11 Cheap 4 Wheelers Under 500 Dollars In 2023 – Buying Guide

cheap 4 wheelers under 500 dollars

When looking for what you give your toddler as presents, it can be quite tough to find a vehicle that fulfils your requirements and still be pocket friendly. So, here we bring you a range of cheap 4 wheelers under 500 dollars with great features and would be worth buying. This range of four-wheelers is manufactured with high-tech steel, adjustable speed facilities and paternal speed control. All of these make a complete package that will allow your young one to achieve unlimited fun with safety at a budget-friendly cost.

11 Best Cheap 4 Wheelers Under 500 Dollars

1. Razor Dirt Quad 

If you want to give your young one a great taste of adventure, then this is your thing. The Razor Dirt Quad is an electric four-wheeled off-road vehicle.

The four-wheeler has a sleek and sturdy building that comes in 3 different colours, designed with 13 pneumatic knobby tires. It guarantees you a continuous use of 40 mins with a max speed of 8 mph.

The four-wheeler also gives you the facility of adjustable handlebars, rear suspension, and rear brake. It has space-saving vertical storage potential, so you don't have to worry about storing it.

The shatter-resistant plastic fairings and powder coated tubular frame make it durable for all types of weather. Its terrain tracing droop travel and coil shock provides an effortless ride. These features included in the design of the ATV makes it a cool looking vehicle.


  • Two pairs of 13 pneumatic knobby tires.
  • The maximum speed of the ATV is 8 mph.
  • It offers you a continuous 40 mins of usage after one complete charge.
  • Adjustable handlebar, rear suspension, and rear brake.
  • Shatter-resistant plastic fairings and powder coated tubular frame, which makes the body look sturdy and compact.


  • The maximum rider weight that the ATV can carry is 120 pounds.

Our Verdict:

Such facilities of a cheap 4 wheelers must sound like hitting a bull's eye. It also has features like vertical space-saving that makes it easier to store it. The coil shock and rear suspension are other features that must be praised. This ATV is something that helps your toddler to become the pathfinder.

2. SYX MOTO Bruiser

It is a newly designed ride that comes with 800w 36v for ideal for 6 years and above. The new built-in is more powerful which will help the rider conquer rough trails. It is one of the cheap atvs under 500 dollars.

The four-wheeler comes in 3 different colours (green, red and orange) suitable for both boys and girls. It is about 110 pounds and features 3 various speed adjustments; 5-7.5-12 mph. You will be able to adjust the speed to ensure children's safety and their ability.

The four-wheeler is equipped with a reversing switch, F/R disk brake, battery indicator and front LED lights. The installation process is straightforward; almost 85% of the work is already. This four-wheeler is a safe and reliable choice that you can trust, and your child will enjoy. It has all these unique features and still very much budget-friendly.


  • The ATV is pocket friendly.
  • It quite lightweight.
  • 800 W and 36 V.
  • Speed adjustability and easy installation.
  • Designed with reversing switch, F/R disc brake.


  • The user must be 6 years old or 6+ years old.

Our Verdict:

An affordable four-wheeler that comes with speed adjustment facilities, reversing switch, F/R disc brake, which ensures the safety and makes this a reliable ride for your precious little ones.

3. Fit Right 2020 Titan

Fit Right 2020 is a compact designed four-wheeler that is ideal for both boys and girls. The Fit Right 2020 Titan has a 24v strong engine, speed adjustability from 5-10 mph with parental speed control facility.

This ride comes in 4 different colours (blue, green, orange and pink). The four-wheeler can carry up to 150 lbs or 68 kgs. When it comes to the safety of the children, parents would never compromise, this four-wheeler has both speed control and adjustable throttle, regulator. These features are built in to ensure that the rider is not going to over speed, so safety is 100% assured.

The four-wheeler has 12-inch knobby pneumatic tires, wide suspension, font and rear disc breakers. The Fit Right 2020 Titan is made of high tensile steel which makes this a durable ATV ride for your toddler's outdoor adventures.


