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The Best Mandoline Slicer In 2019

The Best Mandoline Slicer In 2019

Are tired you cut food with a blunt knife? or is that the blades slicer your current always fall apart? not fight more. With a great functional mandolin slicer, you get every day live healthier your life preparing to clean faster and faster. Whether you are zucchini spaghetti straps desire or scalloped potatoes, our selection of the best slicer mandoline there is to take every step of the way, a large piece at a time. Your delicious meals such as salads of summer vegetables, pasta and meal preparations are being cut.

1. Mueller Austria Mandoline Slicer

Slicer mandolin mueller austria tops the list as the best mandolin slicer, made by one of the appliances and utensils, take the manufacturers in germany. With the help of a professional v-knife through the mueller model results in a natural and easy creation of different slicing styles for your different needs trimming.

All plastic parts of the mueller mandoline slicer made of bpa, food grade abs plastic, while steel used surgical grade 420 degrees for production their blades. The rotation of the control knob of the devices is all this, adjust their style or cutting thickness.

A lifetime warranty attached to each potential user, this machine can cut mandolin in a set are dishwasher, smooth and well equipped with various comes cut slicer knife and options for all your needs, cut into julienne slicing, grating and cross sections of perfection.

Other more properties that make mueller extraordinary device is its inclusive 1. 5l container blocking protection, kitchen brush and cleaning-resistant cutting glove, in particular for the purchase. Perfect for foodies in your life.

2. Prep Naturals Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Avoid injury and enjoy the perfect wheels at all times with naturals prep adjustable mandoline slicer. This mandolin cutter is not average slicer; it’s everything you’re not. Slicer prep naturals an improved design of the traditional mandolin and as such offers cutting solutions for all problems that people are used while other cutting machines.

This device is ideal for grating, cutting and julienne slices, with robust and interchangeable blades to the package added each support action. Each sheet is included in the package, designed for the preparation naturals offer nothing but the perfect slice every time.

This vegetable slicer it’s all what you need in your kitchen and much more. With three different thickness settings, simple dial thumb and premium spiralizer it offers three bonus spiral configurations, adjustable cutter prep naturals works effortlessly as a vegetable peeler, cutter onion and garlic helicopter.

A kitchen gadget definitely worth it.

3. OXO 1155700 Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

Another device on the market, the oxo cut efficiently 1155700, good grip v-knife cutting machine mandolin. V this machine has four slices cut thickness settings that can be easily customized. Thickness options comprise 1. 5 mm, 3 mm, 4. 5 mm and 6 mm.

All leaves with the mandolin provided slicer designed by sharp, stainless steel, hardened material durable enough to both soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes to cut fixed how quickly and easily potatoes. Make your fries or julienne create julienne strips with blades oxo or straight cuts and creases plants with straight and wavy edges respectively.

The oxo mandolin vegetable cutting machine has a tennis texture that prevents your food paste and food support maintaining a good control over your food while offer their fingers with sufficient protection. Therefore, compact and safe memory planer can quickly close the mandolin lock and fold his feet.

These characteristics also make your extremely portable cutting machine. By clean the body of the slicer oxo and support food permit top-shelf wash dishes, while the leaves of demand is washed by hand. The handle of this device is soft to shoot like on the button, and this allows users to experience comfort at all times.

If you need a gift for men who love eat, this could be.

4. Bron Coucke Stainless Steel Classic Chef’s Mandoline Slicer

La mandoline bron coucke classic chef is an original stainless steel mandoline slicer designed and built for professionals in france. Feels at home in the heart of the kitchen every gourmet lovers, the offer cutting disc, wafers, chip or ripple, whatever you want.

The chef is classically model is a modern version of the original, the steel used steel for the production of blades. Ambrunn bron, the world mandolin original manufacturer, is the founder of a brand that is trying providing advertising messages culinary with a versatile instrument for the can slice cucumber or carrot julienne all their hard foods without complaints.

Cut such as pears and apples, and no problem with vegetables, meat or cheese, thanks to the variety of options offered by the department bron slicer coucke. All leaves and components of this slicer occur help create all your favorite recipes right, either grated zucchini, waffle fries or thin slices gruyere paper.

This account slicer three separate sheets for different cutting process, stainless steel construction, comfortable ergonomic design, manual lever is operated, a plastic security guard and one year warranty. We recommend that users hand wash this slicer for final results.

If you like bbq, this tool useful for salads surprise you with meat connect want.

5. Swissmar Borner V-Prep Mandoline V Slicer

The swissmar börner v mandoline is another product that i highly recommend, because of its impressive features and design. There are different blades swissmar included in the package, and each has robust, stainless steel construction. Grade surgical blades are manufactured in germany and are the perfect design for all types of cuts, layer thickness, julienne, or shredder.

This mandolin kitchen is extremely easy to use, thanks to its holder food ambidextrous safety, a feature that offers the user complete control and protection every time they use their cutting machine. Will be forgotten about your kitchen knife, at least if the salad remains the concerned.

To the swissmar borner mandoline v be eaten safely disconnect comes with spikes, kept away while the guard’s hands to coat the blades. The v-prep v-slicer has the multifunctional shell designed by swissmar and slicer borner efficiently. Each function is listed in this collaborated design ensures that users are kept safe, and they can use their devices without technical knowledge.

