Best Torpedo Levels of 2022

You’re probably reading this blog post because you need a reliable torpedo level for your construction site. I can’t blame you, they are an important tool to have on hand, and it’s always better to go with the best of the best! I’m here to help though.

This blog post will help guide you through the process of finding the right one by highlighting some of our top picks. You’ll also learn about why we made these selections and how they might be useful to you in your day-to-day life. Use this information to help you find the best torpedo level for your needs! Read on to find out!

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Table of Contents

  • Best Torpedo Levels Comparison
  • 10 Best Rated Torpedo Levels: An Overview
  • 1. Greenlee L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level
  • 2. Klein Tools 935AB4V level
  • 3. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level
  • 4. Kapro 926M Magnetic Billet Level
  • 5. CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 Torpedo Level
  • 6. WORKPRO W062035A Torpedo Level
  • 7. Swanson Tool Co TL041M Torpedo Level
  • 8. WORKPRO W002901A 4-Piece Measuring Tool
  • 9. Stanley 0-43-603 Spirit level “Torpedo”
  • 10. Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Electronic Level
  • Things to Consider when Buying the Best Torpedo Level
  • Torpedo Level vs Spirit Level
  • Benefits of Using a Torpedo Level
  • FAQs about Torpedo Level
    • Are torpedo levels accurate?
    • How accurate is a torpedo level?
    • What does a torpedo level do?
    • How to test a torpedo level for accuracy?
    • What Is a Torpedo Level Used For?
    • What angles does a torpedo level measure?
    • Why use a magnetic torpedo level?
    • How Long Is a Torpedo Level?
    • What is a billet torpedo level?

Best Torpedo Levels Comparison



special feature


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Greenlee L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level

‎Aluminum Alloy


‎5.5 ounces

Check price on Amazon

Klein Tools 935AB4V Level


US Patent

‎0.01 ounces

Check price on Amazon

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level

Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

This is a Class 3R laser product

225 Grams

Check price on Amazon

Kapro 926M Magnetic Billet Level


Extra strong rare-earth magnets

0.35 Pounds

Check price on Amazon

CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 Torpedo Level


Easy-to-read LED vials

‎3.91 ounces

Check price on Amazon

WORKPRO ‎W062035A Torpedo Level


Verti. site view

‎7 ounces

Check price on Amazon

Swanson TL041M Torpedo Level


.029 Degree Vial Accuracy

‎5.6 ounces

Check price on Amazon

WORKPRO W002901A 4-Piece Measuring Tool Set

Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Patented Verti. site design

‎5.74 pounds

Check price on Amazon

Stanley 0-43-603 Spirit level “Torpedo”


Solid block vials for maximum durability

‎7.1 ounces

Check price on Amazon

Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Electronic Level

ABS Plastic Housing and Electronic Components

‎Battery Powered

‎3.5 ounces

Check price on Amazon

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10 Best Rated Torpedo Levels: An Overview

1. Greenlee L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level


An electrician’s whole day can be a process of levelling, from the moment they briefly level their truck to the time they get underground and start pulling line. You might call it a level-up or even a makeover since performing this little action is synonymous with making everything straight and square again. So when choosing a professional-grade torpedo level for your trade needs, you should make sure your tools are top-of-the-line high quality.

The Greenlee L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level is made to handle any situation. Precision-engineered, this professional-grade level is crafted of tough baked enamel that looks good even after years of use. In addition, the high visibility yellow tint helps you find it fast in all types of lighting conditions.

The Greenlee L107 Torpedo level is designed for electrical workers seeking professional grade levels. This reliable and accurate torpedo has offset calculations permanently laser engraved onto the level

The L107 Electrician’s Torpedo Level is useful in various applications, including aligning conduits, checking for runs and aligning fixtures.

This tool is designed for the pro who wants their job that much better with professional features like an offset calculation, gunmetal finish and light that lets you read measurements in poorly lit places.

