How to Remove Tile Countertop? [Step By Step Guide]

How beautiful the countertop looks in a kitchen! But when you damage the countertop, or its color fades away, the same scenario becomes unpleasant. You won’t be getting the usual comfort to work on it, and your kitchen beauty becomes lessen.

That’s why it is better to know how to remove the tile countertop to recover from such instances. You definitely wouldn’t want to hire a professional for small tasks, right? That’s why it is obvious to know these works all by yourself and do it convincingly.

With the help of the tools, you can easily remove the countertop tile. It requires proper determination and perfect exercising. That includes the implementation of appropriate steps.

No need to worry now because we bring you a complete guide on how to remove the tile countertop and the tool required for it. So, without wasting any moment, let’s go for it.

Tools Needed to Remove Tile Countertop

There are different kinds of tools that are needed to work with while removing tile from a countertop. Their shape, size, and functioning vary from one another. We made a list of such tools with their functioning capabilities. Let’s take a look at them.

Demolition Fork

At times, a demolition fork is more effective than a scrapper to remove the tile countertop without damaging cabinets. It got all the traits to go deep inside the base and work to remove the tile. Just like a pry bar, it is functioned to remove tile.

The tool is made up of steel. Its durability and strength allow it to be used under any circumstances. Be it flooring or wrecking any substances, the demolition fork works the best for you.

Floor Scrapper

The floor scraper consists of a flat edge that helps to go underneath the tile. Pulling it with the handle, you get the whole tile out within seconds. No external tools or power tools are required while working with the floor scraper.

They come in different sizes. Usually, the longer one provides you with the best feasibility. Also, the price of the tool is quite affordable. Using the tool can be the best way to remove tile countertop.

Masonry chisel

When you cut the tile’s stubborn and stiff pieces, the masonry chisel comes into excellent account. The large rigid pieces of the tile can be removed easily with the tool. Use the masonry chisel at the corner of the tile usually and get it out without any complication.

You’ll be finding different sizes of the tool in the hardware shops. Based on your comfort, you can get any of the sizes. With proper adjustment, this tool serves perfectly to remove tile from the kitchen countertop.

Air Hammer

The air hammer is one of the most accessible and most convenient tools to use in removing a tile from a countertop. With the least effort, you’ll be able to cut the things out of the tile very easily. You’ll be included with various chisel pieces when you buy the whole set.

It is a gun-shaped air pressure-regulated chisel. Pressing the button, you get to work with it according to your desire. Moreover, the ergonomic handle of the tool confirms you to use it for a long time.

Jack Hammer

A jackhammer is a fully electrical-regulated tool. It is pretty much big. With a chisel at its end, it performs to remove the tile countertop. Placing the chisel at the edge of the tile, you turn on the jackhammer. With its high vibration, it loosens the tile and removes it.

Because of its heavy performance, the jackhammer is not suited for all kinds of tile. The broaden space and the type of tile depend on its usage. Also, you’ll need the best safety management when you are to work with the jackhammer.

Grout removal tool

While you are up for removing a tile countertop, the grout becomes something annoying. You can use the masonry chisel to remove it, but it’ll not function wholly; under the circumstances, a grout removal tool comes into excellent account.

It is an electrical device that performs conveniently for the purpose. Removing the grout becomes quicker and more convenient with this tool. Because of all the electrical traits, you get the best efficiency from the tool.

Removing Tile Countertop (Step by Step Guide)

With all the tools being known, know it’s time for us to understand how to safely remove tile from the countertop. We’ll be discussing it in detail with some convenient steps.

Step-1: Examine the Old Countertop

Make a good perception of the old countertop. Its strength, hardness, durability, etc., must be taken into account. With those being note, you’ll go on to action with soft or hard removal.

Step-2: Clear the Area

Make the whole area clear. You can do it in usual clothes. Make sure you find no obstacles coming in between your work.

Step-3: Disconnect Supply Lines to Countertop Fixtures

As you’ll be working with tools, the supply lines on the countertops might break away. This will not only cost you a lot but also raise the possibility of heavy accidents. Thus, it becomes a must to remove and disconnect any lines from the countertop.

Step-4: Remove the Sink

As the sink covers a considerable part of the countertop, it is an obligation to remove it. Your work will be done easily and conveniently when you get a whole lot of space to deal with.

Step-5: Deal with the Grout

As usual, the grout is the most annoying thing you’ll conflict with during tile removal from the countertop. With the mentioned tool, you have to get rid of it. The powerful grout removal tool will help you a lot under the circumstances quickly.

Step-6: Unscrew and Pry Countertops from Cabinets

Loosen the tile from the countertop slowly. Use a hammer or driver for the purpose. Once they become loose, you can easily lift them with a pry or chisel. You can easily remove the tile countertop and save backsplash with the proper mentioned steps.

Step-7: Lift-Away and Dispose of Your Old Countertops

After you lift away from your old tile, you shouldn’t just throw them away. They might be harmful to your surroundings and the animals. So, simply dispose of them properly in a bag or keep them in the dust bin.

Final Words

With all the necessary equipment and steps, removing the tile from the countertop has become easier for most readers. Not only that, many of them have got rid of the professionals and do the work all by themselves.

It doesn’t seem to be easier as it looks. But with sheer determination and proper concentration, you can do the job convincingly. Just read our guides for the purpose and stay tuned to get such exciting directions more in the future!

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