Top 10 Best Refrigerators Under 500 In 2020: To Help Preserve Your Greens

Have you ever had almost to wreak havoc on your wallet to buy a regular fridge but later on wasn't satisfied with the product? Or, have you ever wanted to buy a refrigerator focusing on one particular feature to find out the other features weren't good enough? Well, we know how it feels, and we've all dealt with it in our ways.

It's not just an appliance we use as a food preservative. In homes and shops, where cold stuff preservation is a must, a refrigerator comes to view.

So basically, various types of refrigerators are suitable according to the need of the customers. Some are good with the frosting features, while some are best at storing beverages. It just depends on what type of refrigerator you want to buy.

And, to help you guys out, we've listed down the top 10 refrigerators under 500 dollars.

10 Best Refrigerators Under $500

1. NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Fridge

This NewAir appliance has made the first place in this list due to its high quality and freestanding installation type. It's known to be one of the coldest beverage coolers available anywhere and quiet than other standard refrigerators.

It features an intelligent compressor cooling system that could help the system chill down to 34°F. So, you could adjust it to your liking and keep your drinks at the perfect temperature.

The fact that this product is neither big nor too small, making it the most comfortable size for wherever you'd need to store a drink. The design itself is attractive enough that features a black and stainless steel finish. It could be the best stainless steel refrigerator under $500 that you'd find.


  • It comes with 5 wired and removable shelves making it easy to keep up to 126 cans perfectly chilled.
  • The AB-1200 has double-paned doors that are keeping all the cold air inside.
  • It has a built-in LED light that helps you see your components inside.


  • The LED light needs to be switched on/off manually.

Our Verdict:

It's the first product on this list. So, of course, we must've spent time finding out this amazing appliance for you. It's great for small and medium families. Also, it can be a great option for small departmental stores.

2. Danby Classic 4.4 Cu.Ft. Mini Fridge

This Danby Classic 4.4 Mini Fridge is another fantastic product that has made its home on this list. It's probably one of the best refrigerators under 500 dollars that you could buy. Its form factor can be deemed a stand-alone appliance since it doesn't need a stabilizer.

The cooler has ranked silver in E-Star, helping you keep your bills in check. This product includes an efficient CanStor beverage dispenser and an interior LED light.

It also has a reversible door hinge allowing you to open the door either from the left or the right side. The color and the material itself is making me buy this appliance all over again. It has this gorgeous silver metallic finish to it that blends in with any surroundings.


  • It has three chrome-trimmed glass shelves for maximum storage and a vegetable crisper.
  • Has a built-in mechanical thermostat and an automatic defrost system to help with your maintenance and cleaning.
  • Designed with a door lock and scratch-resistant worktop.
  • The steel frame is very durable to use long time.


  • Cannot be placed somewhere where there isn't any temperature control (e.g., garages, porches, etc.)

Our Verdict:

This model is definitely recommended because of its all-rounder capabilities. And also, it's less than $500! What could go wrong? It's a perfect choice for home, kitchens, commercial kitchens, gyms, and likely public places.

3. Whynter BR-1211DS Freestanding Beverage Refrigerator

This three-dimensional device is specially designed to pump cold air at ultra-low temperature (as low as 34°F). It features a cylinder lock and two keys panning tempered double glass for enhanced U.V. protection. It's energy efficiency and thickness has been rated 4 out of 5 by customers who've given this a try.

It has a reversible door convenient for left or right-handed openers. You can efficiently store any beverage with the help of digital control and an internal fan. It is designed with an advanced fan-forced flush back; this gorgeous device fits cleanly against the wall, maximizing space.

This could be the best refrigerator under 500 dollars you need to keep your eyes on if you prefer storage space over other features.


  • Can hold up to 121 standard 12 oz. Cans.
  • Six wired shelves.
  • A powerful compressor cooling for even distribution throughout the cooler.
  • Engineered with a touch screen control with a temperature range from 34°F-43°F (1°C-6°C).
  • Includes a cylinder lock that helps prevent unauthorized access.


  • It can only support current up to 120V.

Our Verdict:

This product isn't recommended to those users who prefer more freezer storage. But it's an excellent choice if you need more cooling space.

4. Avanti 7.4 CF 2-Door Refrigerator

This gorgeous platinum-plated refrigerator is a budget-friendly refrigerator under $500. The interior lights present in the fridge just adds to the decor. The refrigerator is designed with platinum finished doors with black cabinets.

