Best Latex Paint Sprayers of 2022

This blog post will explore the best latex paint sprayer and how it can serve as a cost-effective tool for your painting needs. The right paint sprayer can give you professional results, but not all products are created equally. We’ll discuss what to look for in a good quality paint sprayer so that you don’t have to go through trial and error with your next project. Hopefully, this article will give you some insight into what makes a latex paint sprayer worth buying and what features should be avoided at all costs!

If there’s something else we may have missed or you’re still unsure of which product is the best option for your needs, please feel free to contact us via email!

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Table of Contents

  • Best Latex Paint Sprayers Comparison
  • 8 Best Rated Latex Paint Sprayers: An Overview
  • 1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Review
  • 2. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer Review
  • 3. Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 Airless Paint Sprayer Review
  • 4. Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 VSP Handheld Paint Sprayer Review
  • 5. Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer Review
  • 6. BATAVIA BSG0140 MAXXSPRAY Spray Gun Review
  • 7. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun Review
  • 8. NEU MASTER N3140 600 Watt Electric Paint Spray Gun‎ Review
  • 9. YATTICH Paint Sprayer (YT-201)
  • 10. Scuddles Paint Sprayer
  • Things to Consider when Buying the Best Latex Paint Sprayer
  • Advantages of Latex Paint Sprayer
  • Disadvantages of Latex Paint Sprayer
  • FAQs about Latex Paint Sprayer
    • What is latex paint?
    • Can you use latex paint in a paint sprayer?
    • Can you spray latex paint with an HVLP sprayer?
    • What size tip do you need to spray latex paint?
    • Can you use latex paint in a gravity feed spray gun?
    • Can I use an automotive paint sprayer to spray latex paint?

Best Latex Paint Sprayers Comparison

paint sprayer

max tip size

max flow rate


editor’s rating


Graco Magnum 262805 X7

0.017 in

0.31 GPM

‎26 pounds

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Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590

5 in

0.13 GPM

‎2.11 pounds

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Titan Controlmax 1700 Pro 580006


.29 GPM

37 Pounds

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Graco 17D889 Truecoat 360 VSP

.015 in

0.2 GPM

‎6 pounds

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Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130


.24 GPM

11 Pounds

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BATAVIA Paint Sprayer (BSG0140)


.24 GPM

‎4.11 pounds

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Homeright Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879


.24 GPM

15 Pounds

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NEU MASTER 600 Watt Paint Sprayer (‎N3140)


.24 GPM

‎6.32 pounds

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YATTICH Paint Sprayer (YT-201)


0.27 GPM


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Scuddles Paint Sprayer


0.18 GPM

‎4.4 pounds

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8 Best Rated Latex Paint Sprayers: An Overview

1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Review


When it comes to the best airless paint sprayer for latex, you need a quick and reliable machine like the Graco Magnum x7. With its versatile functionality and sleek design, this is the most popular tool in our arsenal of airless paint sprayers!

Give yourself peace of mind by investing in an affordable yet effective product that will help you tackle small to medium projects around your home with ease.

Graco has developed an extensive line of products geared towards professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Meet the Graco Magnum X7, a powerful workhorse built for tasks from heavy-duty exterior projects to light indoor home jobs. Everything you need is in one box: two sets of plastic nozzles will do all your painting, staining, and spraying needs, from unthinned latex to high gloss latex or oil-based paints. The metal spray gun provides maximum control when using water-based products, so your finishes look like they were professionally applied. With up to 3 gallons per minute on low power settings and 15 psi max pressure, this machine has the muscle needed for larger chores!

Top Features:

Fully adjustable pressure

The Graco Magnum 262805 x7 gives you complete control over paint flow. In addition, this unit comes with a fully adjustable pressure, which allows for ultimate versatility and can be used on any project size.

Stainless steel piston pump

Graco’s Magnum X7 has been designed to take high-pressure painting jobs that require thicker paints without fear of overheating. In addition, it features stainless steel pistons that are better at handling temperature fluctuations than plastic ones. This makes Graco our go-to choice for working in both professional environments where precision tints need spraying and home projects requiring an even coat from start to finish!

