Bosch Ros65vc-6 Random Orbit Sander/Polisher

The Bosch Ros65vc-6 Random Orbit Sander/Polisher is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to achieve a professional finish on their projects. It’s easy to use and maneuver, and the results are impressive. I’ve used it on different surfaces, and it performs well on all of them. It’s also relatively quiet, which is a huge plus. The only downside is that it can be a bit messy, but that’s to be expected with any sander/polisher. Overall, the Bosch Ros65vc-6 is a great tool that I recommend highly.


What Makes Bosch Ros65vc-6 Standout?

3.3 AMP Motor

Having a 3.3 amp motor is a must for woodworkers who deal with large projects every day. Bosch ros65vc-6 possesses a motor of 3.3 amp, plenty of power that helps to finish the job quickly and efficiently, yet leaving a good finish. If anyone is looking for a sander that lasts for a more extended period, this will make a good pick due to its sturdy motor.

Great User Control

A tool must have a better user control despite having a wide range of features, and Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ is something like that. It comes with some removal parts. That is why you can adjust it as you please. Plus, the rubber mold cover is comfortable to grip. That means you don’t have to scratch your palm while working. Also, you can replace the vacuum with the dust canister whenever you want.

Comfortable and Soft

A tool should be comfortable to use, or else the user might not get the best result. Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ random orbital sander makes sure you have a better grip since it has spaces where you can hold them two-handed or one-handed. The side bard can help you hold it two-handed, and the upper bar will help you work one-handed. The rubber over-mold covers the whole machine so that you get a comfortable grip.

Suspension System to Minimize Vibration

The vibration controls the Bosch has built into makes a huge difference when you are sanding for a long time. Even after using it for hours, you won’t get that tingling or numbness feeling on your hand. It is possible because the foam is placed in between the motor mount and motor housing where the handles are attached to, so there is a soft connection there and keeps the vibration from being transferred to the skin. In this way, it provides great user control.

2-Dust Collection Systems

The dust collection on Bosch ros65vc-6 works well. It comes standard with a dust collection canister with a microfilter system inside where you unscrew the bag and tap the dust out. There you go; you are good to go again. It works in case you don’t have a vacuum. If you have a vacuum, it will do too. The vacuum with it connects the same way the filter does. They’re just an extra rib connection at the back, so the friction fits on and gives a good secure connection. Moreover, the holes in the disks are pretty effective in collecting dust. As a result, you don’t get much dust escaping into the air, keeping the work surface clean.

Variable Speed Dial

A sander with variable speed is much reliable in terms of different types of works. Sometimes we need the speed to below for the smoother finish, sometimes faster for taking off material. Bosch ros65vc-6 offers the variable system so that you can adjust the aggression with your needs. The variable speed dial is at the side part of the machine, and you can adjust it easily with your index finger when you are in the middle of the sanding.

Integral Pad Dampening Braking System

It can be quite disappointing if you see swirl marks even after sanding with extra care. In most cases, sanders keep leaving swirl marks. But you don’t have to sweat over it as Bosch ros65vc-6 6-inch pad rear-handle random orbit sander offers integral pad dampening braking system to finish off swirl marks. So, you can use it for professional usage consuming less time in removing swirl marks without any doubt.

Removable Front Handle

To ensure better grip, Bosch ros65vc-6 includes a removal front handle. Therefore, you can adjust it as you like. The removal front handle gives you the perfect balance during any operation. Even you can handle it with one hand. If you think the front handle is in your way, then you can remove it too.

Tubular Dust Canister

A clean workplace is a must to sustain a better environment and rest assured of that with Bosch ros65vc-6 6″. It comes with a tubular dust canister with paper, a specialized filter to collect dust and debris. As you finish working, you can detach and empty it. The plus point is you don’t have to buy an extra dust canister.

Microcellular Hook-And-Loop Backing Pad

It is almost a miracle to find a sander that can sand a surface to its all circumstances. Bosch ros65vc-6 features a microcellular hook and loop backing pad, which is quite useful while sanding different areas. Therefore, it essentially helps in sanding contoured and flat surfaces. So, sanding the contoured surface is not a problem anymore.

Well-Blended Surface Finish

With Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ random orbital sander, you can expect the best surface finish. As mentioned before, the microcellular hook and loop backing pad, the integral pad dampening system, and high-performance sanding pads assure well-blended surface fish. Another brighter side of it is that Bosch accepts a sanding pad of both 5 and 6 inches. As a result, you can switch to any number you find convenient.


