Best Staple Gun for Insulation of 2022

If you are looking for the best staple gun for insulation, this blog post is just what you need. We will be reviewing five different types of staple guns, and we’ll tell you which one we think is the best. When choosing a staple gun, the most important factor is how well it works with your specific type of insulation (foam, fiberglass, etc.). It may also be helpful to know where on the spectrum between durability and convenience you’re trying to find your “perfect” staple gun. If you have any questions about our top picks or want recommendations based on your personal needs, please reach out!

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Table of Contents

  • Best Staple Gun for Insulation: A Comparison
  •  12 Best Rated Staple Gun for Insulation: An Overview
  • 1. STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun
  • 2. Arrow T59 Wiring Tacker
  • 3. WETOLS DY808 Staple Gun
  • 4. DEWALT DWHT80276 Staple Gun
  • 5. KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit
  • 6. BOSTITCH T6-8 Upholstery Stapler
  • 7. TOOLZILLA® TZ31PRO Heavy Duty Staple Gun
  • 8.WORKPRO Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun Kit
  • 9. Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun
  • 10. NEU MASTER NTC0070 Staple Gun
  • 11. REXBETI REX-2863 Staple Gun
  • 12. PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun
  • Things to Consider when Buying the Best Staple Gun for Insulation
  • FAQs about Staple Gun for Insulation
    • What size staples do I need for insulation?
    • Can you use a pneumatic stapler for insulation?
    • How do you staple fiberglass insulation?
    • How often do you staple insulation?

Best Staple Gun for Insulation: A Comparison

staple gun


operation mode


editor’s rating





1.5 lbs

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1.98 lbs

Check price on Amazon

WETOLS DY808 Staple Gun



1.98 lbs

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Carbon Fiber


0.864 lbs

Check price on Amazon

KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit



2.36 lbs

Check price on Amazon

BOSTITCH T6-8 Upholstery Stapler



1.9 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

TOOLZILLA® TZ31PRO Heavy Duty Staple Gun



‎1.48 pounds

Check price on Amazon

WORKPRO Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun Kit



‎2.51 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun

Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Rubber


‎2.2 pounds

Check price on Amazon

NEU MASTER NTC0070 Staple Gun



‎2.86 pounds

Check price on Amazon

REXBETI REX-2863 Staple Gun

Carbon Steel, Metal, Rubber


‎3.65 pounds

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PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun

Stainless Steel


2.88 pounds

Check price on Amazon

 12 Best Rated Staple Gun for Insulation: An Overview

1. STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun


Imagine a world where you can confidently put up your wallpaper or even hang the drywall. What about when you need to seal some joints in the bathroom? You don’t have to worry anymore because now there’s STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun!

The Stanley TR250 is not your average, run-of-the-mill nail gun. Instead, this product offers the user a way to quickly and easily move on up in their profession without all of the hassles that can come with it.

The lightweight design makes this model easy for anyone from professionals to amateurs alike, making this an excellent investment!

The STANLEY SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun isn’t just another generic unit; it’s specially designed to meet any professional or amateur toolbox needs you may have when looking for assistance around construction sites, furniture building jobs sites, or even home improvement projects like finishing off those pesky hardwood floors.

Top Features

Proudly made in the USA

STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun is proudly made in the USA and has been a staple of construction workers for decades. It features an innovative safety mechanism that will not fire unless it detects pressure from your finger, making it safer than other nail guns on the market today.

A STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun offers you peace of mind knowing that with its patented dual-safety system, there’s no chance this nailing gun could accidentally discharge while being carried or stored away after use – unlike some similar models available today!

Flush-nose design

Stanley has designed a flush-nose design for its STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus to solve the problem of stapling in tight spots.

Stanley’s new line, the Stanley TR250 SharpShooter Plus, is helping workers complete small tasks efficiently with its easy and compact size that solves problems like staple placement in tight spaces.

Quick-view window

The STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus is so easy to use, you won’t even have to read the instructions. The quick-view window not only simplifies staple identification but also makes it easier for users with smaller hands or shaky fingers by providing a clearer view of each side of the stapler’s head.