To save your slicer, you can put the body in the multi-purpose container that all catches its cut items. This container is protected by a cover; therefore, storage is compact and comfortable. You can swissmar slicer borner buy during his friends who like to spend more time in the kitchen; their willingness kitchen it will never be the same.

6. Liba Mandoline Slicer

If you are looking for the best device for healthy cooking, you should mandoline slicer try liba. There is no other slicer in the kitchen good market enough to make their food new so bland and boring vegetable recipe ingredients make your mouth water.

He does all this and more with no more than five configurations slicer. When this film is used, all food cut through and clean, stay clear of chemicals by slicer food-safe abs plastic construction. Slicer liba is known for a being of machines safe cutting on the market, and the brand does not compromise on this each way.

Save all fingers with finger wheel guards savings included hold in your purchase and balance and your slicer with slip rubber base liba designed to prevent accidents. Slicer liba takes you straight to the heart kitchen of the 21st century a century of culinary characterized by fast firing methods and fast-food products.

Share with your cooking time with mandolin slicer liba. Its high-quality stainless steel designed combined with the power of their durable blades, it is also robust enough for everyone commercial kitchen, cook or against any dedicated home. Instead of the constant use of a bread knife for vegetables, gets this mandolin and make your life easier.

7. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Adjustable Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Welcome advanced with mandolin slicer kyocera ceramic, a japanese mandolin. The kyocera uses zirconia own brand building material for their ceramic blades, and this provides exceptional durability and quality for long periods. Slicer kyocera there has never brown edges food, a lightweight, easy clean them and blades that are resistant to acids and also stainless.

An exceptional advantage of ceramic knife over his stainless steel counterparts is its durability. Ceramic blades are is ultra-sharp advanced and pure, and designed to keep the lead up to ten times longer than any steel blade mandolin slicer kyocera slicer the best in the business because it is highly recommended for both home cooks and professional kitchens.

It includes features like a to protect the handguard corner notches and the user and the container, which the cutting food. Adjustable choice helps horizontally kyocera chefs to achieve and even cuts four different shapes and thicknesses. This device is a ergonomically designed slicer no configuration for fast cutting onions, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, cheese and much more.

For more kitchen products check our guide to the best vegetable peeler.

8. Benriner Off White Mandoline Slicer, Old Version

Made of bpa-free plastic and handmade japanese stainless steel sheets, the old version of benriner slicer is a favorite around the world of cooking tools for the production of natural food because it will save many cooks helps a lot time in food preparation.

This adjustable mandolin slicer your kitchen, all vegetables and fruits can be easily cut into fine and uniform discs and the like slices professional chefs. To prepare prepare more tasty and healthy snacks or meals such as stews, stir-frys and some vegetarian recipes in dutch oven.

Use slicer your benriner also cut the vegetables and salad for garnish surpassing among other uses. This old version of slicer benriner is safe and safe to use and has elements such as a security guard for finger protection, slip rubber base for stability and a large mango, comfortable for easy handling.

The cleaning is done very light, suitable for the top shelf of your slicer washing dishes. Whether you like zucchini spaghetti straps, or scalloped potatoes, slicer benriner there to take all measures, the road, a large piece at a time.

9. Progressive International PL8-1000 PL8 Mandoline Slicer

International progressive machine cutting mandolin, with its superior quality and robust construction is on our list of recommendations for the best slicer on the market today. Not only this rugged device, but is it is also safe to use and simple design.

From a delicate julienne carrots delicious gratin, mandolin cutting machine is progressively international considered an essential tool in any kitchen. Keep impress your guests with their thick and thin waffle section of this slicer. All it takes is easy and quick twist of the wrist.

Expanded its adjustment provides a manual configuration for this appliance. The pl8-1000 is a professional wide with slices mandolin slicer stainless steel tools integrated i cover slicing, the effort to slip designed to enable food. For your convenience, this slicer is dishwasher safe and also has non-slip feet that make it very easy storage every time.

Slice the most sensitive vegetables and fruits each time slightly progressive use international cutter. This cutting machine is a great gift for the whole house gourmet chef (especially for the kitchen of his electrical pressure) and in the kitchen looking for the latest cutting machine mandolin.

Is a low-cost, long-lived price, take all simple and very effective kitchen appliance slicing needs.

10. Benriner Mandoline Slicer

The latest model mandolin slicer is our last benriner have for chefs around the world. For even cooking on the whole delicious food, the device quickly and easily all sliced vegetables and fruits in line sizes and pieces. It is the last companion when cooking with a stable structure with a body made from bpa-free plastic and blades made of craftsmanship japanese stainless steel blades.

The stability of these adjustable mandolin slicer is backed by manufacturers by incorporating a slip gum base in design, with a large handle for comfort during use. The benriner mandolin slicer has four interchangeable blades made of thick sections, broad cut, extra narrow and long and narrow juliana.

To protect your fingers every time you use this device, slicer benriner has all the smaller pieces of food with the security guard and it also engages in the container different cuts to collect. To set the layer thickness, easy dialing in turn is part of the slicer overall design.

The many outstanding features of this machine are a cutting mandolin part of their overall plan will save you time to help when preparing food. The benriner brand is known as a producer in the world indispensable tool foods many restaurants and hotels for preparation.

With its high quality and attractiveness, this brand gradually in the comfort of free many houses. Another great leader, we provide, is our guide to the best spiralizers so check it out.

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