Top 10 Best Scope For AR 15 Under $100 In 2023: The Hunter’s Choice

best scope for ar 15 under $100

Looking for some thrilling experience in your hunting career? Duh! scopes seem quite expensive?

Here comes a range of scope that is the best companion for your AR-15 and costs under 100$. Even though the price seems relatively low, do not underestimate the skills and values of them. Sometimes, a high-quality scope can fulfil your budget requirements and give you an excellent experience as it becomes your rifle's reliable companion.

Let's have a look at these best scope for ar 15 under $100 and décor your hunting arsenal.

10 Best Scope For AR 15 Under $100

1. Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

Beauty! Pure beauty!! The name explains it all, isn't it? You will have the clearest vision at the dawn and the dusk. It is an excellent scope for hunting. It is not only the best rifle scope under 100, but also has supreme specifications. Let's delve deeper.

It has multi-coated optics and a one-piece tube. The scope is total fog proof, waterproof, and shock-resistant. Interestingly, the scope is dry nitrogen filled and has a fast-focus eyepiece.

The Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn is a scope with a matte finish, a 40 mm objective lens, and an adjustment range of 60 inches. It provides a changeable zoom from 4X to 12X. This scope has stunning features, which allows us to contemplate it to be one of the best scopes in its class. It is a versatile scope perfect for long-range shooting.

The purpose of rifle scopes is to create a clear portrayal of the prey, for which magnification is a prime requirement. Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn will always keep you contented in this field.


  • High-Speed focus eyepiece.
  • 100% water-resistant and fog-resistant.
  • Low-light amplification with 4-12X.
  • Dusk and dawn brilliance multi-coated glass for brightness and transparency.
  • Eye-relief of 3.3 inches.


  • Adjustment turrets labelled.

Our Verdict:

As the witness to its eminence, the Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn 6-18x50 have a record number of reviews. Bushnell Banner is one of the finest scopes in its price range.

2. UTG BugBuster Scope

Either you are a beginner or a pro, if you own an airgun, you must check out this scope. It has a smart spherical structure (SSS), which controls the interaction between the scope's joints. Wonder, what is it called? It is none other than The UTG BugBuster 3-9x32.

BugBuster, The UTG BugBuster, is an aluminum-made, entirely sealed, 100% nitrogen filled, shock-proof, rain-proof, fog-proof scope. The scope is fantastic for beginners. It also has excellent lockable and resettable turrets. It has an emerald coated lens, which gives a crystalline view. It gives you a freestanding view from 3 yards to infinity.

This scope has a finger convertible W/E Knobs system, and it is a very sustainable scope. This scope is typically used for Airsoft assault rifles. The scope comes with two lithium metal batteries. It also has both red and green sparkles and friendly eye relief, making this a cherry pie for all hunters.


  • Sharp optics.
  • Light reticle gives an impressive performance even in the dark.
  • Lockable and resettable turrets.
  • Adjustable wide range from 3 yards to infinity.
  • 2-inch sunshade, high-grade flip-open lens cap, and quickly movable rings.


  • Needs refill of batteries (Lithium pair) after continuous use for a few years.

Our Verdict:

The UTG BugBuster is a lot for its price. A perfect match for a variety of weapons. It is a multifunctional and accurate optical scope—an excellent choice for professional hunters

3. Simmons Rifle Scope: 

Frankly, I like Simmons scopes. You may wonder why? Because of its ultra-light-weight. This scope weighs only 10.08 ounces. Perfectly manageable for a newbie.

It has a stunning outlook, Ah! The black matte finishing, too strong. Obviously, like other standard scopes, it is resistant to water, fog, and recoil.

It carries incredible specs. I am a real admirer of the 9X magnification system and 50-millimeter object lens. Though it has a 31.4 feet aerial view for a hundred yards at 3X zoom, I think it should be improved a bit. A 50 feet aerial view at 3X zoom and 15 feet aerial view at 9X zoom will do the hunters' tricks.

Moreover, it has 3.75 inches eye relief, 16.6 to 5.6 mm exit pupil, and around 60 inches adjustment capacity at 100 yards.

