How to Cut Aluminum Gutters? [DIY with 3 Easy Steps]

Aluminum gutters convey rainwater to the ground or the wastewater drain from your house roof. The aluminum gutter installation is essential to guarantee that the water flows correctly. The gutter parts are trimmed to length by an integral element of the metal canister.

Although there are various ways to cut the aluminum gutter, pattern shears are the most straightforward option. Pattern shears are tin snips with long grips and thin jaws that decrease distortion at the end of the aluminum gutter. Now, you have to keep reading this content to know.

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Table of Contents

  • What Gauge Aluminum for Gutters?
  • What Does Aluminum Gutters Weigh?
  • What Tool Do You Use to Cut Gutters?
  • Cutting Aluminum Gutters (3 Steps)
  • Can You Cut Aluminum Gutters With a Chop Saw?

What Gauge Aluminum for Gutters?

The term gauge is used to denote the aluminum thickness. The industry standard for professional aluminum gutters is the .027 measurement. This would be a medium aluminum compared to the .025 gutters sold in domestic supply stores. You should upgrade to 032 rinks for your home for maximum strength.

If you reside in a severe and snowy place, then this .032 aluminum gauge would be preferable for your home.

What Does Aluminum Gutters Weigh?

Gutters are built on the roof edge to collect and convey rainfall to the ground downstream. The cost for installing a typical aluminum gutter varies according to material and finish grade, length, breadth, fitting, preparation and specific requirements, and work rate.

Aluminum gutters are more frequent and less expensive overall. You might have to estimates $6 to $12 per part of aluminum ribbons and estimates $11 to over $33 for steel ribbons. The cost of four corners and four outlet aluminum gutters per foot is $2.21. Aluminum has to be painted, easy to mark and dent.

In addition, you have spent gutter cleaning service costs around $75; some regions demand three services per year.

What Tool Do You Use to Cut Gutters?

Measuring tape: You would need to use a measuring tape to climb to the base of your roof and use the tape to measure the length of it horizontally. Mark the tape at 40’5 as you move it to the center of the second outlet.

Carpenter’s pencil & Combination square: Both of them are essential for cutting gutter. You would need them to measure the length and a pencil mark on the lower part of the gutter. Then you have to use the edge of the combination square to expand the pencil mark on both sides of the gutter. You should start cutting with pattern shears on the outer flange edge.

Tin snips: A series of tin snips look like heavy-duty scissors with thick, long-lasting, and short, strong blades, which can pass through thin gauges, such as stainless steel, tin, and copper. You can simply cut through the aluminum metal gauge with the best tin snips.

Work Table: You have to set up a worktable while cutting gauges. Then a part of the metal canister has to be turned upside down and placed on the table.

Fine-tooth file: Files have teeth that can cut forward and most efficiently. One of the most helpful instruments in a workshop is a file, but you need a strong vision for cutting gauges. A fine-tooth file is the best tool to cut aluminum gutters perfectly that need less effort.

Leather Work Gloves: These are the heaviest gloves in weight. You can use this to save your finger by cutting gauges. These offer a high degree of cuts protection than tactility.

Cutting Aluminum Gutters (3 Steps)

Step-1: Measure the Cut

You have to put your gutter on the workbench, measure the amount of gutter you want to cut, and mark with the pencil. You should do it two times to measure and once to cut.

Then turn the gutter on the table upside down and tick it all around. Then you should utilize the carpenter’s square to reach the bottom.

Step-2: Make the Cut

You should flip the gutter again to face up on the open side. You can start from where you were marked cut metal shears down to the bottom. You can tighten the gutter slightly to make the rest of the cut to the other side easy; or, you can cut the gutter down to the bottom, stop it, turn the gutter around, and continue to cut from the other side until you meet the other in the center.

You should be very careful not to cut yourself with metal shears and hold the gutter steady. You can use a fine-tooth file to round out the edges if you want a flawless finish on the ends. You are now ready to install your metal gutters.

Step-3: Cut along the marked line

Are you searching what the best way to cut aluminum gutters by marking lines is?

You should cut down the indicated line you put on the metal gutter and turn inside the flange to open the aluminum gutter. Then cut down along the aluminum gutter side; repeat the cutting process on the other side of the aluminum gutter.

Then, you need to bend the aluminum gutter so that you can have enough space to cross the bottom of the aluminum gutter. Glide the fine-tooth file around the cutting end of the aluminum gutter to remove the sharp edge of the pattern shear to complete the aluminum gutter cutting operation.

Can You Cut Aluminum Gutters With a Chop Saw?

Since all houses have different sizes, you must always cut the gutters to size to guarantee their correct fit. One of the best instruments to use to trim gutters is a chop saw. You may use a chop saw with the abrasive blade and roll the saw around the gutter. Cutting with a chop saw is the easiest way to cut aluminum gutters.

Final Words

When you attach gutters to your home, zoning legislation, roof sizes, and regional rainfall patterns are important. If you didn’t know how you cut aluminum gutters, you would get brief about this content.

Most DIYers have never had to deal with such a project. Fortunately, it’s quick and basic to cut aluminum gutter. Now that you have a little more information on how to deal with this endeavor, you should have the chance to cut it down like an expert in no time.

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