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The Best USB Flash Drive In 2019

The Best USB Flash Drive In 2019

Everything is in a date or other form, and usb flash drives her supervisor. If you’re still a notebook to the match-off their ideas think or for a minute that your documents are safer in paper, think better. With a usb flash drive to open each realm of possibility for you, and you can share information with colleagues, friends and others. Usb ports identified the world as a which become probable not always obsolete technology, and we will explain why in this book after the show that the top ten units in the market. From one end to the other, we have covered everything you need know.

1. Samsung 32GB Bar Metal USB Drive

We can not stay away from samsung. The flash drive is so damn cold that he fell in love with her. First, it is completely minimalist; none slidable or thin plastic pieces that overlap. It’s all metal and slips without concern right into the usb slot.

It features a usb 3. 0 port, but in a strange turn of events, it is written much faster (212 mbps on average) what you read, what is 150 mbps. While which is a bit odd touch, we love mixed between staying slim and to stay small out of the way while yet is just plug and play, or plop right out of the harbor.

Beat samsung also wanted to outdo sandisk, so five-year warranty in this. There is little to no reports of problems on arrival, so hide guarantee for a rainy day, and let the data transfer begins. And do be sure not to forget at your desk when you leave the house.

2. SanDisk Extreme 3.0 USB Flash Drive

Expect anything less? sandisk is a leading provider of usb flash drives and sd / microsd card, no matter where you look. Han he managed to stay on top because of their quality construction and attention to detail. This comes with usb 3. 0, but is also backward compatible with 2.

0, although note drop his mbps as a chassis is quite large result, so it can be difficult to fit into the usb port of your laptop. She receive to 64 gb of storage capacity, with an average writing speed between 250mbps and read 190, which allows you to see the full capacity of the flash in just four minutes drive.

Sandisk, of course, is building one of the most flash drives are quality, evident by his enormous consumption base, known stellar reliability and security policies on all products. Be sure to larger items our guide to check electronic gifts such as this.

3. SanDisk Cruzer 2.0 USB

Sandisk is back on track with a different cruzer flash drive killer. They are buy these to store information to store potentially sensitive data elsewhere, and that’s good: it works perfectly for this. With a good read mbps and the write speed, doing his work, all at an affordable price.

We decided are 128 gb model for the best cost-benefit ratio, the immense value (seriously, you will not believe the price that we have to keep this in for a few years so that they more than 18,000 reviews on amazon) . However win everything on our lists pro / scammers come up with a mistake or two.

This is rather low: it comes with some additional features such as password protection for your files, but it’s basically useless. It is so easy to move that actually does not weigh in any decision to buy. While that’s a bit was intimidating, it is the outer sturdy structure with a range sliding function.

Maintain internal security components and hang them to a safety rope to keep falling (it could ever be even better our worst).

4. Samsung 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive

You may have noticed how small and portable, this device is samsung and it seems quite easy to install. However, the samsung muf-128ab / am usb 3. 1 flash drive is designed to remain elegant graceful inserted into the file storage system and device acts as a reliable backup.

I have this very compact device that emits an imperceptible look uniform, your desk at all times. It is the best way to add additional storage damaging crowded computer system without any risk to the external device. It store safe and reliable video files, photography, music and documents for the round the clock easily accessible.

One is set by the system, saving time and it offers additional storage files with a reliable reading speed up to 300 mb / s. Of course, this rate varies system host after, but without limitations of this compact usb easily transfer an entire movie 3gb uhd faster within ten seconds.

This small and compact device is a reliable storage for vital and important files overtime; the metal body increasingly spills and water immersion and high resist temperatures. Challenge shock to keep sustainable, all information, dangerous even after a fall.

Still not sure about the size? the these include keyhole to protect against the loss easier and easier to keep up with you when you are not connected to the computer.

5. Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

In addition to large computers and laptops that do not mind the long or additional large storage devices smaller counterparts that come with usb ports definitely need something more portable. Kingston datatraveler se9 usb flash models and excellently developed a small compact shape small and large similar systems.

For tablets and laptops considerably smaller, this portable device works great for expression of such devices well balanced. This usb comes with a metal case ensures durability and elegant design and easy to reach. If which is passed around or fall to the ground with the key holder, hard and reinforced body can take over the crash without compromising security the data leave his comfortable enough to wear in memory.

It a bag or even a jacket pocket slide to perfection and sits in compact. No give away the extra-low price of these find one of the best flash drives high-end appliances, which is not played in efficiency. With a capacity of 34gb, there is a generous plenty of space for storing images, videos, music, documents from work / school and other personal files.

The advantage is its wide kingston se9 compatibility with windows 7 to 8. 1 range, vista and mac. For price 2. 0 flash drive works well in read / write speeds and the big keyhole, it will be easy to make a great addition to your key holder.

6. SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive

The sandisk ultra fit usb 3. 1 128gb flash drive comes in a simple compact easy to form, which would remain glued to your computer that works as a backup well and around the clock transfer agent. With the ability to mass storage, this flash income in his brain, save a large number of images, videos and music, documents, and work / school and personal files within a tap-tap operation simple.

The flash is capable of transferring files much faster a mere 2. 0 flash drive; 15x transfer files faster than standard usb devices, burn less time to transfer and more time and content. With enjoys reading speed of 130 mb / s, hd-length film can be transmitted in less than half a minute on the apparatus.

Sandisk insurance company guarantee that always protected access to your private data it is hidden from the public eye, put out the correct password. Also which ensures recovery software for lost files or accidentally sandisk you recover deleted documents safely ensure that important never lost content again.