Flexible suction tube

A flexible suction pipe makes it easier than ever before to finish your outdoor painting project without having to worry about running out of materials! It’s made up of quality-tested material that won’t rip like cheaper hoses will so save yourself some time and hassle by investing in this high powered product today!

RAC IV switch tip

The Graco Magnum 262805 x7 is a must-have for anyone who has ever needed to remove clogs from the sprayer nozzle. Simply detach one of the tips, reverse it and reattach, and keep going!


  • Get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Paint like a pro with this tool
  • It’s easy to use and can be operated by a single person.
  • You’ll save time and money with the Graco Magnum 262805 X7


  • Without reading the user’s manual, assembling can be pretty tricky.

2. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Handheld HVLP Paint Sprayer Review


Wagner’s flexio 590 is one of the best paint sprayers for latex paint available on the market. It has a double piston pump, which needs two strokes to paint when having a fan width of 10-12 inches, and thus does not need an additional air supply as it preserves valuable air from compressed air.

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 is a perfect choice for any project. This airless paint sprayer provides adjustable control, full coverage, and low overspray with the X-Boost turbine which produces unmatched power.

The iSpray nozzle is perfect for broad surfaces and unthinned paints, while the Detail Finish nozzle can be used on smaller projects. With two nozzles to meet diverse needs- get a professional finish with every project!

With quiet operation, 50% quieter than traditional airless sprayers, and an ergonomic design 20% lighter than other units makes this handheld sprayer is the ideal tool for professionals!

Top Features:

10x faster than a brush

The Flexio 590 is a versatile, convenient and easy-to-use paint sprayer. Its design allows it to cover an 8′ x 10′ surface area with stains in less than 1 minute or latex paints in just over 5 minutes; this means you can have your coating done faster while also saving time on clean up since the cleanup takes only five minutes!

Two front end nozzles

The sprayer comes with two nozzles for your large and small projects. The iSpray nozzle is perfect for larger areas, while the Detail Finish nozzle makes more detailed work a cinch, even in tight spaces!

X-boost turbine

The X-Boost turbine is a force to be reckoned with. It provides adjustable control, full coverage, and low overspray for the best results imaginable – even on your toughest tasks!

Ten-speed settings

The flexio 590 has ten different speed settings for precise control over the feed of your material. In addition, you can adjust it either horizontally or vertically and make a wide or narrow pattern, depending on what will work best for you!


  • More control, less mess
  • High quality finishes in less time.
  • Low overspray and low emissions.
  • Finish jobs faster and with fewer coats.
  • Give you the confidence to tackle any job with ease.
  • It’s so easy to use; you’ll be a pro after just one try!


  • The paint reservoir is small. This makes the spray gun lighter but needs to refill frequently for a large project.

3. Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006 Airless Paint Sprayer Review


The Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro is the industry’s leading airless sprayer. The new HEA tip decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer paint for smoother coverage and a more consistent finish.

Its .60 horsepower pump is durable, robust, and provides even coats without thinning your existing coatings that are backed with the best warranty in the business.

The high efficiency airless takes away all of the hassle associated with traditional painting making it easier to become a pro!

The Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro is the best sprayer for latex paint due to its excellent features of being quiet and having a high-quality pump that does not take up too much space, allowing it to be used in both small and large applications.

Top Features:

3X faster

The Titan Controlmax 1700 Pro is designed to provide an easy, efficient painting experience. Able to apply coatings 3X faster than a roller and perfect for home exteriors, fences, decks or garages- the titan controlmax 1700 pro will get your project done in no time!

High-efficiency airless technology

Airless spraying has been a popular painting technique for years, but the Airless Titan ControlMax High-Efficiency system is here to make airless spray more efficient and effortless. With its new tip technology that decreases overspray by up to 55%, this HEA System delivers softer sprays with better control which produces much smoother finishes than what you might be used it.

