DEWALT DWP849 Variable Speed Polisher

I have been using the DEWALT DWP849 Variable Speed Polisher for about a year now, and I have been very impressed with its performance. Its 8-amp motor provides plenty of power for most polishing jobs, and the variable speed control allows me to adjust the speed to match the application. The polisher also comes with a detachable side handle, making it easy to maneuver around tight spaces. Overall, the DEWALT DWP849 Variable Speed Polisher is a great tool that has made my polishing jobs much more manageable.

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What Makes DeWalt DWP849 Standout?

Powerful 12.0 AMP Motor

The first thing a polisher or any rotary tool should have is a powerful, smooth motor. Some tools claim to have a powerful motor, but the motor doesn’t run smoothly or cleanly in reality. We have deconstructed the device and found out how beautifully the motor is placed into the tool. When you turn on this polisher, the tool will give you a superior and powerful speed to work.

Ball-Bearing Construction

Ball-bearing construction is one of our favorite types; it helps the tool in preventing internal damage. Now, inner section damage and motor damages can happen for many reasons; with the ball bearing mechanism, the chances of the motor being damaged are meager.

Electronic Control

We have worked with it for hours and switched too many speeds according to our preferences and found the load under control. We noticed that the electric control mechanism featured in this tool helps to keep everything under load. So, when working with this orbital sander, you don’t have to worry about extreme overload or anything like that.

Conveniently Located Variable Speed Dial

We have purchased six different polishers that offer the same features and the same price point, but the switches were not placed comfortably inside the tool when we were working with them. When the buttons and triggers are in a place that is hard to reach, it becomes a pain while driving. Variable speed dial and trigger are placed so conveniently in this device, it’s just incredible. The switches are not too hard to feel, and the dial is easy to change but won’t change the speed if you touch that gently.

Variable Speed Trigger

We love a polisher that has a variety of speeds to choose from, right? Good news, buddy! It features a variable speed dial that you can adjust from 0 to 600 RMP and 0 to 3,500 RPM. As we have mentioned earlier, the variable speed dial is located on the back of the tool for convenience. If you’re wondering about the speed quality, the device will deliver the exact speed you want, and the electric module will keep the momentum under control.

Heat-Treated, Precision-Cut Steel Gear

Heat-treated gears are used in it for better performance and smoothness. Do you know those weird swirl marks after polishing? Annoying right? With this tool, you will not face any issues like that.

Improved Ergonomics

Let us ask you if you get to choose between a tool that is packed with features but not comfortable at all and a device with essential features and comfortable to use, which one will you pick? Before choosing, let us tell you that no matter how many features a tool offers, you’ll be unable to pull out a smooth finish if it’s not comfortable. It the parts you need and has the comfort you’ll be needing. The side handle of this device has a rubber texture that makes the polisher enjoyable to grip. The tool’s body is compact and relatively small, which makes the device easy to move around. So if you invest in this, you’ll not be disappointed. The Dewalt DWP849 specs are always surprising; we have reviewed many of their products and are happy.

External Brush Cap

The tool features an external brush cap to hold the brush in place. The brush will be tightly in place and give you a better finish.

The Large Spindle Lock Button

The large spindle lock button is one of our favorites. Sometimes out hand feels tired of continuously holding the trigger button; there’s where the spindle lock button comes in handy. It features the spindle lock button; the button is large and easy to identify. You’ll love the tool after using it, and the spindle lock button will save your energy like a charm.

Works Excellent Mostly Polishing Metal

Not everyone polishes cars; some people have other professions and needs. If you’re looking for a polisher capable of car polishing and metal polishing, this variable speed polisher is perfect for you. When it comes to metal polishing, the tool works so well that you’d be happier than ever. Let’s be real; there’s nothing more satisfying than being satisfied with your work.

Lightweight and Perfect For Daily Use

For someone who polishes cars daily will love this tool. The tool does not have any unnecessary weight, making it easy to carry with bare hands and work. As we have mentioned earlier, we have spent hours in this tool, and we didn’t get tired 1easily. Our co-workers never complained about the weight and size of this machine and looked happy while experimenting.