It has a full range of temperature control and an ADA compliant. The cooler is also CFC free that helps you keep your bills in check. The built-in cycle defrost system prevents your fridge cabinets from flocking with ice. Another feature of it would be that the connector type is waterline, keeping the fridge's temperature under hot weather control.

The two-door apartment-friendly refrigerator helps in distributing voltages evenly. The most striking fact about it would be that the compressor present has the lowest impact possible on global warming.


  • Comes with two adjustable glass shelves.
  • Has a one door rack that can hold 2-liter bottles.
  • Includes two removable door bins added with a see-through crisper with a glass cover.


  • It can currently support only up to 120V.

Our Verdict:

It’s a bio-friendly freeze that can be highly useful for family purposes. It complies with environmental guidelines on CFC policy, and more importantly, it keeps greens super fresh. Just a gentle reminder! It’s a super energy saver. Just grab it now!

5. RCA 3.2 Cu.Ft. Fridge And Freezer

This stand-alone cooler has a freestanding installation type. It has this glossy finish, which adds to the list. This stainless steel refrigerator under $500 is both eco-friendly and elegantly designed that adds a richness to your abode.

It has two doors to keep track of only one freezer at a time. It also has reversible hinges to help with both right or left-handed openings.

You know those times when the temperature gets really high, and your refrigerator gets clammy? Well, say no more. This refrigerator has been designed with an adjustable thermostat, and the compressor cooling helps with the ultimate performance even in hot weather.


  • It can use the top door as the freezer and the bottom door for the fridge.
  • Includes a crisper drawer helping you to preserve your greens.
  • Has a space-saving flush back design.
  • Built-in can dispenser along with a door basket that can store 2L bottles.


  • An inverter is required to control any unnecessary voltage fluctuation.

Our Verdict:

We don't think anyone would deny huge storage space for food. And so, missing out on this deal would be the wrong thing to do!

6. hOmeLabs 7.6 Cu.Ft. Refrigerator With Freezer

Even though this stainless steel uniformed refrigerator comes in two sizes, we'd recommend getting the 7.6 cu.ft. one since it's easy to set up at your house. It has this minimalistic modern look that just serves as a decor.

It's got the E-Star tag due to its usage of only 347kWh/year. It helps keep your food fresh and healthy. To add to that, the two-door interior design enables you to stay open only one door at a time and without wrecking the whole freezer at the same time, which ensures good airflow.

This appliance is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It engineered with this built-in refrigerant that creates a heavily low impact on global warming. If you intend to be a savior of planet Earth, you have to purchase this refrigerator under $500 today.


  • Includes three adjustable glass shelves.
  • Able to select your refrigeration temperature from 32°F to 46.4°F.
  • Features a dedicated freezer space being 1.6 cu.ft. to make sure you're able to store all your desired food items.


  • Cannot keep cold or hot items on top of the freezer.

Our Verdict:

It's eco-friendly, elegant and comes with a broad freezer. A highly versatile freezer cannot have any demerits. We definitely recommend buying this refrigerator for its high durability and can be used in public spaces with confidence.

7. Danby 10 C.F Apartment Size Refrigerator

Danby always has gained trust from customers worldwide with any appliance due to its high quality and server. Even though this particular refrigerator hasn't been ranked E-star, it has been ranked as the customer's best choice.

It's attractive in case of both performance and looks. The classy design of it could blend in with any existing decor. It's one of those stainless steel refrigerators under $500 that can be easily controlled and cleaned.

This top-mount freezer having spotless steel doors features a convenient defrost operation system for hassle-free maintenance. It also includes a vegetable crisper with a glass cover.

Its electronic controls can easily program the unit with a blue indication display, and the handy reversible door hinge allows for both left and right-handed opening. This design is compulsory for every condo/apartment.


  • Comes with 3 wired and adjustable shelves in the freezer compartment.
  • Provided with a bright white interior LED light that helps you see inside the compartments.
  • Has an electronic thermostat and integrated handles.


  • Can support up to 281L of items only.

Our Verdict:

Another Danby bomb! The interior lights itself are aesthetic enough, along with the perfect storage space. Highly recommended.

8. Galanz 12 C.F Retro Red Refrigerator

Another gorgeous retro out looked appliance has made its place on our list. The chic contour of this electronic unit is made climate pledge friendly. It gives you that old but modern look of the '90s, which could be appealing for any room.

This glossy, stand-alone device also has the theE-star rank. This is the best stainless steel refrigerator under $500 customers would recommend buying.

