How to Cut Pegboard? [5 Methods]

Pegboard is a great way to organize tools and other items on your workbench or garage wall. But you may not know that you can cut pegboard yourself! This blog post will show you how to do it without the need for expensive equipment.

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Pegboard?
  • What Is Pegboard Made of?
  • Tools to Cut Pegboard
  • Cutting Pegboard (5 Methods)
    • Method-1: How to Cut Pegboard with Jigsaw
    • Method-2: Cutting Pegboard with A Knife?
    • Method-3: How to Cut Pegboard with A Box Cutter
    • Method-4: Cutting Pegboard with a Band Saw
    • Method-5: Cutting Pegboard with a Dremel Tool?
  • Best Saw to Cut Pegboard

What Is a Pegboard?

A pegboard is a type of wall panel, typically made of wood, consisting of holes for holding pegs. Pegboards are used in kitchens to store pots and pans. They are also used to organise tools in shops (eg car repair) or households (mainly gardening). A system like this can be an efficient way to organize tools while maintaining easy access. The term “pegboard” may refer to the board itself or the whole system; it typically consists of several boards set side-by-side on a grid layout that has hooks (pegs) for hanging items such as knives, gardening equipment, or cleaning supplies. This offers an economical method of storage that takes up little space on shelves so they can be stored away neatly in small areas.

What Is Pegboard Made of?

Pegboard is usually made of wood-based composites like particleboard or solid wood and plywood or steel. The pegboard’s pegs are often made of compressed wood fiber and resin, which is then coated in a thin film of oil. Metal hooks are used to hang equipment or goods. Pegboard is constructed from a large sheet to accommodate hooks for viewing accessories with longer pin lengths.

Tools to Cut Pegboard

Pencil or Marker: This is the first and most crucial method for cutting a perfect pegboard edge. Measure horizontally and use a marker or pencil to mark the pegboard’s side edges. Wall studs should be matched on all sides. You may outline the pegboard with a scale by running the lines through the marks.

Wood Screws: To secure the strip to the stud, you might need to use wood screws. You must position each strip over a wall stud with the top and bottom lines’ ends to achieve this.

Drill-driver with screwdriver bit: If the welded wire strips break when driving the screws, you may need to use that. After that, before driving the screw, you must drill pilot holes with a drill driver.

Jigsaw or circular saw: Using a jigsaw or circular saw is the best way to cut pegboard.

For cutting pegboards, you need to use the proper size blade for the saw. You have to select the blade with fine sharp teeth for ensuring a clean cut through the pegboard.

Utility Knife: You can also use a knife for cutting the pegboard as an alternative to a jigsaw. You need to careful when holding the knife that the knife should be placed at the marking cutting line straightly.

Cutting Pegboard (5 Methods)

Method-1: How to Cut Pegboard with Jigsaw

Cutting pegboard with jigsaw is very easy. This is the best tool for cutting pegboard.

You can do this by following the steps:

  1. To measure the pegboard’s correct length and width, start by measuring the cutting area with tape and then marking it with a pencil.
  2. Now you can set up the pegboard on a workbench or some other appropriate cutting surface.
  3. The blade for the saw should be the correct size. To cut through the pegboard cleanly, the blade needs several fine teeth.
  4. You can use a jigsaw to cut the pegboard from your lines.
  5. Jigsaw blades have tiny teeth and provide a smooth finish. Starting with the finished edge, cut the board in the direction of the teeth. You can use any frame as long as the outside corner trims are used to cover the edge.
  6. Use a razor blade to score it in the front and back, then pinch it. The cutting edges can become jagged in appearance. With the razor blade, carefully remove the object.

Method-2: Cutting Pegboard with A Knife?

You can cut the pegboard with your utility knife. For straight cuts, a utility knife is ideal. Using a utility knife is the easiest way to cut pegboard straight. You need to follow the following process.

  1. For cutting pegboard with a knife, use a tape measure to measure the wounds, and use a pencil and a ruler to map them out. Keep the straight edge aligned with the indicated cut line and firmly press down with your hand and knee or foot.
  2. Next, lay the pegboard flat on a hard, unfinished surface. Now you can lightly glide your blade along the line and against the scale.
  3. Since the knife is simple to replace, you can cover it by laying a large cardboard sheet on top of it.
  4. You can try making curved and formed cuts with a utility knife, but mastering cutting freehand with a utility knife requires some practice.
  5. After you’ve finished your first pass with the knife, score the pegboard’s surface along the cut line. You may use light pressure to keep the blade pressed against the straight edge. This means that the cut is made in a single, smooth, and steady motion.
  6. Make 4-5 more passes with the knife blade to deepen the cut—rep on the other side.

