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6 Easy Steps to Assemble Your Sectional Sofa

Love your new sectional but don't know how to put it together? We've compiled a handy guide of six easy steps that will have you and your guests lounging in comfort in no time.

How to Keep Sectional Couch Together

Step One: Unboxing Your Sectional Sofa

how to keep sectional couch together

Your sectional will arrive in large, flat boxes that are usually one to two feet shorter than the height of your couch. The number of pieces may vary depending on what you ordered but can range from four to 20 or more individual parts. Make sure all parts have been included before beginning assembly and contact us if you have any issues with the order.

Once you've confirmed all pieces are accounted for, it's time to remove them from their boxes and begin laying out your new furniture in a well-lit room that can accommodate its size. If you're having trouble finding a space large enough to completely unbox everything at once, try taking a few parts out of the boxes and assembling them in a smaller space.

Step Two: Assemble Legs & Feet

The first step to putting your sectional together is setting up its legs and feet. This will usually require six pieces, four for each leg including two cross bars, one foot plate and two bolts to secure everything into place. Line these pieces up at the ends of your sectional and attach them to each other with bolts before inserting them into their corresponding holes on either side of the couch.

Step Three: Attach Middle Support Bars & Back Pieces

After setting up your leg assembly, it's time to add in two middle support bars that will give stability to the back rests as well as to your sectional as a whole. Before adding these pieces, make sure the feet and legs are level so that everything can rest evenly on the ground without wobbling or tipping over.

Step Four: Connect Seat Backs Together

The final step towards assembling your sectional is connecting its two seat back segments together with bolts before inserting them into the frame. If you've already attached the front cross bars and middle support, make sure to keep them level as well or else your sectional could end up uneven.

Step Five: Attach Seat Cushions

The final step in assembling your new sectional is attaching its seat cushions by placing their corresponding covers over wooden dowels that are located inside the couch. If you need to, use a rubber mallet or hammer to gently tap each cushion into place before attaching all four sides with zip ties for an extra level of security.

Step Six: Add on & Decorate

Now that your sectional is fully assembled, it's time to add any additional pieces that may come with your order as well as throw on a few decorative pillows if you'd like. You can also use this sectional to create conversation or lounge spaces by adding in ottomans and coffee tables for an extra touch of style along with more seating room.

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