Hi/Lo power lever

The STANLEY TR250 SharpShooter Plus is perfect for hard and soft materials. In addition, the Hi/Lo power lever allows the user to switch between different levels of stapling force, making it a versatile tool that can be used in many situations without needing two separate tools.

Aircraft-aluminum housing

The STANLEY TR250 is built with an aviation-grade metal casing for maximum efficiency, so you can be sure it will last through years of use without any problems or defects.


Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 11.5 x 10.3 inches

Color: Grey/Black

Tool length: 7 inch

Warranty: Limited lifetime


  • Fast and easy to use

  • Get the job done with less effort.

  • Drive more nails in less time with this high-powered tool!

  • You’ll be able to work longer without feeling tired.


  • It is difficult to nail into hard surfaces.

2. Arrow T59 Wiring Tacker


Get the Arrow T59 Wiring Tacker and say goodbye to tangled wires! The Arrow T59 is a pretty standard wire tacking tool that has been around for decades. It’s easy to use, and you’ll be able to tack wires quickly without the need for any other tools, which makes it perfect for DIYers or those with limited access to equipment in their job space.

The T59 Wire Tacker provides a safe and secure installation for low voltage wires up to 5/16˝. This unit is versatile in that it accommodates an array of wire sizes.

Its efficient design allows you to securely attach the desired amount without easily over-stretching the fastener, as some staple guns do. The gun features black and clear insulators; therefore, no project will ever be set back from running out of the appropriate colors again.

It is designed to properly install all types of telephone, TV cable, computer cables, and security systems – this ensures your wiring doesn’t go astray!

Top Features

Chromed-steel body

When you’re working on a large project and need to staple wire or cable, it can be not easy. The T59 Wire and Cable Staple Gun from Arrow Fastener is the perfect solution for all your needs! This stapler features an easy-load design that won’t get jammed up with wires like other tools might vary due to its steel construction. Plus, thanks to its chrome finish which resists wear and tear, this tool will last as long as you do- even if there’s tough stuff in between (like staples!)

Comfortable grip

The Arrow T59 Wiring Tacker offers a comfortable grip and unique design. It has a non-slip handle for easy use, and it is lightweight and compact. The Arrow T59 Wiring Tacker can be used on all types of wires and cables. It is designed to provide superior performance with a high-quality construction that ensures durability even after years of use.

Rear-load magazine

Are you tired of constantly dealing with tangled wiring? The T59 is a high-performance wire tacker that offers one-handed operation with an ergonomic handle design, meaning no more stiff fingers. The rear loading magazine provides reliable and durable input and reduces reload time for continuous production. In addition, this machine operates quickly at up to 600 cycles per minute – so it’s perfect for use in industrial settings.

Grooved wire guide

Arrow T59 Wiring tacker is the perfect solution for anyone that needs to string up wire, no matter how they do it. Arrow tacks all sorts of wiring with its track-guided design! It prevents damage by guiding cable through aluminum channels while maintaining easy control during use (no more fumbling around trying to find where they’re supposed to go). In addition, the rail system makes running cables across ceilings quick and simple.


Product Dimensions: ‎7.2 x 6 x 1 inches

Country of Origin: China

Color: Chrome

Included Components: Handtools, Staplers, Tackers & Staples, Hand Staplers and Tackers


  • No need to hold the wire in place while tacking it

  • Tack wires without damaging them

  • Save time and energy with this quick, easy tool

  • Make your work look professional with this tool


  • Wire scratching may occur on occasion

3. WETOLS DY808 Staple Gun


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your furniture repairs just didn’t seem to turn out right? Faulty metal staples were piling up, and holes weren’t getting filled. Are these kinds of wood repairs a nightmare for you, or are they just a haunting thought that has never come to fruition? The WETOLS DY808 Staple Gun is here to help! This heavy-duty staple gun comes with three different applications – D-staple, U-staple, and T-staple-the staple is sure to be precisely what you need each time around.

It’s comfortable enough for anyone from teenagers to elderly adults! Made out of carbon steel, it can be used all around the house – even outdoor projects are fair game! In addition, the handle is hexagonally shaped, so no matter what hand size you have (even if it’s small), there’ll still be plenty more staples left over when they come shooting through one by one.

