Top 10 Best & Cheap Golf Carts Under 200: The Trusted Companion of Golfing

Don't you like to keep your things organized? And being a golf player, no other thought, except the one where you need a golf cart to keep track of your items, should matter.

Golfer without a golf cart is like going on a battleground without any weapon.

A great golf cart is mandatory to smooth up your golfing operations. A golf car is mainly a small vehicle that can carry two golf players to travel around a golf course. It reduces efforts and walking distance. Golfers don't like the hassle of cars and use pushcarts instead, even though both are efficient, easy to use.

Now, the critical question is, where can I find the perfect golf cart for myself and that it is one of the best cheap golf carts under 200 dollars? Well, you got nothing to worry about. We have got you covered.

10 Cheap Golf Carts Under 200

1. CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart

The first product on our list and the best, we say! Made in China, the model confirms three colors and many more options to choose from. So, you could customize it according to your wish.

This SuperLite product weighs less than 14 lbs, and the simple two latched mechanism helps it fold in just two simple steps for easy storage. The rear and front-wheel alignment systems help the cart push through grassy areas or even cobblestone paths easily.

It's made it easier for players to feature a wheelbarrow structure and has an umbrella holder with it, or as we like to say, a cherry on top! It also features a chic basket with a built-in cooler and a bag clamp to hold your golf bag in place.

Version 8 also includes a scorecard holder with a storage compartment, and a beverage holder and a mesh net basket have attracted customers the most, giving it a rate of 5 out of 5.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can be folded to a compact size in two steps
  • Able to move through any rough terrains
  •   Distance between both front wheels can be adjusted to add stability
  •  Its aluminum lining increases the durability of the cart


  • Not convenient for players who don't prefer the foot brake system

Our Verdict:

This cart is applicable for players who've just set foot on the field and also for professional golfers. The storage units and other features are eye-catching and stable enough to be used, making it one of the best cheap golf carts under 200$.

2. CaddyTek CaddyLite EZ V8 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart

In the previous CaddyTek product, you've seen how remarkable and intelligent features are included in the cart. Colors like blue, lime, silver, and dark grey can be selected according to your liking. It's another one of those cheap golf carts under 200$ but also excellent and perfect up-to-date.

Smart features like the basket with a built-in cooler, umbrella, scorecard, and beverage holder help fulfill everyone's expectations. There is also a storage compartment with a mesh net along with a cell phone/GPS holder.

And like always, CaddyTek also provides the front wheel alignment system with an adjustable handle for players of different sizes. It's effortless and comfortable to use and swivel around with the ball bearing wheels.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use, assemble and fold
  • Has enough storage space
  • Can move through any challenging terrains


  • The umbrella holder doesn't have a strap

Our Verdict:

CaddyTek's appliances can always be trusted and managed efficiently. Although, this particular cart is suggested for unisex adults, be it a professional golfer or beginner. It even fits every standard. Therefore, it's highly recommended!

3. CaddyTek CaddyLite V3 - SuperLite 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

This 35.46 inches tall cart comes in three colors naming black, black/lime, and silver. It has ergonomically padded and adjustable handles with four pushing positions.

Are you worried about how it's going to fit into your car trunks? Well, say no more! When folded, it gets to this upright position and can be stored easily. And also, the patented bag holder holds your golf bag of any size or type securely. Keeping it as one of the best golf carts under 200dollars, it's trusted and manufactured well.

A mesh net and basket net for holding your accessories are included in this cart and an umbrella and beverage holder. It also has the front wheel alignment system to adjust the front wheels for storing your golf bag in place.

CaddyTek's products are hugely used by golfers worldwide. They're the first to add the foot brake system, umbrella and drink holders, etc. to a basic pushcart in 2009.


  • The umbrella holder helps you tilt the umbrella to tighten up and use it for shade or to stay dry
  • Can be folded easily
  • Easy to assemble and lightweight


  • Cart stands upright with or without the golf bag when folded

Our Verdict:

This product is mainly recommended to players who're newbies due to its beginner-friendly features and manageability. A global rating of 4.6 out of 5 is a great deal, everyone!

4. Spin It GCPro II Push Golf Cart

The GCPro comes in 2 colors and almost seven options to choose from, including the most accessible folding mechanism where a single push of a button folds the cart. It also features an adjustable handle to keep your golf bag in place.