  • This ATV has speed and throttle regulator adjustability.
  • It is built with high tensile steel which makes this a durable ride.
  • 24v AH batteries.
  • 5-10mph adjustable speed.
  • 12-inch knobby pneumatic tired with wide suspension, font and rear disc.


  • The seat might be a little small if your child is taller than average.

Our Verdict:

The ride was designed with a facility of parental control, has 24V engine and 12-inch knobby tires. The ATV is manufactured with tensile steel, which is quite a high-tech steel used to make materials robust and durable. All these qualities make this a fantastic choice for your child's outdoor experiences and adventures with safety.

4. Fit Right 2020 Sonora 

It is a very promising ride that comes with a 350W motor power reserve. Here we are talking about the Fit Right 2020 Sonora. The four-wheeler is manufactured with high-tensile steel and can carry up to 165 lbs. It is one of those cheap 4 wheelers under 500 dollars but will still give you great performance.

Now let's talk about the built-InDesign details. It has a 24V power engine that offers enough time of amusement to your loved one. Along with it comes the parental speed control from 5-10 mph. The AVT has 3 different colours (Green, pink and red) options suitable for both boys and girls.

The four-wheeler is created with large 12-inch knobby tires which can run over rough grounds, grass and pavements. It also has complete suspension, font and rear disc breakers. It can be used by eight years and older kids to explore their outside journey with safety and parental speed control for beginners. This ride also comes with 2-speed controllable keys and twist the throttle.


  • Manufactured with high-tensile steel.
  • Parental speed control (5-10mph).
  • Knobby 12-inch tire, wide suspension, font and rear disc breakers and twist throttle.
  • Maximum Load carrying capacity- 165 lbs.


  • Motor power can be upgraded a bit.

Our Verdict:

It is a well-structured ride for an 8-year-old and above, which has a load capacity up to 165 lbs. In simple words, this electric ride is a fantastic option for driveway and backyard amusement.

5. Fit Right Monster

The name must mean something for itself. A red coloured four-wheeler that weighs only 110 pounds and created with great features and still is a cheap atvs under 500 dollars. Yes, you read that right. This four-wheeler will fulfil all your requirements at an affordable price.

The frame of the ATV is made of high-strength steel; it also has a 500W engine with a 26V battery power that can provide up to 2 hours of riding time. The 4knobe-off tires allow you to run the ATV on the grass and rough terrains.

It also has qualities like front-rear disc brakes and suspension, headlights and reverse. This ride gives you 4 different colour options. Along with all these comes the parental lockable speed controlling feature to ensure your child's safety.


  • 500W engine and 26V battery.
  • Can provide up to 2 hrs of continuous use.
  • Knobby tires, front-rear suspension and rear disc brakes.
  • This ATV has a parental speed control facility.


  • Break disc quality needs to be improved.

Our Verdict:

The monster is speeding controllable and perfectly improvised ATV for both young girls and boys. It gives you the scope of being someone who is adventurous and looks forward to journeys.

6. Power Wheels Dune Racer

Is your little one looking forward to getting some confidence behind the wheel? Then this ATV is your thing. The Power Wheels Dune Racer offers you an amusing and secure way of getting your child behind the wheel and helps him become an amusement searcher.

This is a cheap ATV under 500 dollars manufactured with high-strength steel. Also has an open arrangement which is sufficient enough for two riders. The ride can be used as an off-road vehicle. It can also run on wet grass, rough ground and pavements. It has two different adjustable speed controls for forward (2.5 and 5mph) and one for reverse 2.5 mph with sidebars for hand support which ensure better grip.

It weighs around 68.5 pounds, and it has only one green colour option. The four-wheeler is designed with a power lock brake system. It also includes a 12V Battery and charger. This provides your toddler hours of enjoyment after a complete charge.


  • Roomy enough for two riders.
  • Drives on wet grass and rough ground Power lock brakes and metal sidebars for hand support.
  • 2 different speed controls and 2.5mph in reverse.
  • Comes with 12V battery and charger.


