Top 11 Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $200 In 2020: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

When the sun is burning hot, people get fed up with the heat and tend to buy air conditioners to survive the scorching hot weather. Air conditioners are used all year round, especially in such weather.

Now, what if we change the air a bit? What if we use a portable air conditioner? Or, in easier words, a stroller air conditioner? It's efficient, though, if you insist on buying an air conditioner that's affordable and beneficial at the same time. It's also easy to install them and stroll with, i.e.., move them from one place/room to another.

Portable air conditioners work the same way a window unit or a central air conditioning system does. It can cool a space up to 500 square feet without fitting it into a wall. It inhales the hot air from outside with the copper coils present in the mini AC. Then, it keeps on tugging the warm air until the room temperature is at an icy level. This is how it works as a refrigerant and keeps your room cool.

But say, how much does it cost? Is it even imaginable to find a cheap portable air conditioner under $200? Well, we got your back. Buckle up!

11 Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $200

1. Luma Comfort EC-111B Portable Air Cooler

This glossy black cooler comes in two colors, three-speed adjustments, and wind modes. The unit is made with high-quality materials and is easy to maneuver, being lightweight. It's more of a tower fan but is also energy efficient and comfortable for your rooms.

This portable ac under $200 is made eco-friendly too, for appreciation from all the nature lovers. Instead of releasing harmful chemicals like Freon into the atmosphere, it uses clean evaporation that keeps the climate and your room temperature in control. This means it also helps you save 75% in energy costs compared to the regular air conditioners.

By adding water to the 1.5-gallon removable tank, you can use it as an evaporative cooler or even use the oscillating fan only to cool a space up to 250 square feet, no water required. It is convertible to a humidifier to get rid of all the airborne dust particles and introduce fresh oxygen to breathe.


  • Perfect for arid, hot, and dry climates.
  • Helps lower indoor temperature by 20°F.
  • Has a 500 CFM fan to be used as a standalone.
  • Includes remote control for better access.
  • Can be used as a fan only, humidifier, or a cooler.
  • Features an active sleep mode for quiet nights.


  • Not suitable for muggy weathers.
  • The fan and humidifier don't last long if not filled with enough water.

Our Verdict:

It's the perfect device for you if the weather in the area seems to get a bit too warm and doesn't end up being saggy or muggy. Being lightweight and easy to clean, it's best if used in offices or rented apartments.

2. Global Air Portable Air Conditioner

With 10,000 BTU, this imported item can be used in a room of size 300 square feet maximum. Extension cords aren't needed, and the unit needs to be vented outside for proper functioning. It only takes up to three minutes to restart.

Digital controls set for temperature adjustments help you keep your room temperature and distribute the air evenly throughout the room. With the self evaporative system's help, the device doesn't need a water tank, and the condensing water is recycled to improve its efficiency.

The inexpensive portable air conditioner also has the option to use active carbon filters, and an easy-to-read LED display. No doubt that this fantastic product will keep you cool throughout the whole summer!


  • Features 2-speed cooling and fan use.
  • Has active anti-frozen functions.
  • Can cold rooms up to 300 square feet in size.


  • Weighs 54 pounds.

Our Verdict:

We'd say that it's the perfect choice for you if you aren't among the elderly and tend to shift places often. The price is reasonable too, and best to be used in medium-sized rooms.

3. Quilo Refresh 3in1 Portable Tower Fan

Designed with a white/silver finish, this portable unit is a refreshing personal air cooler. It comes in a 3in1 tower-like structure for better maneuverability. It's lightweight and built to cool areas up to 160 sq.ft in the spot.

3in1 cooler helps you keep cool in summer, acts as a humidifier during winter, and has a speed adjustable fan for all times. It's compact and sleek design makes it an efficient, cheap portable air conditioner under $200 and easy to move around.

For intuitive control, the device consists of six buttons and provides powerful airflow for speed cooling. Plus, the activation of sleep mode offers you a whisper-quiet environment. It's also designed to be an energy-efficient device and to ensure clean air. Just add ice to the ice compartment, and you're good to go!


  • Includes an antibacterial honeycomb.
  • Features a programmable timer and an infra-red remote for better manageability.
  • Uses only a minimum of 7.4W of power on quiet mode.
  • Has safety and automatic timer shut off.
  • Replaceable filters are available anywhere.


  • The product isn't much lightweight and weighs 15.02 pounds.

Our Verdict:

It's a handy swamp cooler, and we assure you that you won't have any regrets buying this. However, it's suggested that you use the device for cooling shorter spaces and keep the device next to you while sleeping since it can't cover large areas. We do recommend giving this excellent product a check!

