10 Best Cheap Twin Beds Under $100 You’ll Love In 2021

After a long working day, you become tired and want to get a lovely peaceful, comfortable rest to your sweet home during the night. You want to lay somewhere that fits you and your partner nicely, which feels soft and cosy, and you can fall asleep in seconds.

A high-quality bed frame is really very important than money. Once I was in my friend’s dorm, I can remember that I had a tough time then. I had to sleep on a bed that was cold, plastic, and too firm. It was too much uncomfortable, and my skin would stick on it. There was only a sheet and a pillow and also some worn-out materials, so I feel awful in the morning. And the frame of the bed was dented. It scratched my leg. I wasn’t able to sleep well. The nights I spent there were so unproductive.

Well, that’s why I’m here today to discuss each and everything about the top ten cheap twin beds under $100. Because I wish that experience to no one, if you have an uneasy and uncomfortable bed, buy a new one immediately. You will feel more comfortable, energetic, and relaxed.

To decide on buying a bed, you first need to find the best twin bed frame to put your sponge and soft mattress for getting a full night peaceful rest, but nowadays, a twin bed frame can be costly.

If you are looking for an excellent budget-friendly bed, no need to worry because I have the suggestion you need. This article will list some of the best cheap twin beds under $100, which is impressive. It will blow your mind.

Cheap Twin Beds Under $100

10 Cheap Twin Beds Under $100

1. Hodedah Metal Twin

The bed frame with headboard and footboard provided strong steel support and increased mattress life without a box spring. It has some additional attachments like slats, rails, legs, etc. that all are the strong supports for this bed.

This twin bed’s frame is made with bronze metal and mahogany wood in black colour. It included some great hardware and a manual that makes the setup fast and easy. This bed featured a height that is just fantastic for getting in and out of effortlessly.

This twin bed for kids is strong, robust, and enduring. The mahogany finish adds to the overall look of this bed.


  • Metal frame
  • Headboard and footboard
  • Super Strong& Robust
  • 14 Slats, Rails, and leg support
  • No box spring needed
  • Enduring


  • Not IKEA furniture quality
  • The box is not sturdy
  • Poor package
  • Ambiguous, badly drawn diagrams
  • Poor quality control

2. Crown Mark Erin Upholstered Panel Bed 

This complete bed is clean line style and has neutral upholstery that fits with any kind of decors. The frame is lightly attached with wooden feet. The headboard and footboard features made it excellent. And the polyester-blend fabric with neutral stone khaki tone is eye-catchy.

This complete bed is attached with a headboard, footboard & rails that meet your needs very well, bringing a comfortable feel to your sweet home. It is Crafted with a wooden and ply wooden frame.

It is really super duper easy to assemble. No extra tools or extra hard work is needed to assemble it. These kids twin beds are awe-inspiring.


  • Beautiful and easy to put together
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Metal frame and wood post
  • Modern design & Eye-catchy style
  • Excellent Appearance
  • Super easy to build
  • Amazing quality
  • Instructions are given


  • It came with no instructions
  • The support bars are very poorly welded
  • a box spring and mattress are not included

3. SimLife Single Bed

The bed frame is made with 100% steel frame with ultimate strength. It has a Safe design along with 6-legs, which enhanced its durability and stability. The steel bed frame provides an excellent mattress and even the body distribution for a peaceful, restful, and graceful night’s sleep.

The metal twin bed frame has a 12.5 inches clearance under the bed. So, It has Enough Under-bed storage that serves you by providing enough storage space. You can quickly put some boxes or other necessary things under the bed.

The bed frame is attached with a headboard & footboard that meet your needs sufficiently, bringing a warm, lovely, elegant, and comfortable feel to your loving, sweet home. It has up to 280 pounds (130kg) holding capacity, which is impressive.

This sturdy twin bed frame under $100 is pretty affordable, and the structure of this bed is a fantastic platform to hold your cute twin-size mattress, so no box spring is needed for it.

The bed frame with headboard and footboard by SimLife can provide strong steel support for increased mattress life without the need for a box spring and allows for valuable under-bed storage. Its modern design creates a warm and elegant feel to your sweet home.