  • Need slight longer time to charge fully.

Our Verdict:

This ride is manufactured to be spacious so that more than one rider can settle in. The power wheels dune racer is planned and originated to give your child an enjoyable ride with complete safety and security.

7. Polaris Outlaw Pink Power

Why will boys always be entitled to fun and facilities? Here arrives a cheap atvs under 500 dollars created for the girls who love to explore.

Your young princess is going to be beyond happy with this Polaris Outlaw Pink Power ride of hers. This ride is adorned in pink and has amazing detailed works.

The four-wheeler has knobby tires that permit you to drive through rough trails, wet grounds and sidewalks. It has a 2-speed gear shift. It can travel with speed from 2.5-4.5mph.

The outstanding second gear lockout makes this a parental controllable ride. The 12V battery and charger will help your fun last for a long duration after a complete charge of the battery.

This ride has an accelerator with automatic brakes. It is one of the hottest four-wheeler options in town for girls that are also cheap in price.


  • This ATV has an accelerator with automatic brakes.
  • Knobby tires and 2-speed gear shift.
  • Parental speed control with reverse (2.5-4.5mph).
  • 12V battery and charger.


  • Not a good choice for boys.

Our Verdict:

The knobby tires provide traction both on grass, rough terrains and sidewalks. This new ride with automatic brakes and parental speed control makes this a perfect ride for your young rider who would love to be a discoverer.

8. Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX 

Here come the exciting hot wheels with its striking colours and visual. This can be used as an off-road vehicle; it has wide tires which lets it move through rough ground, wet grass, ruts and even pavements. It can easily carry a weight up to 65 lbs.

The four-wheeler is designed to have 12V battery power that offers you two different speeds controllable by parents. Its forward speed is (2.5-5mph) and reverse. It also has high-speed lockout and lockable power brakes to ensure the safety of your child. All this just weighs 25 lbs, pretty lightweight! Huh!


  • The ATV is Lightweight.
  • 12V rechargeable batteries.
  • Parental control and lockable speed facility.
  • Can easily carry up to 65 lbs.
  • Wide tires of the vehicle give good grip over rough ground, wet grass and even sidewalks.


  • Batteries need to be changed after two years or so.

Our Verdict:

The hot wheels come with this fantastic range of features that will be your little toddler's best companion when it comes to outdoor adventures with 100% safety.

9. Best Choice Products Electric 4-Wheeler

A ride that comes with 6 different colour ranges and gives your little adventurer fun experience with safety. This is the Best Choice Products Kids 12V electric four-wheeler.

This ride is built with a dual motor, so this has 2 different speed options. Due to Its realistic manufacturing, it has also got a horn, engine sounds, music and LED headlights. The pre-programmed music increases the amount of joy for the rider.

It is available in different colours and weighs around 25 pounds. Can be easily handled by kids. It can bear a weight of about 65 pounds.

Treaded tires in the ride allow it to move over wet grass, dirt and change directions effortlessly. With all these, your child gets a good fun experience along with safety.


  • It has dual motor and 2 different speed options.
  • Realistic sounds such as horns and pre-programmed music.
  • Treaded tires can change directions effortlessly.
  • Steering and brake system for safety purposes.
  • Weigh 25 lbs and can carry up to 65 lbs.


  • Overuse of the vehicle may need a change of batteries.

Our Verdict:

The ride weighs so less yet offers you so much. It gives your child both safety and fun with its realistic features at such pocket-friendly cost.

10. Model TForce

What creation!! 110 CC fully automatic youth sized ATV. This is the Tao Tao Model TForce 110CC.

This super qualified four-wheeler is a perfect match for your teen or mid-aged kid. The four-wheeler has 110 CC single cylinder, 4 strokes, air-cooled 100% automatic with reverse, and It also has drum and rear; hydraulic disc. Such realistic features in a cheap atvs under 500 dollars is a breath-taking option. The large upgraded tires come in sizes font: 19x7-8 and rear:18x9.5-8 which drives on sidewalks, rough ground and also on wet grass.