Great for the Money

The Dewalt DWP849 price is not that expensive for the tool you’re getting. The tool comes with a lot of features that will help you to get the best result. If you’re looking for a high-quality polisher, you can invest in this polisher undoubtedly. You can trust our words, and we will not give out any information that is not true.


This is one of the smartest tools we have ever encountered. There was one time one of our members took out the cord without switching the tool off. After our lunch break, we had to work with the tool again and found out that the switch is on, but the tool isn’t rotating. We plugged in the cord and thought the tool would spin, but the tool didn’t rotate because of some smart mechanism. We had to turn the switch off and on to start working with the tool.


  • Parts are strong and sturdy that makes the tool reliable.

  • Durable build material for maximum support and doesn’t have to be repaired often.

  • Variable speed dial has two types of speed, and delivers it accurately.

  • It doesn’t have any unnecessary weight, which makes the tool easy to lift and carry.

  • It has a relatively small size design for maximum comfort.

  • It features a flexible cord and reliable cord guard for safety.

  • An external cap is added to keep the brush on the place for better work.

  • Every parts are easy to find on Amazon.

  • The tool is capable of doing quick polishing that is ideal for quick touch-ups.

  • Works well when it comes to polishing metals.

  • Great for the price you’re paying for the tool, and the tool is made for lasting a long time.

  • It comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  • The only bad part is that it is a little time consuming to get used to. With a bit of practice and time, you’ll get used to the pattern.

How Does Dewalt Dwp849 Work?

The tool runs from a powerful 12 AMP motor and can be adjusted with two powers from the variable speed dial.

The variable speed dial offers us to choose a speed between 0-600 and 0/3,500. With the electric module and other mechanisms, the speed dial matches the ration and gives you the accurate speed you need. The tool has switches that are nicely placed that will help you locate the buttons without any effort. The side handle is also designed for comfort purposes, the handle is nice to hold, and you’ll be able to put pressure on the surface if you want to. The DWP849 is smart and handy if you’re looking for a polisher.

With all being said, the tool is easy to use cause of the nicely placed switches. With some practice and time, anyone can work with the tool. This sentence brings us to the next question.

Who Should Buy Dewalt Dwp849?

A person that works for polishing cars would love to have this product. It has everything a polish need; it has high and low speed, durability, long cord, smartness, and everything. If you’re someone that needs a polisher for professional polishing, you can get the DWP849 without any problems.

Are you looking for a polisher that you can use to polish metals? Well, this tool is the one for you. It can be used on the metal surface and works perfectly when it comes to polishing metal boards or surfaces.

Who needs a polisher more than someone who’s into making boats? A polisher can change the look of your board drastically. A polisher isn’t just for making things shinier, but with the DWP849, you will easily seal the boat’s paintwork.

Final Words

Today is this article, we have talked about the Dewalt DWP849. The tool is made with our materials and used by many professional people. This tool reliable and sturdy when it comes to giving a smooth finish. Our days of experimentation have been complete cause we have enough information to provide you.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which pad did you purchase to use this with this sander?

Almost every kind of pads can be used on this sander. We suggest attaching a backing plate suitable for Velcro pads. Attaching a backing plate is the easiest and less time-consuming.

Is there a dust shroud that would be compatible with this device?

Yes there is a 7″ dust shroud for this device without any issues.

Where do I find the handle and the switch parts?

If you need any parts and accessories for DWP849, search for the item on Amazon.

Do you need an adapter to connect a backup pad to this polisher?

Attaching an adapter depends on what type of work you’re doing. The thin rubber pad is more than fine for it.

Does it come with a backing plate?

It comes with a rubber backing pad in the package.

Is this a dual-action (da) polisher, or is this a rotary?

It is a rotary polisher that rotates at a high and low speed according to your preferences.

Does this come with a bag?

Unfortunately, it does not include any bag.

Does this buffer use Velcro pads?

This is not made with Velcro pads. If you want, you can modify the tool to use Velcro pads.

Does this buffer have a soft start?

This doesn’t have a soft start, but the tool doesn’t fling much.

What size tool bag will this fit?

The device is approximately 18″ on the length and nearly 7.3″ in width, along with 8.9 lbs. buy a bigger bag than the size of the tool, and you’ll be good to go.

What is the best wool pad to use with this?

Any wool pad will work with it. To buy wool pads, you can search on amazon or visit the local shop.

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