The grip system is outstanding. SureGrip is installed in it with audible windage, and additionally, you will get elevation adjustments. Now, let's explain some more of the windage facilities like it has TrueZero fingertip windage.

Simmons rifle scope has built-in Quick Target Acquisition and simple target acquisition facility. It will provide thrilling hunting experiences as you can lock a target very easily with just a blink of the eye.


  • Excellent grip and focusing option.
  • Triplex reticle.
  • Fully coated and generates high-contrast images.
  • Wide zoom selection facility.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Aerial view range can be improved.

Our Verdict:

I think for its price, it deserves to be mounted on your lovely rifle, and in return, it will provide the incredible mounts for hanging with your wall. Happy decor!

4. Bushnell Trophy TRS

What about a scope that offers unlimited eye relief and turbo shots with 11 different types of brightness settings? It sounds like it will never let you miss a target because it's the best ar 15 scope under 100.

Here we're talking about The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25. It has got a black matte finish with a multi-coated lens in it. As every scope has a nitrogen-purged lens, so does this one. You can rely on it in any weather because of its fog-resistant and water-resistance building.

The scope has such brightness accuracy that the chase in the deepest of woods becomes effortless. Also, nothing can go wrong when you have Bushnell Red Dots in your hands. It works best when it is set up on a rifle, an AR-15, or shotgun.


  • A range of 70+ MOA
  • Unlimited eye relief.
  • Multi-coated optics with 11 different brightness settings.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Fog, shock, and water resistance.


  • No auto-shutoff function.

Our Verdict:

It is a pretty lightweight, compact, and multi-coated scope, a delicious fruit for its cost. When set up in a rifle or shotgun, it can be an absolutely reliable companion, indeed one of the best rifle scopes for ar15.

5. Pinty 2.5

So, let's talk about the best rifle scope under 100 and works best for AR 15, also has integrated red laser light, weighs 20.5 ounces, and magnification with a 40 mm objective and a field view of 100 yards. The scope we are going to talk about is none other than Pinty 2.5.

The scope has a robust alloy aluminum construction with a quick and secure attachment to all the weaver rails. It is designed with a multi-coated green objective lens possessing a better transmittance of gleam for better performance. It has a magnification of 2.5-10x and 40 mm objective lens, giving a clear field vision up to 100 yards. It is also a nitrogen-filled, O-ring sealed scope which makes it water, fog, and shock-resistant.

The scope holds five different levels of brightness, which makes it suitable for every weather and environment. This scope needs 3V batteries (lithium), and it offers you a lot at its price. It also has a tubeless design and a 33mm reflex optics aperture.

From my point of view, it's a cheap ar15 scope with outstanding performance.


  • Weighs 20.5 ounces;
  • A multi-coated lens with 100% nitrogen filled and fog, water, and shock-resistant
  • Red and green illuminated mil-dot reticle.
  • Five different brightness settings.
  • Red laser sight with 2mW power.


  • Batteries may rip off quickly.

Our Verdict:

Pinty 2.5 is a budget-friendly scope and has a red laser which is 2mW and has five different brightness settings for any kind of weather. So it's always worth the price.

6. CVLIFE 2.5 

A scope built with high strength aircraft aluminum and also matte in color. The scope also has a 2 in 1 specialized design. Yes, black, you read that correctly. Indeed, sounds promising enough. It is CVLIFE 2.5, which offers you a lot more than you expect.

The scope has a red-green illuminated scope and gun sight laser in 580 gms, making it pretty lightweight. This also holds a bullet drop compensator that helps in swift adjustments of the lens while shooting. It has an eye relief of 101.6 mm, and the Keller eyepiece gives you the opportunity for additional field view up to 100 yards. The scope also has a scratch-resistant coating and fog, water, and shock resistance that secures the scope from dirt, oil, and scratches.


  • Lightweight.
  • Five levels of red and green illumination reticle.
  • Scratch, fog, water, and shock-resistant.
  • Eye relief and Keller eyepiece.


  • There is little sighting issue with this scope in an adverse atmosphere.