Other than that, there are included holders for beverages and umbrellas along with storage compartments to store your necessities. The airless low maintenance tires are durable and can easily push the cart through the most challenging terrains. Also, among the few other cheap golf carts under 200$, this product too takes place.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame, weighing around 16lbs. The foot brake system doesn't let your cart wander around without your notice keeping it firmly in place. And, it also has a scorecard holder included! All in all, it's just the perfect golf cart for golf players on the field.


  • Low maintenance tires help push the cart through whichever direction needed
  • Umbrella and drink holders included
  • Works well with bags that have a kickstand
  • Easily fits into car trunk or backseat
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn't have a front-wheel adjustment system

Our Verdict:

SpinIt creates products that are mainly beginner-friendly. And so, this one too is suitable for players who've just started. It also doesn't have many advanced options that professional golfers require. Therefore, it's recommended for beginners only.

5. TangKula Swivel 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

This steel-framed push cart comes in three colors, including green, red, and navy. Made with high quality workmanship and craftsmen, this cart has been used by many golfers around the world.

There are four tee holes and one golf ball hole of the golf trolley included. It weighs around 19 lbs making it sturdy and lightweight to move around. It consists of a PP handle comfortable for both left and right-handed users. Also, the smooth ball bearing wheels with EVA covers effortlessly help you change directions.

It has a contoured bottom with an adjustable bag strap to help accommodate large or small bags. To fold the cart, you would have to take down the wheels and store it inside your car trunk. To support you along the way, it's made pocket friendly by keeping it as one of the cheap golf carts under 200$.

It also has holders for cups and an umbrella with an included scoreboard. Without a doubt, a durable and comfortable using experience can be guaranteed.


  • Has 4 level adjustable heights for easy push or pull
  • Includes a small PU leather padded seat
  • An additional hook is added to keep small items within reach
  • Wheels can be removed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has functional foot brakes


  • Wheels need to be removed for easy storage
  • The umbrella holder needs to be tightened continuously if the cart is to swivel a lot

Our Verdict:

To be honest, this is one of the best pushcarts that a professional golfer would choose, among others. It's suitable for those who know more about the game and the course. The price is reasonable enough, and so it's highly recommended.

6. Serenelife SLG3W 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart

Standing 45.3 inches tall, this pushcart has a stylish black and red color. It includes an ergonomically padded PVC handle for a better grip. The handle can be adjusted to accommodate golfers of various heights and also for multiple pushing positions.

It features a holder for an umbrella, cup, golf ball, scorecard, upper and lower bag. So many storage platforms in just one cart! It can also be folded to a compact size for hassle-free transportation and storage. And again, price-wise, it is among those few cheap golf carts under 200$.

It's made with super heavy-duty and robust aluminum material. The three clip-on wheels ensure ultra-smooth riding around any terrains and easy mobility. Alone with the attractive finish, the trolley will collaborate with any golf bag, giving it the most classy look.


  • Weight capacity is 33 lbs
  • Has an upper and lower bracket with an elastic strap
  • Weighs only 4 kgs it a lightweight product
  • Easy to fold and unfold


  • The golf bag is to be removed when needed to fold

Our Verdict:

This gorgeously designed cart is highly stable and recommended for any golf player out there. It's suggested mainly for unisex teens and newbie, though.

7. Cube Cart 3-Wheel Push Golf Cart

It's rated the fastest folding golf cart in the world by allowing it to fit into the smallest of car trunks. The two steps folding system deals with the excess and efficiently reduces it to a compact size. The Cube comes in six colors: charcoal/red, charcoal/lime, charcoal/blue, charcoal/black, white/blue, white/white, and could be one of the most appealing cheap golf carts you would buy.

With an ergonomic handle, the height of the cart can be adjusted to the golfer's liking. It even has a generous amount of storage space with the essential beverage, umbrella, and scorecard holders. Plus, you could also place your tee and golf ball there, meaning you don't need to have an additional golf bag.

With the help of easy-run rubber oversized tires, the cart can glide through any course or terrain. Made of rubber material and friction freewheels, the cart makes it easy to get a good grip on your hands and the field. Just by inserting the two rear wheels, you'll have assembled one of the best golf carts in the world.