Max operating pressure

The Titan Controlmax 1700 Pro is the perfect sprayer for professionals. This powerful and versatile machine has a max operating pressure of 1500 PSI, can cover up to 300 gallons per year with its large tank capacity, features an all-metal gun that will never corrode or rust over time because it’s made with high-quality materials like stainless steel nickel plating; these guns are also backed by industry’s best and most extended two warranty, so you know they’re worth every penny!

Variable speed pump

This sprayer can handle any painting job with ease. With a 0.60 horsepower pump, it can spray unthinned paints and stains up to 0.33 gallons per minute for great productivity.

Portable cart design

The last time you were painting a room and felt like the task was too overwhelming, imagine being able to use this portable sprayer for help. This incredible tool is perfect for large projects such as house renovations or building fences because it has wheels on its tank so that users don’t have to carry around heavy equipment while climbing up ladders!

The best part about this handy device’s 50-foot hose? You can easily reach high places – even those unreachable areas behind your garage door.


  • Great for both professionals and amateurs.
  • It’s durable, efficient, and easy to use.
  • It’s durable, efficient, and easy to use.
  • Suitable for large, small, and intricate projects.
  • Make your home or business look great again!


  • Without an inline filter, this spray gun is prone to clogging. However, clogs are easy to fix; just rotate the tip.

4. Graco 17D889 TrueCoat 360 VSP Handheld Paint Sprayer Review


If you’re looking for the best handheld electric paint sprayer for latex paint, Graco’s Truecoat 360 VSP is the best option on the market. In the best-selling list, Graco took up position one. It’s called Graco Truecoat 360 VSP because it has been carefully designed according to customers’ needs and thanks to its functionality and quality.

The Graco Project Series of paint sprayers gives you all the power and precision to tackle even your most significant home improvement projects with speed, finesse and accuracy.

With its user-friendly design, this model can handle most exterior or interior jobs quickly and easily. In addition, it features a durable fingertip control trigger that allows you to change the direction without stopping or starting to release overspray for additional surface coverage.

This paint sprayer has a variety of features that will make your painting project smooth and easy! With 2 reversible tips, you’ll be able to get the perfect coverage in no time. The 4 42 oz FlexLiner bags are durable enough for any job size with an extra large opening so it’s easier to fill them up too. This is all packaged together inside its own convenient carrying case that can even store more tools when necessary – making this one must have item on your next DIY trip list!

Top Features:

Variable speed control

You’ll enjoy the versatility of Graco Truecoat 360 VSP with variable speed control so you can make your projects go as smoothly.

The power of variable speed is yours when using a Graco Truecoat 360 VSP–you get to decide how fast every project goes!

Reversible spray tip

With the Graco Truecoat 360 VSP, you won’t ever have to worry about your spray tip getting clogged again! This reversible sprayer allows for easy maintenance. Simply reverse the tips when it’s time to replace them and continue painting until necessary.

Spray in any direction

The Graco TrueCoat 360 VSP is a revolutionary paint sprayer that allows you to get into the nooks and crannies without worrying about any spills or drips. Snap-on an extension, flip it upside down and go crazy!

Flex liner paint bag

Graco TrueCoat 360 VSP is an innovative new paint sprayer that offers a FlexLiner Bag to help save money and time. The reusable, eco-friendly bag replaces the need for material cups at home or on the job site; it can be reused with your Graco spray gun until you’re done painting. When you are finished using this fantastic product, just recycle!


  • Paint your house with no drips or spills.
  • Get the paint job of your dreams in just a few hours
  • It makes painting more effortless than ever before
  • It provides a high level of control
  • You’ll feel like an artist with this tool in your hand.


  • Not intended for professional usage

5. Wagner 0580678 Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer Review


The Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer is a stationary paint sprayer with several features to make projects easier for you. One feature is the ability to store the gun and hose inside the tank, which can help keep everything neatly organized. For those looking for an airless sprayer with professional-grade quality, this is one of the best options out there!

The Wagner Control Pro 130 is the perfect choice for a spray gun when it comes to latex. It’s ergonomic and lightweight, so you won’t get tired quickly, which may cause errors in your work because of fatigue from gripping too tightly or holding up heavy material that weighs down on hand muscles. In addition, the nozzle controls help with precision painting while reducing overspray, making less mess around the house without sacrificing quality!

