How to Remove Dresser Drawer with Center Metal Slide? [Step by Step Guide]

Eliminating dressers is an easy method. And if you can’t budge the drawer, you are more likely to succeed. A center mount rarely needs to be removed, but most side mount or side mount lamps don’t come off with an easily accessible release lever. Either by using a pry bar or you find a stopper could remove a drawer that has been hit. These days, metal slides with push-in rods are the most popular.

To move it and make it lighter, you have to remove the drawers. If you need to fix it quickly, removing the drawers is essential. Typically, it is easy to remove drawers but may rely on the type of slides used. Now, to remove the dresser drawer with center metal slide, you must read the following content.

Table of Contents

  • Tools Required to Remove Dresser Drawer
  • Remove Dresser Drawer (6 Steps)
  • How to Organize a Dresser Drawer?
  • How to Fix a Broken Dresser Drawer?

Tools Required to Remove Dresser Drawer

The tools you’ll need to remove a dresser drawer will vary depending on the type of dresser and the construction of its drawers. However, some basic tools you may need include a screwdriver, a hammer, and a pry bar.

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Remove Dresser Drawer (6 Steps)

Step-1: Inspect drawer slide for the release mechanism

Additionally, locks used on front slides are rarely made of big rings. See whether or not there’s a problem before going any further. Two or three metal slides on the drawer mount should be used, as the centers are harder to reach. It is only extended by lifting it fully off the ground when extended.

The two release levers are located on either side of the case, as with most drawers. Remove the above element and position it one element lower.

Step-2: Remove anything stored inside the drawer

There is enough in the drawer to allow access to go into the depths of it. Remove everything from the drawer and put it on the work table.

Step-3: Remove screws

It can be found on the slide as well as the cabinet side of the unit. If one of the shelves on your table has been missing for years, this can cause the boards to become shaky, misaligned, and eventually unusable.

To tweeze out a feather, you can use standard-nosed tweezers. Remove the stabilizer from the furniture and reassemble it.

Step-4: Lift the front of the drawer

It is essential to start at the top of the machine and work our way down to the lower drawers to prevent overloading. To get the drawer open, approach it from the front and pull it. Until the drawer moves on its own, it must be removed.

Try to extend your arms and move the drawer toward you at the same time. Please keep it away from being pushed towards you so you can open the cabinet. Having finished transferring everything to the back of the cabinet, set it back on the shelf.

Step-5: Remove the self-closing door tracks

It is also possible to map the doors to close on their own, and you do not have to do it with a power drill.

Step-6: Inspect the slide

Let’s give it a try to see if something is wedged. Putty knives are perfectly safe to use, but you can’t be sure that it is not always sticky yet. Once the drawer is fully closed, make sure it is locked. Also, be measured by an object that can be pulled out of a drawer. Where there are some breaks in the plastic, locate them as quickly as possible One alternative is to open the drawer; one option is to do so.

As long as you feel you have no alternative but to use unnecessary force, the drawer should be left alone.

Watch the below video to get an idea about how to remove a drawer with metal glides:

How to Organize a Dresser Drawer?

  1. 1

    The first step of the task is to take everything out of each drawer and then decide what can be reused. Remove all the backboxes to have a clear view of what you have and what you need. Keep in mind that now is also a good time to do a deep cleaning of your dressers.

  2. 2

    It’s an excellent place to keep T-shirts, tank tops, and other garments tidy. Your trunks can be convenient for storing dirty clothes and making a perfect hiding place for things you never go out of style. Thus, you’re done getting the contents of your dresser, but the work isn’t over yet.

  3. 3

    Make a list of the things you have in your possession. It is excellent for wardrobe organizing if you can put drawers to a particular use, such as T-shirts, underwear, and similar items in different drawers. It would be best if you grouped your things based on how many drawers you have, dividing by the number of items and weight.

  4. 4

    You’ll want to get rid of bulky clothes, such as jeans and sweatshirts that you have out of sight. If you put things like this in a drawer, they seem to use even more space. This arrangement is suitable for products that are on the thinner and more petite side. Closetshes can be stored in cubbies, or else you can hang big and dramatic garments in a cubbyhole.

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Pro Tips

How to Fix a Broken Dresser Drawer?

  1. 1

    You must remove the drawer’s two sides that remain.

  2. 2

    Then, shave the do-nothing tails off the carcass. The reason was that we had to leave the dovetails on the front is because of the heavy drawers.

  3. 3

    Next, matt removed the old drawer and took the measurements of a new one to determine if it fits the space between the two replacements.

  4. 4

    With a circular saw and hand saw, cut out the size of the bottom box on the plywood.

  5. 5

    Finally, we had to remove the drawer from its chassis

  6. 6

    When all the parts were complete, the drawer had to be reassembled.

  7. 7

    Since the nail gun was able to assemble the drawer, the back, and the sides, and the front, Matt was able to complete his task.

The drawer suits and matches the dresser well. You can add a fragment to the bottom as an afterthought.

Final Words

Despite being challenging to access, some of the underneath metal slides require creative use. However, you should find any tabs or latches that must be operated to open the drawer. It is often better to work from the top down to preventative maintenance while using the central metal slide. Because it will help prevent the furniture from flipping over on you. I wish you could perfectly remove the dresser drawer with a center metal slide by reading this content.

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