How to Remove a Jacuzzi Tub?

It is quick to remove a Jacuzzi tub if you have the right skills. All you have to do is collect all the tools you need to do. A helping hand is helpful to support you with this project. Prepare a list of tasks and include a sequence to direct you to a systematic process and protect you from error. You should keep your security equipment with you for your protection.

The most important thing is that you should know the minimum detail about this job plumbing. Also, ensure that the new Jacuzzi tub is not damaged when installing. Customers are often confused with the new technology in the bathrooms and traditional Jacuzzi bathtubs. If you’d like to know how to remove a Jacuzzi tub, keep reading the content.

Table of Contents

  • What is the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi?
  • Tools Required to Remove a Jacuzzi Tub
  • Removing a Jacuzzi Tub (Step by Step Guide)
  • Cost to Remove a Jacuzzi Tub
  • FAQs about Removing Jacuzzi tub

What is the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi?

Hot tubs are big hot water tubs for relaxation and entertainment. Jacuzzi is a hot tub brand and other items.

Merriam-Webster defines Hot Tubs as a spa, as a big hot-water tub, particularly fitted with a whirlpool system where bathers are soaking and socializing. Now, what is a Jacuzzi tub? Jacuzzi is a hot tub, bath products, and pool Equipment Company. This integrated jet hot tub has become popular. Jacuzzi became a household name and was used to refer to any hot tub.

Jacuzzis and hot tubs aren’t the same. Many brands and many sports equipment with the same standard and advanced features as Jacuzzi items, but at a lower price make hot tubs. Jacuzzi may have been the first recognized hot tub brand, but it might not provide the most affordable spas on the market today.

Tools Required to Remove a Jacuzzi Tub


Hammer is a redesigned and sophisticated piece of art. This is an essential tool for removing a Jacuzzi tub. You can remove any nails from the Jacuzzi tub that connect the tub flange to the studs using a hammer. In addition, you will need this to remove the tile and cement backer board that is around the tub’s frame.

Super Bar

The Super Bar is a key tool for vertical control holders and dealers. It is essential for pulling nails from the Jacuzzi tub. This is made of fashioned, hardcore, spring-tempered steel. It equips three tilt nail spaces; sharp, clean edges for easy removal of the tub.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw is competent and prepared for all removal of places around the house or workshop, including wood, metals, PVC, etc. You would need to use this saw for cutting and disassembling the components of the Jacuzzi tub. This saw highlights an ergonomic plan, and the over form gives a pleasant grip, reducing vibration when cutting the tub.

Channel-lock pliers

These pliers would help you to loosen the shower arm while removing Jacuzzi bathtubs. This would help you to remove the components of the bathtub easily.


This is the most important tool while you would remove a Jacuzzi tub. It will help you to loosen screws and nuts from the Jacuzzi tub. This tool would help you to remove the most tighten screws and nails and cutting in electrical wires.


The fixing edge is made out of high-quality silicone combination material that suits the surface well, and the delicate surface gives you an open tendency to wear. The face cover belt is suitable for most head sizes; designed for tight and pleasing wear.

This is appropriate to science, open-air work, fixation, road construction, sawfly work, shooting, and workshop; eye insurance company DIY, laboratory, cleaning, design, wilderness, architect, circuit technician, workshop, engineers, laser, machining, mechanics, and so forth.

Removing a Jacuzzi Tub (Step by Step Guide)

Do you find a solution about how to remove a fiberglass Jacuzzi tub? Then follow the quick steps.

Step-1: Wearing PPEs

Ensure that you meet all safety precautions in the use of personal protective equipment that is recommended.

Using security gloves protects the hands from dangerous and sharp items that can harm you throughout the next steps.

The use of goggles protects your eyes from any toxic substance that may cause medical emergencies during the operations.

The usage of an adequate respirator is also important to protect against any hazardous material, which could harm your mouth or nose.

Step-2: Disconnect Tub’s Plumbing and Motor

When the access panel is off, you must disconnect the plumbing for the tub. This is achieved with an adjustable wrench. Remove all lock nuts that bind pipes, drain pipes, and waste pipes.