The Greenlee L107 level is the perfect accessory for any job site. Built to last and perform well, this level will exceed your expectations with its durable zinc-plated body that resists corrosion and hardening rubber ends which protect against sudden shocks and prevents unwanted sound transfer. In addition, the offset calculations on this level make it a must-have – one of the many reasons we say: “You can’t go wrong with a Torpedo!”

2. Klein Tools 935AB4V level


Now you can nail those tricky angles with ease. The Klein 935AB4V Level is designed to fit on pipes, measuring degrees up to 45° for accurate readings on conduit and at the job site. With magnetic vials that won’t fall out of the level, even in damp conditions, this level also has a thumb screw that attaches it to your material for quick measurements without any guesswork.

And because of its easy-to-read design, you know if it’s 4° off before taking critical install measurements! This professional-grade level will never let you down when accuracy counts – so check one off of your shopping list today!

The Klein 935AB4V Level is a must-have for any independent plumber. It features a patented magnet track, durable thumb screw for attaching to conduit, and large vials with an easy-to-read high visibility design that’s both visible from the side as well as head-on. In addition, the bright orange colour makes it easy to spot after one of your tools goes missing in the middle of a rush appointment – just don’t let it out of your sight!

Get it just right with this Klein Tool level. A high-visibility orange billet aluminium body makes the job easier, whatever angle you’re working at. If you want precision perfection, check out this tool – it’ll help guarantee that your project will turn out just right!

3. Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level


This is the only torpedo level for all of your multifarious needs. It’s like having three levels in one! There are so many new features; it will definitely blow your mind! You can use this anywhere to get any know or desired measurement with maximum accuracy and convenience. Just 8 feet of wind up action wire makes it easy to carry around where you need it at a moment’s notice. Throw out all of the old measuring tapes that take songs just to roll back up again because Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level has revolutionized what precision looks like once and for all.

Stop flying blind with your surfaces! The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level is the perfect torpedo laser level to help you accurately measure, align, and hang. It includes a triple-positioned levelling bubble and a NEW laser for more accurate results than ever before. Just use it on any wall or corner where straight lines are necessary and go from there.

Qooltek is the best at using cutting-edge technology to create life-changing products that are trustworthy and simple to use. It’s easy for any situation with 3 x AG 16 button-cells battery, just in case you’re in a tight spot without power – which means you can take your Qooltek laser level anywhere!

Built so anyone can be accurate with their work without breaking a sweat; swear by it on installations of all shapes and sizes: from hanging pictures on the wall to installing cabinets; you get great results every time.

The Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level combines a fine-tuned tape measure, a triple position levelling bubble and an ultra-accurate laser level to provide maximum results for any situation where straight lines or accurate measurements are needed. It’s the best torpedo laser level EVER!

4. Kapro 926M Magnetic Billet Level


The Kapro 926M is a professional level for use by plumbers, electricians, and engineers. It comes with rare-earth magnets that provide extra security on the go so your measurements won’t be thrown off by bumping or drops. In addition, you can find horizontal and vertical lines with clear acrylic vials for the accuracy you need when you’re working around pipes.

Kapro 926M is the magnetic torpedo level you need in your toolbox or on your workbench. This pipe level has vials designed to provide accurate reads and magnets for sticking right next to those pipes and elbows without hassle!

Where would the plumber be without a trusty level? This is the best magnetic torpedo bubble that will not rattle or break, and this is it. Not compromising quality for a lower price tag, the 926M is a professional level designed to measure the slope of 0, 30, 45 and 90. It has solid acrylic shockproof vials with a Kapro lifetime warranty. Why spend your time on anything other than plumbing work with an active Kapro Level 926M Magnetic Billet Level?

5. CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 Torpedo Level


Are you getting all your DIY projects squared away? Make sure to grab a level; the CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 torpedo level is the best on the market. It’s magnetic and fits most toolboxes, so it’ll always be ready for your next project. Be sure to lock in all measurements with three vials and an accurate levelling tool.

