Milwaukee 6033-21 1/4 Sheet Orbital Palm Sander

The Milwaukee 6033-21 1/4 Sheet Orbital Palm Sander is a great tool for anyone who does a lot of sanding. The sander is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for tight spaces. The variable speed dial ensures that you can always find the perfect speed for the task at hand, and the dust collection bag helps keep your work area clean. The sander comes with a two-year warranty, so you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product. I’ve been using this sander for several months now, and it has quickly become one of my go-to tools. Highly recommend!


What Makes Milwaukee 6033-21 Standout?

Sleek Design

Unlike Dewalt or Bosh, Milwaukee does not appear in a vast chunky size. Being small in size and sleek design, this sanders are relatively easy and fun to grip and work with. Therefore, you can run it in tight spaces without the hassle of using extra hand sanding. Plus, its sleek design saves spaces. You can keep it anywhere. It’s ideal for small tables, cabinets, chairs, doors or relatively small projects because of its sleekness. Even you can sand latex paint with it accurately.

Compact Size

It has multiple functional parts, yet it is compact. While working, it requires a little effort to do with it. If you are a single worker or having a small home project and have to handle it one-handed, you can rely on Milwaukee. Its compact size enables one to reach hard to reach spaces and move around lightly. It is hard to believe how such a sander with a wide range of features comes in a compact size.

Lightweight with Unbeatable Power

As we have mentioned before, Milwaukee 6033-21 is lightweight due to its compact size and sleek figure. However, its small size doesn’t make it weak. Instead, it appears a little chilly, much spicier than the bigger one. It orbits 14000 every minute, and so you can expect the best smoother finish from it. Once you switch on the power, it shall deliver its incredible speed per minute. Comparing to other brands, this one’s spinning speed is the best undoubtedly.

The Simple Paper Clamp System

Milwaukee 6033-21 1/4″ sheet palm sander comes with a better sandpaper changing system with the PSA pad system and hook and loop system. Within previous designs, the sandpaper is most likely to fall off after working for a while. So, the new updated paper clamp system with button-style is more convincing and reliable to use. It’s replacement paper clip keeps the sandpaper in place to fall off from time to time.

Woodworkers know it best how frustrating the sandpaper changing process can be—no worries with pad changing trauma from now on if you already have chosen this.

Multiple Dust Collection Solutions

It comes with multiple dust collection systems; one is a dust canister the other is a vacuum attachment. The durable plastic carabineer with filer comes with it provides the effortless dust collection service. If you think the dust collector is not doing enough, you can even switch to vacuum. It’s also easy to connect to a vacuum alternative. This brand’s plus point is that it has a universal vacuum hose adapter, which means it can connect to any vacuum hose size.

Included Sandpaper

It includes two different sandpapers. One is of 100 grain, and the other is 150 grain. It saves you extra money to buy sandpapers as well as necessary. Moreover, you will be getting a hole puncher with it so that you can fit it to your sander. Dewalt or black decker, very few sanders comes with extra decent sandpapers. So yes, it is definitely a plus point to count.

Perfect for Putting the Finishing Touches

When it comes to putting the most glistening effect on a cabinet, table, chair, or any piece of wood you are working with, nothing beats Milwaukee 6033-21. Among many other brands, this is best known for its swirl-free finish. Thanks to it you can have butter-smooth stairs or furniture.

Control It with One Hand

If you compare it with other brands, it is compact and smaller than them. So it’s really easy to hold it with one hand. Even you don’t have to put extra physical labor to move it. While working on a project, nothing can be almost frustrating than handling a bulky sander. Instead, to make peace with it, all you have to do is hold at the top black handle and move steadily.

Maximum Performance

It is almost like a myth that a small sander can provide maximum performance. But it is not a myth anymore, since Milwaukee 6033-21 appears with a 3 Amp motor featuring a permanent magnet. Surprisingly enough, it orbits 14000 per minute, higher than the previous Milwaukee model and other well-known brands. Indeed, it is capable of delivering high performance at a stretch.