  • 110 CC powerful engine.
  • 100% air-cooled automatic with reverse.
  • Drum, rear; hydraulic disc and large tires.
  • Perfect for teen or mid-aged kids.


  • Might need to change the oil once or twice.

Our Verdict:

Young ones will find this as their perfect companion as they will discover this simpler to drive. It has all the realistic features that will allow your mid-aged kid to fly but with safety.

11. Value Box Kids ATV 

The very last but not least, this realistic toy car comes with a lot of exciting features and carries up to 66 lbs. It comes in 3 different colours that make this perfect for both boys and girls of the age 3-8.

This electronic AVT has a foot pedal for acceleration and effortless change direction. It has a forward and backward gear switch which allows it to change speed without any hassle. The large tires of the ride move the best on carpets, grass and even on hard surfaces. The speed range is around 1.86-3.7 mph, which is adjustable for beginners and young ones.

The AVT has 12V batteries that need to be charged from 8-12 hrs. Its cool design has got realistic manufacturing which includes headlights, horns and pre-programmed music that gives an impressive amount of amusement to the rider.


  • Foot pedal for acceleration and handle for effortless direction change.
  • Runs best on Carpets, grass and rough surface.
  • Perfect for kids between age 3-8.
  • 12V rechargeable batteries.
  • Can carry up to 66 lbs.


  • The battery might need a charge after 2 hrs of non-stop riding.

Our Verdict:

This electronic AVT is impressive due to its performance and well-structured built-in. We bet your toddler wouldn't want to get off of it.

Buying Guide 

Core material

The manufacturing material has a tremendous amount of impact on how the four-wheeler is going to perform. In this very case, high tensile steel or high-tech steel is the perfect and durable material to build up a four-wheeler that gives you entertainment for quite a long time.

Power Source and Size

Power source the most crucial aspect that one should keep in mind while purchasing a vehicle for your young ones. A good range of batteries starts from 12V, which will provide continuous service for a couple of hours. These batteries may need to be charged for around 8-14 hours.

Speed adjustability and Parental Control

Getting a ride that doesn't come with the features like speed adjustability and parental control can be risky for your toddler. Most of the four-wheelers come with both forward and reverse moving service. Therefore, parental control is significant for kids under a certain age. It is also a need for beginners. The most excellent four wheelers under 500 dollars adopt this quality to serve the utmost driving experience.

Tires, steering and brakes

Good tires are one of the most basic needs of a four-wheeler. Rides that have wide tires can run over pavement, rough ground and even on wet grass. The brakes and steering are important for both fun and safety. Also, while considering the design, the steering and brakes must be realistic; without these small details, an ATV cannot be reliable enough.


The weight of a four-wheeler can be anything starting from 25 lbs. However, a 25 lbs ride can carry up to 66 lbs. An ATV can be heavy as hell and still might not give you an up to mark performance that a lightweight ATV is giving.

Realistic design

A modern ATV will always have a realistic design like pre-programmed music or USB, headlights and horns, which will bring a lot of amusement to the rider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum weight capacity of the vehicle?

Every vehicle has its capacities, although the average weight capacity of a four-wheeler is around 65 lbs. If more than 65 lbs are carried out, there's a chance of the vehicle to be broken.

Is it hard to assemble the ATV?

No, it is not tough at all. It's relatively easy to assemble the ATV if you have 2-3 tools which are available at your home.

How long can the vehicle run before it requires another battery charging?  

In general, after a complete charge, the vehicle will run up to 2-3 hrs on its maximum speed.

What is the time duration to a full charge of the battery?

It can take from 8-14 hours to be recharged entirely, which will give you several hours of amusement.

What is the time duration to a full charge of the battery?

It can take from 8-14 hours to be recharged entirely, which will give you several hours of amusement.

Final Words

At this point, you must know what your requirements are and which of the following ATVs would be the best option for your precious one. The cheap 4 wheelers under 500 dollars are highly durable and work perfectly, even beyond your expectations.

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