With a High-Efficiency Airless technology, this stationary paint sprayer produces a quality finish with 55% less overspray than traditional airless.

Are you looking for your next tool? The Wagner Control Pro 130 may have what you’re looking for – from comfortability to versatility of use (solvent vs water-based), this one will not disappoint! This is the best spray gun for latex walls and ceilings.

Top Features:

Stationary paint sprayer

You can’t beat the Wagner Control Pro 130 for a stationary paint sprayer. It has an integrated pump that allows you to control flow and atomization while conserving material with its low-pressure design. In addition, the large coverage area is ideal for those big jobs where time is of the essence!

3x faster than a roller

Painting the exterior of your home, staining a large deck, and more are easy with Wagner Control Pro 130 Power tank! The paint is applied 3x faster than rolling it on. It also eliminates overspray, so no need to worry about getting that perfect finish you want without all those pesky tiny imperfections from having brush strokes or over-spraying.

55% less overspray

One of the most exciting features that sets this paint sprayer apart from its competition is HEA technology, which decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer and more consistent finishes. The patented design also allows for superior control during prolonged painting sessions so you can get your job done in a fraction of the time with minimal effort!

Wide range of jobs

The Wagner Control Pro 130 is the perfect tool for any job. It can be used with a range of unthinned paints and stains, so it’s great to have on hand when you’re doing an interior or exterior project. In addition, gravity-fed priming makes clean up quick and easy!


  • Get your work done faster than ever before
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quickly cover large areas with minimum effort.
  • Give your projects the best look possible with this top quality paint sprayer.


  • If painting a large area, you’ll need to refill the hopper.

6. BATAVIA BSG0140 MAXXSPRAY Spray Gun Review


When you want a more professional finish than DIY, invest in the BATAVIA BSG0140 MAXXSPRAY spray gun by Batavia. This high-power HVLP paint sprayer provides superior coverage on any project, big or small. Use it on ceilings, fences, decks and furniture to achieve a gorgeous room makeover with ease.

Accessible and easy to operate, this spray paint gun aims for maximum efficiency. It features adjustable control that lets you choose the perfect flow rate for your project so that you can achieve an excellent finish without overspray. In addition, the BSG0140 is explicitly made with hard-to-paint materials in mind and has an excellent reputation as the best HVLP on the market.

The best cheap latex paint sprayer is the Batavia Professional Paint Sprayer because it offers superior performance and durability at an affordable price.

The handheld device is perfect for painting interior and exterior walls and cabinets, doors and kitchen countertops! You can create an even coat without splatter all over your freshly finished product or undesired overspread. Try this revolutionary technology today!

Top Features:


There’s nothing better than being able to take care of any painting project without breaking a sweat. This modern HVLP electric paint gun is versatile and easy to use, which means you can get professional quality results no matter what surface or material you’re working with. Whether it be for your walls inside the home, furniture outside in the sun – anything!

Efficient and high quality

It is time to give your home a new look with the upgraded HVLP spray paint gun! This tool will make it easy for you to apply beautifully even coatings perfect for finishing those household projects and achieving superior finishes. With this innovative device, painting has never been so productive or efficient!

Ergonomic design

The design of this paint container has a unique soft grip that makes it easy to hold, and its unique shape helps make pouring easier. The attachment hook allows for convenient storage when not in use. With the adjustable flow-rate knob on top, you can provide precise control by matching the desired rate with your application needs without running out quickly or going too slow – all while avoiding overspray!

3 Patterns & 4 Nozzles

The spray gun has three patterns that can be adjusted with the air cap. The round, vertical oval and horizontal oval provide various coverage options to suit various needs for different paint projects. It also includes four nozzles – 1½mm/ 2 mm/2 ½mm/3 mm- which allow you to work on fine or thick painting jobs from start to finish in one session!

