Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher

The Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher is a powerful and versatile tool that is perfect for polishing and finishing various surfaces. It has a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed to suit the polishing material. The Polisher also has a soft start feature that prevents the Polisher from damaging the material you are working on. The Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher is a durable and reliable tool built to last.

The Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher is an excellent tool for polishing and finishing various surfaces. The variable speed control is convenient, and the soft-start feature is handy. The Polisher is also very durable and reliable.

The Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher is an excellent tool for polishing and finishing various surfaces. The variable speed control is convenient, and the soft-start feature is handy. The only downside to this Polisher is that it is a bit heavy, and it can be difficult to control if you are not used to polishers. Overall, the Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher is a great tool for polishing and finishing a variety of surfaces.


What Makes Makita 9227C 7″ Polisher Standout?

10 AMP Power

The motor is the main part of a sander, and the Makita 9227c gets its power from a 10 AMP motor. The motor determines the rotation of a sander, and if the rotation isn’t perfect, the result won’t be satisfying. With 10 AMP built-in power motor, you don’t have to worry.

Soft Start Feature

The soft-start feature of the Makita 9227c polisher makes sure that you have an easy and a slow start at the beginning of the work. Why this is important, you may ask. With a soft start, the machine will polish the surface softly for a moment and then go aggressive and, you can easily get used to the pattern and work more comfortably.

You may not notice the difference, but it’s there, and it’s helpful.

Variable Speed Control Dial

The variable speed control featured in this gadget works with the 10 AMP motor and delivers 600- 3,000 RPM to match the machine speed to the application. If you are new to carpeting or just someone who wants to use a sander or polisher for household work, this feature will make your job much easier.

Electronic Speed Control

The electronic speed control built into the Makita 9227c allows the machine to maintain constant power. This way, the machine will not be extremely shaky and will not make unusual patterns while you’re working.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Makita is really well known for its ergonomic gadget designs. With the hoop and loop pad that provides a comfortable and easy grip, you’ll be able to hold the machine and work for an extended time.

The handle has a rubbery texture that assures a comfortable grip and handling time. With this type of handle, you’ll be able to put pressure vertically and horizontally without putting much effort.

Versatile Design for a Range of Application

The Makita 9227c is designed, engineered, and manufactured for a huge range of polishing, buffing, and sanding operation, and most ideal for the marine and other automotive detailing is also known as stone polishing. It proves the commitment, and Makita has given to innovative first-class technology and engineering.

Pre-set Speed Setting Dial

With the pre-set setting dial, you’ll be able to set on a specific application level and work with that continuously with the lock button. With this feature, you will set different levels of speed levels and work according to your preferences and needs. In my opinion, this is a feature I love about the Makita 9227c.

3-Prong Plug

With the 3-prong plug, the machine prevents any spike in circuits or static electricity caused by any overlap. You may think this is not a big deal, but trust me! 3-prong plugs are best for safety and avoiding electrical accidents.

Lock-on Button for Continuous use at one Speed

The lock-on button is specially designed for comfort; this feature allows you to lock on an application mode and keep working on the project without pressing on a button for too long. Pressing on the button can be pretty tiring for hand palm, and also, if you let go while working, there are chances where you can end up damaging the project.

Easily Converts to a Sander

Even though the Makita 9227c is a polisher, you can easily switch to a sander and do wood sanding and steel sanding. If you’re wondering about the quality changes, there’s only one. You’ll be sanding, not polishing other than that; there will be no changes in power supply and result.

Fast and Powerful Polishing

With all the features I have mentioned, combining all of them brings us to the last feature. With the 10 AMP motor and a speed dial that can go from 600- 3,000 RPM, including electronic speed control, the result of polishing will be premium and smooth-looking. I have my own experience with the product, and I can definitely say that I’m satisfied with the machine result.


  • The machine is sturdy and strong that will give you a long-lasting service.

  • With being lightweight, this machine is easy to carry around and easy to work for an extended time.

  • Powerful and variable speed makes buffing easier and faster.

  • If you’re using any paste to work with, the soft start will prevent the paste from flinging.

  • Can be used for multi-purposes, sanding, polishing, and buffing.

  • If not satisfied within 30 days, you can return the product and get a replacement or refund with the Makita warranty.

  • Does not require any heavy maintenance.

  • Can be switched to sander without any effort.

  • Environmentally friendly and doesn’t take a lot of space.

  • Comes with hook and loop pad, and hex wrench.


  • After a few use, the gadget can be a little noisy; you can reduce that by changing the bearing or using noise-canceling earplugs.

  • Cause of being electrically operated, the working range is limited but, you can bring the project (if the project can be shifted) to a table that has electric ports available nearby.

How Does It Work?

The Makita 9227c has a powerful 10 AMP motor, and it combines with the variable speed that can go from 600-3,0000 RPM. The machine includes a pre-set speed dial to use how aggressive you want your sander to be. With the electronic speed control, no matter how aggressive you get, it all stays under load. By pressing the lock-on button, you will be able to work with one application mode without pressing any button. If you want to switch the mode for sanding, you can do that in a matter of seconds.

Final Words

Electric polishers are a really essential and effective piece of gadgets if you learn how to use them but, even if you learn, you cannot pull out a great result without a good quality polisher. Makita 9227c is one of a kind; it can be used for polishing, buffing, and sanding. Switching the modes is easy, like snapping fingers! With that being said, we have answered the FAQ in the following section.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is this basically a random orbit sander with a different wheel attachment?

Technically, random orbital sanders are great for doing final polishing work along with the foam pads.

Does this model have a rotary motor?

The 10 AMP motor built into the polisher

Does this remove paint from wood?

If you’re working on a solid wood floor or wood surface I would recommend you to get an actual sander that’s made for sanding wood only.

Can this Makita be used to polish marble?

Yes, Makita 9227c can be used for polishing marble floors without any doubt, just know the technique before doing so.

Can I use it to round edges off a granite table?

It is best to use a round-edged sander for this job, but you can do the work with 9227c if you can manage 120-150 grit.

Is this a good tool for beginners?

With the ergonomic features this machine holds, you can use it if you’re a beginner. Make sure to start with small projects and learn in the process.

How long is the cord?

The cord length of 9227c is 6 feet inexact.

Is the handle detachable?

Yes, the handles are detachable.

Is this appropriate to sand and remove the gel coat?

Yes, you can use this machine to remove the gel coat by sanding.

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