The best staple gun around? The answer may surprise you – but we’re pretty confident that when it comes down to stapling through bulky objects like ducting before installing your heater system or air conditioner’s ceiling mount bracket securely in place on a stud wall; nothing else will come close to comparing favorably against WETOLS DY808 at this price point.

These staple guns also have wide application in furniture making, industrial interiors, or any other DIY projects and use in upholstery and material repair for carpentry work. It can satisfy all needs!

Top Features

3-in-1 application

WETOLS DY808 Staple Gun can fasten three different staples with one tool, making it a practical and multi-functional staple gun. With its heavy-duty design for durability, this product is perfect for any job requiring binding or stapling.

Quickly Clear

You know that feeling when you’re so frustrated with your staple gun, and it won’t shoot, right? Well, as always, the most frustrating part is a stuck nail. Luckily if this were to happen, all you need to do is pull down on the metal drive channel to remove any of those stubborn nails!

Convenient Installation and Operation

Designed by a team of experts, the WETOLS Dy808 Staple Gun is made from durable carbon steel and features an innovative spring-back impact design. It can be used for multiple projects without wearing down thanks to its long service life, with only three steps needed before you’re ready to start stapling – just load it up!

Multiple Usage

In today’s busy world, the staple gun is a handy tool to have around. This versatile piece of equipment has it all, from upholstery and material repair to carpentry and furniture assembly.


Product Dimensions: ‎7.32 x 5.35 x 1.54 inches

Head Style: Mix

Item length: 3 inch

Finish: Stainless Steel


  • The staple gun is lightweight and easy to use

  • It has a metal construction that ensures durability

  • You’ll be able to get the job done with ease

  • Save time with less effort


  • It does not work well on flooring

4. DEWALT DWHT80276 Staple Gun


The DWHT80276 Staple Gun is ideal for people on the move. This versatile tool shoots both heavy-duty staples and 18 gauge brads that are easy to use, lightweight, and ergonomic.

You’ll love how fast you can load it up with staples or brads or how easily you can confirm when they’re about to run out – an indicator shows right in the viewing window.

The convertible belt clip lets you carry a staple gun comfortably in either your left or right hand for convenience’s sake while it hangs securely off almost any surface. But what we like even better are the features that make this small package so powerful.

This staple gun is professional grade. It features a carbon fiber composite housing that weighs 50% less than aluminum and has a quick bottom load design for convenience. For professionals who need something lightweight but durable, this DEWALT product is perfect.

The DEWALT DWHT80276 Staple Gun is the best electric staple gun for insulation. With its cushioned grip, fastener magazine capacity of 200 staples, 180 degrees opening in the front jaw, which allows easy access into awkward spaces like corners or tight grooves so you can make your flooring project as clean looking as possible even if it’s just a simple carpet job.

DEWALT has always been known to be one of the top brands for tools and equipment used on construction sites around America. Still, their latest product might have some people reconsidering whether they need such high-end quality because this electric stapler easily outperforms all other models on the market today at an affordable price point!

Top Features

2-in-1 Tacker

DEWALT DWHT80276 Staple Gun offers 2-in-1 functionality. This heavy-duty staple gun is capable of accepting staples and 18 gauge brads, making it a versatile tool for any job.

Carbon Fiber Body

Imagine the difference of carrying around a 50% lighter tool in your hands. With this DEWALT DWHT80276 Staple Gun, you can trim and mount wires with no difficulty at all! Unlike another lightweight, bulky guns due to their carbon steel construction, this one is light enough for everyone – even kids will be able to carry it without any problem whatsoever. And not just because it’s the lightweight-its compact body also ensures less fatigue during long hours on projects like upholstery work or home improvement tasks such as laying carpeting over walls.

Low fastener indicator

This staple gun is an excellent tool for quick and easy stapling jobs. In addition, it has an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to reload the staples with just one glance, which saves precious seconds on most projects.

Bottom load design

Have you ever wanted to load a staple gun in the dark? With DEWALT’s DWHT80276 Staple Gun, loading staples is a lot easier. This innovative design allows for quick and easy bottom-load operation with minimal light required. Plus, there are no small parts that can get lost during reloading!

