DEWALT DWE6420 Random Orbit Sander

I’ve been using the DEWALT DWE6420 Random Orbit Sander for a few months now, and I have to say that I’m really impressed with it. It’s very lightweight and easy to maneuver, which is great for me since I have some arthritis in my hands. The sander also does a great job of removing old paint and varnish from furniture, and it doesn’t leave any scratches or smudges. Overall, I would highly recommend the DEWALT DWE6420 Random Orbit Sander to anyone looking for a good quality sander.


Table of Contents

  • What Makes DeWalt DWE6420 Standout?
  • How Does DeWalt DWE6420 Work?
  • Who Should Buy DeWalt DWE6420?
  • Frequently Ask Questions about Dewalt Dwe6420

What Makes DeWalt DWE6420 Standout?

3.0 AMP Motor

Having a 3.0 Amp motor, a sander can meet any challenge. dwe6420 comes with a powerful motor, which is it’s one of the most significant plus points. The motor can run the speed of 12000 OMP so that you can finish hard jobs with it. You can choose this random orbital sander for large projects or more challenging tasks without giving it a second thought. Once a dwe6420 is in your possession, you won’t have to worry about tough nut to crack jobs anymore.

12,000 OPM

Dewalt dwe6420 sander comes with 12000 OPM speed. That means when you turn the switch on, the pad attached to it shall spin to 12000 orbit per minute. The speed itself is quite impressive. Comparing to other competitive brands, dwe6420 is more reliable for having such fantastic speed. You don’t have to fret over the poor performance of a sander any more. Thanks to this speed rate that you can do stripping or finishing jobs with ease.

Separate Counterweight Design

More often than not, it isn’t enjoyable to work with the extra vibration of the machine. Sometimes the vibration causes friction to the muscles and thus creates unease. Most of the renowned sanders don’t come up with any solution for it. But you need not worry as dwe6420 has taken this problem into consideration. Therefore, it features a discrete counterweight design that essentially reduces vibration. As a result, you won’t face a jilt! So, your muscle can rest work with ease without the disturbance of friction.

Improved Dust-Sealed Switch

One of the decent DeWalt dwe6420 parts is the improved dust-sealed switch, which is rare in other models. While working for a long time, the dust tends to get glued to the switch causing damage. But here with DeWalt dwe6420 sander, you don’t have to keep an eye on the switch because the improved sealed switch protects against dust ingestion. As a result, you can expect a more extended self-life of switch.

Dust Collections

The dust collection system in the DeWalt dwe6420 sander is pretty well- engineered. Unlike portal cables, it does not pop off and runs cool. Rather than the porter cable, the dust collection does a better job of collecting dust, so you don’t have to waste much time swiping off the dust by yourself again. Nonetheless, it can be a much better pick than self-destructing portal cannibals.

Shorter Height

The shorter height or compact design of the DeWalt dwe6420 sander makes it easier to move with and place it in hard-to-reach places. Besides, you can get close to the piece of work with it without having the anxiety of dust getting clogged. The mobility is necessary for any project, and its shorter height makes sure it is flexible enough to move. Also, it’s not too weighty because of its size.

Rubber Over-Mold in All of the Critical Areas

The rubber molded system has made sure that dust and debris specs don’t go inside the machine. In this way, you can use the device for a long time. The rubber over-mold system not only protects it from dust but also protects it from the water. In case any accident occurs with any sort of liquid discharge near the machine, you don’t have to cry over the spilled water anymore.

One-Handed Locking Dust Bag

Dwe6420 has given so much consideration to comfort while using it that even beginners will find it very easy to deal with. The dust bag features a one-handed locking system so that you can work with ease. First, you don’t have a separate dust bag for this model; second, the locking system ensures easiness. So why not try it today?

Ease of Use

It is super comfortable and easy to use. The vibration resistance system – separate counterweight design retains comfort while working with it. Also, it is not noisy like other random orbital sanders. You have to turn the switch on and sweep easily over the project. Just anyone can do that. As for the dust extension, the soft rubber covers all critical areas so that you can clean it, getting closer to the working surface.


  • It is relatively easy to use as dwe6420 accessories are made in such a way. You can easily change the functions in the machine because of its shorter height. For example- adding the duct port with a vacuum system.

