How to Fix Bulging Drywall Seams? [6 Super Simple Steps]

Are you suffering from drywall bulging problems? Do you want to repair painted bulging drywall seams but don’t have much idea about how to repair bulging drywall seams? If those answers are yes, this article might be helpful to you.

Bulging drywall seams is a common problem in interior walls and ceilings. Visible seam and bulging appearance on your wall may decrease the beauty of your home. If the drywall is not secured to the stud properly, it may cause bulging. In this article, I will describe how to fix bulging drywall seams in an easy process. I will also try to provide you with some valuable tips and techniques regarding this topic.

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Table of Contents

  • What Does Bulging Drywall Mean?
  • Cause of Drywall Bulging
  • Tools to Fix Bulging Drywall Seams
  • How to Fix Bulging Drywall? (Step By Step Guide)
  • Drywall Bulging Repair Cost
  • Drywall Bulging In Summer
  • Can I Hide Bulging Drywall Seams with Paint?

What Does Bulging Drywall Mean?

When the drywall tape loses cohesion with the drywall mud, it creates a bulger appearance. Drywall tape loses cohesion because of lack of water while making. Bulging drywall means cracking in drywall joints. When two drywall firmly attached, the seam of two drywall may bulge. It implies that drywall is protruding for various reasons.

Cause of Drywall Bulging

Drywall seams bulging happens when there is a rush, or something mistake has done in building the walls.

Many reasons are the cause of drywall bulging. Some are being described below:

Improper installation of the fastener

Improper installation of fasteners results in bulges. When you drive a fastener in your drywall with the wrong equipment or overdrive it, or if you do not hold the drywall board in the drain wall properly, it may damage the drywall paper. And then moist join compound ravages the foundation of the drywall panel. You have to drill into the harmed area and wipe out the swallowed drywall paper. Then you need to sew up the area with the joining component and then repaint the area.

Water system damage

Before fixing the drywall the water system damage, you have to repair the water system of your houses such as leaking pipe or roof. For the water dripped, you may figure out discoloration, water stain on your wall. Moisture decreases the strength and durability of the gypsum and causes swelling. So, plumbing leaks cause drywall bulging.

Inadequate fastenings

Choosing the proper fastener is essential while building the drywall. If there is not enough screw to protect the drywall, it is one of the most installation problems responsible for the drywall bulging along frame.

Tools to Fix Bulging Drywall Seams

  • Stud finder tool
  • Utility knife or other drywall cutting tool
  • Drywall Tape
  • Drywall Screw Gun
  • Drywall screws
  • Joint compound (also called drywall mud)
  • Drywall Sander
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • Paint Gun
  • Primer
  • Paint (to match your existing walls)

How to Fix Bulging Drywall? (Step By Step Guide)

Now, I will describe how to fix a bulge or crack in a drywall joint. Fixing bulging drywall is an easy process to follow.

Step 1: Cut the damaged drywall

Cut the damaged area of the drywall using a utility knife and a jab saw and cut out the bulge section tape. Sand any rough edges and clean the area properly.

Step 2: Apply joint compound

Then apply the joint compound over the seam. If it is a fastening issue, add some drill screws with the drill machine.

Step 3: Stick mesh type

Stick mesh tape along the seam where the old tape used to be. You can also use paper tape. Give a little time to the tape to soak in the moisture.

Step 4: Pre-fill the joint

Now pre-fill the joint with the mixture of mud and glue. Let the mud fully set.

Step 5: Sand the area

Now smooth the edges with a large knife. Allow to dry it entirely. Sand the area and clean it off.

Drywall sanding is a pain, but there are some tools that make the process much easier. These drywall sander reviews will help you decide which one suits your needs best!

Step 6: Now paint

Now your wall is ready for painting. Paint your wall adjusting the color of the rest of the wall. This paint estimator article will provide you with the information you will need to determine how much paint you need to buy.

Drywall Bulging Repair Cost

Drywall bulging leak repair cost is low to moderate.

The cost will depend on how well you want the finishing of your drywall, and it also depends on your demand for accuracy.

Drywall Bulging In Summer

Temperature changes can cause bulges in the drywall. In summer relative humidity of air is high, and it affects the drywall bulging. In the Summer season, the foundation may degrade because of using expansive soil in the drywall, which causes bulging.

Can I Hide Bulging Drywall Seams with Paint?

If you paint on drywall bulging, you can hide your bulging problems. It is better to use darker paint and need to paint more than one coat. You can also use the primer as a first coat. But for a small area, using the primer is not necessary. So paint your wall the color you want it.

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Final Words

To get a flat-looking surface, you have to be careful before installing your drywall. Thus, you can decrease the possibility of your drywall being cracked. Poor drywall installation is responsible for cracking drywall. If your drywall anchors are driven too deeply, it may create a bulging effect, or missing screws can cause the crack to drywall. So you have to install your screws properly.

Here I tried to describe how to fix bulging drywall seams according to my opinion. You can relay the processes I have described in this article to repair the bulging drywall. 

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