Best Mechanical Watches Under 500 to Buy in 2020

“Time is money”

Yeah, that phrase can also be related at the time of buying a mechanical watch. Normally, mechanical watches are considered to be the jewelry of a man. Moreover, they’re taken as the most important men’s appliance. Because these watches have an aesthetic of their own, many use them to flaunt their status.

However, budget matters.

So, there are some people like us who’ll want to stay in the middle and enjoy both of the worlds. I mean, just because you’re spending less, doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy it completely.

But, here’s the thing-

It’s not so easy to find the best mechanical watches under 500. Even though you’ll find a lot of options in this price range, it’ll be hard to get the best one out of them.

Fret not, we’re here for you. In fact, our research team has worked endlessly for the past 3 weeks in making things easier for you. In the end, we’ve made it possible to bring out this completely unbiased article.

And to clear off any confusion, we’ve made an FAQ session and a buyer’s guide section at the end of the article.

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin with the comparison table-

Product Name


Case Diameter

Dial Color


Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Maverick Watch


43 millimeters


Seiko Men's Automatic Analogue Watch


42 millimeters


Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick Stainless Steel Watch


43 millimeters


Hamilton Men's H64455533


40 millimeters


Seiko Men's Watch SARB017


39.5 millimeters


Orient Men's 'Sun and Moon Version 3'


42.5 millimeters


6 Best Mechanical Watches Under 500

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Maverick Watch

Drum rolls please...Let’s introduce you to the best pick in our list- Victorinox Swiss Army Men's Maverick Watch.

So, why have we considered this product as the best automatic watch under 500 on the list?

The main selling point of this product is the luxurious design and the premium built. In fact, the watch doesn’t only look premium, it feels premium as well.

Starting off, the stainless steel built and the polished silver finish makes the watch look classy. Moreover, it gives a sophisticated look as well. As a result, you can wear this watch every day if you want. Or, you can take this on any events and functions as it’ll complement your outfit.

Speaking of everyday use, you’ll be amazed at how durable the watch is. With a sapphire surface and a screw-in case back, the watch can withstand most scratches and abuse on it. Besides, the watch is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. So, if you want, you can jump into the pool with it.

In the end, you can use the watch as a fashion accessory as well as everyday use. Even though it has a few cons, you can’t consider them as a dealbreaker.


  • Is made of solid stainless steel construction. 
  • luxurious design. 
  • Brings a premium feel.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • It’s scratch-resistant and water-resistant.


  • The luminescence in the display of the watch doesn’t stay long in the night. 

2. Seiko Men's Automatic Analogue Watch

In second place, we have the Seiko Men's Automatic Watch for you. But, why haven’t we placed it at the number one on our list? Well, it has some great features but not all of them are considered to be the best one.

To start off, the black dial and the black band make the watch seem really classy and premium to the eye. So, whenever you’ll wear it around, you’ll have people notice it straight away. Moreover, it’ll compliment your outfits as well.

Another feature of this product is that it doesn’t need a battery to function. In fact, it’ll function by your arm’s movement. Hence, you won’t have to purchase a battery every time you want to use this watch. Having something like this within a mens automatic watches under 500 is really extraordinary.

Apart from that, the watch is mainly known for its incredible water-resistance. As a matter of fact, it can provide water-resistance to up to 660 feet. So, if you’re a recreational scuba diver or a swimmer, you can go for this one without any hesitation.

On the other hand, a hard crystal built is used on the dial of the watch. So, it’ll remain scratch-resistant at all times. And to take things to the next level, the stainless-steel built of the case ensures the durability of the watch.


  • Has a stylish black look.
  • Water-resistance upto 660ft.
  • Is scratch-resistant.
  • Doesn’t require a battery. 
  • Durable built.


  • The watch has a stiff stem which can be a bit hard to set dates and time.
  • Might require servicing when you take it for a heavy dive.r 

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick Stainless Steel Watch

We’re at the halfway of our list. And the third product we have for you is the Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick Stainless Steel Watch. If you’re looking for a luxurious watch under $500 then you’ll love this one. In fact, the premium and classy look will make anyone love this watch.

In fact, the unique design and the classy look of the watch will make it compliment all your outfits as well. So, you can wear this watch every day and at different events.

On the other hand, this luxurious timepiece can be practical and premium at the same time. This is due to the strong stainless-steel built of the watch. Also, the dial is made of sapphire crystal. So, you won’t have to worry about scratches. In the end, you’ll enjoy both the worlds with this watch.

Apart from this, the watch is water-resistant as well. So you can jump in the pool with it. And, the watch can track your diving as it has a count-up scale into it.


  • Has a luxurious design and a premium finish.
  • It’s water-resistant. 
  • Can track diving due to the scale
  • Durable construction.
  • Scratch-resistant due to the sapphire crystals..


  • Some users find the watch a bit too heavy.

4. Hamilton Men's H64455533

The best part about this watch is that it gives off an old yet classic look. But, how may you ask? Well, the brown leather band and the black dial make the watch look great and give off an old aesthetic look.

In fact, the look of the watch is considered its USP. However, the watch does give off a premium feel to it due to the polished finish. Hence, you can use it every day and on different occasions as well.

Speaking of everyday use, the watch can hold off against most abuse. This is due to the sapphire crystal dial and the stainless-steel built. The solid construction of the watch adds up in providing toughness and durability. Whereas, the sapphire crystal on the dial of the watch makes it scratch-resistance. So, you can easily use this watch on a daily basis.

