Top 10 Best Double Strollers Under $100 for an Evergreen Family [2020 Review]

Being a parent can be challenging, but it can always be a more formidable job to buy the ideal stroller for two children at the same time. It almost seems out of the question even if your children are close in terms of weight, height, and age.

Baby strollers are one of the top things that you'll be buying for you and your child. These days baby strollers come with various specifications and designs.

Many parents assume that double strollers under $100 might not live up to their expectations or maybe not be secured enough for their infants have a very wrong concept. The costly double strollers have various features and add-ons, which tends to make them vast and weighty.

Here's a comprehensive review of the most lucrative, high quality and safe double strollers under your budget.

10 Best Double Strollers Under $100

1. Delta Children City Street Stroller

Are you concerned about not being able to attend any upcoming event? If yes, then let's put an end to your concern. The very first stroller that has made its place on this list is the Delta Children City Street LX Side by Side Stroller. It comes in 4 different colors.

Comfort and safety come conjointly when we talk about this stroller. It features enough room for growing families. This stroller also has a parent cup holder and a five-point safety harness with soft shoulder pads. Also, a large European style canopy comes with it, that protects your toddlers from the elements.

The stroller's minimum weight recommendation is 5 lbs, and the maximum weight recommendation is 70 lbs. It is a portable stroller with 360-degree shock absorbing front wheels for a smooth ride. It can be used for both daily and mall walks.

It also includes 2 large size hanging bags so you can carry your or your baby's essentials and parent cup for extra satisfaction. It has a lightweight frame and compact umbrella fold, which enables easy storage and travel.


  • Large-sized European style canopy with soft shoulder pads
  • 360-degree shock-absorbing wheels
  • 2 large-sized storage bags along with parent cup holder
  • The lightweight frame and compact umbrella fold enable easy storage and travel
  • 5-point harness for your child's safety


  • The age range of the child has to be less than 36 months

Our Verdict:

You just cannot go wrong with something spacious enough. It sounds like a great deal for its price.

2. Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller

Are you planning to travel with two babies? Don't worry. We have your back; now you can travel light with two of your children. Here comes the Kolcraft Cloud Double Umbrella Stroller, which weighs just 21 lbs but can carry up to 70 lbs(together).

Despite this being one of those double strollers under $100, it is loaded with features. It is designed with expandable canopy, rear hoods for full coverage, freely reclining seats, and a 3-point harness for your child's safety.

It also includes roll-up, cool-climate seat pads for airflow in warm weather, and a parent cup holder. It has a comfortable and compact umbrella fold, which makes it easier to carry. And above all, this double stroller is Disney approved.


  • Weighs 21 lbs (lightweight)
  • Disney approved design has an expandable canopy and rear hoods
  • Freely reclining seats that can carry up to 35 lbs (each)
  • It also includes easy roll-up, cool-climate seat pads for airflow, and a parent cup
  • 3-point harness for safety


  • Does not come with any extra bag or container apart from the parent cup holder

Our Verdict:

This double umbrella is lightweight, very easy to fold, and durable. You don't have to worry about your upcoming trips and daily walks.

3. Baby Joy Double Umbrella Stroller

If you like to travel or go to walks quite often, then this stroller is a must-have thing for you. It is a side by side double stroller that can be very useful if you're the parents of two children or twins.

It is one of the best umbrella strollers under $100 with adjustable canopy and peek-a-boo windows for better care. This double stroller is manufactured with 360-degree lockable swivel wheels, shock-absorbing front wheels, and foot-operated rear brakes. With all these facilities, the stroller provides you a smooth ride even on rough grounds.

This double umbrella stroller comes in two colors (pink, black) and has multiple extra-large storage bags to fit in with diapers, purses, toys, and more. It also has a parent cup holder that offers you easy access to your drink.

It is equipped with a 5-point harness and front bar restriction for your child's protection. Each seat of the stroller can carry a maximum weight of up to 35 lbs.


  • Adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • 360-degree lockable swivel wheels, shock-absorbing front wheels, and foot are operating rear brakes
  • Multiple large sized storage bags with parent cup holder
  • 5-point harness and for bar restriction for extra protection
  • Each seat can carry a maximum weight up to 35 lbs


  • The large-sized cup might not fit in the cupholder

Our Verdict:

It's easy to use and carry as it is lightweight and can be assembled in a short amount of time. It can be a great companion of yours for short trips and daily walks.

4. Jeep Scout Double Stroller 

Memorable family trips will now be better with the Jeep Scout Double Strollers. This stroller's design includes European style extendable canopy with sun visors and reflective material (to ensure your child can be seen at night), reclining seat with multiple position adjustments.

This stroller weighs around 18 lbs, which is pretty lightweight, and the maximum weight capacity of the stroller is 70 lbs, which is 35 lbs per seat. 5-point harness to secure your child correctly. It also has soft shoulder pads to give your child a touch of comfort, meets Disney size requirements, and comes with 3 different color options so you can choose exactly the one you like.

