Shows interruptions when used for a long time at a stretch.

2. Dewalt DWMT70781L Hand Sander


Hardly you’ll find a sander that serves more professionally than the Dewalt sander dwmt70781l. It got all the traits to solve your slow and steady sanding.

After getting the dwmt70781l review, we confirmed that worrying about the sander’s durability is no longer an issue. Because the body of the sander is composite designed. The toughest fitness for a sander is ensured here.

The efficiency and quality of the sander are given top-notch priority over here. You get to have 12,000 RPM from the Dewalt dwmt70781l air palm sander. Not only that, the Dewalt hand sander parts are built to execute the speed for a long time. No heating or laggings can be seen in this sander.

For your maximum productivity, the sander is cushioned with a grip housing cover. That means no more slip or dislocation of the dwmt70781l accessories from now on. Overall, you get superb working feasibility from the device itself.

However, Dewalt never stood behind in updating the quality of its products. Surpassing many of their products, the trigger of Dewalt sander dwmt70781l is made touch-controlled. Just touch the trigger without any pressure and get your command executed. It saves a lot of time and increases your overall concentration on your work.

The Dewalt air sander dwmt70781l sander has a 1/4″ air inlet inside it. The proper amount of air gets exhausted during the whole operation by the sander.

With all these traits, you won’t have to think much about the price for Dewalt dwmt70781l. This sander offers you the most amazing features within its price limit. Considering all the arguments, we can include this sander as the best hand sander for furniture.


  • Light in weight (2.95 pounds item weight)
  • Powered by air, that reduces electric complications
  • Ergonomic design to grip and use
  • The tool is protected firmly with its outer layer and overall rubber gripping


  • Makes a very loud noise while you’re working with it.

3. Black and Decker BDCRO20C Hand Sander


Portability stands to be one of the most desirable features to anyone. And when you get a wireless sander, most of your works becomes easier by default. That’s why we bring you the BDCRO20C review, not only because of its mobility but because it is the best handheld sander for easy carryings.

This black and decker handheld sander is one of the most recommended ones for small projects. Being cordless, you get to have the maximum usability of it for small works. Be it flattening or working on the edges; you can convincingly do that with this sander.

The leading competitor of the small handheld sander is Ryobi P411. Keeping the rival model in mind, the black and decker electric hand sander is 30% more compact. That means you get more ease of using the black and decker sander.

A 20v supporting battery runs the whole operation by the sander. Executing the full power of the battery, you get 12,000 OPM at the peak stage. With this speed, you can get your work done fast.

While using the sander, you won’t have to worry about the black and decker hand sander replacement pad. It gets locked perfectly with the hook and loop system. Changing the paper is also easier, which makes the device convenient for professional and regular use.

Dust generated while sanding gets stored in the dust collector of the sander. You can disseminate the dust and use the collector again. This keeps the black and decker hand sander parts active to sustain for the long term.


  • Compact and easy to handle and use
  • The battery output is amazing
  • Dust management is satisfying
  • Work-rate is fast
  • Light in weight for carrying and holding


  • The battery needs to be changed frequently

4. Craftsman CMCW220B Hand Sander


Cordless hand sanders are always something to crave if you’re regular in sanding. Your work becomes more productive and faster with the best cordless hand sander. Such sander is the craftsman electric hand sander. Easy to hold, provides maximum feasibility and allows you to use it for versatile purposes.

Running with 20 volts, the sander is pretty active in making superb sanding. This amazing sander provides you with 12,000 OPM. Be it for material removal or edge sanding; your work can be done perfectly.

Dust generated while sanding can be easily managed because of its dust collector. There are an onboard dust bag and a connection to 11/4 in. craftsman hand sander hose adapter. You get to keep the dust in the and even extract them through the vacuum.

The whole design and formation of the sander are kept at a low profile for easy handling. Also, with only 2.55 pounds, you get to handle it easily with your hand.

Gripping the craftsman cordless hand sander is also convenient because of its ergonomic design. Because of the dust-sealed switch, the durability of the machine gets elevated to another level. Thus, the craftsman hand sander parts remain active for a long time showing no disturbances.

Fixing and using grit paper is easy. Also, it remains stacked to its position even after several usages. The disc for craftsman sander handheld works last long enough to provide a good service. You’ll be provided with (1) 60 grit paper, (1) 80 grit paper, (1) 120 grit paper with the whole package.

The craftsman cmcw220b review also details its three years warranty. You can also find the craftsman hand sander accessories separately. For any error or disturbance, you are sure to get it covered up.


  • Vacuuming enabled with perfect dust management
  • Ergonomic design helps you to hold it without any stress
  • It can be used for both personal and professional purposes.
  • Completes the work quickly
  • Provides you the best mobility and cordless feature you can ask from a sander


  • The battery drain is high. You’ll be needing a new one within few days

5. Porter Cable 7345 Hand Sander


After the two great cordless sanders, we bring you a corded one which is the best hand sander for woodworking. Your issues regarding the efficiency of a sander and its fine sanding will be resolved when you get the PORTER-CABLE 97455 hand sander.

