When it comes to sheet sanders, there are a lot of factors to consider. But if you’re looking for a sander with it all, then the Black & Decker BDCMS20C Sheet Sander is a great option. This sander has a powerful 12,000 opm motor, making it ideal for tackling various sanding projects. It has a two-position grip that allows you to tackle those difficult to reach areas. And for added convenience, the sander comes with a hook-and-loop system that makes it easy to change the sandpaper. The compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver and store. And for added peace of mind, the sander comes with an onboard dust collection system that helps to keep your work area clean. So if you’re looking for a sheet sander that can handle anything you throw at it, then the Black & Decker BDCMS20C Sheet Sander is a great option.


What Makes BLACK & DECKER BDCMS20C Standout?

Fast and Powerful

Considering its power and speed, the 20V Max Mouse Cordless Sander can be the mighty mouse for your households. Not only for households but also professional woodworkers, it offers power, speed, and flexibility. With 12000 OPM (orbits per minute) speed, it can wipe off any dust or debris quickly. Moreover, it ensures high dust collection maintenance due to its speed and power. In short, it is indeed a sturdy tool for your home d├ęcor.

Compact and ergonomic design

Black and Decker bdcms20c 20V Max Random Orbit Sander is designed in a more closely-packed way. It is said to be thirty percent more tightly packed than another well-known brand Ryobi P411. It is cordless and comes with a battery, charger, detailed finger attachment, sheet sandpaper, and extra sheet to tip sandpaper, yet it is small. You don’t have to go through difficult extra-equipment installation process like other leading brands. It comes with the necessary parts attached to it, making it easy to use for busy moms to busy woodworkers.

Cordless convenience to the Mouse heritage

The good news is that the Mouse sander has gone cordless. This cordless random orbit sander is much desired by people who look for something comfy to use. Having to drag along a bulk powerhouse is really tiresome. But using it, you don’t have to drag any heavy power source everywhere you move. So, it’s pretty easy to use and convenient for home jobs as well as professional usage.

Accessibility in tight corners and spaces

As black and decker 20v cordless sander is more compact and decent in size, you can work with it anywhere, reaching tight spaces and corners. The compact magnitude gives you easier maneuver; thus, you can slide in and off to difficult places. Sanding any wooden piece having a complex design by a machine sander is not difficult anymore! So, sand smooth, even little corners or hard to sand places.

2-Position Grip

When you use the sander for various applications naturally, you will require it to be easy to move and hold. Most of the random orbital sanders do not come with 2 position grip. That’s why you can move as you want. Black and decker bdcms20c, on the other hand, has 2 position grip so that you can hold it and move it according to your comfort in a different application.

Detail finger attachment

You would certainly appreciate 20v max* mouse cordless sander’s finger attachment because it is detailed. Now you can place your fingers in a comfortable space while working. Moreover, it largely helps to reach in tight places.

This included finger attachment can take the sander to any hard to sand place. So, you don’t have to wipe the corners with an extra hand sander, spending much of your physical labor.

Dust Collection System

Black and decker bdcms20c will offer a dust bag having a promising ability to contain dust. Imagine you have a wonderful sander but doesn’t have an attached dust bag, then the whole point of being it wonderful shatters. A dust bag is quite necessary for dust collection; otherwise, you have to buy an extra dust bag. Overall, the dust collection system is very impressive, leaving a space finer and cleaner.

Hook-and-loop system

Black and decker 20v cordless sander have adopted hook and look system in terms of sandpaper changing. All the other systems available to change the sandpaper hook and loop system are easier and more convenient. The paper doesn’t get rough or pull apart while changing. Even with any interaction with water or water-like liquid, the hook and loop system doesn’t get less fruitful.

Lightweight and versatile

It is quite lightweight, compact, and capable of versatile application. Are you looking for a sander to help you sand crafting projects, finishing doors or cabinets, or refreshing furniture intricate projects? Then Black and Decker 20V cordless sander is the right sander for you. Despite having additional, it is not weighty, and thus it is easy to carry from place to place.

Great for small projects

Want to give a quick sanding to your old wooden furniture? Then you would certainly need something portable. You don’t want a bulk machine to run here there for a small job. Bdcms20c is suitable for such small projects. You can use it for handcrafts, door finishing or cabinet finishing, and so on. Its compactness and 12k OMP speed are a better option for removing paint, material, or stain.

Great for DIY people

Lots of you out there are doing a wonderful job in DIY homemade crafts, and Bdcms20c can be well suited for sanding DYI table, Ottoman, Headboard, Barn Door, Pipe Shelving, Stool, Coffee Table and many more projects. The DIY people will find it really handy. Not so heavy, not so large, just the thing for DIY people.

2 year limited warranty

Black and decker mouse sander will offer you two years of warranty. In this meantime, you can knock the servicing company for any change or replacement. The superior customer support shall provide you with any change you want. However, the warranty time is limited to 2 years; after that, you can carry any possible damages.


  • Bdcms20c is cordless, so you can take it anywhere without feeling its weight.

