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The Best Network Storage Device In 2019

The Best Network Storage Device In 2019

Before starting work on the review of the best storage device in the networkMarket right now, we need to explain exactly what a NAS is. Networkingattached storage device, an external hard disk that the compoundNetwork, your PC instead. A storage device is connected to the networkcompact and always active device used for backup devices and filesYour local network. A NAS is typically of at least one, but mostare usually two hard drive bays, which use much less energy than you might think.Unlike a standard USB flash drive or an external hard drive, a NAS data can provideRedundancy for additional peace of mind, copy the contents of the driveon the other automatically.

1. Western Digital 8TB My Cloud EX2 Network Storage Device

The 1. 3 GHz dual-core processor offers users high performance andto transfer ultra-fast speed. Simple management system gives you 16 TBCentral storage for the entire network, so you can enjoy peaceknow that everything in a safe place is kept. With my cloudEX2, will be automatically synchronized via their device content capableFiles and folders and use multiple backup options so you canCreate your individual system easily.

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2. Synology DiskStation DS218+ Network Storage Device

Synology DS218 + dual-core processor with AES-NIAcceleration and Trans engine provides users with high-speed fileTransport and 4K real-time transcoding in a click of a button. theHigh-speed storage server sable contained a powerful dual-core CPU, soIt is the perfect choice for home users or small businesses for aShared Storage solution, compact and reliable protection promisescritical assets and share files across a number of different platforms.

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3. Synology 3 bay NAS DiskStation DS418 Network Storage Device

Synology DS418 is your own private cloud that lets you easilycomplete control over your data. Promoting a mass storage deviceCapacity, labor productivity tools with features improved collaboration andRobust backup solutions, this device is a good choice.

SinologyDisk Station allows users to access files over the Internet, less anycomplicated network settings, so that your files at hand can have everywhere,at any time. If that’s not enough, you can also download a mobile application forYou can enjoy your media library, even if you move.

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4. Netgear ReadyNAS RN214 4 Bay Diskless Personal Cloud

Introducing the offer breakthrough performance Netgear Ready NAS andeasy to use technology to make a breeze safe storage. 1. 4GHzQuad-core processor has a range of powerful platform for a number ofincluding iTunes and Plex so you can enjoy media server, HD media streamingseveral devices at once.

What’s more, this device offers 1080pReal-time transmission and conversion to a remote device. If that does notenough, all these key characteristics is obtained while a near zero to enjoyLoss of performance when you run antivirus, so you can use five levelsPrivacy during the day.

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5. Buffalo TeraStation 1200D Desktop 4 TB NAS

Buffalo TeraStation 1200 offers a compact network, budget-friendlyStorage solution that is perfect for small businesses and homeOffices alike. With this arrangement, the access is to the activity obtained NovaBACKUPPack essentials, including 10 free licenses for servers and computer timeI support.

Take advantage of the maximum real-time synchronous replication of datafrom one to another NAS for a simple and continuous data protectionvirtually no time at all. Simple structure, access cloud free and easyUse features, this is to be considered a good choice.

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6. Buffalo TeraStation 3010 Series

The Buffalo TeraStation TS3010 series is designed to provide small andPrivacy high-end and medium businesses at an affordable priceNo one has to compromise when it comes to protecting valuable files. theseDevice offers a comprehensive approach to backup and data backupThe combination of a reliable 24/7 operation with user friendly features that may be,get access from anywhere, anytime, allowing users seriouslyData when it matters.

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7. Promise Apollo Cloud 2 Duo 4TB Personal Cloud Storage Device

The promise of Apollo Cloud is reinvented the personal cloud storage and sharing. This personal device allows users to access their entire content protectedfrom anywhere in the world in just a few clicks of a button with the toolCloud Apollo application.

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