  • Bosch Ros65vc-6 accessories tell that it is solidly built, having a wide range of necessary features includes both metal and plastic as a material.

  • Unlike most sanders, it comes with a vibration control system to feel less to no fatigue.

  • With a 3.3 amp motor, it appears quite robust and runs well for a long time.

  • Even though it’s a considerable tool, it is not loud at all.

  • You have the option to switch to a 5 -6 inches disc

  • The vacuum adapter is adjustable. You can get rid of it easily too.

  • A better dust collection system also includes a tubular dust canister, which you can include instead of the vacuum.

  • It will work at its best to keep your workspace clean. You won’t even need a goggle considering its dust collection system.

  • The integral pad dampening system reduces swirl marks diligently.

  • Comes with variable speed control. So, you can set the speed just with your index figure. The adjustable speed is 5,500 to 12,000 OPM.

  • Excellent ergonomic and ensures a soft grip with rubber materials and easy to grab handles.

  • Have removal parts so that you can adjust it with your comfort zone.

  • A great pick to work professionally for and a longer period of time.


  • The size is a bit bulky. However, on the brighter side, it helps in superior build and does not hamper Pin operations. Despite its size, it is easy to handle.

  • A bit pricy, but such a sander with diverse features totally worth your every single penny.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, add the hook and loop system sanding disk to the machine. Before putting it on the operation, check the speed with variable control; if it works fine, turn it off. Now, we shall tell you a better way to sand a piece of wood. Take a pencil and mark it vertically over the piece. Then, turn the switch on and sand with it putting a firm pressure. Keep sanding until the pencil mark disappears. Lastly, turn the switch off.


  • Never tilt the sander; it will hamper the piece you are sanding.

  • Never sand without the dust collector or vacuum. Otherwise, it will make a mess.

  • Do not put hard pressure on the random orbital sander. It will only cause more swirl marks.

Who Should Buy It?

Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ random orbital sander is best for woodworkers who work with woods on a regular level. With an advanced dust collection system, it is the ideal random orbital sander to sand woods. While sanding the dust and debris make a double mess with a wooden powder. But with Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ random orbital sander, you don’t have to face any such problems.

It can be a great pick for professionals who have to work long hours on hard projects. The best thing about it is that any p[professional can treasure it for years. Though it seems huge and chunky from the outside, its size has zero effects on projects. On the contrary, it’s easy to handle and lift so that you can drag it easily for everyday use. Plus, its vibration control system saves the tiresome day for hardworking men. It reduces fatigue or tingling sensation on muscle or joints. As a result, it stands out the ideal for professionals.

Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ random orbital sander with its advanced features like removal handle, 5 33 Pad Wrench, high-performance sanding pad, developed dust collection can take their dailies to another level. Not only is it easy to handle, but also it ensures high performance. Carpenters need a well-refined finish, and having a microcellular hook-and-loop backing pad and Integral pad dampening braking system confirms the fine finish a carpenter desires. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Does the vacuum adapter for this sander come apart?

Yes, the VAC024 Vacuum host adapter comes apart.

Does this have a 6″ hole pad?

Yes, it supports 5 and 6 hole pads, and the 6″ hole pad adapts well.

Is there a stick and sand backer pad available for this?

No, the manufacturer doesn’t produce any stick and sand backer pad.

How much is less vibration there compared to, say, a Dewalt?

The vibration level is relatively lower compared with other brands. It is only 2,5m/sec.

Is there a wire wheel attachment available?

Even though it is not adapted to wire wheel attachments, you can use a grinder for it.

What is the diameter of the dust port for a hose connection?

It supports 19mm/21mm or 35mm hoses without an adapter. Plus, the AC002 vacuum hose adapter will also allow you to use a 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ hose

How tall is it?

This random orbital sander is about 8 inches tall.

Can this sander can be used for automotive?

Yes, you may use it for automotive by adding a bonnet or a buffing pad.

Final Words

Comparing to other random orbital sanders on the line, Bosch ros65vc-6 6″ is undoubtedly the best possible one you can work. Once you buy it, you will see how comfortable it is for long-time based works. The effect of natural vibration on a sander all daylong causes back pain, muscle pain, and fatigue. But with Bosch ros65vc-6, that’s not the case. The way it controls vibration, it is rare in a random orbital sander.

Without a doubt, it’s a go-to random orbital sander for professionals, woodworkers, and carpenters.

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