Detachable and easy to clean

This spray-painting gun is detachable for convenient cleaning by equipped professional cleaning kit. Cleaning the device thoroughly will optimize its performance and help you achieve a flawless, lasting finish on whatever you’re painting or decorating!


  • Durable construction, made to last.
  • Quickly and easily apply paint, sealant or coating to a variety of surfaces
  • Maximize productivity with this professional spray gun
  • Be more productive with less fatigue from hand pain
  • Achieve professional results every time you paint or stain


  • It doesn’t have the convenience of an airless spray gun, but it does make for an excellent finish.

7. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun Review


Don’t get caught using outdated methods when there’s this Power Flo Paint Sprayer on the market! It can be used in both indoor and outdoor projects to make sure you can finish them up nice and quickly.

With the Power-Flo Pro airless paint sprayer, you’ll have the confidence to tackle your home’s next painting or staining project like never before. The Power-Flo Pro can spray large projects with its powerful 2,800 psi and 100 mesh frequency filter for both precision and full coverage.

The Power-Flo Pro 2800 airless paint sprayer is guaranteed to save you time and money, as well as alleviate the need for painting professionals. The reversible Spray Tip and Guard make this device a joy to use throughout your project. This tool also features an adjustable spray pattern so that your projects come out beautifully every time!

The durable chrome-plated gun can handle any latex or oil-based paints, stains, sealers that homeowners could want to apply themselves. Rest easy that you are using a high-quality product backed by a two-year warranty as well as a paint tight spray gun with 25 feet of hose! Keep your home looking fresh with this incredible new tool.

Homeright C800879 is the best exterior latex paint sprayer because it’s durable, lightweight and well-made. It features a removable body for easy cleaning and can hold up to four gallons of paint at once, making it an ideal tool for professional use.

Top Features:

Spray gun with reversible tip

The assembly process for the Power-Flo Pro spray gun is quick and easy, which means you can get back to painting faster than ever before! A reversible tip also lets you remove any potential clogs.

Pressure control adjustment

The Pressure Control Knob offers a variety of spray patterns for those who want to control paint flow. Use it in a high-pressure mode where you can quickly cover large areas with just one blast, or use low pressure when painting delicate designs on your canvas!

Portable for easy maneuvering

The Power-Flo Pro is a highly versatile sprayer that can draw paint directly from 1 or 5-gallon cans. The top carry handle makes it easy to move as you work and small enough for storage when not in use to clean up after your project is quick and clutter-free!

Easy to clean

The Power-Flo Pro is a perfect choice for any painter or stain applicator. It’s easy to clean after use and can even be done while you are working! Simply run the cleaning solution of water or solvent through it until all paint or stains have been removed. That couldn’t get much easier than that!


  • Get professional results with zero overspray.
  • No more wasted paint.
  • Paint your house in half the time!
  • Save on materials and labor costs.


  • Minimal overspray control

8. NEU MASTER N3140 600 Watt Electric Paint Spray Gun‎ Review


Finally, a paint sprayer that lets you do the hard work without all the muscle. NEU MASTER 600 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun is the only way to paint your home if you want it done fast and with no hassle.

With a spray gun this powerful, there’s also little need for heavy, messy cleanup afterwards! You don’t have to be just a homeowner anymore either – paint can cover fences, ceilings and cabinets too, without any fuss at all.

Owning a NEU MASTER 600 Watt High Power HVLP Home Electric Paint Spray Gun means never having to spend hours scrubbing at old stains ever again! It really couldn’t be easier with such a nifty product like this paint sprayer gun.

The NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Sprayer is the best paint sprayer for latex paint out there. It’s great because it not only sprays but also atomizes paints to make a more pleasing finish and has an air pump that can provide just enough pressure to get you through any project without wasting your material or time!

Top Features:

Advanced spraying technology

The Max 600W electric paint sprayer is designed to make painting your home a breeze. It comes with an air-powered turbo fan that provides continuous coverage for both you and the project, whether it’s walls or furniture. This powerful tool will have any DIY enthusiast feeling like they’re in their own professional contracting business!