  • Metal bed frame
  • Under-bed storage
  • Modern Flower Design
  • It cheap but Doesn’t look cheap
  • steel legs, including extra side legs
  • middle support beam
  • Stable & Durable
  • No Box Spring Needed
  • Holds up to 280 pounds
  • Headboard and Footboard Mattress Foundation


  • The mattress slides around very easily
  • The rails that hold the mattress are not inverted
  • Poorly made parts

4. SHA Cerlin Full-Size Bed Frame

This bed has a strong metal frame with slats mattress support prevents the bed from sagging and enhances mattress life. And its under-bed storage space is 11. So this will serve with an extra storage space facility.

This boys twin bed is very Sturdy and Stylish. It is equipped with a rigid steel framework and high-quality sponges that can bear a max weight of 600lbs with a combination of comfort and robustness. Besides that, its Modern Design, dark grey, and is filled with soft foam matches flawlessly with any office and home decor theme.

It is easy to assemble. No extra tool is needed. It will take about 30 mins only for an adult for the installation. So you can see it is pretty satisfactory. And the best thing is it is provided with a five-year free parts replacement and a limited 30-Day Return Policy.


  • 600 lbs weight capacity
  • Not too hard to build.
  • Safe and high quality
  • Comfortable hardboard
  • Extra storage space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Plastic clip and plug
  • Excellent service


  • The headboard is not sturdy
  • pretty creeky

5. DHP Janford Upholstered Bed with Chic Design

This bed frame is elegantly designed with sturdy metal reinforced with centre legs and side rails to ensure long-lasting support.

Furthermore, this impressive bed features a mind-blowing design made with the robust wooden headboard that will surely be the unique part of your bedroom and a super place to lean on, sit and relax, as it is very comfortable. And its metal frame is made with centre metal legs that provide extra support.

This bed frame doesn’t have any mattress foundation. It only has three metal bars that support the entire mattress. It will require a box frame for supporting the mattress you put on this frame.

These twin bed frames under $100 are really the cheapest option which is super easy to assemble. If you are searching for a statement piece that will not overwhelm your bedroom’s stylish decor, so this trendy, timeless beauty and the simple bed is just the perfect solution for your bedroom.


  • Modern look
  • King size
  • Frame height – 11
  • Frame thickness – 1.5
  • Weight limit – 250 lbs
  • Very sturdy
  • Centre legs and side rails
  • Easy to assemble


  • Need a box spring

6. FURINNO Laval Button Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

It has a simple, stylish design, which is just functional and suitable for your lovely bedroom. Its modern upholstery bed frame with the addition of a button-tufted design elevates elegance and a luxurious feel. With the simplicity and the beauty of Furinno’s bed collection, where you can find yourself with a wide array of bed crafted to perfection

This small size furniture with modern design makes Furinno the best choice for apartments, den, and dorms. It is made with 100% polyester, which is good. Headboard, footboard, rails, slats, and hardware are also included in it.

It has 500 lbs weight capacity. The frame stands of this bed are sturdy on a flat surface, and four significant legs at corners and other supporting legs made it more robust.

The quality of this product is excellent at affordable prices and storage. This is the best kids bed.


  • Button Tufted
  • Legged & Slatted Design
  • Safe and Secure
  • Good looking
  • Best frame
  • Twin size
  • Simple, stylish design
  • Functional and suitable for bedroom
  • Button tufted design headboard
  • Extra attachment (Headboard, footboard, rails, slats, hardware)
  • 500 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy & closet storage


  • Easily broken
  • Required assembly

7. Zinus Joseph Platform

This Zinus Joseph Platforma Bed Frame constructed with a strong metal frame, in Twin Size with 250 lbs weight limit is really awesome. Its foam-padded tape is attached to the steel frame for noise-free use, and the non-slip tape on the wooden slats stops your mattress from moving.

Each bed style is carefully planned, manufactured, and designed to function efficiently while appealing to a sleek. Its aesthetic design can perfectly tie in with any decor style. These twin beds for girls is really a good one.

Metal bed frames may not be the answer to world peace, but they account for peace of mind and a good night’s rest. They’re designed to support your mattress while you sleep without needing a box spring.


  • Robust, Simple & Reliable
  • Quick, Easy Assembly
  • No Box Spring Needed
  • Excellente base
  • No creaking, easy to assemble, looks great, 5yr warranty
  • Great for storage
  • Steel & Wood Slats materials
  • Amazing room and storage
  • List Element


  • Easily broken
  • No centre support leg

8. Simlife Twin Metal Bed Frame Storage Steel Platform Bed

This Twin platform bed includes a headboard and footboard design, a High-quality metal frame and robust steel tubing construction that adds modern style and comfort to any Bedroom. It provides solid and sturdy steel support for enhanced mattress life and no need for a box spring.