4. Sunpentown SF-608R Air Cooler

With remote control, which offers you access to change settings, and an antibacterial water tank of 10L capacity, this air cooler has gotten a rank of 4.6 out of 5 by customers worldwide. It is easy to roll the cooler from one place to another and has auto swing louvers for even air distribution.

It doesn't have a compressor inside, and so it is not an air conditioner. You have to add ice as much as possible to the water tank to produce cold air and set it next to you for better results. With three airspeeds, i.e., high, medium, and low, and a sleep mode, the cooler is one of the best inexpensive portable air conditioners out there!

You can even set a timer from 0.5 ~ 7.5 hours for yourself. Plus, it also has an ionizer to purify the air. Weighing only 18 pounds, this versatile and lightweight air cooler is a must to be kept at home!


  • Can also be used as a fan or a humidifier.
  • Can also be used as a fan or a humidifier.
  • Utilizes water or ice to cool spaces.
  • Easy to use and energy efficient.
  • Doesn't make much noise.


  • Isn't very useful to use in areas with high humidity.

Our Verdict:

This economical unit is only useful for small areas and open spaces. It's suggested to keep the windows open, for proper ventilation. It's quiet and lightweight, making it easy for you to move around with. We recommend checking out all the features of it closely before buying.

5. Toolsempire Portable Air Conditioner

Designed to deliver a stream of cooling airflow with water vapor, this is an efficient device you would ever buy. It's equipped with a water tank of 8L capacity that offers the room to cool down and raise its humidity. It includes a visible water level window for you to keep track of replacements.

It also has three speeds and modes to help adjust the more relaxed speed for your comfort. A timer of 7.5 hours, along with remote control, provides you with easy access to its settings. It's the best window air conditioner under 200 bucks. One of it's best features would be that it has bladeless fans. And so, you won't be afraid to let your children or pets near it.

The eco-friendly cooler doesn't consist of any chemical refrigerants or any compressors that you can breathe clean air. You can run it for long hours without worrying about how much you'd have to pay for it.

Without water, it can be used as a regular fan, and with water, it'd act as a fan and a humidifier. Adding ice cubes would give out a colder wind. And there you go. A big hoorah to more relaxed and fresher air!


  • Designed to cool small targeted areas.
  • 65W unit saves a lot on annual energy costs.
  • 3in1 units, where you can use it as a cooler humidifier and even as a cooling fan whenever needed.
  • Bladeless air amplifier.
  • Apartment and eco friendly.
  • Easy to swirl, with the help of wheels attached to the bottom of the unit.


  • It is not applicable to cool larger areas.

Our Verdict:

Another one of our most recommended products! It's completely safe to be used in any abode. Call it your home, office, or personal cabinet. An excellent choice for the environment and your family as well, nonetheless. With proper maintenance and cleaning, this device is sure to last you a fair amount of years!

6. JHS 8,000 BTU 3in1 Small Portable Air Conditioner

This portable unit is equipped with four stainless castors and a steady handle. It's said to have the best mobility and also very easy to install. It can efficiently cool areas up to 170 square feet approximately.

It's probably one of the best window air conditioner under 200 bucks that you will be tempted to buy. It's another one of those 3in1 units, having a cooler, a dehumidifier for winters, and a fan with two speeds and 31.7 pints for all times. The LED panel and full functioning remote control allow you to adjust the settings anywhere in the room.

Along with these, it also includes a sleep mode to provide you with a quiet night. It can also save energy and lessen your worry about the bills. Just fill in the water tank with some water, and you're good to go!


  • 3in1 unit.
  • The timer can be set for 24 hours max.
  • Includes an auto evaporation system.
  • Removable dust filters are easy to wash.
  • Temperature can be set between 61°F~88°F.


  • Cannot be installed in areas that don't have a flat surface.

Our Verdict:

Generally, portable air conditioners with larger cooling space are required for apartments, kitchens, dorms, condos, etc. But, this is still an apartment-friendly device that is suitable for smaller areas and such. With a power supply of 115V, it can help save your dollars. Hence, this product is budget-friendly and could be your new best friend!

7. LG LP0817-WSR 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The exhaust tube fits perfectly behind the AC, keeping it hidden. It also includes a remote control for giving you access to its three modes and two fan speeds. The installation kit presents with an inexpensive portable air conditioner and fits both vertical and horizontal windows from 18" to 50".

The control panel features sleek and digital touch controls with an LED screen. On top of that, the auto evaporation system built in the air cooler allows you to continuously use it for several hours without regularly empty the water tank. With all such features, it provides you with a steamship cold room. Definitely a 4.3 out of 5!