Handy extension usage

Painting your home or car’s exterior can be a daunting task, but the NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Spray Gun helps you get just as close to that project both inside and out. With its 6 foot power cord and extra six foot spraying hose support for long-distance projects, this tool is perfect no matter what type of paint job needs done on any surface!

Adjustable flow control

The NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Spray Gun is a high-level paint spray that can be adjusted to any flow rate, depending on what type of material you are working with.

3-spray pattern option

The NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Spray gun has an innovative design to make your painting projects more manageable. With 3-spray patterns, you can choose how best to paint depending on the surface of what is being painted and personal preference.

Detachable & easy to clean

The NEU MASTER N3140 Paint Spray gun is the industry’s most popular model because it takes advantage of complete detachable for convenient cleaning by equipped professional-grade manual. And just as easily reassembled to continue on your next projects!


  • 600 Watts of power for high coverage
  • It comes with a 3.5mm nozzle and an 8mm needle
  • High quality finish in one pass
  • Say goodbye to the paint roller forever!


  • It’s hard to get an even finish.

9. YATTICH Paint Sprayer (YT-201)


Looking to speed up your painting process? The YATTICH Paint Sprayer is perfect for the job!

This high-powered spray gun delivers 700 watts of power, making short work of even the most challenging coatings. Its HVLP design ensures a smooth, consistent finish with every pass.

This high-power spray gun will help you achieve a flawless finish with ease. Plus, its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use. So make your next painting project a breeze with the YATTICH Paint Sprayer!

Top Features:

3 Spray Patterns & 5 Nozzle Sizes

When you’re looking for a tool that can handle any painting project, this paint sprayer will be your best friend. It comes equipped with five different nozzles and three adjustable patterns: horizontal; vertical ; circular (just like what we call ” garden hose”). This is perfect because there are all kinds of surfaces out in the world – from furniture to cars!

Perfect Design

The design is perfect for user experience. Detachable features make it easier to use and clean. You can move freely within a larger work area since the power cord is 6.6ft long.

Adjustable Flow Control

The flow knob allows you to control the coating speed and flow rate according to the project size.

Pure copper motor & Heat dissipation

A pure copper motor makes the paint sprayer highly powerful, produces a large amount of air, maintains a stable output, and produces atomized paint that is even and fine.

10. Scuddles Paint Sprayer


Looking to paint like a pro? Say hello to your new best friend – the Scuddles Paint Sprayer!

This high-powered 1200 watt sprayer is perfect for both home and outdoor use, and comes with five different nozzle tips for easy spraying and cleaning.

It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, so you can take it wherever you need it. Ready to get started? Just add paint and go!

Top Features

High Power with Superior Finish

Featuring a 1200-watt engine, Scuddles paint sprayer provides a smooth spray pattern, producing a fine, clean finish. With 1000-milliliter container capacity, this machine can be used to clean furniture, fence posts, interior walls, and other surfaces at home.

5 Spray Rotations and 3 Nozzle Sizes

The paint sprayer adjusts the spray mode to three types: horizontal, vertical, and circular. It comes with 5 nozzles of various sizes (2.2 mm, 2.6 mm, and 1.8 mm) for versatile use. The 2.8 mm and 2.2 mm nozzles are designed for thin paints such as varnishes and sealers. The three 2.6 mm nozzles are designed for thick paints including latex paint, chalk type paint, and acrylic kinds.

Adjustable Flow Control

You can adjust the paint flow via the knob on the gun that generates paint for easy paint control in your work or home. Locate very good painting quality for edges and corners, as well as broad surfaces, on many different slippery materials, such as varnish, wood, and metal.

Easy to Use and Wash

You can manipulate the flow controller on the paint gun to get the ideal paint output for various work and outdoor projects. Perfect your paint for edges and corners, and wide open spaces and surfaces, at home and at work.