This torpedo level gets all your jobs done foolproof setup! It fits right in any toolbox with three vials for accuracy and is magnetic to go hands-free with metals. Professional carpenters will always have the edge over competitors when they can accurately measure anything that needs levelness. So stop getting screwed up projects again by purchasing the same old level you’ve been using for decades because now there are better options out there.

No matter how level you build, you’ll never stop learning and making mistakes. That’s because the ups and downs of carpentry are as easy as pie to your hands from time to time. CRAFTSMAN CMHT82390 will always be there for those times when your tools don’t help out. The torpedo level is a must-have in every carpenter’s toolbox. It has three vials for accurate measurements, making it perfect for all kinds of projects, whether they’re big or small – or even too tall!

6. WORKPRO W062035A Torpedo Level


You can’t call yourself a true workman if you don’t have the WORKPRO W062035A Torpedo Level. This tool is ideal for any plumbing job, household project or carpentry task. It features four angles to measure level, 90°, 45° and 30°, with high visibility bubbles that are easy to read even when lying down against a metal surface.

The aluminium body construction makes this torpedo level durable enough to handle anything you might need it for. At the same time, anodized grit blasting offers an added layer of protection from wear and tear over time. Thumbscrews allow attachments to the conduit so you can use it in tight spots where eye levels cannot reach accurately, eliminating the need for extra hands when measuring points at various depths inside.

This is the best plumbers torpedo level on the market. No other product compares to WORKPRO’s high-visibility bubbles, which are viewable at four angles. It has aluminium construction for durability and strength too.

7. Swanson Tool Co TL041M Torpedo Level


For instance, good things do come in small packages for rulers, like the Swanson TL041M 6 inch Aluminum Torpedo Level. Packing the latest innovations and ergonomic adaptability into an incredibly lightweight package that rolls up easily into your tool bag or pocket – this is probably one of the favourite tools around here just because of how convenient it is.

The Swanson rare Bright view milled vial ports allow for enhanced readability and increased accuracy, with 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90° vials; which means you’ll never miss a levelling surface again (or depth measurement). Look no further than the Swanson TL041M 6 inch aluminium torpedo level when precision matters, but size doesn’t!

In addition to its innovative top view, this level has four vial designs: three standard-sized clear points and one bright point. So now, every point of a set of levels can be seen at once and with maximum visibility!

The Swanson TL041M Torpedo Level is the industry’s most innovative and time-saving level. Capable of measuring any angle, this compact SAVAGE level includes features unheard of in a traditionally designed tool. Lightweight with plated handles for increased durability, this model is perfect for contractors and plumbers and electricians on the go.

8. WORKPRO W002901A 4-Piece Measuring Tool


Haven’t you been able to find the right measuring device for your latest project? The WORKPRO W002901A 4-Piece Measuring Tool has got you covered.

The WORKPRO W002901A Measuring Tool is the ultimate gift for home improvement projects, DIY enthusiasts, and everyone else who needs to get their measurements on point. With an aluminum frame with surface treatment for lightweight and durability, you’ll never need to worry about this measuring tape breaking or leaking.

The patented Verti-site design provides a clear view of the vial from different angles with better accuracy – no more guessing how deep you are in that hole! In addition, rubberized end caps protect against shock while solid block acrylic vials resist breaking, leaking, fogging up your lines.

Never measure poorly again. The WORKPRO W002901A comes with a 5M/16 ft tape measure, 9” aluminum torpedo level, 24” Verti-site aluminum spirit level, and a full 48” Vernisi-site stainless steel spirit level. It is made from a durable, lightweight Aluminum frame for a lifetime of use!

Not only can you measure in feet with this set but also meters, square inches, square centimeters–really any unit! It even comes in a handy carrying bag if you want to bring it along with you on all of your adventures. Again, great quality products at affordable prices – we couldn’t think of anything we would change!

9. Stanley 0-43-603 Spirit level “Torpedo”


Are you looking for a level that can handle the rigors of construction? Then, look no further than the Stanley 0-43-603 Spirit Level. This level is made with an impact-resistant acrylic block, making it durable enough to withstand even the most challenging jobs.