Quick Connect the Port to Attach to a Workshop Vacuum

When you open the box, you will see a shop-vac hookup coming along with it. It is free, and you can use it as a connection port to attach any vacuum from a local workshop. As this sander is the universal adapter, you are free to connect any vacuum you prefer. It was such a good idea that engineers came up with to attach a quick-connect port.

Sanding Pads and Hole Punch

On the brighter side, you can count on this sander that some necessary attachments come along with it. It features mainly two sandpaper sheets; one is 100 grain, and the other is 150 grain. You will also find a hole puncher with it so that you can adjust the sanding pad of your will.

Swirl-Free Finish

To provide the best swirl-free finishing, Milwaukee 6033-21 stands at the front line. The maximum performance with a 3 Amp motor makes sure you get the glossy stairs or cabinets after working with it. As we have mentioned before, its spinning rate is quite high-14000; thus, it leaves a few to no swirl marks over the piece of wood or other material.


  • It weighs 3-1/2 pounds, which makes it really lightweight.

  • It is a single-handed palm sander that makes anyone capable of using it with ease.

  • The dual collection system provides more than one option; thus, you will be getting a clean workspace.

  • The dual counterbalance significantly helps in preventing vibration.

  • Unlike most of the sanders, it is less noisy. Now, you don’t have to wear a set of earplugs anymore.

  • It comes with not only two sanding pads of 100 and 150 grit but also a hole puncher.

  • Despite being powerful, it is compact in size and easy to move.

  • Very easy to hold the grip and handle. You can hold the piece with one hand and the sander with the other hands.

  • List EleThe pad changing system is a child’s play. The paper clamp system is relatively easy and thus saves time.ment

  • It comes with five years of warranty, which is sufficient for any users to expect.

  • Features 3 AMP motor, and it makes the sander powerful.

  • Orbits 14000, which is enough to leave the working piece swirl-free and glossy.


  • The pad is most likely to wear out after using it for a while. However, you can always replace it with loads of good pads near the shop.

  • It might be too powerful for some small jobs. Therefore, you can take its power both as an advantage or disadvantage depending on your project.

How Does It Work?

The work of this sander is as simple as it looks. First, turn on the switch that comes at the top-front side. Turn the power on, and of course, before that, turn the main switch on. Put the running sander lightly upon the piece of wood and sand, following a pattern at a time. You can also sand corners with it as it is relatively smaller than the others.

As you continue sanding, check every once in a while to see how much progress you have made. Please do not leave it until you get the swirl-free finish.

As Milwaukee 6033-21 is quite powerful, you should be able to get the butter-smooth finish in no time.

Who Should Buy It?

Usually, woodworkers look for a tool they can handle with ease, move around freely, and put less pressure. Milwaukee 6033-21 is meeting all ends for woodworkers. Not only is it lightweight, but also it is powerful, a rare combination, just the thing a woodworker needs. Having a 3amp motor and spinning rate of 14000 per minute makes it reliable for various jobs.

People who want a compact tool in doing DIY projects can depend on this amazing device. It can reach hard places and sand smaller pieces with comfort and steadiness. For instance, in making an ottoman, wooden table, cabinet, fiving finishing to stairs, or even making wooden pen holders, you can use this sander well. As it is not large and comes with an easy pad changing system, anyone without a professional hand can use it from time to time.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does it come with a storage bag?

Thanks for the question. Yes, it does come with a bag that collects dust.

Does it come with any sandpaper sheets?

Yes, it comes with two different sandpaper sheets: 100 grit, and the other is 150 grit.

How can I buy a replacement pad?

You can look for the replacement pad in Amazon or Milwaukee manufacture directly.

Final Words

It is quite fascinating to find a tool under $100 and yet being the powerful one. We must admit that the engineer has put lots of thought into its east going designs. You are not alone with this tool because you are getting helping hands like easy-to-use parts, the dust canister, easy vacuum connections system, easy pad changing system, etc. makes it ideal for a go-to tool.

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