Modern Bedroom Furniture, including heavy Duty slats C12 with 7 inches high of the Clearance under the frame, enhance exciting under bed storage space. Best fit for the average weight people with280 pounds (130kg) holding capacity. So it is the best boys twin bed I can say.

This twin bed frame under $100 benefits from a sturdy and robust steel frame, including steel legs and extra side legs, is fantastic. And the Two sides middle support beam with headboard brackets is great for Latex Mattress and memory foam. This standard Spring mattress is excellent.

Its amazing metal tube with powder coating helps by preventing rusty in an extended period. And The metal frame bed stands 12.7” off the floor, provide sufficient space to store your clothes, unnecessary things, toys or quilts etc.


  • 280 pounds (130kg) holding capacity
  • A strong steel frame, steel legs including extra side legs and a middle support beam
  • High-quality metal frame
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • strong steel tubing construction
  • Metal tube with powder coating


  • Not easy to assemble
  • No numbers on the bed bars

9. ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame

ZINUS Mia Metal Platform Bed Frame is made with a steel frame with black colour and bold style that looks really elegant. It is made entirely with a steel framework, so this durable foundation will undoubtedly support serious snoozing for many years. For lovers of clean lines will fall in love with this lovely frame.

This twin size bed has 350 lbs weight capacity, so you can see it is pretty good. Isn’t it?. Other than that, its reliability and closely spaced wood slats designed for supporting and extending the life of your latex. No need for a box spring;

This adorable bed frame is super easy to assemble. All the parts, tools and instructions are clear and straight to your door in one amazingly packed box for a simple setup that takes less than an hour

It has a lot of storage with 12” of clearance space under the bed, so you’ll have plenty of room to keep your extra bedding, unnecessary things, storage bins, or anything else you want to get out of the way. This kids bed with storage has five-year limited warranty will make you Worry-free included,


  • No box spring needed
  • Easy assembly
  • It comes with ten stats of wood
  • Sturdy, Bold style, Optimum support
  • clean lines & simple silhouettes
  • undeniable durability
  • Five-year warranty
  • Wood Slat Support
  • Easy Assembly& Hassle-free
  • Space underneath


  • It can break down if you mishandle it
  • Does not able to hold more than 300 lbs.

10. WeeHom 12.7 Inches Metal Platform Bed Frame

This bed has a strong steel metal structure for enhancing durability & stability. It is so quiet and noise-free with a large bearing capacity. Its Unique Flower design and Sturdy System made it adorable.

The frame is installed with a victorian-stylish headboard. No spring box needed. The package includes explicit instruction, parts, and tools, So It’s super easy to Assemble. The storage space under the bed frame offers more space for you, so you can store anything you want.

The metal slats can excellently curve downwards and perfect for fitting your body and your resting or sleeping position. The standard height of this bed is suitable for a classic size bed skirts.

The bed frame offers a strong steel frame, six steel legs, supporting extra side legs, with a middle support beam. 170-280 pounds (130kg) holding up capacity. Strong support for a good night’s sleep

This steel bed frame with ultimate robustness, strength and safety design offers durability and stability. Enjoy your sweet sleep with the best comfort!


  • Unique Flower Sturdy System
  • Easy Assembly
  • Under Bed Storage
  • Six steel legs, supporting extra side legs with a middle support beam
  • Durable & stable
  • Maximum support 170-280 lbs.


  • Pretty small
  • Mattress slips off the foam with every touch

Buyer’s Guide

Understand your needs: It is necessary for every buyer, either old or child, rich or poor. You need to understand which bed will be best for you. Other than that, it would be best if you planned before buying a twin bed, for example: decide your budget, research various twin beds etc., so get through our review of the best cheap twin beds under $100. And then, analyze the pros and cons, and select the best match for you.

Comfort: Comfort is a must; you can say it is the key. Life becomes robotic without comfort. You will never want to buy an uncomfortable twin bed. Isn’t it? So check our picked pros and cons on the twin bed you want to buy. And ensure that whether it is comfortable or not.

Stability & durability: stability and durability are crucial. Suppose you bought a bed by spending lots of money, but it is not stable enough. And after some days, it breaks down. This situation is really very depressing. So a bed should be sturdy and longer-lasting.

