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The Best Solo Tent In 2019

The Best Solo Tent In 2019

Most people who for the first time resting want to venture into the wilderness which comes with more than one person in the store at night, has and this is completely understandable. However, veterans experienced backpackers to find in the ways of the woods and nature of peaceful solitude, this can only be found there, they often opt for tents alone. Solo tents typically asks efficiency; designed to easily into your backpack and light enough to fit, be transported without wear for days. They also quick setup and easy do a good job you from the elements to protect as each store full size camping. Then let’s take a look at the top 10 solo tents on the market selected by our expert product reviews.

1. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx Solo Tent

Alpine mountain lynx is an independent solo that starts quickly and good ventilation, has a large lobby for use can be additional memory, a fly excellent excited that you can stay dry as toast, a waterproof bottom with welded seams and a loft unit transmission for his clothes, smart phones, reading material or anything else you want to put there.

The lynx weighs less than 4 pounds and yet large enough to 90 inches long to be almost anyone justice. Zipper on the door and portal are questions of high quality, nonstick, reliable, smooth performance again and again.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr Solo Tent

The solo tent mountaineering alpine zephyr sports an innovative design that extremely stable and at the same time offer something that many solo tents do: headroom. Yes, you will be able to sit and have a snack (just not do that read in bear country), a book or just take stock of the day.

There is plenty of ventilation, spacious loft gear, flies and factory sealed floor and a large lobby his boots before entering to remove or to use for storage. Once solo to this tent to see how the the designers have done a lot of space for such a small head amount of substance.

And all this weighs only 3 pounds 14 ounces starter. Final candidate for the best one-man shop.

3. Eureka Midori Solo Tent

The eureka midori is just another reason to shop meets solo all the right beats. It is simply way has a lot in the room, even for the largest backpacking and his team, has a large lobby and uses two alugestänge 7000 shock for optimal corded intersecting stability.

The apartment has to keep away moisture sealed factory seams and there are many no-see-um mesh excellent flow through ventilation. The door is large and easily opened, gear loft is big and strong and the shell is made of durable, fire-retardant nylon.

If what you want is a difficult easy way to ride solo tent at an affordable price, here it is.

4. Luxe Tempo Single Person Tent

La carpa luxe pace only strives to be different from the competition and the good news is that most successful. Unlike some other solo tents can actually pull this on your winter camp into account remain as it extremely stable and has a nylon shell and high-density it features a full-size waterproof fly that keep the cold wind from the north at bay.

The doors are made of two layers of material, nylon and said, network layer. And there are about 40 inches high in the middle of you can dress in; which is crucial in the icy days. It is easy to configuration, durable and affordable. What more could you want in a tent alone?.

5. Kelty Gunnison Solo Tent

Tent solo kelty gunnison offers much more space under the fly many solo tents, a portal can be a full coverage including transformed into an awning with good weather by their trekking poles. Kg shop is not only the lightest person a business on the market, but what gets a solo tent, a tent full feeling does to him.

The configuration simple though it may take a little practice and there are many to deliver no-see-um mesh airflow. There are 40 inches of clearance the center, so that inside without bending and large door d sit maintain the characteristics of high quality, heavy-duty zippers.

Floor cloth included.

6. MSR Hubba NX One Person Tent

Msr hubba tent nx has only one, space-age ‘see some love and others will he did not really love it. Looks aside, however, has a number of things in its favor it including its remarkable light (2 lb 7 oz), the ripstop nylon 30d waterproof rain punching factory floor, silicone coated and the fact fly, packaging saves almost nothing down, the space in your backpack.

It is a square target 9 and 3 feet of vertical space center, so that without sitting on the head. The aforementioned 30d its robustness floor has sacrificed for light, so be sure to land use leaf. There aside from that, everything is fine.

7. Archer Outdoor Gear 1 Man Ultralight Tent

Archer has outdone himself this alone tent. Its lightness is due to a number of factors, including the polyester shell 190t, small but but a little thin sealed hard aluminum rods and resistant to water factory floor. About 3 ½ pounds it is not so easy to check how the hubba prior, but is still light enough to go virtually unnoticed when in backpack.

On the other stores like this ultralight campaign will not provide sufficient cover in winter, but it’s a big tent alone for spring, summer and fall. Affordable as too low.

8. Flytop Single Person Solo Tent

La carpa flytop only one person is anyone bowl over with his design, but should impress more than a few people, so easy to put it and how stable is in difficult weather conditions. It is close tent, but still manages to squeeze in size 40 inches. It’s pretty easy, affordable and applications 210t polyester on the floor that is coated at the factory with 3000 mm pu seal.

The ventilation is good if not large and there is a large pocket inner mesh to keep your valuables while you sleep. This solo tent is record long enough to 82 inches and do not eat the most space in your package.

9. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Solo Tent

Teton sports can rely on all kinds of high quality produce, ultra-outdoor equipment to the store and this mountain is another feather in his cap. You will pay more for it than for many other tents alone, but in return is absolutely solid build quality, high weatherproof profile and lightweight durability.

There are many micro-power, window ‘ good ventilation to promote pan bottom waterproof to hold water outside rightful place and an innovative design that uses a single polo; this reduces installation time and shipping weight. The carry weight controls just under 4 pounds, making it a tent ideal for long solo walks.

10. GEERTOP 1-Person Bivy Solo Tent

The last tent on our list is the subjective geertop only one person bivouac tent what is actually given quite a remarkable piece of equipment for the price. The geertop has a large full size full coverage provides for rain offer events, factory sealed seams even more protection moisture and a pair of opposable power window penetrating to ensure flow through ventilation.

The solo tent is 84 inches long and there are 3 meters high at the top. Used 7000 series aluminum rods they are lightweight and resistant and weighs about ¼ pound lean 3 so can take it anywhere. Great value lone tent in the season third.

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