How to Take Down Levolor Blinds? [4 Easy Steps]

Do you have Levolor blinds in your home? If so, you know how important it is to take them down properly before cleaning them. In this article, we’ll show you the best way to take down Levolor blinds so you can clean them properly and get them back up in no time. Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions!

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Table of Contents

  • Tools and Materials Needed
  • How to Remove Levolor Blinds with Hidden Brackets?
  • How to Remove Levolor Blinds YouTube?
  • Can Levolor Blinds be Repaired?
  • Where to Buy Levolor Blinds?

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Ladder
  • Eye protectors

You will need a screwdriver with a Phillips tip and a ladder to handle small-hinged stands.

The fewer brackets you have, the fewer the ladders you would need. As a variation, raise the slats to their full position, locked position by pulling on the cord to the left or right.

You should be ready for any circumstance by wearing protective eyewear. Take out the slats. Push the slats toward the right, or lock the rope to the right.

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How to Remove Levolor Blinds with Hidden Brackets?

Do you know how to remove levolor blinds correctly? So, here are the steps by following which you can do it properly.

Step-1: Pull the slats and bottom rail of the blind

The first thing you need to learn in this process is how to remove levolor blinds from window. Align the blinds to the track of the window and pull the cord to shift the slats. It would be easier to take out of the blinds if you check both the slats and the rail are in position. Levolor blinds are some of the simplest to remove.

Step-2: Gently rock your blind from side to side

Grip the mini blind on either side of the blind and grasp it with your whole body weight and with control in the center. If the blind is wider than 30 inches, it may hang at one end when you raise it; thus, you may need to request a helping hand. Press firmly on the headrail of the blind, hold it with both palm and fingers over the lower part, with your thumb allowing your fingers to rest under the front rail.

Step-3: Pull the bottom toward the ceiling

Are you searching how to remove levolor blinds from bracket? Then you can follow this step.

Use pressure on the Levolor blindS toward the ceiling with both your fingertips and palm. By continuing to press up when pulling the blind up, the bracket will be released from the headrail; you can take the blind off the bracket.

Step-4: Unscrew the screws from the hidden brackets

Remove the screws by hand using a manual Phillips screwdriver or power screwdriver. Just following these four steps, you will be pro about how to release levolor blinds.

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How to Remove Levolor Blinds YouTube?

Can Levolor Blinds be Repaired?

If a Levolor blind is properly maintained, it will last for years. Rarely or unusual blind breaking occurrences are due to inappropriate use. It can lead to difficulties. It is possible to repair a technical difficulty if you know where it exists. Until you attempt to repair Levolor blinds, verify that each strip is free of fabric; otherwise, you will irreparably harm the rest of the curtains.

Levolor custom blind or shades purchased in the US will be warrantied for the original warranty time, even if used outside the country. Any custom blind or shade damaged by wear and tear is eligible for free delivery and return within ten years of purchase.

Where to Buy Levolor Blinds?

Levolor blinds are proven to be dependable every day, year, year after year, to provide beautifully colored shades and save you money on your home energy costs. With the experience of a century behind them, Levolor blinds can be trusted.

Levolor blinds and shades are used in several colorful designs to enhance d├ęcor. Levolor guarantees their custom blinds for an extraordinary period. Vertical shades are also are offered, as well as various horizontal, Horizontal, round, cellular, and panoramic blinds. You’ll find cutting-edge window treatments and glass shades with Levolor. You can buy Levolor blinds online at, or you can also buy them at On the other hand, you can also buy them from the authorized dealer of Levolor.

Final Words

The Levolor offers a wide variety of mini-blinds ranging from 1 inch to 3 inches wide. The different styles of patio lighting include wood to plastic, horizontal to vertical, and extend a little further. You may question how to remove levolor mini blinds. It’s generally the same process for removing all Levolor blinds. You have to remove the blinds first. Depending on the condition of the space, window treatments, either redecorating the living room or cleaning the windows, is a mandatory and painless operation.

Before you try to remove your blinds:

  1. 1

    Make sure your window is free of debris and any furniture or other obstacles.

  2. 2

    Don’t remove or reposition anything curtains or curtain rods

  3. 3

    Give the blinds a light dusting if needed and move furniture away from the room.

  4. 4

    Make sure you have screwdrivers, a stepstool, and someone steady who is good with their hands or a volunteer to help you with the big blinds if you need them.


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