Its strong rare earth magnets can easily hold on to metal surfaces, making measurements quick and easy. And thanks to its pipe groove, it can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Check those angles with precision and ease using the Stanley 0-43-603 Spirit level. It features fast and accurate readings, impact-resistant acrylic block levels, and strong rare earth magnets for a reliable hold – perfect for all your leveling needs.

Don’t get too twisted up over your straight line. Get out that joystick leveling kit, and you can lead Fred Astaire with your sublime skills! It’s the Stanley 0-43-603 spirit level.

This beautiful product will ensure that even the most precise measurements are made effortlessly with highly accurate read-outs (up to +/- 0.5mm/m). Be it in an office or on a construction site, this sleek torpedo level is ready for action!

10. Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Electronic Level


This product is the perfect companion to all of your construction and drafting needs. It can be used as a digital level or an angle gauge, and it has hundreds of uses in any professional work environment.

Trouble leveling up your new cabinet? This gadget will make short work of making sure everything’s nice and straight!

The Klein Tools 935DAG Magnetic Digital Angle Gauge takes top billing for tasks like these thanks to its powerful magnetic base, versatile measuring ranges (0-9 degrees and 0-180 degrees), and easy-to-read V-groove edges that align with conduits.

With this tool on hand, you’ll never have trouble laying out supplies—paintings, artwork, or other objects—for hanging again.

Klein Tools 935DAG Digital Electronic Level is the perfect solution for any home remodeling project. Its high visibility and powerful electromagnetic base can measure angles, check relative angles, and be used as a leveler. This digital leveling tool can help! Use this level with confidence.

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Things to Consider when Buying the Best Torpedo Level

There are many factors to consider when looking for a torpedo level.

1. Accuracy

The accuracy of a torpedo level typically comes from the quality of components that make up the torpedo itself. These include the vial, the tube, and the bubble chamber. The most common area where inaccuracy can occur is in installation. If this is not done properly, it will need to be redone before an accurate reading can be provided might lead you to believe that there is something wrong with your level or its ability to provide an accurate reading. A professional carpenter once told me that he always took his measurements twice, whenever possible, applying a slight amount of pressure on each side of a beam during his measurements to verify his work if need be.

2. Material

The most common all-purpose torpedo level is made of aluminium. Aluminium doesn’t corrode or rust. It’s lightweight and will not break if dropped or struck against something hard. This means that you can expect your all-purpose straight line torpedo to work the same way after years of use as it did when you first bought it. Other materials have different advantages – stainless steel tubes are durable but heavy. At the same time, fibreglass models are nearly unbreakable but tend to be heavier than either aluminium or stainless steel at about equal strengths.

3. Level Vial

Unlike the types of level mounts discussed above, the type of level vial you purchase is solely dependent on how your work needs to be done – whether horizontally, vertically, or both. The most important feature to have when selecting a torpedo level is one that allows for easy viewing of the bubble without bending down for a closer inspection. If you’re working in an area where it’s difficult keeping your eyes on the bubble at eye level while moving around – perhaps because there are other people around checking their measurements or you have slippery floors – then you should choose a level with a vial that shows up clearly no matter what angle the bubble is at.

4. Level Mount

A level mount is simply how the torpedo level will be attached to whatever it needs to be used on. There are four main types of mounts – two-part, three-part, keyhole, and magnetic. Two-part level mounts consist of a metal base that attaches via screws or nails onto whatever you need to be levelled, along with a special metal clamp that holds the torpedo in place when in use. Three-part mounts work in much the same way but provide an additional third step by adding a pole, which makes it possible for one person to measure a tall area without moving around too much or becoming tired. Magnetic level mounts are for those working on surfaces that are too weak to support the weight of a torpedo level by themselves – if your current work surface is made of drywall, for example, you might want to consider this option. Finally, keyhole mounts provide support on small levels only and actually allow you to measure angles as well as being able to move freely around an area without worrying about knocking over your measuring device, thanks to its ability to hang on walls via screws or nails.

