Turn Any Sofa Into A Sleeper Sofa – A Dedicated Guide

If you are facing some issue to turn Any Sofa Into A Sleeper Sofa then you’re on the right page.

After the end of this article, You will be easy figuring out the complete process to turn your sofa into a sleeper bed.

Placing a sleeper sofa in your living room or in your hall is really helpful. A sleeper sofa provides you some extra space where people can sit back and relax. Having a sleeper sofa will offer you two features at the same price range that will cost you to buy a normal one.

If your bed isn’t big enough and you have few guests to stay for the night then at that time, you can unload your sofa and turn it into the bed easily.

Generally, all the sectional sofas come with this feature that they can be used as a sofa as well as a bed.

turn any sofa into a sleeper


How to Convert a Sofa to a Sleeper Sofa

Table of Contents

Below, I am going to share the exact process that you need to follow to convert your sofa to a sleeper sofa.

Remember that if you have any old model sofa or any old design sofa then the possibility is your sofa can’t able to convert a sleeper one.

  • First of all, Remove the pillows for your sofa.
  • Hold the edge of the folded-up bed and pull it back towards you.
  • Unfold the frame completely and place it in the ground.
  • Now Unfold the legs of the sofa as well.
  • Next, Cover the fitted sheet with a blanket.
  • Lastly, Place some pillow at the head and use it as a sleeper sofa.

So by following these above processes, you can easily convert your sofa into a comfortable sleeping sofa.

Is it worth it to get a sleeper sofa?

Personally I think YES.

Getting a Sleeper sofa is really worth it. Personally, I don’t have any separated guest room for sleep. So whenever any guest arrives at my house, I turn my sofa into a sleeper sofa and now we have enough space in the house to sleep well.

Also, My sofa is in the hall where my TV is installed. So mostly every weekend, I prefer to lie down on my sofa and enjoy watching the latest movie.

But, If you have very rarely use of sleeper sofa then I won’t recommend you to purchase it.

What is the best sleeper sofa brand?


There is not any specific brand, but I am using a sleeper sofa of brand InnovationsUSA and it is working like charm for me. The reason why I preferred this brand is it has a huge variety of sleeper sofa designs and also a well known 15-year-old brand name in the market.

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So this is a short and straight forward article on how to turn any sofa into a sleeper sofa. Hope you found this article helpful.

I think sleeper sofas will become quite important in the future as it offers you multiple features at the same price range.

So, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the sleeper sofa, then you can always ask them in the comment section. Till then, Stay connected with sofabuyingguides.com

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