You would have to switch the power off to the disconnected bath before proceeding. Then detach the power source used for the tub motor. You could do this simply by unplugging it. Find the power source and then cut the wires thoroughly.

Step-3: Access the Tub Frame

Depending on the bathroom configuration, any drywall can have to be removed if it’s against the water. First, use a scanner to see any hazards behind the wall like electrical fittings or pipes. These should be labeled with a strip. Using a knife, hack out approximately 6 inches of drywall when there are some by the bathroom.

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Next, remove any nails connecting the bath to the stubs. It’s better done with a hammer. A pry bar and hammer will then remove the tile and cement support board around the bath frame.

If you have a shower, you will probably need a super bar and a removal hammer. Hit the bathtub on the top with the super bar until it removes from the wall. Then use a reciprocal saw to cut the corners of the bathroom. It can be taken in bits.

Step-4: Start the removal of the fixtures

With the screwdriver’s help, you need to remove all the faucets attached to the tub and the fixtures.

Now, you can remove all plumbing lines with an adjustable wrench. Now hit the corners of the tub with a hammer and saw to remove the tub.


Throw all the waste into the dustbin before removing the tub to avoid damage.

Step-5: Remove the Jacuzzi tub

To remove the Jacuzzi tub, you first need to check the bathroom design.

You have to take tiles and smash the cement around the Jacuzzi bathtub with a hammer and a super bar to unhook their plumbing lines if there are any inside the wall.

Remove the Jacuzzi bathtub side by using a hammer and a super bar and substitute them with a shower if you like.

Throw out the nails that are connected to the Jacuzzi tubs by using a screwdriver.

By using the puzzle or sharp knife, cut the Jacuzzi tub’s surroundings and extract them carefully.

Step-6: Displace the Jacuzzi tub

Now transfer the Jacuzzi bathtub. You would need a helper because the Jacuzzi tub is too big to lift it all alone.

You need to use rags and gloves to carry the Jacuzzi tub since its sides are so sharp that the hands could be damaged.

Cost to Remove a Jacuzzi Tub

If you do all the work yourself, it would cost $400-$600. If you receive expert support, it would cost $500-$1000. If you want to replace a non-Jacuzzi tub for it, then there would be two ways.

First, unplug electricity. Some manufacturers have jet ports and a jet sealant to take out the Jacuzzi tub that lets you remove the Jacuzzi tub easily. The other choice is a complete replacement, which depending on the upgrade, costs you 5000$-10,000$.

FAQs about Removing Jacuzzi tub

How much is a jacuzzi hot tub?

Hot tub rates are not a mystery to the industry. The key explanation why they are not readily seen is that prices differ according to many important factors. The sales price of a new hot tub will vary between $3,000 and $16,000 and more. In principle, the higher the price you pay, the longer you enjoy the hot tub.

Can you replace a jetted tub with a regular tub?

Jetted tubs are currently available on the market and can be bought and replaced with a normal tub. When you want to buy the Jacuzzi tub, you had better take the current bathtub’s measurements. You should check the market for a comparable size of the whirlpool to prevent any extra installation costs.

Where is the filter on a Jacuzzi tub?

Filters on a Jacuzzi tub usually adjacent to the radiator, although it can be difficult to grasp how the water flows into the Jacuzzi piping system as a non-professional. You should refer, therefore, to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to find a suitable filter site.

What is the black stuff coming out of my Jacuzzi jets?

The waste from the Jacuzzi jets, as black color, is the waste and waste as impurities after the bath like human skin bacteria, a soap remaining, and other junk that cannot easily drain from the Jacuzzi bath.

Final Words

The removal of the Jacuzzi tub and replacing it with a shower is quite easy. So always collect some information and ask experts to give you better advice on any potential replacements. I hope that by following this guide, you would be able to remove Jacuzzi tub and replace with shower successfully. You need to very careful that all the power supply and connection of the bathroom should be off during this period.

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