5. Scale

The scale of a torpedo level refers mainly to how large it is displayed numerically – even some pocket-sized models will have larger numbers than others. This means that if you prefer your measurements in smaller increments, you will want to choose a level with smaller numbers, while those who are more accustomed to larger numbers should look for products that display them in 5 or 6 inches increments.

6. Brands

When trying to find the best torpedo level, the brand name is probably something that will not make or break your decision unless you’re choosing between two cheaper products – in this case, you’ll want to go with the name brand because it has likely been tried and tested more than its obscure (and possibly unrecognizable) equivalent. Companies like Stanley, Klein, Kapro, Workpro and Johnson make good quality levels but are not found in big box stores. This means that if you do choose one of these companies, you will likely need to purchase it from a local building supplier – but this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of other companies that make good quality levels, so choose the one with the features you want at the price you can afford and don’t worry about the brand name too much.

7. Price

When choosing between torpedo levels, price is certainly something that might sway your decision towards or away from any particular model. Keep in mind, however, that while it’s possible for cheaper products to lack in performance, sometimes pricier models can be lacking – do some research before deciding on which product to buy, but also consider how much you want to spend if the price is really an issue. It may be worth it to wait until you have enough to buy the model you want, rather than settle for something that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

8. Type of Case

Torpedo levels come with either hard or soft cases, and some even come in combination options. Hard cases provide the best protection, while soft cases are more convenient to carry around and offer protection against bumps and drops, which can be especially helpful if you are carrying your torpedo level in a tool belt all day. If you plan on buying one of these products, it may be worth purchasing an aftermarket case instead – such as an Otterbox – just to be sure the product doesn’t sustain damage during transport.

9. Warranty Length

If something happens to your torpedo level, it is important to know that the manufacturer stands behind their product – otherwise, you may be stuck purchasing another one. Some manufacturers offer 90-day warranties while others go all the way up to a lifetime, so if it makes you feel better about your purchase, choose a level with a longer warranty length. No matter what style or type of torpedo level you choose, it is important to consider all the options available before deciding on one specific model. Because these products can be used in many different ways and for different purposes, each individual should think carefully about using them before making any purchases.

With all this knowledge, you should be able to find the right torpedo level suitable for your particular needs.

I hope you found these things to take into consideration before buying the best torpedo level. If so, please share it around! You can any of these social media icons to share it around easily. Thanks for reading!

Torpedo Level vs Spirit Level

There are two main types of levels – spirit levels and torpedo levels. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best for your needs?

Spirit levels use a bubble to indicate when the object is level. They are very accurate and can be used for horizontal and vertical measurements. However, they are not as durable as torpedo levels, which can be affected by temperature changes.

Torpedo levels use a vial of liquid to indicate when the object is level. They are more durable than spirit levels but less accurate. They are also affected by temperature changes, but not as much as spirit levels. Torpedo levels are ideal for outdoor use, while spirit levels are better for indoor use.

So, which level is right for you? If accuracy is key, go with a spirit level. If durability is more important, go with a torpedo level. Whichever you choose, make sure you use it correctly to get the most accurate measurements possible.

Benefits of Using a Torpedo Level

A torpedo level is a carpenter’s tool used to check the accuracy of flat surfaces. If you are building, remodeling or fixing anything that requires you to have an accurate surface, then this is your best friend. Screws must be placed in straight lines, and walls must be plumbed with each other for everything to line up correctly without having problems since construction doesn’t always go according to plan. A torpedo level can help make sure that it does.

Here are twelve benefits of using a torpedo level.

1) To ensure screw placement is dead on straight

A lot of work goes into making sure screws are lined up correctly with nails, so there aren’t any holes or, even worse, cracks along the wall or woodwork. When everything is off by even a little, it becomes very noticeable. With a torpedo level, you can place screws with confidence and accuracy.

2) For marking cut lines on wood

Measurements are critical when making cuts on wood. Doing it freehand can often lead to mistakes that cost time and materials. A torpedo level can help mark the lines you need to make your cuts perfectly straight.