5.5 inches wheels with front swivel wheels and suspension systems will let pass through any standard 30-inch-wide door. This stroller has a parent cup holder and generous storage, including 2 canopy bags. Also, the compact folding system makes it convenient for both travel and storage.


  • Extendable European style canopy with sun visor and reflective material, ensuring that your child can be seen even in low light or at night
  • Reclining seat with multiple position adjustments
  • 5-point harness with soft shoulder pads for kid's safety
  • Compact folding system convenient for both traveling and storage
  • 5.5-inch wheel with front swivel wheels offers you a smooth ride


  • The seats are not washable in the washer

Our Verdict:

Its a stroller with compact folding features with ample security for your kids. It is ideal for both storing and traveling. All these make this an excellent choice for any growing family.

5. C-Chain Double Stroller

This double umbrella has tons of exciting features that make moving with two children way more comfortable than it ever was. These features and sturdy designs have made their place in the best umbrella stroller under $100.

This ultra-lightweight stroller is available in two different colors. The stroller's age range is 6-36 months, and the maximum weight capacity is about 35 lbs each seat. It also has an adjustable canopy that will protect your kids from ultraviolet rays and unexpected rain. The stroller has a peek-a-boo window for extra care.

While it is a matter of safety for your young one, no compromise is to be done. So, this stroller has a 5-point harness with soft cushions and front bar restriction for complete protection; it is equipped with an easily accessible cup holder and 2 storage bags.

It has a 360-degree swivel, shock-absorbing front wheels, and a foot-activated rear brake. The stroller is foldable in a matter of a few seconds, and you can also carry this in your car while you're traveling.


  • Ultra-lightweight and sturdy design
  • 5-point harness with soft cushion and front bar restriction for safety
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 35 lbs each
  • Adjustable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • 360-degree swivel, shock-absorbing front wheels, and foot-activated rear brake system


  • Not ideal for children who cannot support their head yet or are above 36 months

Our Verdict:

An Ultra-lightweight double umbrella stroller comes with plenty of convenient features that will be a reliable companion for your growing family.

6. Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

A stroller with multiple riding options and built with nylon metal can also be used as infant car seats, sold separately. This is the Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller that allows your child to sit or stand while riding it.

The stroller has a one-hand fold and can accommodate two children weighing up to 50 lbs (each). Along with all these, it has a large-sized basket, an adjustable canopy that protects your child from ultraviolet sun rays, and covered storage cup holders. It is super spacious and enough for you to carry your necessities in there.

This stroller is available in 4 different color options. It has foot-activated brakes, and the seat pad is washable (mild soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or a clean cloth)

It has parking brakes, front swivel wheels, and one-hand fold for easy travel and storage.


  • Made with Nylon
  • Multiple riding options that allow your child to both sit and stand
  • Has foot-activated parking brake and front swivel wheels
  • Large storage bag, adjustable canopy, and parental cup holder
  • Pocket friendly


  • Not very lightweight

Our Verdict:

A nylon-built stroller is convenient for both sitting and standing while moving. This also has plenty of space to carry your necessities. As it has a comfortable fold system ideal for your daily walks and trips. One of the most highly recommended double strollers under $100.

7. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller

The parents who have kids of different ages or different heights; this stroller is a must-have for you. The Joovy Graphite double stroller has plenty of features with compact design, which will be a good companion for your growing family.

The sit and stand double stroller is manufactured with high-tech steel and offers you 3 color options. The sturdy design includes a universal car seat adapter, 3 positions reclining adjustability, and a large sun canopy. The stroller can carry up to 90 lbs in total, and you can submerge it in water for better cleaning.

It is a 5-point harness for child safety and front-seat snack tray with cup holders. It also has one-step linked parking brakes and 2 years warranty.


  • Built with high-tech steel and compact design
  • It includes a universal car seat adapter
  • 3 different position reclining facility and 5-point harness for safety
  • Can be submerged in water for better cleaning
  • Can carry up to 90 lbs, one-step linked parking brakes, and 2 years of warranty


  • Medium storage facility

Our Verdict:

Its a completely reclining stroller with 2 years of warranty and other safety features. All these together at this seems like a great deal at this price. One of the best umbrella stroller under $100 because of its exclusive features and excellent price.

8. Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller

If you have a growing family, you must be worried about going on daily walks or jogging. We bring you this jogging stroller with features like large bicycle tires, front locking swivel wheels, and foot-activated rear brake. It is the Baby Trend Expedition Double Stroller.

It has a spacious design that gives you the facility to carry two kids side by side. There are two cup holders and a wholly covered storage, along with a large storage basket. This stroller comes in 3 different colors.

The double stroller has a ratcheting canopy, adjustable reclining seat, and 5-point harness for your child's safety. This can carry up to 50 lbs (each seat) and is easily foldable, making it easier for travel and storage.


