Milwaukee 2738-20 Cordless 7 inch Variable Speed Polisher

I’ve been using the Milwaukee 2738-20 Cordless 7 inch Variable Speed Polisher for a few months now, and I have to say that I’m really impressed. It’s very versatile and does a great job on various surfaces. I’ve used it to polish my car, boat, and even stainless steel appliances. It’s very easy to use, and the results are always impressive. I highly recommend this polisher to anyone looking for high quality, cordless polisher. Thanks, Milwaukee!


What Makes Milwaukee 2738-20 Standout?

Variable Speed Polisher/Sander

Variable speed dial is handy when it comes to the requirement of different speeds for projects. The Milwaukee 2738-20 features a variable speed dial conveniently placed on the tool’s spine for quick speed changing. With this feature, you’ll be able to adjust the speed between 0 to 2,200 RMP. The minimum rate you can choose from the polisher is 800 RPM, and the maximum speed you can choose from the tool is 2,200 RPM.

Cordless Full-Size Rotary Polisher

We all know the struggle of working with the corded tool; it keeps us in a range, and when the limit reaches, we have to look for a new socket or have to turn the whole project around.

Moving the project is not always possible, so a cordless polisher is a way to go.

Being cordless, the working range is unlimited. You will work freely; it does not tie you to the cord limit of 8-10 ft. And it’s also easy to move around with the tool.

Polishing RPM: 0 – 2,200 RPM

As we have mentioned earlier, it features a variable speed dial that you can adjust 0 to 2,200 RPM. This feature is useful when you need to turn down the speed for some touch-ups or need a high-speed for aggressive polishing.

The smoothness is excellent because the motor is built with pure materials for smooth speed delivery, so you can expect a flawless result every time you use the tool.

7-Inch Pad Capacity

Milwaukee 2738-20 M18 fuel 7″ variable speed cordless polisher accepts a polishing pad of 7 inches, which is sufficient for covering large vehicles and surfaces. The speed spreads out evenly for perfect polishing and doesn’t leave any marks.

Constant Power Technology

The constant power technology helps the Milwaukee 2738-20 m18 to deliver the speed of your choice and remain the same until you stop the tool.

Inefficiency is a common issue for many rotary tools. Let us break it to you in some short words.

The rotary tool delivers rotations from a motor that is inside of the machine. When the tool cannot provide constant power, it will decrease or increase the speed limit without users’ consent. If this happens, the tool will work at an uneven motion that can ruin the project. Hence, this device did an excellent job featuring constant power.

Paired With M18 XC5.0 Batteries

With the tool being cordless, it’s simple to acknowledge that the Milwaukee 28738-20 is battery operated. The tool uses an M18 XC5.0 battery that is capable of running it for several hours.

Delivers Corded Performance

When you think about battery-operated tools, it’s normal to think about the performance wise comparing to corded tools, when the 2738-10 polisher is capable of performing a corded polisher.

We have compared the tool with some other corded polisher that shares the same qualities, and we can say that comparing to a corded polisher, it did better, but the only downside of this polisher is that the battery needs to be charged for more use.

Total Control through a Variable Speed Dial and Trigger

As we have mentioned earlier, it features a variable speed control that can be adjusted. The trigger and dial are placed ergonomically for comfort and quick action. The tool stays in users’ control because of these two features.

Run-Time: Full-Size Car on 1 Charge

If you used a battery operate polisher before, you know that it’s a pain when you’re so close to being done with your project and the tool decides to shut down.

Well, it features an XC5.0 battery that is capable of finishing one big project at once. So, if you’re looking for a battery-operated polisher that will run for several hours, this tool is just for you.

Rubber Over-Mold Front Housing

Rubber over-mold front housing feature allows the user to grip onto the tool with maximum comfort. Let’s be real here; a tool that is not comfortable to hold or work with is useless here’s why.

No matter how useful a tool is, if it doesn’t feel comfortable to work with, the user will be unable to work with the tool with perfection. Features help the user for better results, but if the user cannot operate the tool, it won’t be run on its own.

Lock-On/Lock-Off Switch

Imagine, polishing a car and trying to cover every part of the vehicle while pressing the trigger, it’s too much of work.

Working with this device you don’t have to focus on the trigger anymore. The tool can lock the speed of your desire and maintain the momentum until you want it to stop.

Light and Convenient

A tool that is light and convenient is really easy to make it work. This is capable of doing excellent quality polishing with convenience. It does not have any complicated switches, which makes the tool easy to work with. The weight of this device is only 7.43 pounds, which is lightweight for a polisher.


