The Porter Cable 382: The Best Tool for the Jobs

The Porter Cable 382 random orbital sander is extremely popular among woodworkers. The main reason for its popularity is that the porter cable random orbital sander has a very high level of performance and quality, but it’s also affordable for most professionals. You can find this tool in many huge hardware stores or online retailers. Some people even say that this is the best palm sander on the market! Check out our blog post on why this tool is so popular among woodworkers today!

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What Makes It Stand Out?

Equipped With A 1.9 AMP Motor

Porter cable 382 5 inches random orbit sander is a well-built sander with a 1.9-amp motor and 12000 OPM speed. From the outside, the random orbit sander appears really small. But, it has a strong motor and the best speed you can ever expect from suck a sleek sander. The 1.9 amp motor makes it capable of 12000 spinning per minute; thus, a swirl-free martial is more a child’s play.

Compact Design

Though it is powerful, it is incredibly lightweight to handle. Dust collection is elevated as it has a dust bag connector hole where you may also attach the vacuum. Having diverse options, it still spears compact. That is why you can use it for any DYI projects. Coming in compact size yet powerful orbiting, it naturally is a better choice for home, DIY or professional projects.

Dual Plane Counter-Balanced Fan

The dual-plane counter-balanced fan is one of the unique features of this sander. It actually saves the long fatigue day for hard-working woodworkers, cabinet makers, or boat makers. Unlike other random orbit sanders, it comes with a particular dual plan counter-balanced fan with it. It helps in reducing fatigue for the worker. Thus, it is much handy for people who have to work for a long time every day.

Dust-Sealed Switch

Porter cable 382 orbit palm sander ensures longer switch life by the dust-sealed switch. Now, you can work for a long time, jobs after jobs, without having a fear of the switch getting clogged. One of the everyday worries of the woodworkers is that the switch receives jammed with extra dust and debris in no time. For this, the switch dies out and stops functioning, then go the additional expense and all. But with this sander, you will be able to work longer with better switch life.

100% Ball-Bearing Construction

It’s quite a plus that the base of this sander is not as fragile as most random orbital sander tends to be. Coming with 100% ball-bearing construction, it is sturdy and reliable. You can work with it jobs after jobs without having worried about sudden breakage.

Maximum Sanding Speed

Most reviews speak high of its maximum speed. A sander needs to come up with a good speed. The more random orbit sander spines, the more butter-smooth finish you can expect. The motor of 1.9amp produces a 12000 OPM spinning rate; thus, it hardly leaves any swirl mark providing the most refined texture. For the finishing job, this sander stands on the front line with such speed.

Controlled Finishing System

This sander introduces us to the controlled finishing system, a highly recommended feature for woodworkers. It helps us to avoid leaving gouges and swirl marks. Those of you who have worked with sanders before already know that when you start sanding, it tends to leave unavoidable marks. But within this system, it never leaves swirl marks on metal, composite, or woods

Compatible with 5 and 8-hole Hook and Loop Paper

It compatible with 5 inches 8 hole hook and loop paper. Therefore, it is easy to adjust as you will. The 5 and 8 hole hook and loop papers are all prevalent in shops; they come with remarkable durability and assist in easy installation. Also, these don’t clog with dust do early. So, it both saves your time of installation and gets the job gone smoothly.

Ideal for Surface Prep

Having a fantastic speed of 12000 OPM, this is ideal for surface preparation. You may use it well for the surface prep that aims at a coat of paint. Also, for any professional or DIY sanding porter cable, 382 works best as a surface prep.

Lightweight yet Powerful Random Orbit Sander

This sander is exceptionally lightweight yet robust. Judging from the outer appearance, it is compact and small. But that doesn’t make it less worthy of using. As we have mentioned before, it features 12000 OPM speed along with a 1.9 amp motor. Moreover, comparing to Bosch’s bulky size, these are relatively light and easy to move around.


  • An ideal random orbital sander for surface preparation, be it metal, wood, or any compound. Thanks to its control finishing system that you don’t have to worry about swirls or gouges anymore. 

  • Quite a sturdy built random orbital sander as it comes in 100% ball bearing construction.

  • It is compact, having dual dust collection options; it still doesn’t appear bulky. Therefore, it weighs only 3 pounds.

  • Provides extra smooth finishing with a control finishing system and 1200 OPM speed.

  • Having a wide range of features, it suits best for DIY projects- such as knife sharpening.

  • It accepts 5 inches 8 hole hook and loop sandpaper, which is all prevalent in the market.

  • The sanding pad stays secure even after working for a long time with it.

  • The sanding pad stays secure even after working for a long time with it.

  • Porter cable 382 parts are high quality, both inside and outside, with sturdy materials sustaining flexibility.

  • The finish it provides itself is a blessing. Comparing to other random orbit sanders, it gives a glossy and unwrinkled finish in the shortest possible time.

  • Ensures maximum speed with 12000 OPM, and that makes it ideal for a wide array of tasks.


  • The dust collector bag is a bit flimsy. You may use a vacuum instead as it allows a dual dust collecting system.

  • The bag tends to fall off unless you attach it most tightly.

How Does It Work?

Porter cable 382 is easy enough to handle. The very first thing you are going to do is attaching the hook and loop system sanding pad. As they say, it is better safe than sorry; you may test on something before using the actual material. So, plugin, switch on, and try.

Now, start sanding by gently putting the palm on it. Move towards forward and later in the backward direction. Keep sanding until you get the desired result. When you are done, pull off the sander slowly and turn off the switch.

Who Should Buy It?

Porter cable 382 comes in handy for woodworkers, especially for those looking for a sander that can grind well. Any woodworker should have it in his collection because it does a better job of grinding rough materials and cleans old boards or planks. Even you can use it for buffing and polishing, but you have to keep the speed steady and low in that case. In short, it’s a go-to product for woodworkers.

The DIY project holders like sculptors, artists, carpenters, or simply a hobbyist should include it in their collection. It does wonders on metal, and that’s why anyone can use it for multi-tasking. As it can sand off rust, you can use it to get rid of rust from any metal pieces. On the brighter side, you won’t even have to worry about scuffing the metal. Plus, it is incredibly comfortable for sharpening knives and tools. 

Frequently Ask Questions

Most sanders are 3 amps. Is this sander weak?

This sander works well as a grinder or fine-finisher. However, if you want something more potent than a belt sander would be ideal.

Is this good for sanding paint on the wall?

Yes, it is ideal for sanding paint on the wall.

Can this sander be used for polishing automobiles?

As there is no option to put a buffing pad, we would not recommend it for polishing automobiles.

Does a shop vac hose attach directly?

Yes, the shop vac hose attaches directly. But in some cases, you may need an adapter.

Does this use hook and loop?

Yes, it comes with the most comfortable pad changing system of hook and loop.

Is it velcro or adhesive disc?

With a knobby rubber surface, it is velcro.

Is this type of orbit sander 110v or 230v?

It is an 110v type orbit sander.

Can I use sanding disks with no holes?

You can, but then the dust collector bag would be of no use without the holes.

Is it 5 hole?

No, it has the pad of 8 holes coming in 5 inches.

Final Words

A sander that often leaves swirling marks behind can’t be the best sander to work with. With porter cable 382, you can rest assured of its quality finishing. Having a 1.9 amp motor and 12000 OPM speed it appears ideal for grinding, sanding off martial, polishing, or giving a smoother finish. If you want a regular orbit sander with a relatively low price, then this would match your preference. Typically though, for more professional tasks, a random orbital sander with high power is more preferable.

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