How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa ( Complete Method )

Whenever we go to our relatives or colleagues home the first thing from which we get attracted is the way of settlement of furniture and the decor of the living area. So, to place a rug under the sofa is very important, otherwise, it will destroy your complete look at the room.

So, it is very obvious when somebody comes to our home they see these things too. In this modern era, the way you’re decorating the space where you live is so important, and when it comes to design your living area it seems quite a difficult task.

Also, many peoples are asking me for How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa correctly. So here is the article on that.

It is really difficult to choose the correct furniture according to the space of the living room then even if we have chosen the right furniture the next step comes is how to place them correctly how to settle the coffee table and center table, how to place a rug under the sofa, how many cushions should look appropriate on the couch and many more things.

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How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa


So here are some Do’s and Dont’s that we should always be kept in mind while decorating our living area.

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How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

Table of Contents

If you have small furniture, like sectional sofas or any other sofa similar to that, then any rug between 8 inches to 12 inches is quite good to keep under the sofa. But make sure that the rug looks beautiful and also it gets fits completely in between all 4 lets of your sofa.


  • THE NUMBER OF CUSHIONS OR PILLOWS: Whenever we put either cushions or pillows on the sofa we should always try to put as few as possible because too many pillows or cushions may look unsystematic and baggy.


  • THE SIZE OF THE CENTER OR COFFEE TABLE: The next thing comes is the size or length and breadth of the center table so for this we should try to select the table which comes under the corners of the sofa, in other words, it should’ve smaller than the sofa.


  • DISTANCE OF COFFEE TABLE FROM THE SOFA: The coffee table should also keep in the distance of 16″-18″ away.


  • COLOR OF CENTER TABLE OR COFFEE TABLE: While selecting the color of the coffee table we should remember that it gets matched with the color of the sofa and also doesn’t look like an isolated piece of furniture. the balance of color is so important for the styling of the living area.


  • SIZE OF COFFEE TABLE FOR LARGE SOFA: If your living area has big space and your sofa set is also large then it will look attractive if the center or coffee table is also large so the living area will not look empty in the middle space.


  • HOW TO PLACE PILLOWS OR CUSHIONS: The pillows should place in the left and right corner of the sofa and few pillows in the middle of the sofa if it is a sectional sofa but if it is a normal couch you can place pillows on either one side.


  • RUG PLACEMENT: Rug placement is not an easy job while placing the rug in the living area we should place in between your couch and seating area it should not be too large that it goes out of the center table and the couch and should not be too small that it can’t even cover the space. the rug should look proportionate with the sofa or the coffee table.


  • ROUND RUG PLACEMENT: Whenever place the round rug in your living area the coffee table that is placed in the space should also be round otherwise it will be mismatched.


  • COLORS FOR RUG: If you are selecting vibrant colors for the rug this will prove as an example of attention grabber thing so try to choose colors that are vibrant so they don’t look lost from the living area.


These are all things that we should remember while styling the sofa in your living area and from this, we can conclude that technically the size of the coffee table the placement of rug even its colors everything matters so much.

Hope, you found this article on How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa helpful.

And if you have an idea how to use these props to make the sofa look even more beautiful or stylish you’ll surely impress everyone by your designing techniques. Also for more sofa updates, Keep visit


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