With adjustable electric thermostat features, you can keep the fridge cold or minimal according to your liking. It also has a unique handle design and a transparent crisper to store your greens in. It's easy to store beverages and food items in it. Its low energy consumption compressor helps food to cool down faster with low energy.

The large compartments help you store your food and veggies fresh and completely refrigerated. And the freezer compound enables you to keep your frozen peas and ice cubes with ease.


  •  Provides 4 glass shelves for delivering more ways to organize your storage needs.
  • Efficient interior LED light helps you see inside the refrigerator compartment.
  • Able for settings from 32°F to 47°F for refrigerator compound while the freezer compartment can exceed negative temperatures.
  • Annually uses only up to 312 kWh added with the R600a refrigerant, which doesn't let you use more than 37$ per year.


  • Temperatures need to be set manually.

Our Verdict:

Who would reject this gorgeous cooler? All in all, it has all the features and benefits you need from a freezer. Pin this down on your 'to-be-bought' list

9. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator And Cooler

This is another one of those beverage refrigerators under 500 dollars customers have always ranked 'the' best. It's also one of the mini-fridges that applies to offices or bars.

This small drink dispenser has also got the U.L. certification. With an under-counter installation type, this cooler can help keep all your beverages in check and cold. It also provides you with an anti-frost system to auto defrost the whole freezer.

Drinks can be kept perfectly cool and served to the thirsty customers. Moreover, the freezer doesn't make much noise and helps with the consistent airflow to distribute an even temperature supply.


  • Provides 3 wired and adjustable shelves that can help you store up to 120 cans.
  • Includes an interior LED light.
  • It also includes a transparent glass frame that shows off all the beverages on hold.


  • Not suitable for perishable items.

Our Verdict:

It isn't recommended for users who tend to store almost expired items in the fridge since it'd just ruin the compressor. It's applicable to use if you promise to take good care of the fridge!

10. Daewoo FR-044RCNM Retro Compact Refrigerator

And, last but not least, this retro compact freezer comes with the most aesthetic colors to style. With four colors/patterns and two sizes of choice, this refrigerator has to be one of those budget-friendly refrigerator under 500 dollars.

This one mainly, size-wise being 2.8 cu.ft., is also Energy Star rated. It features a fresh food sliding drawer and a real wire bin to help preserve your veggies.

It's a soft dial, and easy control helps with maintenance and cleaning. It even has a low noise level with a freestanding installation type. It helps keep your food fresh and healthy.


  • Comes with a useful tabletop design.
  • Provides LED interior lights.
  • Has adjustable tempered glass shelves.
  •   Efficient in preserving the greens.
  • Easy to clean, install, and maintain.


  • The Defrost system needs to be used manually.
  • Doesn't have reversible door hinges.

Our Verdict:

This is not the right product for you if you're a lazy person. But it's freestanding abilities will sure as hell tempt you. And so, make sure this is on your buying list.

Buying Guide

Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Refrigerator

The most important reason you buy a refrigerator is to keep your food cold and fresh for longer periods because cold temperatures help keep food fresh. The food contains some bacteria that spoils the food if it comes in contact with room temperature or heat. So, freezers slow down the spread of bacteria and help preserve your food for months.

Hence, buying a new refrigerator is a mandatory task if you rely on it to keep your food items safe and fresh. What do we need to keep in mind before actually setting out with the plan of buying a freezer?

Here's what:

Keeping an eye on the measurement and styling

Now, be it your apartment, dorm room, or wherever you intend to place your refrigerator, you'll have to choose a dispenser that will fit into that space. Measure outdistance first and then buy one according to that. Also, you need to focus on the style that would suit your surroundings.

But, here's the catch, the larger the freezer, the more energy it consumes. So, just find one that benefits your room in every way.

The E-Star rank

Some refrigerators consume higher amounts of energy and end up making an impact on global warming. Well, here comes the savior, Energy Star. It helps save energy and money, both at the same time, and the protection of the climate.

'Thanks to recent improvements in insulation and compressors, today's refrigerators use much less energy than older models.'

- Melissa Fiffer, product lead for Energy Star.

These kinds of freezers use less energy than a 60-watt bulb. You can save up to $200 and reduce your carbon footprints by 4900 pounds. Therefore, look out for the Energy Star rated products.

Top-Mount Freezers - Yay or Nay?