Lightweight Body

Scuddles’ paint sprayer is lightweight and has a curved design that’s ergonomic to hold. It comes with a 6.6-foot cable that’s long so you can work unimpeded within a large area.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Latex Paint Sprayer

With the advancement of technology, many companies are coming up with new ideas for painting. One of these ideas is a latex paint sprayer that is the best. The operation of this product is very efficient and straightforward, and also affordable. Latex paint sprayers have replaced other paints like oil because they are more effective than them. When you are buying the best sprayer to use your time looking at factors such as price, durability, efficiency, and how long will it take before I get my product, among others. Here are some tips that will help you when selecting your paint sprayer:

Paint Compatibility:

There are paint sprayers that work best with certain kinds of paints only. If you want something versatile, choose an all-around option that works great for latex, oil, and water-based paints. Usually, they feature adjustable fan control along with low viscosity settings and paint flow control.

Durability & quality materials used to make it:

The first thing you should look into when buying a latex paint sprayer is its durability. This is because you want to be sure that your product will last for a long time, meaning that it should have the best material used to make it. So you need to check before buying any paint sprayer is whether it can withstand rough use or not, and this is determined by looking at the materials used in making it. Also, consider how low its price is compared to other models of the same quality as this shows if there are any hidden costs like high repair costs when using the device.

Usage frequency of the paint sprayer:

Another factor to look into before buying a latex paint sprayer with a large capacity in mind is usage frequency. You must buy a model that can handle heavy-duty work, such as painting houses or commercial projects. If the tool is used frequently, you need to go for high-end models that are strong and can handle large chunks of latex.

Power & mobility of the paint sprayer:

Another factor to consider when buying a paint sprayer is its power. There are two kinds of power sources; one is electricity, while the other is gas. Gas-powered models have their disadvantages in comparison with electrical ones. This is because it has a smell, and you also require maintaining kits or having enough fuel in the tank. However, electric powered units do not make much noise, unlike gas models, but they require caution as they operate on a line voltage. If there ever arises an accident like cutting off your hand here, then you will be sued.

Ease your project handling:

To make your work easier and fast, you must go for a model with good features such as a spray control valve or one with high viscosity in its paint-nozzle tips. Some of the industry leaders have latex sprayers with these qualities, and thus you will get to complete your project within an hour without stress. With the features readily available above, you can get quality painting services at home or even when working on other projects.

Price and Budget:

The best paint sprayer is not necessarily the most expensive one in the market; it all depends on what you think about your needs and budget constraints. You must buy something that will serve its purpose without breaking your bank account at the same time. Always take your time to look at different options and make thorough comparisons before making the final decision.

Safety Features:

Since it is designed to spray paint, you have to be sure that it is safe for both the user and anything that surrounds it when used as directed. Ensure that its design has been tested and approved by relevant bodies such as Underwriter’s Laboratory or UL to work efficiently, even in different environments. The good thing about this kind of paint sprayer is its ability to control overspray so that there would be no risk of causing damage to adjacent areas while using them. It also features a safety mechanism that will ensure that there would be no accidental startups and quick disassembly should something go wrong.

Other Considerations:

Aside from the features mentioned above, you should also consider other relevant factors when choosing a good and reliable paint sprayer, such as the size of its tank and the fan speed. If you need something that covers a large area in less time, choose one with higher fan speeds. Check if it has dual-action or single-action to be sure about its efficiency on different surfaces. You may want to take your time along with some research to pick out the right model for your needs. Making comparisons will allow you to learn more about this kind of tool to get an idea of what is best for you while making comparisons, reviews, and reading online comments and testimonials. This will help you make the best decision for yourself without getting scammed or wasting your hard-earned money on something that will not be the most suitable option.

The above are some of the factors you should look into before buying a latex paint sprayer. Get to know more about this product by reading the below reviews before purchasing one. 

Advantages of Latex Paint Sprayer

1. Simple tools will get the job done

There aren’t any complicated steps or tools needed when using this type of paint sprayer; instead, all you’ll need is the container that holds the paint, an extension cord (if necessary), and then you’re free to go!

2. Get professional results without professional equipment

Even if you’re not a professional painter, you can still get the same level of quality and finish with a latex paint sprayer, even if you’re not a professional painter.