Method-3: How to Cut Pegboard with A Box Cutter

One side of the pegboard can be cut with a box cutter and bent over a table with a sharp edge. For cutting pegboard with a box cutter, you can follow up on the steps.

  1. To begin, align the score mark with the pegboard’s edge and press down.
  2. Using a straightedge or a ruler, make an effort to hold the score line straight.
  3. Now you can gently brush the groove and then deepen it until it’s a perfect, smooth cut.
  4. If you need more depth, repeat the procedure.

Method-4: Cutting Pegboard with a Band Saw

When a pegboard sheet is cut with a band saw, the initial surface is smoother, and the edges are more refined. Split pegboard with a band saw for accessories and material storage. You must also use certain safety precautions when using a band saw. You can follow the below-discussed method.

  1. For cutting pegboard with a hand saw, thoroughly clean the band saw. It might seem simple, but making sure the bandsaw is clean of dust and other chemicals may make a huge difference when getting a good cut. It’s always a good idea to start with a clean saw.
  2. If you’re cutting pegboard, you’ll probably need a sharper blade as well as a rougher one. It’s a good idea to be cautious before beginning a cut if your bandsaw has various blade sizes. You can double-check that the blade you’re using is appropriate for the task.
  3. When using the bandsaw, make sure it’s set to the proper height. It’s simple to adjust the blade tension to the correct size blade based on your measurements.
  4. Blade guides are smallholders that keep the blade level and in its proper place. One set of blade guides is higher than the other. To get a good cut on the pegboard, make sure the guides are close to the blade.
  5. When cutting pegboard, keep the blade guard tight to the sheet you’re working with. To put it another way, when making a small cut, you don’t want a big exposed blade going. As a result, ensure that the blade guard is set to the proper height for your cut.
  6. You must unplug the bandsaw after completing a smooth, fine cut.

Method-5: Cutting Pegboard with a Dremel Tool?

It can be used to cut through materials like pegboard. By following a few guidelines while cutting pegboard, you can get the most out of it. When you buy a Dremel, you also get a cutting kit, which includes everything you’ll need to cut pegboard. For cutting pegboard with Dremel tool, you can follow the steps.

  1. First, mark the area you want to cut and clamp the pegboard to a stable surface.
  2. Then, shift the tool in the direction of the arrow on the side of the attachment.
  3. After that, you should swap out the Dremel bits. It’s easy, and you can control the cutting speeds.
  4. Since pegboard is thick and fibrous, dust and cutting residue clogged the bits and blades of the Dremel quickly.
  5. You must also keep the cutting speed as low as possible. The repeated pauses will also help to clean the teeth. This will assist in adequately smoothing the cutting edges.

Best Saw to Cut Pegboard

For cutting pegboard, a jigsaw is superior to all other saws. The only portable power tool that can efficiently cut curves is a jigsaw. Jigsaws can cut a variety of thicknesses and densities of pegboard. They will cut the pegboard finely when fitted with the proper blade. This is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. You can make the best use of it using the right size and shape of the blade with maintaining proper cutting guides.

Jigsaw has small teeth blades so that you can get a very clean edge of the pegboard.

You need to measure and mark the pegboard to ensure the proper length and thickness of the pegboard.

You must also set up the pegboard on a cutting surface. The thickness and length of your pegboard section that you want to cut are the essential factors in determining the correct blade size. The board must be cut with the finished edge in the teeth direction. There are also options for reducing and increasing the size of the image. Using a jigsaw, cut the pegboard following the measurement points.

Final Words

A pegboard is a valuable tool in our everyday lives because it can be used for anything from point-of-purchase displays in local grocery stores to maintaining tool storage both accessible and usable at home.

The most crucial step is to measure and cut your pegboard correctly. You’ll also need the right cutting blade and tool for your pegboard. I have tried my best to give me the proper guidelines and criteria by following which you can succeed in cutting pegboard. This content will surely give you proper direction.

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