  • Having a battery of 20V max* Lithium Ion System, it can hold a charge long enough for 18 months.

  • The dust collection feature will essentially help you to clean up faster.

  • The detailed finger attachment allows you to get in little corners and hard to reach spaces.

  • With the compact size and easier maneuver, it is a promising tool for everyday use.

  • One of the best tools for DIY furniture sanding and handcrafts.

  • The 2 position grip makes it suitable to use in different applications.

  • With the hook and loop system, the sandpaper change is not hard anymore.

  • Quite satisfactory for quick touches and small jobs like wiping paint, or material, handcraft, sanding door, or cabinet.

  • Due to high dust collection performance, you can work as well as keep the work surface clean at the same time.

  • Very handy in terms of effortlessly taking off polyurethane finish.

  • It provides profound customer service. You can find the available replacement easily within the warranty time limit.


  • The cordless grip can be difficult to handle; maybe it’s just a choice between the first or last three fingers.

  • The handle tilts down; thus, you have to make a conscious effort not to bear down the tip of the sandpaper. However, that should not be a bigger hurdle once you learn to handle it.

How Does It Work?

Try a finishing Black and Decker sander for small details and surface preparation. Turn on the switch and hold with gentle pressure to sand the surface, move in one direction, and then again in the opposite direction. Check once in a while and stop the sander just when you feel like it is done.

For rough surfaces, install grit paper of 60 to 100, and for finer finishing, install sandpaper of 120 to 240 or more. It is always better to start with a lower grit and later change to high-grit for a finer finish.

Always check the holes and keep aligning them with sandpapers so that the dust can come out. Otherwise, it might get jam-packed.

Who Should Buy It?

Veteran or rookie woodworkers will find it quite helpful because Bdsms20c helps provide perfect finishing for any wood pieces. Even for the pieces with complex design and narrow corners, this one suits well. It has the 2- position grip to reach the nook and canny of a wooden piece.

Detailers will find it quite useful as it leaves no stone unturned in reaching everywhere on the surface. It is justly designed for tight spots and corners, so no doubt about its being useful for detailers.

Boat makers can count black and decker bdcms20cas as their go-to tool. Because of its having detailed figure attachment, 2- position grip, and economical design, a boat maker can easily work with it. This sander is not too large or not too small for boat sanding. Plus, it is easy to carry; so some wanderers who want to make a boat can easily take it anywhere.

For people who love DIY hardwood crafts, Bdcms20cis an ideal option rather than huge sanders with a powerful machine. One can easily take help from it to remake or repair small tables, ottoman, or wall craft. Also, its portability is well-suited for small projects.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the dimensions of the sheets of paper?

The dimensions of each sheet are designed in a way so that you find comfort working. 4.2 x 0.2 x 6.8,5.30 x 3.70 x 2.00 inches, 5.51 x 2.36 x 3.94 inches and 4.38 x 0.10 x 6.75 inches are the measurement sheets.

Is the battery interchangeable with a Dewalt 20 volt?

No, you cannot interchange the battery with a Dewalt 20 volt.

Does this sander come with a battery and charger?

Yes, it shall come in the box with a battery and a charger.

Would this be good for getting grooves?

This is not suitable for getting grooves. On the contrary, you may use a belt sander or an orbital sander for getting grooves.

Is it heavy?

No, It is quite lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it without a second hand.

Is it loud?

It creates noises, but it’s not uncomfortable to ears. The vibration may cause a weird feeling to arm at first, but then you will get used to it.

How long does it take to charge the battery 1st time?

Usually, 8 hours are enough to charge the battery for the first time.

Which sandpaper is compatible with this sander?

The BSCMS20C sits well with BLACK+DECKER Sandpaper Assortment for Mouse Sander, 12-Pack (BDAMX). You will find in Amazon too; they offer extra finer sandpaper.

Can it be used to take texture off of walls?

Yes, and for that, you must use sandpaper of coarse grit. The grit number should be 40 to 60. Bigger jobs should keep a double battery pack near hand as each delivers half an hour of service.

Can you wet sand with this?

No, you should never use it for a wet sanding job.

Where can I get replacement pads for the finger attachment?

You can find the replacement pads for the figure attachment on Amazon and the manufacturer website.

Can this be used to sand or remove car paint?

Yes, you may use it to remove car paint. However, an orbital sander would be a better alternative for the full car sanding job.

Can you buy this sander without a battery?

No, you have to buy the batter along with it. The manufacturer site doesn’t have any package without the battery.

Will it work for drywall?

It may work for drywall if it isn’t for a large area. Floating head sanding sticks are better options for larger area drywall.

Is it a random orbit?

No, it is nothing like a random orbital sander even though some function of Bscms20c matches with it.

Final Words

Nonetheless, Black and decker bdcms20c is pretty impressive for households or even professional tasks with the impressive power source and compact units. With the versatile application, you may find plenty of usage for it. The additional dust bag can be quite handy in terms of collecting debris.

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