3) Checking for the level surface before beginning a project

If you don’t start your project on a level surface, you’re guaranteed to run into trouble later on down the line. By using a torpedo level to check the surface before starting, you can avoid doing extra work later on and get the job done right the first time.

4) To ensure a level surface when placing heavy items

Whether installing cabinets, lifting something heavy, or just placing a couch in the right spot, you want to make sure whatever you are moving is balanced correctly, so you don’t have any issues while handling it. This can be done by using the torpedo level to check your surface-level before picking up your item. If not, adjust accordingly.

5) As a plumb bob replacement

Most people know what a plumb bob looks like, but it has fallen out of use due to modern technology making everything easier for us. A torpedo level can serve as an alternative to the traditional plumb bob because it provides the same features.

6) To help determine small height differences

Even if your items are level, there can still be height differences. Using a torpedo level, you can see the difference in heights between two objects to ensure they are both at the same elevation. You want them to be so that water or any other liquids run off equally without collecting at one spot, which could cause damage later on down the line.

7) For checking windows for plumb and square

Windows need to be installed perfectly to prevent future cracks in glass or, even worse, broken windows during high winds or storms. Doors may squeak because of misalignment, but windows rattle when not done correctly, which is very annoying. A good way to check if they are installed square and plumb is by using a torpedo level.

8) As a guide for marking tile layout

When laying out tiles, you want to make sure they are evenly spaced and in the correct positions. With a torpedo level, you can mark the spots where you will need to drill your holes for the tiles. This will ensure that everything goes according to plan and that there aren’t any crooked tiles ruining the look of your floor or wall.

9) Checking foundation for level

Your home’s foundation is one of the most critical aspects of being stable and secure. If it’s not, it can lead to all sorts of problems down the road. A torpedo level can help check that the foundation is level to ensure it’s strong enough to withstand the test of time.

10) Checking if a surface meets minimum requirements before buying an item

Whether you are buying a new desk or putting together a piece of furniture in your home, you want to make sure that the surface in question is high enough off the ground for it to function correctly. A torpedo level can help determine this by measuring how far from the floor edge until maximum usage. If you buy something that needs clearance to work correctly or safely, there could be issues when using it, which will waste money in the long run.

11) To check for plumb when hanging pictures and art

Hanging pictures can be easy when following the instructions, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if they are level or not if you don’t have someone else there. A torpedo level can help you determine where exactly on the wall to hang your pictures so that they look straight and even all around.

12) Checking for squares when installing shelves

Regular woodworking levels will only tell you whether something is level from left to right, but a torpedo level can check both simultaneously. This helps ensure everything is straight as an arrow, making for a much more aesthetically pleasing installation because everything looks sleek and clean with nothing out of place.

FAQs about Torpedo Level

Are torpedo levels accurate?

The accuracy of the torpedo levels depends on how they are used and who’s using them. Although there is some conflicting evidence as to its accuracy, it can still provide a level of trustworthiness if the person using it pays close attention to their measurements and uses good measuring tools such as a ruler or T-square that will result in an accurate measurement every time. For example, a student should measure both sides with precision before deciding which fraction of an inch is closer than the other by comparing both measurements together.

How accurate is a torpedo level?

A torpedo level is typically not designed for high precision applications. Instead, torpedo levels are used to get “approximate” readings on horizontal surfaces. Applications requiring a precise reading or vertical alignment may want to consider other alternatives, such as an engineer’s level or even a laser line/self-levelling tool. The self-levelling tool will measure total angles within just millimetres of accuracy out to 360 degrees rotational coverage area giving the user visual feedback on surface levelling and orientation confirmation that can aid in more accurate job site measurements too.

What does a torpedo level do?

A torpedo level is a spirit level that can be rotated 360 degrees to find a true horizontal position.

While a standard spirit level shows you your vertical angle, a torpedo can also account for an offset in the horizontal plane. This levelling instrument is very useful when building or hanging items on walls from floor to ceiling because it allows you to check whether or not an item will be straight from side to side, ensuring objects, are true “level.”