Reversible belt hook

DEWALT’s latest staple gun includes a reversible belt hook that is perfect for left-handed or right-handed users. The innovative design lets you switch the direction of your work instantly without having to fumble with straps and hooks, so you can spend less time getting set up before the job starts.


Product Dimensions: 7.75 x 1.68 x 9.37 inches

Power Source: ‎Corded-electric

Color: Black

Style: Light

Warranty: Limited Lifetime


  • Faster and stronger

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy use

  • Get the job done right the first time

  • Finish projects faster with less effort

  • You’ll feel like a pro with this staple gun


  • Includes one-shot nails only, which means additional money needs to be spent on supplies for every project you work on

5. KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit


Want craft projects to be easy breezy? The KeLDE electric staple gun kit is perfect for any do-it-yourselfer or upcycling fanatic. With 900 pieces of T50 staples and 300 pcs of Brad nails at your disposal, you can tackle almost anything from hanging to mounting with ease!

KeLDE is the best staple gun for hanging insulation. These guns are easy and simple, with various settings that allow you to get all your miscellany stapled fast, strong, and at just the right height!

The power tool operates on a 10-foot grounded cord, so there’s no need to worry about staying within reach. Instead, keep one hand on the trigger safety lock to prevent unexpected firing while still being able to pull it out when necessary.

As a bonus, this lightweight tool with an ergonomic handle offers greater comfort and control during use, and changing staples couldn’t be easier thanks to its transparent topside cartridge system. If quality workmanship is what you’re after, then invest in the KeLDE electric staple gun kit.

Top Features


KeLDE Electric Staple Gun is the only staple gun that can be used with one hand for precision and a comfortable grip. In addition, with its trigger-safety lock, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected firings while stapling or nailing!

In just seconds, KeLDE’s electric nailer will power through tough materials like particleboard without breaking your arm off in the process. In addition, its handy safety lock means no more accidents when storing it away – plus, this bad boy comes at an affordable price point (compared to other heavy-duty models), so there isn’t anything else stopping you from picking up yours today.

Super lightweight

A little woman or child with a creative mind can now handle their crafts more efficiently than ever before, thanks to the lightweight and comfortable design of this new electric staple gun from KeLDE.

Widely Use

Say goodbye to hours of manual labor with the KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit. The easy-to-use staple gun has various versatile uses, including stapling and nailing cardboard material for store displays; insulating materials to save on heating bills in your home or office; fastening fabric together so that it can withstand wear and tear without ripping! Choose from staples made out of aluminum or steel wire – both will do all the hard work you need when crafting anything from clothes hemming projects at home, upholstery jobs around town, even carpentry tasks such as joints between boards: no matter what DIY project you are tackling next.

Safety Mechanism

KeLDE’s Electric Staple Gun has triple locks: on/off switch, striker pin, and power trigger lock. When these three safety features are locked in place, you can store your electric staple gun at home without the fear of curious kids getting their hands on it.


Product Dimensions: 9.69 x 7.09 x 2.52 inches

Color: Grey and Red

Power source: Corded Electric

Style: 120V Stapler


  • Get the job done in less time with a long 10ft cord

  • You’ll feel safe because there’s no risk of accidental firing

  • Comfort and control when using the tool

  • Increased accuracy for your work

  • Quality craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime


  • It doesn’t come with staples

6. BOSTITCH T6-8 Upholstery Stapler


I was in the market for a new upholstery stapler and came across the BOSTITCH T6-8. I did a little research and found that this stapler had some good reviews, so I decided to try it.

I have to say that I am really happy with this stapler. It is easy to use and has enough power to staple through pretty thick fabric. I have used it on a few projects now, and it has worked great every time.

Overall, I highly recommend the BOSTITCH T6-8 upholstery stapler for anyone looking for a good-quality stapler that can handle some tough projects.

7. TOOLZILLA® TZ31PRO Heavy Duty Staple Gun


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty staple gun that is reliable and easy to use, the TOOLZILLA® TZ31PRO should be at the top. This powerful tool can handle even the most stubborn staples, making it a must-have for any DIY project.

What I love about the TZ31PRO is its simplicity – there are no complicated buttons or levers to figure out; pull the trigger and go. It’s also very lightweight, making it easy to handle even when working on a big project.

