How to Use a Random Orbital Sander?

Sanding is a task that can be done with many different tools. One of these tools is the random orbital sander. This tool is very popular because it sands quickly and leaves no swirl marks on the wood. This article will help you understand how to use one of these power tools safely and efficiently, so you can get your project done faster!

Using a Random Orbital Sander8 Super Simple Steps

Step 1: Prep Materials

Prepare your materials to a work apparent utilizing braces. It keeps it from spinning and perhaps initiating risky payoff. When your equipment prepared, interface a ventilation framework in the sander. It will gather the sawdust that collects while working.

Step 2: Secure the Work Item

The vital thing you need to do before the sanding procedure is to make sure about the work thing you mean to sand. It will encourage the sanding method, yet additionally lessen the opportunity of any mishaps.

Step 3: Handling Dust

A large portion of the force sanders presently accompanies dust vacuum connection. The residue vacuum absorbs the sanding elements within the gaps of sanding paper. Before you start the sander append the residue vacuum with that sander. And make sure you wear a dust mask to protect you from inhaling those specks of dust.

Step 4: Use Even Strokes

You need to apply even strokes in all aspects of the entity to ensure that they are sanding appropriately. It will bring about a smoother completion of your item. At this stage, we recommend you to read our article about a huge sanding tips for your perfection of sanding job.

Step 5: Use Ventilation If Needed

Attempt to recollect it utilizing the random orbital sander, hold the ventilation on. It makes dust molecules that can’t get effectively controlled. You need to keep the ventilation on to maintain a strategic distance from the garbage inside your mouth.

Step 6: Attach Sandpaper

Ensure that you are picking a coarseness that is suitable for your venture. Coarse cornmeal like 40 grit sandpaper and 60 grit sandpaper sand quicker and are useful for resources that need overwhelming sanding, for example, those with a full completion or furrows that need sanding endlessly. Be that as it may, a coarse coarseness can leave scratches on smooth loads up that need not bother with much sanding. Better cornmeal as 180 grit sandpaper and 220 grid sandpaper puts up a smooth completion, yet it can set aside an extended effort to get the ideal impact.

When you picked the sanding paper with the coarseness sum you would prefer to begin with, join it with that sander. A maximum random orbital sanding paper has a cement backside. Strip off the support and press it on the power sander. Read this 5 easy steps about putting sandpaper on random orbital sander.

Step 7: Get the Edges with Your Sander

It is continuously a smart thought to twofold sand the edges when you are searching for flawlessness. It permits the item to have all the more calibrating and vibrant appearance.

Step 8: Finish Up

Now start sanding those edges of the substantial by balancing 33% of sanding cushion over the edge of that wooden surface When the territory and all edges get finished, turn the sander off. Brush all the extra sawdust with a spotless tack material. Whenever wanted, join a bit of sandpaper with a better coarseness and rehash the procedure.

Check out the video below if you want to know how to use these sander! 

4 Things Keep in Mind While Working with Random Orbital Sander

  1. 1

    Try not to change the circle of the random orbital sanders regularly, as it won’t be savvy. Try using it until it gets finished.

  2. 2

    Try not to apply a lot of weight while taking a shot at the borders.

  3. 3

    Include a vacuum as you need to keep your workplace fresh.

  4. 4

    Always sand in a consistent hand and shot up the force for harsh woods.


If you follow these things, you will get capable of sanding in a matter of seconds. Nonetheless, being learned about the diverse circle sanders is likewise a piece of this specialism.

Editor’s Tips

When to Use a Variable Speed on a Random Orbital Sander?

A previously select speed dial wheel give you hinder the sanding rapidity. It is particularly valuable for sanding fragile resources. You can slow down the random orbital sander, the time you work on the veneered supplies to decrease the probability of sanding. Start running at a low speed the time you use the random orbital sander to even a completion. Also, though, it increases the expense to that power sander; nevertheless, variable speed gets exceptional value to have it. If you want to know the functioning mechanism of a random orbital sander, read how does it work.

Final Words

You can utilize the random orbital sander to accomplish flexible carpentry capacities, yet for the most part, it gets used to giving your material a progressively smooth surface. For the most part, these devices accompany a ton of intensity so you can take a shot at harsh resources and get brisk outcomes. The plan is conservative so that you can work effortlessly; you can use it with one hand too. In this way, at last, it is a sander that will provide you incredible force and control in a minimal body.

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