Since high speeds in an additional storage space and reliable, the sandisk with keyhole and makes a great portable flash drive that the experience of the user, without interruption, every day.

7. PNY Turbo Flash Drive

Pny brand was that you saw on the shelves of wal mart or staples, reflects more, and decided to buy it anyway. The truth is that it was the weakest brand, to offer but his attention to detail and desire an immeasurable quality really we caught our attention.

First, it has a read speed of the murderer usb 3. 0, and is fully backward compatible with 2. 0 ports. This is detected quickly, and gives you access to the speed of lightning his files. On the other side of things, the cover are plastic cover so is a failure basically.

After the first time you use it, it will not remain more, and the gap between it and the bottom of the unit makes it easy to remove them. Is done without much taste for outside of work, and saves an absolute ton of money in the long run. Pny also offers technical support for free, so if you encounter problems, they give only a quick call.

A + for their services to the client reps.

8. Samsung 128GB Mini Fit USB Flash Drive

Samsung is another test of time and brand trust, which specializes in all electronic stuff. It’s what led us to this flashgun is fired [fast] in all cylinders. First, for a 3. 0 it has something to smile a date transfer rate. On average, you’re looking at maybe about 40 mbps, the really it is not always where he needs to go.

On the other hand, they are built no messing around with this low cost. They had this little beauty 128gb internal memory, and at the same time, making it resistant to water and shockproof, it increases the stakes a little. Most flash drive manufacturers do not for environmental damage into account, to ensure that takes place, but samsung he was to think outside the box.

If you are good to wait a few extra minutes for the files of mega-companies that will benefit from miniature size and maximum capacity. Be sure to combine this with a cool wireless keyboard our list.

9. Kingston Digital Data Traveler USB Flash Drive

Kingston was one of those huge digital whio together in study usb flash drives and an absolute killing done. This usb flash drive is 3. 0 compatible with usb 2. 0 ports and technology, while fun best guarantee for the market. Kingston has just five years old, warranty on all usb drive, and that’s nothing to scoff at.

It was a some reviews we saw a notice doa that works each citing tha guarantee as charm. When you get to the dark side, which seems to be a problem many of these brands face: slow writing. We had a sporadic series bouncing, so different than it usually slow, but does not appear wants to stay inside the lines.

Now, where else will you get 128gb storage of energy for a low cost in a super durable case? not many places. A as with the other if you are not interested in the transfer gb files in time to grab the fingers it takes, they will do well with passenger data kingston.

View larger of these products check out our guide to the best usb cable c.

10. Patriot Supersonic Rage Series USB 3.0

Ie with a name like that, it has to trust some traders right? the only trouble with this product feels is that if a linux users. While they are the marketing to be a flash of friendly linux 2. 4 unit is not the whole truth. Many users reported errors that prevent reading and writing in linux, but windows and mac did well.

You get 128gb of storage space, and we have to give credit where credit due. You’ll be able to put this storage capacity for a good cause because actually get a speed reading / writing decent. 400 mbps reading, writing 200 mbps, make five to six seconds transmits gb, what can be quite comfortable.

He wants to be protected apart from all internal matters from the outside, is not it? boom: you treat a case of rubber that warns of leaks and waterfalls that reserve is to continue to be able to even if fate got in the way. And protect your mac, also ensure visit our list of the best cases of macbook pro.

11. Verbatim Pinstripe Retractable USB 3.0

Who knew that you get such power in a small package? verbatim wowed with some small features, although picadillo that rubbed us the wrong part way. First, there is a write speed of 220 mbps (average) but this is our section not like this flash drive has tested: you need to format the drive based on its current functions and configuration pc.

This means it is possible to play with the writing speed, and modify them in any case the capacity. On overall positive side, it’s not like you pay your nose for it: it is a fair price for 128 gb storage that simply quickly recognized and accessed by the usb 3.

0 build. The retractable slot them back into the protective sheath can be obtained while the bail it allows you to carry wherever you go. Great quality? yes. Our first choice? obviously not, but it does the job, and not in the trash out she. Make sure you also check out our guide to the best network storage devices.

12. Patriot Supersonic Mega USB 3.1 Gen

Yes, you read that right: usb 3. 1 generation. This gives fast connection that up to 380 mbps and 70 mbps reading speed, while the writing speed it’s not very admirable, everything will take some time in its 256 gb capacity anyway. Patriot know what you have, so the price is certainly i will be reflected by robust partially (but ultimately not necessary) zinc-based housing and offers immense crush-and-drop protection.

While, all is very good, it only gets better: this it is said that it is up to the day with linux and mac os, and if you pop in, it really is. As seen in our guidance, higher storage capacity you have, less likely you need to replace your usb drive at any time soon.

Patriot is no shortage of storage, and if you feel that, really ambitious, they offer a 512 gb. Make sure you also check our guide to the best usb hub.

13. SanDisk Extreme Type-A

Last but not least, we come to them sandisk product, so 64 gb internal memory at a reasonable price, all swinging on a usb 3. 1 connection. While we ok with the price, which made this an awkward size collide with other items you. In your usb ports if you use a cable connection, keyboard and / or usb mouse, it is a nightmare trying to combine this thing that properly.

With that comes with rescuepro deluxe when he you can place you can find to put the flash drive and its files have been damaged in any way, some stars you have to recover your files for you any protection in line and take the weight off. If you are not sure what you are looking at a usb flash drive, take a look at our leaders take, where we delve into all corners behind purchasing decisions decision.

Then look back and grab your favorite. Our guide to the best ray 3 dock larger products offers of this kind.

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