There is an efficient motor inside the sander. It is of 4.5 amp that works with AC only. From the motor, it is possible to generate 2,500-6,800 OPM. Smooth and flattening sanding becomes easier and accurate with it.

The disc of the sander grants you random orbits. This orbit brings you swirl-free sanding that tends for polishing purposes too. With this electric sander, it is very much possible to work on metals and wooden surfaces. How versatile a sander can be!

To provide the best convenience to your work, this machine comes with a counterbalance. The whole area of 5-inch gets fully covered by this proprietary counterbalance. In this machine, you get to include 5/16-24 spindle thread accessories. You get a carrying case for a porter-cable hand sander to keep all the detachments organized.

The most amazing thing we found in the porter cable 97455 review is its two-position compatibility. When you are tired of sanding with a single hand, you get to change the side of the sander. The same control and precision prevail in both the side.

It comes in a compact shape. The weight of the tool stands to be 7 lbs. Ball and bearing construction makes the porter cable hand sander parts durable and long-term preferable.

Dust generated during the sanding gets stored inside the dust collector. You get a great environment to work with this dustless hand sander.


  • Outstanding feasibility to use by anyone
  • Compact in shape that makes it to use for a long time
  • Durable enough to sustain any external impact
  • The vibration resistivity of the machine is ensured
  • The dust management system is superb


  • The handle gets stripped out if not held properly during long hours of usage

6. Milwaukee 2648-21 Hand Sander


Not all hand sanders you find will reach the deepest region to sand. You get to feel the need for such a sander when you are looking for material removals and edge flattening. The Milwaukee power hand sander is an ideal choice in the scenario.

The sander is a random orbital one. It gives you a good sanding touching the whole most area of the surface.

With a 3/32″ sanding pad, the Milwaukee m18 hand random orbital sander does the work perfectly. Inserting the pad and detaching it is easy. The pad stands in its position steadily even after heavy usage too.

One of the most exciting things about the Milwaukee 2648-21 review is its cordless feature. It is operated with a 3.0 Ah battery. The red lithium battery technology is used in this tool. You get to have a 35 minutes runtime with the battery in the sander.

You are sure to get 7,000-12,000 OPM from the cordless Milwaukee hand sander at the peak level. This makes every possible work be it sanding, material removal, surfacing, etc., likely. Mostly on your wooden floor or surfaces, you get to have the best out of it. The motor of the sander makes sure that you get the best outcome per battery charge used.


  • The robust pad that allows perfect sanding
  • Makes a good room for the user for different purposes
  • The motor is efficient to convert the charge of the battery into productivity
  • The perfection of the work becomes the topmost priority through this sander


  • The griping of the sander is not ergonomic

7. Skil SR232301 Hand Sander


When your priority is to get the best orbital hand sander for tough projects, we recommend you look for a Skil hand sander. This sander speaks only for its power and power. Generates much speed, to sum up, any kind of project with ease convenience.

One of the best things about the SKIL SR232301 review is its speed. The 1.2 amps motor provides the tool all the traits to generate 13,500 OBM. It is huge when you compare it with the other hand sanders. You can implement the sander for different applications with wide variations. It is the best power hand sander we have found till now.

There are three different attachments in this electric hand sander for a variety of usage. The sander’s topmost target is operating well to fine finish large surfaces, edges, and surface contour. You get to change the attachments in no time with the easiest instructions.

A 1-1/4″ dust port is available with the sander. All the dust coming from the sander gets in the dust collector. The working environment remains clear and clean.

The hook and loop system attach the sheets of the sander. You get to change the sheets easily without any complications too.

With the ergonomic design, the sander is built with a counterweight balance. The vibrations generated during the sanding get away without causing any trouble to your work. Soft rubber gripping also allows you to hold the sander firmly and work accordingly.

You get to work for a long time without feeling tired. If you are looking for the best professional hand sander, this sander surely comes into account.

The dust-sealed switch makes your usage more feasible. It becomes hassle-free for anyone to operate the sander. The parts of the sander remain protective and can serve you for a long time.


  • Gives you good convenience while working
  • Gripping is very user friendly
  • Suitable for long time usage
  • Dust management is satisfactory
  • The motor is efficient enough to produce high speedy functioning
  • Durable enough to sustain any external effects on it


  • The sandpaper gets loosened easily.

8. Makita BO6050J Hand Sander


Have you thought of getting a sander that elevates its sanding according to your desire? That means, when you want the sander to perform extremely, it will generate the best capacity. And the Makita bo6050j orbital sander/polisher is the one we are talking about.

In this sander, you’ll get 2-mode switches. One for random orbit and the other for random orbit with forced rotations. When you feel the necessity of applying either of them, you can use it conveniently.

Controlling the Makita hand sander variable speed completely depends on you. The 750 watts motor of this amazing sander provides you with 1,600-6,800 RPM. With this speed, you get to have the smoothest sanding possible. Edge surfacing becomes easier with it.