Materials: you will find a twin bed with various materials in the market.so it would help if you research about this before buying. Some materials are suitable, and some are not. Some are easily broken, but some are sturdy. Other than that, the stability, durability, etc., all depends on the material. So you can see how important it is. So be careful.

Assembly: A twin bed must be easy to assemble, and the given instructions need to be precise. Because the instructions are not clear, it will enhance your worry. So choose a twin bed that is easy to assemble.

Budget: who doesn’t want the best things on the best budget? But sometimes, people buy a cheap item, and the results come out depressing. It’s a total waste of money. In this article, we informed about ten cheap twin beds under $100. So, get through our reviews and buy the best twin bed on the best budget.

Size: Size is an important issue. Before buying a bed, you need to think about what do you want exactly?. If you wish for a single size bed, then you have to choose a bed like this. But if you’re going to sleep comfortably with more people or more space, buy these types of beds. So keep this in your mind & stay alert.

Mechanism: For buying a twin bed, the mechanism is an unavoidable issue, frame, legs, middle support beam, extra legs, etc. You need to check all the bed mechanism carefully to buy the best one for you.

Style: some twin beds are modern, bold and stylish, but some are not. For making your bedroom eye-catchy, an elegant bed is a must. But if you don’t need a stylish one, it is okay too. So before buying a bed, you should decide the style of the sofa as your demand.

Under-bed space: in the market, you will find various types of bed. Some of them have under-bed space, and some are not. So if you want a bed with under bed storage, then go for it. In that case, you can check this entire article. Here we detailed each and everything about some of your favourite bed. So I think it will be helpful for you.

Safety: Check the warranty or guaranty card. It is essential also.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a twin bed?

A twin bed has typically 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length. Other than that, there are also some twin beds in XL size around 5 inches bigger.

What is the difference Between a double bed and a twin bed?

A double bed is made explicitly for adult partners, but a twin bed is made for an adult who shares the room with another friend, sibling or kid.

Why is it Called a twin bed?

The bed is called a twin bed for its size and way of use. This bed is designed for a person who shares his/her room with another sibling or friend.

What age is a twin bed for?

The twin bed is made for people of different age. The bed is not referred for infants or toddlers. The best period to start using a twin bed frame for a child is 5.

What does a twin size bed look like?

A twin bed is made with head steel or a wooden frame with footwear. The part underneath is the storage space, so you can put any stuff you want. The mattress supporter is made with wooden slats or box spring. The bed stands posture with its legs, and some beds have support legs in the middle.

How much Space do you need between twin beds?

At first, to know if you are comfortable with your twin bed space and it does not give you claustrophobic feelings. Then make sure that it is as big as three people are very close to each other and stand vertical and straight horizontal.

So, If they fit perfectly in the twin bed, then the space between them is comfortable. Any area more minor than that will be very irritating.

Can Two adults sleep on a twin bed?

If so many people stay in your house for over one night and there is no space left, you can sleep with another partner on a twin bed.

But if you constantly sleep with another adult person on a twin bed, I think it will be very uncomfortable at night. You can have problems with your muscle of the lack of space, and dealing with the pain will be hard.

Can a full-size bed frame fit a twin?

There is a massive difference between a full-size bed frame and a twin bed frame. The twin beds are smaller than the full-size beds.

Can a full-size bed frame fit a twin?

There is a massive difference between a full-size bed frame and a twin bed frame. The twin beds are smaller than the full-size beds.

Where do you place a twin bed?

The twin usually has a head frame generally placed by touching the wall or in the corner of a room.

Where Should you Put a twin bed in a Small room?

I think the best place for putting a twin bed frame in a small room is the middle portion of the room, and the headframe put touching the wall. But if you want your room to look like more space, place the bed on a corner wall of a room.

What Are the benefits of having a twtin bed?

This bed usually used for kids or adult living alone. Kids generally have a small body, so they can easily sleep in a twin bed. The Adults who live alone can have a comfortable sleep in it.

As for couples, the couple should have a king-size bed because the size of a twin bed will be very narrow, irritating and uncomfortable for two adult people to sleep regularly.


The bed is an important thing that every home, den, dorm, studio, or even rental needs for finding renters. Everyone needs a lovely and comfortable bed to rest in after a long day of busyness.

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