The only downside to the TZ31PRO is that it can be a bit noisy, but for the power it delivers, that’s a small price to pay. Overall, I would highly recommend this staple gun to anyone looking for a reliable, durable tool that is easy to use.

8.WORKPRO Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun Kit


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty staple gun kit, the WORKPRO 4-in-1 might be what you need. This versatile tool can do everything from stapling to tacking to nailing, making it a great choice for projects.

One thing I really like about this staple gun is the adjustable depth. You can easily set it to the right depth for your project, which is great if you’re working with different materials. The gun is also comfortable to hold, even for extended periods, which is a plus.

Overall, I’m really happy with this staple gun kit. It’s easy to use and does a great job. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quality staple gun.

9. Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun


Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun is a great product to have. It saves time and energy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a staple gun. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the staples sometimes don’t go all the way in, so you have to be careful when pulling the gun away from the material you are stapling. Overall, I love this product and would buy it again.

I was hesitant to purchase the Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun at first, but I am so glad that I did. This is a great staple gun! It is easy to use and saves time and energy.

The Kohree HY0627 Staple Gun is a great option for an easy-to-use and efficient staple gun. This tool is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile option for various projects. The HY0627 is also designed for insulation, making it the perfect choice for anyone working on a home insulation project.

10. NEU MASTER NTC0070 Staple Gun


Looking for the best staple gun for insulation? You may have come across the NEU MASTER NTC0070 Staple Gun. But does it live up to the hype? After using it for a few weeks, here’s my review of this tool.

The NEU MASTER NTC0070 is a great staple gun. It’s easy to use and makes quick work of stapling up insulation. I was impressed with how well it worked – I was able to staple through two layers of insulation without any problems.

The NEU MASTER NTC0070 is also lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it easy to use for extended periods. Overall, I would highly recommend this staple gun to anyone looking for a tool to help with insulation installation.

11. REXBETI REX-2863 Staple Gun


As an experienced contractor, I have used my share of staple guns. And I have to say; the REXBETI REX-2863 is one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s perfect for insulation installation, as the staples go in nice and deep. It’s also very comfortable to hold, which is important when you’re staple-gunning for hours.

The REXBETI REX-2863 is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable staple gun that can handle various applications. It’s easy to use and even easier to adjust, making it the perfect choice for staple gun novices and experts alike.

The REXBETI REX-2863 is built to last. This staple gun is tough enough to handle even the most challenging jobs with its all-metal construction. So if you’re looking for a staple gun that can do it all, the REXBETI REX-2863 is perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend the REXBETI REX-2863Staple Gun. It’s a top-quality tool that will make your insulation installation smoother.

12. PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun


Looking for the best staple gun to help with your insulation projects? Reviewing the PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun might be just what you need!

This powerful little tool is perfect for various jobs, from upholstery to insulation. It’s easy to use and delivers a strong, consistent staple every time. Best of all, the PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun is affordable and comes with a handy carrying case.

If you’re looking for a reliable staple gun that can handle various projects, the PHITRIC Upholstery Staple Gun is a great choice.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Staple Gun for Insulation

Insulation staple guns are a handy tool, and when you have to do the insulation job at home, this machine should be at your reach. But first, before buying one for yourself, consider a few factors to avoid unwanted hassle and get the most suitable product for your needs. Let’s see what these important things are:

The type of insulation material you want to use with it.

Staple guns don’t work well on every type of insulation material out there, so make sure that you will only use those suitable for them. For example, metal staples can damage fiberglass or polystyrene foam if used with them. If possible, try checking online reviews where customers give information about how effective the staple gun works on different types of insulation material.

When you want to use it.

Different staple gun models are designed for multiple usage purposes, and some of them can be used in various applications like home remodeling, construction fields, or even agriculture. If you plan to use this tool in farming, make sure that the one you will buy has specifications and features suitable for your needs, such as durability, lightweight but strong frame, and easy maintenance. On the other hand, if you are planning to do some home improvement projects or building a new house, then buying several units will be a great idea because these tools can be used regularly, so having multiples handy is better than having only one since it won’t last long anyway when utilized frequently.

For specific insulation projects.