There are three fundamental types of refrigerators, including top freezer, bottom freezer, and side-by-side. Research shows that a side-by-side freezer costs about $77 annually, $70 for bottom freezers, and only $45 for top-mounted freezers. Using a top freezer will prevent overuse of energy and money.

They provide flexibility in terms of storage and helps in the accommodation of big stuff. It's better to use a top freezer than other types of freezers nowadays.

Pointing Out A Particular Feature?

What are you looking for in a refrigerator? Is it the storage space? The external texture, I presume? Or the interior lightings? We'll leave that to you.

No matter what you wish on buying, do a double check on all of its features while making sure it's eco friendly.

Recycling Old Refrigerators

This is one of the most important ways to conserve energy and money. This method also helps prevent global warming. Old refrigerators release harmful materials that could ruin your household and increase the number of carbon footprints.

To avoid that, it's better to recycle it by placing it in a garage or basement. This way, it prevents 4900 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Look for safe and eco-friendly options, people!

Things To Do To Avoid Mistakes While Buying A Refrigerator

As a customer, you need to focus mainly on what you need and most likely deal with. Saying this, buying a refrigerator might tense you up, but there's nothing to be afraid of. It's all easy if you just avoid some things that could ruin your freezer life and its interior parts.

Spending a reasonable amount over a cooler

It isn't an excellent choice to spend more than $1K for a little freezer, unless it has guaranteed and high-quality features, of course. Picture this, you purchase one with 700 dollars, checking out the exterior and texture, but find out that the features aren't up to your expectations. That's a horrible feeling, to be honest.

You'd have to bawl your pockets out or find out it doesn't fit onto the place you wanted it to keep. Therefore, it's better to focus on what features you need mainly inside the freezer and what you could deal with in the afters.

Choosing size-wise

It's better to buy top-mounted freezers if you don't have fancy items to show off or have a small kitchen. Purchasing bottom freezers give you more room for frozen food, while side-by-side freezers help you have a narrow kitchen and want to get the most modern features in refrigerators.

Keeping account of storage and capacity

Do you want to store your vegetables or beverages for more prolonged periods? Do you want more storage space for all the food items you'd stuff inside? Well, you need to buy one according to that.

If you want more storage space, buy a side-by-side refrigerator and if you keep only minimalist items, then go for an eco-friendly top freezer.

Choosing the best outlook

Don't just buy a freezer just because you 'liked the color' of it. Check if it matches the surroundings you'd keep it in. If it doesn't blend in with the room, it might give off an unpleasant look that will just have you hating even the best refrigerators.

It's recommended to buy black painted ones since it can match any room. But, otherwise, opinions vary!

Looking out for the little things

It's not a mature choice to overlook the small things in a refrigerator. Like, how far can the door bin open? How many shelves are there? Are they adjustable? Does it take time to cool down? So many questions, but only get answered after you buy the product. Hence, make sure you're checking these details out while buying.

Does it have a waterline?

A water line holder has storage space dedicated to dairy products, autofill water dispensers, etc. If you need milk and chocolate to stay alive, you must keep yourself committed to this particular feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the color I choose matter?

Do you want a more retro look that fits with any other furniture, or do you want to buy a product whose color just looks attractive? Well, we'll leave it up to you.

Which features should I focus on the most?

Frankly speaking, the storage space and the freezing speed must matter the most. These two are what make a refrigerator complete. But also, you should know which part you need more space. The freezer or the bottom part? Or both?

Is there any difference between a beverage refrigerator and a normal refrigerator? 

A big yes. A beverage refrigerator is suitable for storing beverages only, while a normal refrigerator is suitable for beverages and food items.

Is the E-Star important? Should I be concerned?

Energy Star ranked refrigerators mainly help you save money for your energy bills every year. There are other appliances that are EnergyGuide labeled. These too help you save dollars. So, you don't have to thrive yourself out just to find the perfect E-Star refrigerator for yourself. In the end, you only want to save money and this planet.

Can I change the direction of the door opening?

Yes, but only those that have the reversible door functions.


What does the auto defrost function do?  

Basically, it just helps you prevent getting backaches from breaking ice that gets formed inside the freezer. I'm sure you've had to face this at least once in your life. So make sure you check the auto-defrost function before buying a refrigerator.

To Wrap Up

In the end, all want to buy one of the best budget-friendly refrigerator under $500 since it serves an essential purpose in your life. Buying a large appliance that's amazing in each detail could probably be hard to find. But, we hope we've made it easy for you by adjoining all these products on this list. Let us know how you're refrigerating journey goes!

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