Our Verdict:

The above scope is one of the most reliable scopes you will find, and you already know the best part, its worth the money. It's going to be a mind-blowing duo once you attach it to your weapon. Undoubtedly, the best scope for ar 15 under $100, will blow your mind and enhance your hunting skills.

7. Tacticon Predator V1

The name speaks for itself, a gleaming and robust body formation designed for tactical and hunting rifles. Price is very affordable and relatively cheap ar15 scope according to its quality.

The action promises to make your hunting experience better with the range of various scopes, and the Taction Predator V1 is one of those.

The rifle scope holds a 5 level brightness adjustment facility with four different reticle designs. It has a hand-tightening rail mount, which helps you get a better grip. The scope is created with convertible windage and elevation. The scope also has all(shock, fog, and water) the required resistance to perform your best even in harsh weather.

This scope comes with two lithium-ion batteries. The most impressive feature is the red-green dot adjustability, even in dark lights up to 100 yards, making the scope a versatile one. It also has an eye relief of 2.5 inches.


  • Hand tightening for better grip.
  • Convertible windage and elevation.
  • Shock, water, and fog-resistant.
  • Red and green dot adjustability.
  • Runs on lithium-ion batteries.


  • The reticle is slightly blurry.

Our Verdict:

Tacticon Predator V1isone of the most versatile scopes for your taction or hunting rifle. It is suitable for every type of weather. The red-green dots are adjustable according to the different brightness levels, which is great for this price scope.

8. Monstrum 2-7x32 Rifle Scope 

This exotic piece offers you an AO Rifle Scope with illuminated rangefinder optics with a magnification up to 7 times. It is the Monstrum 2-7x32 rifle scope.

The scope is an aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum-made body and has matte based finishing. It is nitrogen charged, fog, water, and shock-resistant. The illuminated red-green reticle, along with the AO lens, is detachable with a throw lever. It offers five different brightness levels and allows you to have a clear sight, even in the dark. This scope has a rangefinder optics that authorizes you to reimburse for bullet drop.

As the scope is a close-mid range scope, it lets you shoot up to 300+ yards, with the magnification of 2-7x. The scope rings included standard medium profile, and it has a 3.5-3.8 inch eye relief.


  • An aircraft of 6061 aluminum built up.
  • Close mid-range scope with 2-7x magnification that allows a crystal clear image up to 300+ yards.
  • The AO allows having a clear target with an eye relief of 3.5-3.8 inches.
  • Rangefinder reticle authorizes for bullet drop.
  • Red-green illumination lens and shock, water, fog resistant.


  • The scope mount quality is relatively cheaper quality than the scope materials.

Our Verdict:

A budget-friendly scope. It has magnificent magnification and ultra clearance. It can be the best option for professional hunters who love to hunt in adverse and challenging conditions.

9. Mid-ten 4-12x

The Mid-ten is a 4 in 1 rifle scope, with a dot sight, red laser sight, and magnification range of 4-12x, giving you a clear view up to 100 yards. The eye relief that comes with the scope is unlimited. One of the best ar 15 scope under 100, and serves facilities of expensive scopes.

This scope has a red laser with 2mW, a wavelength of 650 nm, and runs on three batteries. This scope has an entirely multi-coated optics, with five controllable brightness levels that give you a complete accuracy up to 100 yards. Its design includes O-ring sealing, 100% nitrogen filled, water, fog, shock resistant, and easily mountable.

You get all this just in 25 ounces, don't go on the size cause this offers you a magnification up to 4-12x, which gives you a clear image of the target even in dim lights and rough weather. The two different colored red-green sights with four different illuminated patterns give you high accuracy and higher image quality with unlimited eye relief.

The above-mentioned specifications are the best ar 15 scope under 100 and can not be easily beaten by its peers.


  • Lightweight
  • Magnification range 4x-12x and five levels of adjustable brightness for better accuracy even in low light.
  • Red laser with 2mW power.
  • Unlimited eye relief with red-green sights and four different illuminated patterns.
  • O-ring sealing, nitrogen filled, shock, water, and water-resistant.


  • Crosshairs are great but misaligned after multiple years of use.