How to test a torpedo level for accuracy?

The torpedo level is designed to be a device for determining the horizontal. It has a small spirit bubble that moves within a housing and a vial of liquid, usually alcohol or water. The design includes a suspension wire that enables the level to hang freely without touching anything but the bubble itself. Knowing how to test a torpedo level for accuracy will enable you to make sure it gives accurate readings from one end of its scale to the other.


  1. Take your torpedo level and hold it up with the “0” mark on the edge of the glass against something stable like the edge of an object or window sill.
  2. Look through the lineup with bubbles in both scales until they are perfectly centred in the cross-hairs.
  3. While watching the bubbles, move your torpedo level around until both bubbles are centred.
  4. The line up the 0 marks on the scale with whichever bubble is closest to directly under it. This way, you can determine which side is lower or higher, hence making it easier to tell whether something is level or not.


If bubbles do not stay centred after trying each step, please return your level for service or replacement. If either of the bubbles moves out of its housing, that means that your device has been dropped and should be serviced by a professional to avoid further damage.- Make sure whatever part of your torpedo level you’re using to read off measurements (bubble(s) or vial) is on a flat/level surface to ensure accurate readings.- Don’t forget that nothing can be perfectly level, but you can easily find out which way something is leaning by using the torpedo level.

What Is a Torpedo Level Used For?

A torpedo level is primarily used as a precision levelling device. It has a straight edge, often with a centre pivot point, and is typically placed on one surface that the worker wishes to remain horizontal while a second surface is then pulled up against that content. The torpedo level’s position will reveal if it needs to be adjusted or left as it currently sits.

The most common use for this levelling device would be in home construction; if you want your finished surfaces (floors) to all meet evenly, you will use this tool (also known as an ellipse level) to make the adjustments needed by checking against other surfaces like ceilings and walls. This product can offer +/- 230-degree accuracy and 1/4 inch increments.

What angles does a torpedo level measure?

A torpedo level measures angle in degrees and can measure angles up to 180°.

It should be noted that a bubble level cannot measure an angle higher than 90°. Therefore, if you need to know the angles over 90°, it’s best to use a laser level.

Why use a magnetic torpedo level?

Magnetic torpedo levels are used in construction, carpentry, and plumbing. This level is very versatile because of the magnetic forces- it’s always oriented towards magnetism in nature. They can be purchased with standard verticals for plumb line alignment, verticals for levelling pieces of trim at floor or wall joints, or they can even be purchased in a style that turns the bubble vial, so the user doesn’t have to hold their head upside down! There’s no wonder these levels are so often recommended in DIY projects.

How Long Is a Torpedo Level?

The length of a torpedo level varies depending on the manufacturer. Most torpedo levels range from 12″ to 24″ long, but they can be as short as 7″.

The key thing to remember about the best way to determine how to use any torpedo level is to match up with what you are using it for. For example, if your current workstation needs 2 feet of clearance underneath its sliding doors, you will want to purchase one at least 18 inches long. Alternatively, if you work primarily with much smaller objects like small tables or desks, then getting one much shorter (around 10 inches) would make more sense. They are not all made equally, and your surface determines the correct type to get!

What is a billet torpedo level?

Many carpenters choose a billet level since these levels offer an affordable alternative to a traditional, professionally made level. Billets are simply metal or non-metal bars that have been put into a vise and filed down from either end flat side on a slab of stone to make a precise arc. These pieces can be used as a straight edge for things like long pieces of lumber and concrete formwork, or they can be attached to another material with screws or nails to create various types of frames for building structures.

Billet levels are incredibly useful in the construction phase because they’re easy to use and very accurate.

Final Verdict

With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best torpedo level for your needs. Luckily, we’ve done all of the legwork for you and compiled this list of our favourite torpedoes on Amazon! We hope that with these recommendations in hand, you are ready to take command at sea.

We hope you enjoyed our list of torpedo levels. If we left out your favourite, please let us know!

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