  • Easy to assemble and maneuver.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Allowed for continuous usage with an auto shut off 24-hour timer.
  • Durable for years.
  • Removable and washable mesh filters.
  • Has a CFM of 250.


  • Cannot be used as a dehumidifier or a fan in general.
  • Noise level is noticeable if used in quiet areas.

Our Verdict:

You know those appliances, where you only keep it in your households for just your personal use, without worrying about the design instead of the features? Well, this could be one of them. It's better if this appliance is only used in small rooms and apartments.

8. Briza Cool Electric Air Cooler

With two-color designs,i.e., black and white, to choose from, this portable unit is easy and simple to use. One of its unique abilities is that it doesn't need a ventilation source. Instead, you'll have just to fill the water tank to the brim, and you're good to go.

The device only draws 0.66 Amps and can cool any area in your house or patio. This inexpensive portable air conditioner uses evaporated water, which helps lower the temperature of the space you're residing in and also adds 3-5% of humidity to the air, which keeps the air fresh and vivid, getting rid of any dust or allergens.

The aspen wood filters can last you 1-3 years, depending on your usage and environment. It uses ten times less energy than the regular air conditioners, using the only 120V per month. The noise level is pretty much low too. This has to be one of our most recommended products.


  • Has three different fan speeds with an oscillating function which directs the blowing rate by 80°.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Can be used as a dehumidifier.
  • Has four aspen wood filters.
  • Helps add humidity to the air and locks the moisture in.


  • Cannot be used in case of muggy weathers or such.

Our Verdict:

It isn't an air conditioner, to be exact. It's more of an air cooler that only helps cool your room without lowering the room temperature. It can be used in spacious places but with proper discretion.

9. SereneLife SLPAC8 3in1 Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner that's lightweight has a sleek body design, and has rolling wheels for easy portability, is a must in our homes. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, and even your garage. Anywhere! It also features a plug-in system where you don't have to bother keeping a ventilation source.

Three modes of cooling give you the best cooling effect in your room. The built-in dehumidifier and fan can be used for general purposes. It also acts as a purifier, which would reduce the number of allergens and mites. The portable ac under $200 is a big win if you focus on functioning the most.


  • Features a digital remote control.
  • Sleep mode can be enabled.
  • Can cover up to 215+ square feet of space.
  • Has a water tank with 1.2L capacity.
  • Noise level is only 55~57 dB.


  • Uses up to 1000 watts in high settings, making it inefficient.

Our Verdict:

This is another one of those apartments and budget-friendly appliances. It can be used in spacious places. It isn't much sufficient if used in arid and humid temperatures. However, it's warmth and comfortable aura is really soothing.

10. Black + Decker BPAC08WT Portable Air Conditioner

This 5,000 BTU compact air conditioner combines three energy-efficient functions to make the best use of all your cooling and ventilation needs. 3in1 gadget comes with a more casual fan and a dehumidifier. This also has a self evaporating system that makes it an energy-efficient product.

The adjustable fan speed helps cool down your room up to 65°F. The remote control gives you access to its features along with a 24-hour timer. It also has a LED display for a better view of the readings. You can wheel this stroller air conditioner around and keep it at any place you want.

It's also easy to assemble or store and clean the unit after usage. Just attach the hose to a double-hung or sliding window and a power outlet, and enjoy the fresh cool breeze.


  • Simple and easy to install.
  • 3in1 unit.
  • Has a bucket-less and self evaporative system.
  • 4 stars on durability.
  • Keeps your residing space cool and dry.
  • Simple to clean and maneuver.
  • Includes a sleep mode.


  • No extender for more expansive windows.
  • Cannot be used in crank casement windows.

Our Verdict:

Enjoy a cool summer with this unit, which offers immediate and uninterrupted cool air. Best for dorms, campers, or single bedded rooms.

11. Midea MAP-08R1CWT 3in1 Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy a cool and dry summer with the new Midea portable air conditioner. It delivers fast and effective cooling for spaces up to 150 square feet. While concomitantly providing a fan and dehumidifier.

The remote controller permits you to control the speed of the different modes from anywhere across the room. It also has a 24-hour timer which shuts off automatically after use. It's the best window air conditioner under 200 dollars that is both budget-friendly and apartment friendly.

The exhaust hose has to be set up on the window side with the window kit's help. You don't need any extra tools for installation. You just have to roll the appliance to the place you want to keep it on, attach the 5feet hose to the window brackets, switch on the unit, and welcome the cool breeze.


