How To Add Padding To Recliner | Step By Step Guide

Whenever you are going to buy a recliner for yourself one part of you knows that one day after its regular use it will surely going to depreciate because it is a piece of furniture after all and furniture tends to depreciate.

And when the day arrives when you find that your favorite recliner that has given you so much comfort and cozy seating is now getting old and its time to buy a new recliner but you don’t want to change it because you know that this recliner is got so attached to you and also buying a new recliner will cost a lot.

Here, In this article, I am going to share the complete step by step guide on, How To Add Padding To Recliner. Hope this article will help you.

So, it is not necessary to buy a new recliner you can also replace the old foam of your recliner just at sitting home with the use of some tools. the only thing which you require is some tools and some free time to give your favorite old recliner.

How To Add Padding To Recliner

Table of Contents

To replace the Padding, You need to collect some basic things. Here is the list of basic requirements that you need –


  • Upholstery foam
  • Upholstery needle
  • scissors/ Knife/ Seam ripper
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Thread


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  • Step 1-  First thing you have to do is to measure the thickness of cushions for this first take out the cushion seats and measure its thickness from each of the corners this will tell you how thick foam you need to change for making it look like a new recliner.
  • Step 2- The next thing you have to do is measure the size of cushions so that you get the idea of length and width of the foam for the cushion to be filled in.
  • Step 3- Now evaluate whether the cushion seats have a zipper or not if yes then open it to remove the old foam but if it doesn’t have the zipper then open it from the bottom where it is stitched slightly using knife scissors or seam ripper.
  • Step 4- Pull the old foam out and slip the new foam into the cushion.
  • Step 5-  in the fifth step carefully examine that is it easy to remove the arms of the recliner without ruining its upholstery if it is slit it carefully.
  • Step 6-  now measure the depth height and width that is required for the new foam and remove the old one and put the new one inside.
  • Step 7- Carefully put all the new foam inside the fabric or cushions and arms of the recliner.
  • Step 8- the last step in the process of replacing the old foam is to stitch blindly where you find any opening like the cushion seats and arms so the upholstery looks as it was before.


  • Sew the opening carefully after re-doing the cushions.
  • Do not remove the arms of recliner yankly otherwise it can be break or upholstery could be ruined totally.

Conclusion –

This is all about replacing the old foam off the recliner and this process is the least expensive idea which you should adopt otherwise buying a new recliner cost heavy and you don’t need to able to find the recliner like it was before, all you have to do is give some time just make look your recliner like before and regain that comfort.

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