Our Verdict:

This is one of the most reliable and best-selling scopes, either you are a beginner or an experienced hunter, this will not disappoint you in any field. It provides you with a higher accuracy due to its 4 in 1 specialized design.

10. Monstrum 3-9x32 Rifle Scope

Another Monstrum? Well yes. Tactical rifle scope for long-distance shooting range with 3-9x magnification, 32 mm objective diameter, and 3.5-3.8 eye relief. It is the Monstrum 3-9x32 rifle scope with a rangefinder reticle. Interestingly it's a cheap ar15 scope with outstanding hunting facilities.

The scope is available in flat dark earth and matte black color—rangefinder optics to better resolve long distant targets. It also has red-green lights and various adjustable intensity of brightness, giving you a clear view of the mark in harsh weather or darkness. The scope design also includes a set of quality profile scope rings for ideal scope placement.

It is built with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs around 13 ounces. The scope is designed with a detachable throw lever, CR1632A batteries, and a multi-coated lens for fog, water, and shock resistance—the equipped rangefinder optics with red-green light and adjustable brightness levels for better vision.


  • 3-9x magnification and 32 mm objective diameter.
  • Detachable throw lever.
  • Multi-coated lens, Red-green lights, and different brightness intensities.
  • Runs on batteries.
  • Shock, fog, and water-resistant.


  • The duration of eye relief should be a bit longer.

Our Verdict:

Its a high performing scope with different levels of brightness intensity. It helps you get a better view up to 100 yards even in the dark, giving you a magnification range of 3-9x.

Buyer's Guide

Core Material

Aircraft-grade aluminum and 6061 aluminum are the proper and reliable material for durable scopes. It gives the scope a sturdy look and also makes it lightweight.

Magnification and Scope Range

A rifle scope with a magnification range of 3-9x and 4-12x will give you a clear sight for your target. The scope of this will provide you with a satisfactory resolution from 100 to 300+ yards.

Eye Relief and Resistance

A reliable scope should be designed with O-ring sealing, 100% nitrogen-filled tube, shock-proof, waterproof, and fog-proof. These resistances are essential so that hunters get the best experiences even in harsh weather. The need for eye relief in the scope is immense. As hunters would want to hunt in every climate, and even in the nights, eye relief is a must for a rifle scope.

Reticle and Laser Sight

The optics must be multi-coated. Reticles with red or green lights help you get a view of your target. It is quite essential to have different brightness level intensities. A laser sight at night or dim light can give you a better resolution of the target's image while hunting.

Lens Transmission

The best scope can offer you is around up to 98% of light transmission. However, most scopes give you 95-90% of light transmission. The larger you lens or reticle, the more light passes to your eyepiece, giving you a better view.


Batteries are budget-friendly and changeable, which is why they are included in most scopes. In this very case, lithium batteries are the best option for your scopes.


Scopes are designed to be made with durable materials but should not be very lightweight, either very heavy in weight. Something around 11 ounces- 22 ounces is okay for a scope that has 3-9x magnification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best specification of scope for hunting deer?

A scope with a multi-coated lens and a magnification of 3-9x allows you to get quite a detailed view from a short-medium distance.

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Should you mount your own scope?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Yes, you should mount your scope. You must mount your scope; if anyone else mounts your scope, that would probably not be appropriately mounted and might face problems when you send bullets downrange.

How far should your eye be from a rifle scope?

The eye relief decides the distance between the eyepiece of the scope and your eye. Eye relief is a critical condition for buying any scope. A minimum powered eye relief would be 4 inches or 101.6 mm; the more the eye relief, the better the scope for hunting or shooting.

Do snipers keep both eyes open?

No, I'd say that snipers keep only one eye open while they shoot towards an object from my own experience. The reason behind this is the vision through a long-range scope, where the prey seems relatively small to the hunter, it is quite tough to get an acquire perfectly without closing an eye.

Final Words

By now, you must have an idea of which one of the above scopes would be the most reliable and best Scope for ar 15 under $100 for your rifle. However, sometimes a budget-friendly scope will fill up your needs just fine.

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