How To Make A Sofa More Comfortable 2020 ( Step By Step )

Sometimes we see that no matter how expensive your sofa is it might be uncomfortable or a little saggy.

if we do not choose the correct sofa and also even if you choose the correct sofa then after sometime when it gets old it will become uncomfortable due to its use or obsolesce.

Sofas/ couches are the places where we spent a lot of our time, so if you find your sofa a little uncomfortable or not so soft or firm then here are some pro tips to make your sofa a comfortable place to sit and spend your time.

For smaller kids, it is always recommended to buy a separate toddler fold out couch for your children where they can take rest and speedwell.

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How To Make A Sofa More Comfortable

How To Make A Sofa More Comfortable [2020]

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So, if you have any old sofa that is now not much comfortable, then you can try out these ways to make them comfortable again.

Also, If you have some budget, then you can purchase a new some. Purchasing a new one is recommended as there are lots of good quality and cheaper sofas are available.

You can take the help of our buying guide of best sectional sofas under 500$ and under 300$.

  • Shape the foam: if the foam of the sofa is well organized then it will be good but if not then you need to make the foam a little fluffy to sit comfortably:
    • Use a blow dryer to heat the foam so that it will absorb the heat and becomes fluffy.
    • Squeeze the foam to produce heat and make it flexible.
    • Use a few tablespoons of water to pour on the foam it will take some time to become fluffy and flexible again.
  • Clean the small pieces thoroughly: you need to clean the small pieces of plastic rubber or any kind of dirt that is hidden somewhere in the corner of the sofa.
  •  Check the balance: if there are legs on the sofa then check if all the legs are balanced properly or if any screw got loose which would create disbalance while sitting.
  • Use pillows to create a comfortable atmosphere: pillows always helps to create a very comfortable place to sit for this choose pillows that are soft and firm and also matches with the upholstery.
  • Re-furnishing: when a sofa gets old its upholstery gets so saggy for this make sure to do reupholstering of the sofa or couch to regain its flexibility.
  • Increase height: sometimes an increase in the height of the sofa will make your sofa more comfortable like it would help you to do work on the laptop and also doing other activities for this you just need to order new legs for the sofa and also you can add casters.
  • Throw blankets: throw blankets helps in making a place look stylish and also it will help you to feel comfortable while munching or while taking naps.
  •  Keep the sofa clean: the last thing is just clean your sofa at least twice a week then only you will feel comfortable and enjoy the seating of your sofa.

Few tips for a Leather sofa:

If you own a leather sofa then it would be much harder for sitting on the sofa after some time because a leather sofa will become most hard in comparison with other sofas so to make the leather sofa firm you can do these easy and effective things.

  1. Use vaseline or shaving cream: just poor some vaseline or shaving cream on the cloth and apply on the sofa especially on the hard corners.
  2. wipe the sofa: after rubbing the vaseline wipe the sofa so that its stain will not make your clothes dirty while sitting.



So these are all the tips which will help you to make your sofa a very firm and cozy place to sit and these tips are surely going to help you a lot.

Also, If you have any questions related to sofas and couches, then you can comment below. And also stay connected with for more updates.

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