3. Fast application

Compared to other painting methods (e.g., using a brush or roller), using a sprayer will allow you to cover more surface area in a shorter amount of time.

4. Consistent finish

Unlike when using a brush or roller, the paint from a sprayer will be applied evenly and consistently over the entire surface – meaning you won’t have to worry about any streaks or missed spots.

5. Low-odor

One of the great things about latex paint is that it doesn’t produce much odor, unlike oil-based paints.

Disadvantages of Latex Paint Sprayer

1. Dry time

One of the most common disadvantages is that this type of paint needs to dry before it can be handled or cleaned up, which means you’ll have to wait anywhere from 24 hours (depending on the humidity and temperature) to multiple days before it can be completed.

2. Potential for splatter and over-spray

It’s always possible that some paint will travel beyond the target surface area, resulting in messy surfaces and wasted paint. This happens because the paint is being propelled through the nozzle at high speeds.

3. Material cost and environmental impact

The latex used in these sprayers is not as efficient in terms of material used as oil-based paints, so you may find that you need to purchase more to complete your project. Additionally, the fumes emitted from latex paint can harm both humans and the environment.

4. Difficult to apply over large areas

Due to the overspray mentioned above, using a latex paint sprayer is not recommended for projects requiring large painting (e.g., an entire house).

5. Limited color selection

Another downside of latex paint is that the range of colors available tends to be narrower than oil-based paints.

While there are some disadvantages to using a latex paint sprayer, the advantages certainly outweigh them for most people. So if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and consistent way to paint your home’s exterior, then a latex paint sprayer is a great option!

FAQs about Latex Paint Sprayer

What is latex paint?

Latex is a versatile, general-purpose, water-based paint that dries to an attractive matte finish. It can be applied over wood or plaster surfaces and allows for easy cleanup with soap and water. It has excellent covering qualities when applying multiple coats; it adheres well to uneven surfaces like textured walls or ceilings, and it can be top-coated with other types of paint. Latex paint is perfect for interior projects like painting doors, trim, baseboards and cabinets.

Can you use latex paint in a paint sprayer?


Latex paint is a type of water-based paint that provides good coverage and dries quickly. It usually consists of latex paint, pigments, additives, and powdered film-forming resins. Though latex paints can be used with a brush or roller, it is not the best choice for this type of application because latex paint tends to release bubbles as it dries that will show up in the finished coat. Professional painters use a sprayer to quickly get an even finish on large walls without releasing as many air bubbles as latex brushes do. You can use regular latex paint in a sprayer without any issue.

Can you spray latex paint with an HVLP sprayer?

No, you can’t use latex paint with an HVLP sprayer. Latex paint doesn’t atomize well, and it would clog the tip of the nozzle. If you want to use an HVLP, you need to use an oil-based paint like Kilz or other oil-based paints that will dispense out in smaller droplets for fine detail while still providing enough coverage for large surfaces.

What size tip do you need to spray latex paint?

Latex paint can be sprayed at any tip width.

It is by far the most common paint to use, and when using it, there’s no need to worry about what size tip will best suit the painting job. In addition, the high quality of this paint allows for a wide range of spray techniques – including fine finishes and large surfaces without any clogging whatsoever.

Can you use latex paint in a gravity feed spray gun?

You most likely cannot use latex paint with a gravity feed spray gun.

Due to its lack of viscosity and air pressure, it would not produce the desired effect of painting evenly across walls.

Can I use an automotive paint sprayer to spray latex paint?

Though this is possible, latex paint will never be as durable as automotive-quality paint. That’s because it would take substantial-quality materials and expensive machinery to make the spray process work with latex. So the short answer is that you won’t get professional quality results when spraying latex paint with a vehicle-grade spray gun.

Final Verdict

We have compiled a list of the best latex paint sprayers on the market today to help you find one that suits your needs. Whether you need something for commercial or residential purposes, we’ve got it all covered. Our latex paint sprayer reviews are unbiased and give each product an in-depth look with pros and cons so you can make an informed decision when buying a new paint sprayer!

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