  • Easy to install and maneuver.
  • Can cool a room up to 62°-90°F.
  • Has different wind speeds.
  • Enhanced sleep mode.
  • Energy, time, and money saver.


  • Weighs 60 pounds, making it a bit hard to move around.

Our Verdict:

This product is perfect for you if you use it for rooms that you always reside in or don't intend on moving the appliance much. Best for smaller areas and open spaces. It doesn't even take up much space and blend in with your room decor.

Prime Features To Look For In A Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $200


Now, this is to be checked by looking at the unit's size, your room size, and the size of the space you're going to place it in. If your room is around 500 square feet in size, then you should use a device that actually can cool that much amount of space within seconds.

Measure the space you're going to keep the air conditioner on. So then, when you're going to buy the AC, you'd buy one according to the size you measured.


When you're going to move the machinery from one place to another, are you sure it doesn't take much time to install it in the new free space? They shouldn't be much problem to install, or else the word 'portable' wouldn't fit terms.

If it's only you around the house, you will have to consider buying one easy to install, no matter where you place it. And also, we suggest you check if there's any ventilation source in the room you're about to place it in.


How much does it cost? Is it affordable for you? Does the price seem to be a bit tacky according to the listed features? So many questions, but only one answer.

You need to fix a budget at first. That way, it'll be easier to find what you're looking for! They usually cost within a range of $150-$1000 only if you intend to use them in apartments, cabins, condos, etc. Otherwise, consider buying an air conditioner if you have a spacious abode. If you follow our list, certainly it will help you to get cheap portable air conditioner under $200 quite easily.


If you're going to set up a portable ac in your compartment, you need to make sure it fits with your surroundings. How does the color look? Does it blend in with the furniture? Does it have an elegant finish? We'll leave it up to you!


There are two types of hoses, i.e., dual and single. Dual hoses have two expandable tubes, one as an intake hose and the other as the exhaust. It's a systematic plan to use double hoses to save energy and lessen the heat around quickly.

While single hoses are designed as the only tube that intakes and exhales air at once, it does cool the space you intend on cooling but isn't as systematic as dual hoses.


Many people use a portable AC just to reduce the use of central units. In this case, Energy Star ratings help you compare how particular machines work in terms of energy efficiency.

Units that contain auto-shutoff thermostats are beneficial since that'll automatically shut off the cooler after your room reaches the desired temperature. And so, if you're worried about the dollars you'd have to pay each month, then find an air conditioner that offers you the service of saving on energy costs.


No matter how many portable units or air coolers you buy, it will always make even the slightest noise. But in some cases, the noise is somewhat minimal and labeled as background noise, which is most likely to be unnoticeable. However, this is one crucial feature to check if you don't want much noise to create every time you turn it on.


Some portable air conditioners come with 3in1 features, i.e., a cooler, humidifier, and a fan. Now, the cooler is to be used when the temperature gets high and clammy. A humidifier keeps your air warm in the winters, and a speed adjustable fan keeps you going in all seasons.

If you're going to buy a portable unit with many intelligent features, you also make sure you're getting the best out of it. Hence, 3in1 companies are to consider if there aren't many cooling devices in your abodes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What would happen if the hose attached to the air conditioner is twisted?

The cooling efficiency and lifespan of the portable unit might lessen day by day. This is because it needs to continually drag the hot air from outside and convert it into cold. During the process, if the ventilation system itself is twisted or broken, then the cooler wouldn't work well.

Enter your text here...

What's the maximum voltage amount required for functioning the air conditioner?

120V is the maximum voltage amount that is generally applied in air conditioning.

Do I need to buy any additional accessories with it?  

Nope! But, if your air conditioner doesn't have any wheels, you could get a trolley stand so that you can place your device on top of it and move around with it with ease.

You can also buy gloves when you're giving a check on the parts behind the unit.

Why is a window must, for proper cooling?

That helps the room to cool down. The hose needs to be let outside the window just to suck up all the air from outside, then convert it into cold air.

Do I need to change any parts of the air conditioner from time to time?

The filter used in the ventilation ward should be changed annually. But, you can also keep it intact for a few more years if you clean it regularly.

It's recommended to inspect the machine every 2-3 months to ensure it is in good condition.


There are many uses of a portable air conditioner. Once you get to know it's usage and properties well, you'll learn how to extend it's longevity and improve its efficiency. There are a few disadvantages of a portable unit, but they can be quite beneficial for general usage. It's better to focus on the benefits more. They are both affordable and energy-efficient. They can come in handy even in the warmest of weather. We hope you'll look into every feature of it near and buy a cooler that best suits your needs!

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