How to Refill a Candle Lighter?

How do you refill a candle lighter? This lighter seems like it should be an easy question, but the answer is not so simple. The process of refilling a candle lighter can vary depending on what type of candle lighters you have and where you buy your fuel. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry! We’ll walk through the specifics below.

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Table of Contents

  • Can You Refill Candle Lighters?
  • Why Should You Refill Candle Lighter?
  • Refilling a Candle Lighter (Step by Step Guide)
  • The Benefits of Refilling Your Candle Lighter
  • Tips for Refilling Your Candle Lighter
  • Frequently Ask Questions about Candle Lighter Refilling
    • How to refill a Zippo candle lighter?
    • How to refill a scripto candle lighter?
    • How to refill a Yankee candle zippo lighter?
    • How to refill a butane candle lighter?
    • How to refill a bic candle lighter?
    • Where can you get the fuel for your lighter?

Can You Refill Candle Lighters?

Sure! Candle lighters are fuel, so they can be refilled–as long as the refillable lighter is compatible with the liquid fuel of your choice.

The liquid inside a cartridge lighter comes in many different types, including kerosene/paraffin combo fuels or even natural gas if you prefer to find it. Fuel types also have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, natural gas doesn’t impart its smell to anything when burned. At the same time, kerosene (like the kind in most candle lighters) produces an odor that’s usually considered pleasant but has been known to act as an attractant for bugs both indoors and outdoors. It’s best not to use this fuel type in areas frequented by children or pets because of its evaporative tendency to emit fumes.

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Why Should You Refill Candle Lighter?

People who use candles daily know that the fuel in the lighter won’t last very long. And while some people might think it’s entirely pointless to refill, hear me out:

Virtually all lighters have a wick that needs to be replaced fairly often. The more you light candles, the faster this wick will burn out and need to be replaced. This means not only do you have to buy a new lighter but also buy wicks for it! So for one purchase of a whole can of fuel, you’ll receive an additional lighter or two.

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Refilling a Candle Lighter (Step by Step Guide)

The solution to fixing your problem with refilling and reusing your candle lighter is an extremely simple one: just replace the metal insert in your candle lighter! Of course, you’ll ask why this works and how does replacing the metal insert fix anything? Well, below, we shall go through everything step by step on how to refill your candle lighter.

Step 1: Open the Lighter

The first step to refilling a candle lighter is to open it up. With many lighters, this can be done by gripping one side of the lighter with one hand and then pulling the top away from the bottom. The base should pop out slightly, or you can slide a knife into that gap to help pry it apart.

Step 2: Remove the metal insert from inside of the lighter

Once you have successfully removed the top from your lighter, you will need to remove its metal insert. This process varies depending on which brand and model of lighter you are using; however, in most cases, you will need to press down on both sides simultaneously and use a bit of force if necessary. The insert should pop out easily.

Step 3: Add a few drops of liquid fuel to the base of the lighter

Once you have removed your metal insert, you can add in some fuel. Your lighter will accept one of two different types of fluid: isopropyl or mineral oil. Both are fine to use, but you might want to go with the more common isopropyl option if it is your first time doing this. You only need a few drops; too much, and it may leak, so be cautious when adding the substance. Once you’ve added in enough, replace the insert.

Step 4: Replace the metal insert and close it up again.

After placing back in the metal insert, snap your lighter shut as tightly as you can. You will need to put some force behind it. If your lighter is new, this may take a few tries until the tabs find their grooves properly. Once this happens, your lighter should be ready for use.

Before refilling your candle lighter with another fuel, remember that changing the type of fluid you are using can alter its level of performance or even damage it permanently. Refill only when necessary and choose the same kind of fluid that came with your lighter originally whenever possible. Refilling your candle lighter regularly helps keep it in top condition and prevent complications like clogged nozzles or poor lighting due to faulty mechanisms.

