BLACK & DECKER WP900 Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher

The BLACK & DECKER WP900 Random Orbit Waxer/Polisher is a handy tool to have around the house for all your buffing and polishing needs. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it great for smaller jobs. The large orbit size means you can cover a lot of ground quickly, and the variable speed control means you can adjust the speed to suit your needs. The included attachments make it easy to switch between jobs, and the cord wrap system keeps things tidy when you’re done. Overall, the WP900 is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile polisher.


What Makes It Stand Out?

As simple as a pumpkin pie

It is quite easy to use, thanks to this model, you can polish without any professional skill. The cord actually appears longer than it looks in the picture. So, you can handle it with ease. Also, the two-handle design provides comfort and thus reduces exhaustion. Furthermore, it promises a uniformed finish within the shortest possible time, which is really impressive! The foam application with it helps in easily using wax. In short, it is as simple as a pumpkin pie!

10-feet cord

Comparing to other random orbital buffers, this model is unique as a bigger cord of 10-foot powers it. Having such a length and a 6-inch pad can provide decent coverage for car polishing or any larger job discarding much hassle. Moreover, you can move with it freely due to the length. While polishing a car or glass, it is normal to move around a lot to polish the surface, and A random orbital buffer with a 10-foot cord is the ideal one to use for car polishing or boat finishing job.

Perfect for detailing everything

With 4,400 orbits in a minute, it can provide a sound result in detailing everything. It is really awing to expect such service from an inexpensive buffer. If you are looking for something that will give your car a good detailing with a swirl-free look, then you should definitely go for it. Even for glass detailing, it works like magic. With its gentle effect and foamed pad, it doesn’t cause a scratch on fragile glasses. Therefore, you will have a completely brand new car with its sound detailing until you are not squandering your money on another model.

Comfortable grip

Comfort ensures good results in many ways. Even though this model is inexpensive, it’s parts are quite impressive. For instance, it’s a two-handle grip. With it, you can stretch the random orbital sander back and forth or up and down without much hard labor. The two handle grip gives comfort to the user’s strained calves and tight thighs. Nonetheless, it doesn’t require stiffness to get the work done.

Massage therapist approved

Orbiting 4,400 per minute, it provides simultaneous spine. And it is good for not only car polishing or boat projects but also relaxing and soothing for body message, realizing tensed muscle and warming up. Just 30 minutes swirling is enough to loosen legs and prepare those for squat. With amazing swirling capability, it has been a best friend to an aching body.

Great for fine wood furniture

This is ideal for polishing wooden furniture. You may want to use wood creams for a better polishing result. However, without even wood cream, it can remove fine stretches from any small wooden furniture. Looking for something that can wipe off the stretch marks from your table or cabinet? Then this device would be a better option. It comes with a foam pad, which is a reliable applicator.

Perfect auto buffer

This device is a perfect auto buffer as it eases stretches with ease. The biggest plus point is that it comes with a longer cord so that you can move it freely. The buffer pad, along with it, helps to get rid of swirl marks, so you may rest assured that it will be the best buffer. The motor with it is strong enough to keep going. Having the best buffering effect, you can also use it as a message. Even athletes use it as a body message buffer.

Lightweight and easy to use

When we mend things at home, we would normally want tools that are lightweight and easy to carry. Unlike professional fields, you don’t have multiple professional hands to help around at home, so a tool must be home friendly. This is essentially home-friendly, being lightweight, and easy to move around. With a compact design, weighing not more than 5.3 pounds, and 10 feet power cord, anyone can move around with it at ease.

Great for the price

The Black and decker wp900 price is quite satisfactory as we can see in Amazon or other selling sites, the price states as $26 to 31.79. A random orbital waxer having a foam applicator bonnet and two polishing bonnets is pretty inexpensive. Even the parts are not cheaper considering the price; for example, the bonnets are capable of high finishing quality. Plus, you are getting the best body massager under $300 in the world! Other available pricy waxers with pricy unite prove to be noisier. If you compare it, then you will understand how cheaper it is with quality units.

Good for beginners

WP900 is an ideal polisher for beginners or home use. Because the design is not complex, not fatiguing to arms, and anyone can use it one-handed. You don’t have to put extra effort into polishing with it; the head of the polisher will do the job for you. Moreover, it is comfortable with a lengthy cord and practical, precisely any beginner would look for.

Swirl-free finish

Running 4,400 orbits every minute, this random orbital polisher promises to ensure a uniformed finish. Therefore, the foam applicator is essentially helpful for putting the wax on the right amount so that the easy application of wax helps remove swirl marks. Also, the polishing bonnets offer a high quality finish reducing swirl marks. To make your car look shiny and swirl-free, you should grab it without any second thought.

Quiet and versatile

The price being less than $30, it is way better than other loud polishers with expensive units. It doesn’t have a noisy effect while polishing. As a result, you can work in peace and tranquility. Starting from car polishing, you may use it for glass polishing, wooden furniture polishing, boat polishing projects, and small aircraft projects to massage the human body. Having variable speed capability it may turn into your everyday go-to tool.


  • It attracts attention to being a compact and small tool. It will save a lot of space comparing to other competitive models.