  • Large bicycle tires and front locking swivel wheels
  • Enough storage facility
  • Ratcheting canopy and 5-point harness for child safety
  • Reclining seats, foot-activated rear brake, and easily foldable
  • Can carry up to 50 lbs (each seat)


  • If you run too fast, the stroller might shake

Our Verdict:

This stroller can be an excellent option for you if you're looking for something durable, compact, and makes sure that your kids are secure.

9. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller 

Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is an excellent stroller designed for both children's comfort and parents' functionality. It is the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller with stylish side by side canopies that has zip-off rear flaps.

The stroller is manufactured with an embroidered seat pad, European style wheels, and colored rear tubes. You can recline the back seat fully with one hand and can be adjusted in 4 different positions.

The double stroller has a 5-point harness for kid's safety and can carry up to 40 lbs (each seat), a mesh storage basket, and dual front wheels with suspension and locking swivels.


  • Side by side canopies with rip off rear flaps
  • Embroidered seat pad and 5-point harness for safety
  • Seats can be fully reclined and adjusted in 4 different positions
  • Storage basket and dual front wheel with suspension and locking swivels


  • Works best on smooth terrains

Our Verdict:

This twin stroller has all the perfect qualities for your short or long trips and walks. It comes with all kinds of premium features at a reasonable price, a highly recommendable twin stroller for kids.

10. Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller

Another stroller is to be considered one of the best umbrella stroller under $100. This is called the Dream on me, Volgo Twin Umbrella Stroller.

It is available in 6 different colors and manufactured with a sturdy steel frame. It can be folded inward with just one hand. The front-facing seats have a generous recliner footrest. Supports a child that weighs up to 40 lbs (each seat)

It has a 5-point harness with a comfort strap and front wheels having 360-degree adjustability. This provides your child with both safety and comfort, and it has large netted storage pockets. Moreover, it is made with linen type fabric, which makes this hand washable (using mild detergent or soap).


  • Can be folded with one hand
  • Seats have generous recliner footrests
  • 5 point harness with comfort strap for both safety and comfort
  • Large storage pockets
  • Hand washable


  • No tray or cup holders

Our Verdict:

It's a pocket-friendly stroller that is a perfect match for twins or siblings of different ages. It will take on both safety and comfort either you're on daily walks or travel.

Buying Guide For Double Strollers Under $100

Core Material

The core material of any good quality stroller is high-tech or study steel. The fame that brings the entire stroller together has to be built with good quality steel that will make it lightweight but durable.

Age range

While buying a stroller, one must keep in mind that only a specific age range can be carried in strollers. The kids who can sit up or can hold up their heads can be taken in strollers. The usual age range is 6 months to 36 months.

Safety and Comfort

Nowadays, most strollers come with harnesses and soft pads. 3-5-point harnesses are used for your child's safety, whereas soft cushions are used to provide them comfort.

Safety is one of the principal facts that one needs to keep in mind while buying a stroller. As a parent, you always need to ensure your child is secured in his seat and risk-free from injuries.

You will find both safety and comfort in our reviewed ten best umbrella stroller under $100.

Maximum weight recommendation

Although the maximum weight capacity depends on the stroller's manufacturing and weight, most of the lightweight double strollers have a full weight recommendation of up to 40lbs per seat.

Wheel type and space convenient

The 360-degree moveable wheels are quite convenient. Also, strollers are designed with large bags or compartments and cup holders for carrying necessities.


If the stroller is not foldable, it might be very tough to store it and travel with it. Currently, almost all strollers are foldable with one hand and can be stored easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my infant in a stroller?

When you are planning to put your infant in a stroller, you have to make sure that the seat reclines enough so that the baby can lie. New-borns aren't capable of sitting up or holding up their heads so they might need an easily reclinable stroller. Some strollers can be fully reclinable, and some can't be. So, babies aging under 6 months aren’t ideal for strollers.

Are the resistant straps and buckles safe?

Every time you purchase a stroller, you need to make sure the resistant straps are secured. The buckles should be easily operable, but you also need to ensure that your young one isn't able to manipulate the hooks; otherwise, they might risk injuries.

What kind of brakes do strollers have?

The most convenient type of brakes foot-activated brakes. In addition to that, jogging strollers come with bi-cycle type brakes, which can be operated with hands.

Do strollers have a parent organizer?

Well, yes! Nowadays, parent organizers are found in strollers. Many new models of strollers come with an adjustable tray and cup holders. Some also have pockets designed to hold your keys, wallets, and other necessities.

Are strollers maneuver over any terrain?

Usually, strollers are manufactured for mall and street walking. But some different kinds of strollers are specially designed wheels for all types of terrain. If you are going on camping or hiking, you will look for a particular type of stroller.

Final Words

Getting a stroller is a significant issue for both you and your children. Being able to keep your baby safe is the first and foremost responsibility of a parent. Not always, pricey things will give you the best experiences. Sometimes, double strollers under $100 can fulfill your safety requirements and offer you durability at the same time.

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