  • Weighs only 8.23 kgs making it a lightweight trolley
  • Weighs only 8.23 kgs making it a lightweight trolley
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Can use a bag with a stand on it


  • It doesn't have a seat, and the accessory isn't available either
  • It's PAS (padel assistant system) should improve. 

Our Verdict:

This push cart is ideal for space-conscious golfers who look for more storage compounds or holders. And also, the easy-to-fold just makes it a whole lot better! Check it out now.

8. Qwik-Fold 4 Wheel Push Golf Cart

After Cube Cart, this is one of the most comfortable folding carts. It's very compact to fit anywhere, even in car trunks. With just a single click, the cart can be folded in seconds. And again, only by lifting the handle, the cart is ready to use.

Standing 46.3' tall, it comes in four colors naming, black/blue, black/charcoal, black/red, and white/white. The sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame prevents rotting and protects the material from inside.

The handle of the pushcart is adjustable for users of different heights. Besides, the ball bearing wheels help you achieve a smooth ride throughout the course and any terrain.


  • Included foot brake
  • Has an umbrella holder
  • Easy to assemble and fold


  • Not enough storage space or holders

Our Verdict:

It isn't the best pushcart for professional golfers or so. It's a beginner-friendly cart with the basic features. Therefore, people who've just set out on the field can give this a check.

9.. Qwik-Fold 3-Wheel Push Golf Cart

It has built with a super strong and sturdy aluminum frame; the cart can easily be maneuvered. It's lightweight for a 17-pound pushcart. It has the same features as the 4-Wheel pushcart and is comfortable to move around with.

It can fold and open with just a click, making it compact to fit inside your car trunks easily. The patented bullet system technology helps fold the cart within seconds. Also, there's a patented foot brake system that stops the trolley abruptly just by tapping the break with your foot. To release the brake, you'll have to tap with your foot again. Easy to say that it's recommended as one of the best cheap golf carts under 200$.

It also features an umbrella holder costing only $39.99 that'll help keep you and your clubs dry. All in all, along with a powder-coated finish, it's an intelligent and exciting hand cart to buy.


  • Can detach the wheels easily
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • Elastic straps to put your golf bag in
  • Rated four stars out of 5 for maneuverability
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Need to pay extra for an umbrella holder

Our Verdict:

This, too, like the 4-wheel pushcart, is a beginner-friendly product. It has the basic features of storage and is easy to install. It's rated a total of 4.5 stars out of 5. We'd recommend buying this product if you're a newbie.

10. LEDGlow LU-GC-M12-CL Golf Cart

By looking at the picture below, I'm sure you're tempted to buy this golf cart right this second. But, hold on, there's more! With canopy, interior, wheel well, and underbody lights, the machine was built specifically for golf carts to set the most luxurious golf players' feelings. It's even compatible with any electric or gas-powered golf cart.

LEDGlow's extraordinarily designed golf cart features ten solid colors, including blue, teal, pink, hot pink, red, purple, green, white, and yellow, fitted inside flexible and water-resistant tubes. The involved kit with the cart contains the things required for installation, i.e., a 12V powered control box, a 12-port junction box with eight-port plugs, and two wireless remotes.

The underbody and wheel well lights both consist of 4 flexible, water-resistant tubes. This is an added 9' of wire per line with mounting hardware. On the other hand, both canopy and interior lights have two flexible and water-resistant tubes with an added 13' and 9' wire, respectively. Each of the tubes consists of ultra-bright, wide-angle SMD LEDs.

I'm sure by twirling on this little ride around the field will enhance and completely transform the look and feel of the vehicle.


  • ‚óŹ 16 light modes, three strobe modes, 2 flash modes, 3 fade modes, 4 sound activation, and more can be activated
  • Can customize your cart with the unlimited range of colors LEDGlow provides
  • Includes self-tapping screws and zip ties
  • Can even integrate Bluetooth control into the system
  • Easy to install and setup


  • LED light strips aren't much wide
  • 3 CR2 batteries are required

Our Verdict:

LEDGlow's appliances are used worldwide, so this golf car isn't a loner. It's suitable for any player. But mostly for those who want to travel around the course with a comfortable and luxurious feel. The lightings and the leather seats would set one's mood for life. Even though it's highly recommended, it can also be a bit expensive. But look at the bright side! It has all the features and manageability one would require.


