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Easy Space Saving Tips: Two Twin Beds in a Small Room

When you live in a small bedroom, how do you arrange your twin beds? Well, if you like to have privacy in the room when getting ready for bed or brushing your teeth, then it may be best to put one twin bed on either side of the room. This way each person has their own space and can feel comfortable while still being next to each other.

how to arrange 2 twin beds in small room

However, if you want to be able to look into each other's eyes when talking or watching TV in bed then it is best that the beds are arranged across from one another. This way your partner can get ready with you and still feel like they have their own space while doing so.

Another great option is how some people have their beds arranged in a "U" shape around the room. This allows both people to get ready for bed at the same time, while also allowing them each some space when needed.

If you are looking into how to arrange twin beds, then it is best that you look up how other couples have done so and choose which option works best for you and your partner.

How To Arrange 2 Twin Beds In Small Room For Kids

Many twin beds are small in size and when they are placed next to each other, the room can feel even smaller. Now let's discuss how twin beds can be arranged in a small space for kids.

When twin beds are pushed together side by side, there is more floor space left open on either side of them. This creates an opportunity to place a desk or dresser against the wall between the two twin beds. The desk or dresser will also serve as a barrier that keeps your child from rolling off their bed during sleep time!

how to arrange 2 twin beds in small room for kids

If you have one twin bed and need another twin bed for company, consider positioning it at an angle with one end near the headboard of the twin bed that is already in the room.

- If you have twin beds, but only need one twin bed for your child's sleep space, consider buying an extra twin mattress and setting it on top of a lofted bunk bed frame or atop storage bins so they can use both spaces as play areas during the day. Then at night, they can put the twin mattress away and use it as a twin bed again.

- If you have two twin beds in your room, but only need one for sleep time, consider sliding both twin beds together to create an L shaped arrangement with the headboard of one bed facing out into the space between them instead of against a wall. Then place furniture like dressers or desks along this open area; this will leave more floor space on either side of the "L" shape that makes up these twin beds. This helps maintain an airy feel to any small bedroom while still allowing plenty of storage options!

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