For your highest convenience, the machine is designed ergonomically. The barrel grip provides you the maximum capacity to handle it with proper guidance. It is fully suitable to be used for a long time without any stress or fatigue. You can achieve the highest level of premium comfort and control.

With a 7/32″ orbit diameter, the machine provides a swirl-free finishing. The hook and loop pad for the Makita hand sander is so effective to elevate the sanding to the next level. Also, you get to change the sandpaper quickly.

The 5.7 lbs. weight gives you all the possibility to use it for different tasks. Apart from that, it is very much possible for anyone, be it professional or general users, to work with this sander.

You get the Makita hand sander with the case. The parts and other accessories remain in the case and can be stored for further usage.


  • Best gripping with ergonomic design
  • Suitable for smooth sanding of wooden surfaces
  • Provides the highest order feasibility when used by a single hand
  • Versatile for all the professionals and regular people


  • Takes too much time to sand

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Things to Consider before Buying the Best Hand Sander

Before you buy the desirable hand sander, here are some of the factors you should look for. Also, you should know how to use a hand sander.

This will clear your perception regarding the hand sander. You’ll know better about them and get the perfect one for yourself.

Benchtop Sander vs Handheld

The benchtop sanders are comparatively large. You get to sand the material on it. Generating high speed, the sander does its job by the belt. The sandpaper is normally equipped on it to work as the belt.

Whereas the handheld sander is smaller. You get to hold it by your hand. They are comforting to hold and grip. But these sanders are most preferable to use for the small project. Covering less area, you get to control it over large platforms.

Hand Sander OPM vs Amps

The OPM of the hand sander refers to the orbitals per minute by the machine. Your sanding rate depends heavily on the OPM. With more OPM, your work gets accomplished quickly and perfectly.

The amps of the sander refer to the capability of the motor. With a robust motor, you get to generate a high rpm. The higher the amps, the more efficient the sander is. Overall, your sander’s amps will determine the OPM you’ll be getting from it.

Square vs Round Hand Sander

The square and round hand sander mainly indicate the shape of the sander. To be precise, you can say the round sander and sheet sander.

With the round hand sander, you get to have random orbitals. It touches the surface and generates the orbitals per minute according to its motor.

The square hand sanders are comparatively less powerful than the round hand sanders. They mainly focus on flattening and removing the materials from a surface. It takes more time for the square hand sander to complete its tasks.

Corded vs Cordless Hand Sander

Depending on your preference, you can get either of the corded and cordless sanders. With the corded one, you won’t have to worry about the battery changing. Just connect it to the socket and get your job done.

Your mobility with the sander becomes easier with the cordless hand sander. With various positions, you get to use the sander according to your desire. But the battery consumption becomes an issue. You need to change it frequently when it dies.

Dust Collection

Keeping the generated dust confined, your sanding becomes more accurate. You get to see the controlling. Also, your psychological impact regarding the whole work becomes clear and committed in a cleaner area. Having a dustless hand sander sums up the whole situation well.

Trigger Locks

The trigger of the sander can get misplaced during work. Having a lock prevails you to keep the speed and other functioning in a fixed state. Without any worrying, you get to operate the sander conveniently and complete your whole sanding.

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FAQs about Hand Sander

What is a hand sander?

A hand sander is a compact sander used to sand the corners and edges of a surface. Moreover, it can be held more precisely for its compact design. Mostly, the sander is highly preferable for small projects and works.

How much is a hand sander?

The hand sander’s ideal price range starts from $30 up to $100 and so on based on its functioning and characteristics.

When was the first electric hand sander made?

The first electric hand sander was made in 1926.

How much does a hand sander weigh?

The average weight of the hand sander ranges from 2 to 4 pounds.

Which hand sander can I use for flooring?

Black and decker hand sanders are the best hand sander for floors. Apart from that, bosch hand sanders and Dewalt hand sanders also perform well for flooring.

How to fix a worn-out pad on a hand sander?

At first, remove the old hook sheet from the sander. Do it carefully as it remains pretty toughly stuck in the sander. After removing it, clean the whole area. Apply new strips of strength tape over the base. Gently attach a new pad to the sander. Fix it by drilling the hooks into the hole. Make sure the pad is fixed firmly by giving a good check at it.

Which is a better orbital sander or hand sander?

From our research and users’ views, the orbital sander stands on top above the hand sander. Because of the efficiency and accuracy, the orbital sander paves the way ahead of the hand sander.

Final Words

We brought you the best hand sander reviews in the current market with the perfect research and experiment. We were so amazed at all of its quality that ranking them according to their position seemed to be tougher.

Worrying and buying about the sander is no longer an issue now. Our buying guide and FAQ section already cleared all your perceptions regarding the hand sander. Set the purpose after reading the article and get the best budget hand sander within your range.

Trust me; you’re just some steps away from getting the perfect hand sander for yourself!

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