Things To Check Out Before Buying A New/Old Golf Cart


You should decide which feature has much importance to you and buy one accordingly. Need more storage space and holders? Or LED lights for the car? Headlights, seatbelts, windshields, you name it and purchase one. Nonetheless, you must lookout for the basic features first.

Pull Cart Frame

When you'll be moving the pushcart around a terrain, you surely don't want a heavy hand cart. You want it to be lightweight and easy to assemble and fold. It's essential to make sure it's aluminum-coated since aluminum will prevent the cart from rusting and provide a challenging transportation mode and make it easy to store all your golf gear.


Have you checked whether the cart or car provides you with the described accessories? Did the pushcart say you'd get an additional leather padded seat just to find out there wasn't any? Also, the golf car could have had a tee holder, but you didn't get it. It happens often. And so, it is to make sure it doesn't happen with you too.


Buying a cart that communicates with your wallet for you is what matters the most! It doesn't matter whether you buy a new or old cart. Ensure it doesn't exceed $5,500 if you buy a used car and $500 if a pushcart. You should be checking out with the owner too if you're going to buy a used one just to make sure there isn't any scam. Check if it's worth the asking price again. But also, you'd most likely have to spend around 200 dollars more for replacement parts. Even though that's total up to you, we'd still say to make sure of what you can afford and then buy a product.


Does your golf cart come with a money-back guarantee or any warranty? Well, if not, then you make sure of it. What if you buy a product and found flaws in it and couldn't return the product? That'd be such a waste of money. Hence, it's better to check if it provides a warranty card. You can always go back and set it up for maintenance or even get a money-back guarantee where if you're not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back. Stay safe, people! There are a lot of scammers out there.


If you're going to buy a golf car, you would have to keep in mind that cars aren't used only on the golf course. You can use it on the commercial grounds, for maintenance purposes, transportation in race tracks, riding around neighborhood or lake house, airports, etc. It's better if it can be used in more extensive ways and for longer times.

Should I use a gas or an electric powered golf cart?

Depends. What are you focusing on the most? More stability and storage for your golf essentials or quiet and less expensive ones? A gas-powered cart may provide you with rusty features and give you more power to fo faster and space for transportation and gears.

On the other hand, electric golf carts are quiet and cheaper than gas-powered ones. You'd just have to charge it at night and make it ready to ride the next day. It's suitable for smaller groups, though.

Enter your text here...

Purchasing which type of carts would be beneficial? Used or New?

It depends as well! You need to set your budget and priorities first. If you buy a new golf cart, you'd get a warranty for damage repairs and solving other problems. And also, you don't have to worry about any existing hidden wreckages. It'll also keep you rest assured that your product is new and properly manufactured.

Whereas, if you'd prefer blocking off any warranty cards and follow-up with a fixed budget, then a previously owned golf cart/pushcart would be suitable for you. They're very affordable, and you can add your style to it by modifying the whole cart.

How do I charge my electrically operated golf cart?

You could water it by keeping the water level below the battery vent before charging it with the given charger with the golf cart.

Can I use my golf cart for any other purpose or even take it to my golf course?

Well, if the golf track allows you to take your cart to the course, then you indeed can. So, look at the list of rules and regulations the way provides you with. And also, you could use it for other purposes too. For example, you are taking a ride in the neighborhood, airports, transportation, etc.

Will I need to pay more in the future?

If you're going to buy a push golf cart, you'd have to purchase replaceable for it every few years. In electric powered carts, you will have to buy a 500$ battery after every 5-6 years, whereas you'd save a lot if you intend to buy a gas-powered one. As we know, nothing lasts forever!

Other than that, there are maintenance costs too. Hand carts might take a total cost of $700, while golf cars would take 5000 bucks.

Which wheel cart is suitable for beginners?

Without a doubt, the four-wheelers. That's because you'd be able to keep control of the cart and avoid stiffness for it to get a good grip on the track.

Final Words

In the end, all we have to say is, buying a golf cart isn't a pesky or challenging job. Golf hand carts and cars both are efficient and beneficial for any golfer. Nevertheless, it's suggested to choose a cart that best suits your needs and liking. And also, make sure you give

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