  • Easy to hold as it features a two-handled design. As a result, you can hold it for a long without any discomfort.

  • Very dependable in a car detailing job. You can expect from it nothing but a swirl-free shiny look.

  • Quite budget-friendly. It costs $26 to 31.79, which is considerably cheaper than models in the same line.

  • A home-friendly tool. Anyone can use it moving here and there without much complication in using the system.

  • Ideal for new car detailer or beginners as it is safe and simple.

  • Spinning 4,400, it ensures erasing light swirl marks, paint, or stains.

  • Powered by 10 inches- cord, It appears easy to work with. Promises profound mobility.

  • It comes with an extra foam applicator, which makes the wax application much easier.

  • The attached polishing bonnets also quality finish.

  • Works as the best buffer to an aching body. Its smart spinning helps to reduce the stresses of muscles.

  • You can work with it in any environment, moving freely even to the hard to reach places.

  • The cord is attached to a good point so that it stays out of your way while working.


  • With the 4,400 orbiting speed per minute, it might not be the best option for large tasks or hard jobs. However, as a beginner, any professional may start their career with it.

  • The polishing pad is a bit insubstantial, but you can always use a tool with care.

How Does It Work?

Black and decker wp900 is great for beginners or enthusiasts. To work with it all, you need to do is follow a few steps. First, before turning the switch on, attach the foamed pad or bonnet that comes with it. The pad is reliable for medium-duty like removing the swirls or scratches from the skin, providing a deep lustrous reflection. Attach the pad to the hook and loop system, which is very easy to do and will not fall off while working.

Now, add the proper amount of polish on the pad; 5 dots will do. You shouldn’t add too much or too little. You may also use polishing pad conditioner spray to soften the pad. Without switching on, spread the polish on the skin by pressing softly; thus, you won’t fling any product as soon as you turn the switch on.

Then, turn the switch on and put light pressure like 5 to 6 pounds. Don’t press down too hard because that will only cause a bad polishing result. Move the machine side to side one inch per second and overlap the prior 150 percent to get even paint removal and shiny result.

Lastly, turn the machine off while it is still on the skin because, in that way, you won’t fling any product everywhere.

Who Should Buy It?

Beginner or pro, car detailers will find this one quite handy. Black and decker wp900 polisher are the best for car polishers. The orbital buffer will keep on making a car skin stretch-mark or swirl free. Besides, the 6in is pretty impressive as you don’t have to redo with hands anymore. Coming as a combination of potential compounds, this one can offer shinier skin on the car surface. For basic car detailing, nothing is worthier than WP900.

Common folk will find it really useful for home jobs or crafts. For example, you own a car; you probably wouldn’t spend a hundred dollars on a polisher; so this one can be an inexpensive yet handy tool. For DIY car detailer, table painter, and basic detailing on furniture, WP900 works best. Plus, it’s compact design and light-weightiness saves toil and makes it an idea for single-handed works.

The boat polishing projects can get fruitful results with black and decker wp900. Having a speed of spinning 4,400 a minute and great maneuverability, this one proves to be suitable for polishing a boat. Plus, firm handling and good buffing are just the things you need for a boat polishing project.

If you are a beginner and quite confused about maneuverability and maintenance, then black and decker wp900 is a good pick. It is easy to handle and carry, and you won’t require professional hands to maintain it. One can polish with it adjusting its speed with various spaces on the vehicle or surface. As it is quite safe to use, anyone can start their journey as a polisher with it.

It might sound quite bemusing at first how waxer can be a good message, but WP900 is profound for this purpose. The limited and gentle 4,400rmp speed works like magic on aching muscles. It is its secret power to be a massager with effectiveness and better built. Nothing couldn’t be more suitable to warm up and let loose messaging with than WP900.

Final words

Judging from its feature, black and decker wp900 is a potential product to get medium to small projects done. If you are looking for something budget-friendly to start with, it is the best option. Though it won’t work on large projects in a beast mode, it leaves an impression as a potential polisher with good compounds.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is the speed adjustable?

The speed is not adjustable, and it stays at 4400 RPM.

Is this 110V or 220V?

It polisher comes with 110V

How many Watts’s of it?

It possesses 60 watts

How many amps is this polisher?

It has 0.5 amps.

Would this be effective for buffing out stains from concrete floor tiles?

It can help in buffing out stains from concrete only if you use the right compound. On the contrary, you may look for something with a variable speed buffer.

Is this dual action?

No, this is not a dual-action sander.

Can this be used as a sander with a 6″ sanding pad?

This model is meant for polishing and waxing. Therefore, not strong enough to use a sanding pad.

Can this machine be used to polish shoes?

With gentle rpm, it should do well in polishing shoes.

How well will it work on aluminum boat unpainted?

Rather trying with hands is more preferable for aluminum boat unpainted.

Can I use this to polish the granite countertop?

Yes, you can definitely use it to polish the granite countertop.

Can you use this to buff out a wood floor?

Yes, it can be used to buff out a wood floor. However, renting a big buffer would be more reliable.

Is it possible to attach a Velcro backing plate to this?

Yes, you can obviously attach a Velcro backing plate to this.

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