With every feature, it is offering the customer the tool itself is smart.

The polisher is capable of switching speed and delivering constant speed. While experimenting with the tool, we had no issue of fatigue or any disturbance.

Worth Every Dime!

There are not many brands that make battery-operated polisher. The price you will pay for Milwaukee 2738-20 kit is less than many corded and cordless polishers. In this price range, this is an excellent sander for people who are looking for budget-friendly battery-operated polishers.


  • It comes with a variable speed dial that you can adjust from minimum to maximum speed.

  • The sturdy and durable body that promises the reliability.

  • It takes less time to get the work done.

  • The pads are easily replaceable because of the ergonomic design.

  • Comfortable to work with because of less weight and rubberized texture body.

  • Compact design and does not have any complications.

  • It is also budget-friendly that makes the tool affordable.

  • It can be used with any accessories cause of the standard thread.

  • The tool is ergonomically designed for maximum support while in use.

  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • A bit too noisy while running at full speed. You can use a pair of earplugs to avoid this issue.

How Does It Work?

The polisher runs by a battery of XC5.0 battery that is capable of operating the tool for several hours. For a big vehicle, the polisher is enough to get the work done. The tool has a variable speed dial that can be adjusted with different speeds between 800 to 2,200 RPM. With the constant velocity, the tool remains the chosen speed without decreasing or increasing the speed. The tool is also filled with a rubberized texture, which makes the tool enjoyable to hold. If someone needs this tool to run for big projects, the user will face no wrist pain. It is also really easy and fast to learn so that anyone can use it, but in the following section, we will talk about who can use Milwaukee 2738-20.

Who Should Buy It?

For a car mechanic, the Milwaukee 2738-20 polisher is perfect; the tool has many features capable of polishing a whole car in one go and is cordless for unlimited working range.

If someone needs a polisher for polishing or sanding concrete, metal, granite, etc., Milwaukee 2738-20 is really excellent for the job. With a good quality wool bonnet, the tool is capable of polishing anything.

Are you a beginner? And are you looking for a good quality polisher that you can also use for professional purposes later? Well, Milwaukee 2738-20 is easy to learn, and you can use the tool for professional projects.

A person who likes to renovate on their own will be impressed by the Milwaukee 2738-20 m18 fuel lithium-ion 7 in.

The tool is lightweight and can be used by literally anyone. With this tool, you can polish your car on your own without any issue.

Need a gift for your dad? Milwaukee 2738-20 is something a dad would adore. The tool is really great for polishing cars, and for a dad, their vehicle is something precious. With this polisher, your dad will be able to polish their lovely vehicle easily.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is the backing pad set up for hook and loop pads?

The backing pad of this sander is set up for hook and loop pads. The hook and loop system is excellent to hold the sandpaper in place.

Can you put any buff pad on this?

You can use any Velcro buffing pad on it for buffing. The speed is adjustable so that you will face no problem.

How long does the battery last?

As we have mentioned earlier, the XC5.0 battery is capable of operating for several hours. One battery can finish one big project without any issue.

Can this be used to sand wood?

You can use it for light sanding. You have to change the pad with a sanding plate and use appropriate sandpaper with it, but you can’t use this tool for aggressive/ rough sanding.

Can this work as a grinder?

The tool can be used for some light grinding, but we don’t recommend it for grinding purposes. The RPM is also not that grinding friendly.

Can this be used to polish stainless steel appliances?

It works excellent when it comes to polishing surfaces like steel. With the proper polishing pad, you’ll be able to use the tool for any steel polishing.

Will this work with the 3m quick connect?

This device is almost universal when it comes to attaching accessories and attachments. The tool will work fine with any 3m quick connect.

Will this fit DeWalt batteries?

The tool is not going to work with DeWalt batteries. We suggest you buying the battery from the same brand, and if you want to buy batteries for this device, visit the Milwaukee site or on Amazon.

Can you use this to shine up a marble or granite table?

It  works fine, especially when it comes to polishing marble or granite. So, yes, you can use it for marble and granite polishing.

Is this a random orbit polisher, or only rotary?

This is a rotary polisher. The high-quality motor helps the tool to rotate smoothly and spreads out the motion evenly.

Final Words

Polishers are always useful for many household projects and a requirement when it comes to professional polishing. The Milwaukee 2738-20 is capable of both purposes. Anyone can use the tool easily, and the price is also reasonable.

We hope we could help you with this Milwaukee 2738-20 review, and thank you for reading.

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