How To Remove Pen Marks From Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is a really good investment for your house. That’s why it is quite irritating when your sofa gets some strains of inks.

Removing ink stains from your leather sofa is really tough task. Sometimes you have to hire professionals to clean your leather sofa. But, if your sofa is made up of finished leather then you can always try some home remedies to remove the ink stains from your sofa.

If you have a fabric sofa or unfinished sofa that is more porous then these home remedies may work for you. Check out our guide on leather sofa vs fabric sofa to determine the difference between them well.

It is quite important to remove the ink stain from your sofa as soon as possible. Because it gets much harder to remove after some time.

how to remove ink from leather sofa
How To Remove Pen Marks From Leather Sofa


Home Remedies To Remove Ink & Pen Marks From Your Leather Sofa

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It is important to clean your leather sofa ASAP. Thankfully there are some possible ways to remove the ink by using home items when you can’t afford to hire some professionals. For longer durability of sofas and couch, you have to keep your sofa cleaner to sanitize it.

Below are some possible ways to remove the ink from your sofa

Method 1: Use Ink Remover

It is highly recommended to first use a leather ink remover. When you are using leather products in your house, maybe your sofas are made up of leather, Or you have a leather jacket or to clean the leather car seats, A good leather ink remover always becomes your friend to remove the ink stains.

Using leather ink remover will add some extra moisture to your leather products and add one more protective layer so that they become more durable.


Method 2: Use Classic Soap & Water

Try to clean your ink stain from the classic soap that you normally use to clean your clothes.

But before doing this, Use any dry towel and soak all the excess ink. Or use any dry paper so clean all the ink with gentle hands. Do not rub the towel as it can spread more ink and cause more trouble. Repeat this process again and again and doing this can easily remove the ink from your leather sofa or couch.

Method 3: Use of Alcohol

Alcohol is capable to remove almost all types of stain so easily.

Take some cotton or any clean cloth, pour some alcohol, and rub it with your smooth hand on the strains. But make sure you don’t pour too much alcohol as it can harm your sofa as well.

Once the strains get removed, then dry that place as soon as possible. Use a hairdryer to blow air so that no more alcohol will remain on your sofa.

Method 4: Use Perfume Or Hairspray

Your popular styling products such as hairspray or your perfume can also be used to clean the pet stains from your sofa. Many people already know that they contain some percentage of alcohol and hence they are capable to remove small ink marks from your sofa.

Also, After using any alcohol-based thing to clean your leather sofa, always dry up your sofa and then clean it with water to remove the alcohol completely.

Method 5: Use Nail Polish Remover

If the above methods won’t work well for you then lastly you can try to remove the ink strains by using Nail Polish remover.

Warning. Nail Polish Remover can be toxic. So keep it always from the reach of children.

Take some cotton and pour some Nail polish Remover on it. After that rub, it gently to all the stains and clean it. After that you can use any normal soap to clean is better.

Final Words

Sofas are a really useful investment for your house. A good clean sofa adds some look to your room. Ink strains and other types of strains and completely spoil your experience.

So these methods to Remove Pen Marks From Leather Sofas are really useful most of the users.

And, If you have a costly couch then always buy couch covers because these types of silly mistakes can create big trouble for you.


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