Although candles are often used on special occasions like weddings or New Year’s Eve parties, they also provide a great source of light and warmth when the power goes out. In addition, refilling your lighter regularly ensures that you will always have access to a flame in case of an emergency.

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The Benefits of Refilling Your Candle Lighter

Many people don’t know that it is possible to refill a lighter. Yet if they knew the benefits, they would undoubtedly do so as soon as their supply ran low. Here is why:

  1. It is more economical than getting brand new lighters all the time. If you buy an expensive lighter and use it for months or even years until it runs out, then refill it instead of buying another one, you’ll save money. Imagine how much money you’d save in just one year! Would you like to double your savings? Then share this article with friends and family members and see your savings grow exponentially!
  2. You won’t have to look for a lighter when you need one. Again, this should be easy to comprehend: if you’re refilling your lighters rather than getting new ones, there’s no risk at all of forgetting where you put them.
  3. You will free space in your house by doing this. If you switch from buying disposable lighters to refillable ones, that means that soon enough, your home will have less clutter because you won’t have to store multiple lighters anymore.
  4. The lifespan of a candle lighter can be increased considerably if it is refilled regularly and adequately checked whether or not the fuel tank needs filling (most models allow for this). It is estimated that if the buyer takes good care of their lighter, it can last up to a decade. How would you feel about replacing your lighter only once every ten years?
  5. Refilling a lighter is much easier than you think and could be done by any person. Still, if you find this task to be too demanding for whatever reason, some professionals offer this service at a reasonable price (just like other types of professionals out there).
  6. You will save money while looking better since the new look of the refilled lighter will make other people envious; they might end up asking where you bought it!
  7. Last but not least: because candle lighters are made with high-quality materials that can resist heat and pressure very well, refilling them ensures that they won’t end up in the trash prematurely.

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Tips for Refilling Your Candle Lighter

An empty lighter is not always useless; it can easily be refilled with butane fuel. This process varies depending on the model of the lighter. Some lighters require holding a button or switch throughout the refilling, while some are easy to refill without ever taking them apart. Read more about the different types of lighters below and how to refill them.

If your lighter uses butane, follow these steps:

  1. Buy Butane Gas for Lighters
  2. Use a pin or toothpick to poke out all ashes inside your lighter’s chamber
  3. Unscrew the gas nozzle on top of your lighter (some models may have buttons instead, which must first be held down until the gas comes out)
  4. Put the tip of your butane gas canister nozzle into the opening, and press it until you start to see gas coming out (this may take a few seconds)
  5. Screw your lighter’s nozzle back on and carefully open it to test if it works; then light away!

If your lighter uses flint, follow these steps:

  1. Buy Flint Rocks for Lighters
  2. Unscrew the screw-on top of your lighter (or release any locking mechanism). Careful not to lose this screw, as it will be impossible to refuel without it.
  3. Using something pointy like a toothpick or pin, poke out all ashes inside the chamber. You can also gently blow into this chamber to remove the ashes.
  4. Put a little piece of flint inside the chamber (make sure it’s not stuck, or you’ll create sparks). You could also use a piece of steel wool (#0000), fine grade sandpaper (#400), or foil paper scrunched up like a ball.
  5. Screw your lighter back together, and it should work! It may take a few tries to figure out how much flint to put in; keep poking/blowing/scrunching until your lighter lights every time.
  6. If you’re having trouble getting your lighter to light, read about what might be wrong.
  7. Refill as necessary (some types of lighters need more frequent refills than others due to the design of the lighter).

Each brand and model of lighter varies in how it is refilled. For example, many lighters require that you hold a button or switch throughout the refilling, while some are easy to fill without ever taking them apart. Read more about different types of lighters below and how to refill them:

Lighter with “press-and-flick” mechanism:

  1. Hold down on your flint wheel with one hand while you’re adding butane with another.
  2. Continue holding down on the wheel until all of your gas has been added.
  3. Note that this type doesn’t use a screw cap, so you might lose all your fuel if not careful!