  • Having the dust port allows you to collect dust quickly. The collector shall keep the workplace neat, and you won’t even need to use a helping hand for it.

  • The rubber mold in critical areas protects the machine from getting jam-packed with dust and water.

  • The one-handed locking system of the dust bag is pretty convincing for single users.

  • It shall provide optimum performance with 12000 OMP speed and 3.0 Amp motor.

  • The 3.0 Amp motor is quite powerful and doesn’t get overheated with time.

  • Dewalt Dwe6420 offers three years of warranty, which is not bad at all.

  • It comes with a long cord so that you can move easily.

  • It features the perfect grip with a separate counterweight design and rubber mold.

  • The dust-sealed switch protects the machine from dust ingestion. As a result, it wouldn’t be clogged with debris.

  • You can attach the dust port to other vacuum systems, and only it needs to have 1-1/4″ hoses.

  • DWV9000, the Universal Quick Connector, can be a better choice.

  • Long switch life, best dust collection system, therefore, a decent all in one random orbital sander.


  • Dewalt Dwe6420 is a bit expensive. However, you can always invest in a product with a wide range of positive features. Also, the warranty is for a pretty long time, so you don’t have to be skeptical about the investment

How Does DeWalt DWE6420 Work?

The work process of the DeWalt dwe6420 sander is uncomplicated. First of all, you should add the sanding pad to the grip. The sanding pad is a peel and stick system. The power switch is at the front, which makes it easy to use it with one hand. Turn the sander on and check the speed outside the workspace first. Now, without putting much pressure, place the sander on the piece of wood. Slowly straighten the piece from one direction to another. Check once in a while to see if you got the desired result. Lastly, take the sander off the piece and turn off the switch.

Who Should Buy DeWalt DWE6420?

Woodworkers of any level can use a DeWalt dwe6420 sander. Given its easy maneuver and compact size, woodworkers will find it quite handy. To design large furniture or give a smooth finish, this sander shall work like a pro with its powerful motor and impressive speed. Plus, in the dust collection system, DeWalt dwe6420 sander excels. Thus, it makes the best tool for woodworkers.

Professional workers look for a tool with various features and promise a good deal time of warranty. DWE6420 something like that. It promises three years of warranty, which is a reasonable risk any professional should take. Also, the features like rubber over-mold, dust sealed switch, shorter heights, etc., make it the ideal sander every professional should have.

Not only professionals but also beginners look for something they can rely on, and dwe6420 fulfills that. Besides, beginners look for something more comfortable to use with their new hands. The separate counterweight design reduces the chances of creating vibration. So, anyone can use it without having the weird chill of vibration that passes from the machine to muscle. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to attach and detach a dust bag or vacuum with dwe6420. Anyone who is looking for a user-friendly sander can check on this.

Frequently Ask Questions about Dewalt Dwe6420

Does it use hook & loop sandpaper?

No, it doesn’t use a hook and loop system. However, the peel and stick system stands out to be the best in terms of production.

Does it come with the pad?

Yes, it comes with one PSA pad.

Dose it came in 220volt?

No, it comes in 110 volt/ 2 prong.

Can you replace the PSA pad with a hook and loop pad?

Yes, you can replace PSA for hook and loop. Nonetheless, PSA holds up for a long time too.

Does this use 8 holes or 5 hole discs?

No, it doesn’t use an 8 or 5 hole disc.

Is this variable speed?

No, the speed is not variable rather single.

Does this have the Velcro pad?

Not really. On the contrary, it has a PSA stick.

Where do I find 5 inches, 8″ hole PSA disk assortments?

You can find it on Amazon or search locally at your nearest shops.

Is the dust collector bag included?

Yes, the dust collector bag comes with it as an additional.

Final Words

The Dewalt DWE6420 5-Inch Random Orbit PSA Sander appears to be an ideal tool for both professionals and beginners. It is easy and safe to use. As it has a long handle, you can work with it hold for a long time. Meeting most criteria, this all, in a nutshell, someone can ask for in a sander.

As all great components combining make a great tool, you have to invest a handsome amount of money in it. dwe6420 orbital sander price is around $75.94. But hey! with developed assemblies, it is worth all of your bucks.

Why not buying a decent sander and rest assured of better quality for a long time?

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