If you’re someone who puts every little thing into details then you’ll love this watch as well. The watch has sword-shaped hands and little boxes for the display of dates. Hence, you’ll love the attention to detail in this watch.

Lastly, it does have some cons and that’s why it fails to secure a position among the top 3. Let’s check those out below-


  • Has a great design and a premium feel.
  • Is scratch and water-resistant. 
  • Durable construction.
  • Comfortable with the wrists.


  • The leather strap can be a bit too stiff.
  • The boxes that show the dates are too small

5. Seiko Men's Watch SARB017

It’s almost the same as the 2nd product in our list. Then, why have we placed this product at the bottom of our list?

Well, before answering this question. Let’s check out some of the important features that make this product stay on our list of the best mechanical watches.

Starting off, Seiko Men's Watch SARB017 has an incredible design of its own. With a green dial and a brown band, the watch looks great. So, if you’re not too picky, you’ll definitely love the watch at first glance.

Moving on, the water-resistance of this product is amazing. Similar to the 2nd product in our list, it also has a water-resistance of almost 200m. So, you won’t have to worry when you take this watch with you to the pool. However, we don’t recommend taking this watch when you’re going for a deep dive.

Lastly, the stainless steel built and the sapphire crystal on the dial makes it durable. Hence, it’ll last for a longer period of time. And to take things to the next level, it’ll withstand scratches and resist daily abuse.

So, back to the question of why this product is down at the bottom. Well, it does miss some key factors. Hence, it fails to be at the top 3. Let’s take a look at cons below-


  •  Has scratch resistance due to the sapphire crystals
  • Has scratch resistance due to the sapphire crystals
  • It’s water-resistant up to 200m.
  • Made of a unique, incredible design.
  • Has a premium finish.


  • The back of the case is too tight and can’t be removed if you want. 
  • Some users complained about the internal bezel to be too loose 

6. Orient Men's 'Sun and Moon Version 3'

Finally, we’re at the end of our list. And the last product we have for you is the Orient Men's 'Sun and Moon Version 3'. However, just because it’s the last product, doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. In fact, it’s one of the best ones you can buy right now.

So, what’s so special about this product that we placed it on our list? Well, the durable construction and the sapphire crystal dial makes the watch favorite to many.

Here, the sapphire crystal dial makes the watch scratch-resistant and the durable construction allows it to withstand most abuses on it. Hence, you can use this watch daily.

On the other hand, the watch has water-resistance as well. So, if you take this watch for a swim, it won’t get damaged.

Lastly, the white dial and the black band of the watch makes it look great to the eye. And, the main benefit of this is that you can wear to match any formal or casual outfit.


  • Simple yet attractive design.
  • Has scratch and water-resistance.
  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Easy to read due to the large dial.


  • The rotor of the watch is a bit noisy.

Buyer’s Guide

Well, we’re almost at the end of our article. However, by now, you’ve been introduced to 6 watches. And, all of their features and this much information might confuse you easily.

Don’t worry, it’s normal to get confused. After all, we’re humans. But, it isn’t normal to remain confused throughout the buying process. Because you’ll end up purchasing the wrong product for yourself.

So, we’ve brought out this buyer’s guide for you. This section will contain the key buying factors needed when buying a mechanical watch under 500.

Moreover, you can take some ideas from this guide when buying automatic watches under 500 as well. That said, let’s begin-

Construction & Build-Quality

Yes, you heard me right. The construction and build quality of the watch is extremely important. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying an expensive watch or a lower-end one, it needs to have solid construction.

This is because if the construction is weak, the watch will break down and not last long. On the other hand, weak construction doesn't allow the watch to be durable and it can’t withstand daily abuse.

Apart from this, the build quality of the watch needs to be great as well. Having a good build quality means that the watch won’t scratch and damage easily. So, make sure you’re checking these two factors out when buying the product.

Band Material

Many overlook the bands that they’re buying. Most of the time, people are focused on the dial. And here’s where things get complicated.

If you don’t have a comfortable band, your wrists will hurt. Moreover, stiff bands don’t look good as well. So, when you’re buying a watch, make sure you’re going for leather bands that aren’t too stiff.

Scratch & Water Resistance

Well, we talked about scratch resistance on the build-quality. So, let’s focus on the water-resistance.

If you want to take your watch at the time of swimming then you might want to buy the ones that have water-resistance. Moreover, water-resistance on watches is a key factor for divers, swimmers. So. consider this factor before buying.


This is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

At the start of the article, we’ve mentioned how people want to flaunt their status by showing off their watches. Even if you don’t have any intention of that sort, you’d still want a watch with a good design.

So, you can take a look at the design and buy the ones that look great. But, don’t rush here. Take your time and get a feel of the watch.


What is the best dress watch under 500?

The Seiko Automatic Stainless Steel Watch is the best dress watch under 500.

Should you buy mechanical watches?

Yes, these watches are worth it and everyone should have at least one.

Will mechanical watches last forever?

No, but they do last for a long time. Some last 30-40 years whereas some last for only a month. So, it depends on quality.

What are the best automatic watches under 500?

: Casio Edifice, Bulova LED Computron, and Citizen Promaster Chrono Diver are the best watches under 500.

Parting Words

Well, that’s all we have for you. Hopefully, we’re able to make it all clear for you and now you can choose the best mechanical watches under 500.

In the end, we’d like to say that it’s pretty easy to choose any one of the watches on the list. Because all of them are the best ones you can buy.

And, if you’re still confused then go through the buying guide again. So, why don’t you buy one for yourself? Good Luck!

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