Lighter with fixed flame:

Many of these lighters need to be refilled only when the flame is almost gone. To maximize your butane, let it run out entirely and turn it off before refueling.

Lighter with adjustable flame:

These types of lighters have a screw-on top which you must unscrew to refill them. If you have trouble getting your lighter to function after being refilled, check if this screw needs tightening or loosening.

These steps can also apply to cleaning out other small metal objects such as pipe bowl screens or bbq grill tanks! Keep reading for more information about using butane gas for different things around the house.

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Frequently Ask Questions about Candle Lighter Refilling

How to refill a Zippo candle lighter?

A Zippo Candle Lighter is a refillable lighter filled with lamp oil or any other fuel approved for use. To fill the lighter:

  1. Remove the bottom cap and wipe off any residue from the wick before refilling with oil.
  2. Press out any air in the container when filling it up to avoid spilling oil when you put it on its base.
  3. For safety purposes, do not overfill it beyond 1/4 inch from the top edge of the tank.
  4. Replace the cap after filling and wait at least 20 minutes before lighting your candle!

Zippo Candle Lighters come pre-filled with 16 ounces of fuel to allow you to light your candles immediately.

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How to refill a scripto candle lighter?

Follow these steps to refill a scripto candle lighter:

  1. Remove the top by unscrewing it. It’s tight, so be careful.
  2. Vacuum the visible dust off of the felt parts with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air canister because dust keeps them from lighting adequately and causes wasted fuel. If you don’t, you will regret it when your flame gets smaller and starting to die off because of insufficient oxygen in the wick.
  3. Fill the lighter with naphtha – Citronella oil is often used in these lighters, but naphtha works just as well and is easier to obtain for most people
  4. Snap closed or screw down securely on top
  5. Shake vigorously several times before igniting

How to refill a Yankee candle zippo lighter?

Yankee Candle diffusers have a small hole on the inside where the lighter fluid can be poured. Pour around 50-100ml of lighter fluid into the smaller hole on the diffuser as directed by manufacturer instructions. When you light the candle, it will produce a high enough flame to heat up and ignite some of the liquid, thus creating a long-lasting flame for your zippo. Stay close to one side of larger, more powerful flames so as not to lean over and risk catching fire from nearby candles or other sources on your clothes, skin, hair or nearby flooring. The first few times you refill your zippo after using your candle diffuser may take two or three minutes before it begins producing an adequate long-lasting flame.

How to refill a butane candle lighter?

Refilling your butane candle lighter is quite simple. Simply remove the fuel chamber cover and pour in some butane gas. Be sure not to pour too much as this can cause performance problems. Replace the fuel chamber cover, and twist on the base cap for safety purposes before use.

How to refill a bic candle lighter?

Bic candle lighters use a methane and ethane gas canister, which needs to be replaced periodically. The cost of a refill is about $1 to $2 (depending on location). Turn the bottom knob counter-clockwise to release it. Remove the lighter from its base and flip up the red plastic cover over the black button, then turn clockwise again to put it back together. Use a scraper or pointed object like tweezers to pry some of the material out at one end of the cartridge, push in with your thumb near that end until you feel resistance, and then repeat with other ends. Methylated spirits are also very effective as long as care is taken not to inhale – if they’re boiling, this will also mean they’re not safe to use. For safety, don’t mess too much with meth as it is highly flammable.

Where can you get the fuel for your lighter?

It’s possible to get lighter fuel in most convenience stores and gas stations. However, we recommend buying refillable butane cartridges on Amazon. They’re less expensive than disposable lighters, and since they’re reusable, you never need to purchase new lighters again!

Final Words

All in all, the process of refilling a candle lighter is relatively easy. Of course, you’ll need to pay attention to how much butane you’re using and make sure you keep your wick trimmed, so it doesn’t burn too quickly or unevenly. But if you take care of these details, then lighting candles should be even easier than before!

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