It’s also another factor you should consider when buying a new staple gun for your needs. For example, if you are planning to do several insulation projects, it would be best to buy those that can handle all possible materials and applications on the job, like having one with adjustable depth and power settings so you can regulate as needed for each material or application.

When dealing with big projects.

A high-powered staple gun is ideal for any large-scale insulation job because they don’t run out of power fast, meaning that they can finish an entire large room faster than low-power ones, which tend to run out of staples quickly, especially if used in conjunction with hard insulation boards. But, again, make sure that the model has adjustable speed settings and depth settings so you can adjust it depending on the job.

When considering the budget.

If you want to save a dollar or two, consider getting a staple gun that has a reasonable price and features and, if possible, one sold at discounted prices since this way, you get to buy more for less. But before purchasing, make sure that it’s still in good condition because low-cost items usually come with defective quality components that don’t last long. It’s best to spend some extra dollars than buying several cheap ones to finish your project fast because chances are, they won’t last long anyway and will need replacement once the work is done.

If working with limited space is a problem for you:

Consider getting an air-powered type insulation staple gun since they are easy to carry around and work with. Also, when working in a limited space or tight angle, it’s best to get one lightweight so you can maneuver easily.

It’s also essential that you read online reviews of the most popular staple guns for insulation purposes available today before deciding on a specific model because this way, you’ll be able to learn more about them by reading customer feedback and experiences from different people who have bought these products already and used them on real tasks. As a result, you’ll know what’s good and not about specific models depending on users’ inputs.

FAQs about Staple Gun for Insulation

What size staples do I need for insulation?

Insulation can come in any size, given the right staple gun, but generally, insulation staple size is determined by the thickness of material that needs to be stapled together. For example, it’s very common for people to use 1/4″ staples for applications such as sealing the edges of roofs or door casings, and so on. On the other hand, it’s often recommended that 3/8″-1/2″ staples are used when adding sheets or rolls of fiberglass or plastic over ceilings or walls.

Can you use a pneumatic stapler for insulation?

Yes, a pneumatic stapler can be used for insulation. Here are some considerations to keep in mind though:

  1. If insulation is less than 20 mils (equivalent to 1/10 inches of thick foam), the staples may not hold up because they tend to remain open, and some air may escape. Nonetheless, it will still provide a good bit of protection against heat loss but not as much as thicker insulation would do while making installation easier.
  2. Thicker fields require more time which increases the installation cost.
  3. Sometimes, there are gaps between pieces of finished wall or roof sheathing, so materials need to be trimmed slightly smaller than the gap when installing panels if you want them to butt tightly together.

How do you staple fiberglass insulation?

You can staple fiberglass insulation with cardboard staples around the edges. However, because of the weight and bulkiness of insulation, it’s often not practical to do that. In those cases, you have to use copper or aluminum wire staples or, where allowed by code, PlastiSecure t-pins. A few details will work well for a small area: for larger areas, you need many more fasteners to obtain an equivalent strength level against pull-out forces.

Additionally, the installer must pay attention to that while installing t-pins; they do alternately place them so that there are no load concentrations at any point during installation if possible for the overall design is safe against forces from inside and outside

How often do you staple insulation?

A good rule of thumb is to staple at least one staple per in/ft for sheathing if the sheeting is compressed and one-half as many staples if it isn’t. But exactly how many times you should staple depends on your type of material, so make sure to read your provider’s guidelines before committing yourself!

We recommend using an 18ga or 16ga comb stapler with either 1-1/2″ or 2″ staples. This will offer enough “bite” against insulation sheets and siding boards without sacrificing speed capabilities (smaller diameter and shorter teeth). You’ll also need a 30-degree crown stapling angle instead of a flat stapling angle for proper sheath/truss assembly. The crowning will cause the staples to bite deeper into the material and have more holding power than a flat staple which requires more hammer-down force due to less depth of penetration and “bite.”

Final Verdict

The best staple gun for insulation is a must-have in your toolbox if you are an artist, carpenter, or homeowner. We hope this article has helped guide you to the perfect choice and will lead you through all essential considerations when buying one. If not, feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to answer any questions about how a great stapler can make your life just that little bit easier!

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